Monthly Archives: August 2011

Welcome. We’ve been expecting you.

And just who are we?

We are booklovers with a twist. We like books kinky, sexy, the hotter the better. Give us a book with kink or a BDSM theme and we’re as happy as a submissive bound to a St Andrew’s cross.

There are many book review sites out there, but none like us darling. We only review kinky or BDSM themed books. If you’re looking for vanilla try the ice cream shop down the street. So put down that flogger, put your feet up and take a look around during our “soft” opening. We don’t mind, and we know you like to watch.

Our entire site will be fully up and running on October 1st, 2011. Be sure to book mark us so you can visit again since we’ll be adding all sorts of goodies during the month.

We thank you for stopping by and hope to see you again soon.

Lady Lucretia and Helen Heels