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Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles



Ruth’s work leaves no time for relationships. Traveling a lot and living in hotel rooms, her sex life revolves around one-night-stands. In a hotel bar, one night, she encounters a professional bondage rigger and maker of dungeon equipment. His occupation might be strange, but he’s more together and more interesting than most of the men she meets. When he offers her a challenge, she can’t resist it. And it leads her into an addiction to rope.

Rope. Rope. Rope. I, personally, am fascinated by rope bondage. Shibari is something I’ve never tried but am extremely interested in. When I saw the name of this book, I knew immediately I had to read it.

Ruth is a driven professional woman, a corporate trainer to be exact. She relaxes by having one night stands with guys she picks up in the various cities she visits. While looking for a new sex partner, she meets Leo. When she learns he’s a professional rigger, she’s stunned but interested. He gives her a small taste of domination in the hotel bar and then they part ways with his room number and an offer for more if she’s interested. Since this is not the end of the book, you can guess she’s interested.

The book progresses rather quickly. She’s given an immediate introduction to ropes, and more. I was a bit surprised by the level things progressed to in the first scene. In real life, it generally takes a bit more time to build up the trust required to do some of those things. However, this is fantasy, and it was very hot.

This book is heavy sex, light plot. Not a bad thing, if that’s what you want in a read. I was hooked until Chapter 4, at which point the story took a bit of a turn for me. I like being able to place myself in the position of the female character when I read a story, but Ruth became obsessed. Obsessed not just with rope, but with becoming a “cheap whore” just for free instead of cheap. Instead of being a book I can sink into, it became more of a porn flick on paper… you can watch from a distance and enjoy it on a different level.

There were some editing issues but they weren’t overly distracting. I would definitely read this book again if I was just looking for a really quick read to heat me up. However, there are other books that I can get deeper into that give me just as much heat.


Reviewed by Riane

Kari Gregg
Loose-Id [link to buy]
ISBN: 978-1-61118-563-8

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Paddles

Befuddled by the twists and turns in I, Omega? You aren’t the only one. Why would Ms. Gregg do this? Let it never be said that Ms. Gregg writes straightforward stories. Her style has the reader screaming in frustration as not all goes the way our neat little minds prefer to plan. Instead, she purposely juxtaposes contradictory actions to force readers to question the situation. Not all is what it seems. Her need to rip our hearts out in sorrow, generate frustration or fan flames of anger continues to show through in this latest story.

I enjoyed the concept of I, Omega. Gabriel is a submissive on the run from a very alpha werewolf dom. He’s been on the run for two months and his time has run out. Cal hunted his tail down and is dragging Gabriel into a total power exchange 24/7 relationship. Gabriel is obviously freaked out of his mind. Cal’s heavy handiness smacks of abusive Dom. On top of this, it appears others are also hunting Gabriel.

This short story is all from Gabriel’s point of view. We are dropped into a world where the werewolf mythology is not completely defined nor explained. As a reader, we are on the same roller-coaster ride with Gabriel and I’m not sure I like it. Cal seems to be a mind reader yet he’s constantly treating Gabriel in contradictory ways. I wanted to slap Cal upside the head several times and scream “RED! RED!”

Gabriel’s doormat behavior is contrary to his previous behavior as an experienced sub who’s played. This caused me more confusion. Is this because of his metamorphosis into the fabled “Omega”? We don’t even know what the Omega duties entail. The differing treatments from the pack and Cal to Gabriel only confuse the reader more. If the reader takes this story at face value, this story may disappoint. For those trying to piece together the bigger picture, it intrigues and causes us to want more. I want more.

The sex scenes in this story are smexy and not over the top BDSM. The rough sex at times is delightful. The BDSM themes are lightly touched upon. I wouldn’t consider this sugarkink, but I’m not sure if I would consider it full on BDSM either. I did enjoy the way Cal marked Gabriel as his own. I found it a turn on and would submit with ease to the markings. I recommend this story to those who enjoy smexy rough m/m sex scenes. I also recommend it to those who enjoy the zany twists of Ms. Gregg’s mind.


Reviewed by Book Addict

GIRLS WHO BITE: Lesbian Vampire Erotica
edited by Delilah Devlin
Cleis Press [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 1573447153
ISBN-13: 978-1573447157

Rating: 5 out of 5 Paddles

Girls Who Bite is an anthology of lesbian vampire erotica.

First of all I want to explain I am not a lesbian nor have I ever read a lesbian themed book. But let me tell you something- none of that matters at all. Girls Who Bite is one incredible read.

I was impressed how each story was so different in time and place, yet they all seamlessly belonged together. Every story could have been a stand alone novel and I found myself wishing each was was longer.

There were 15 stories and I can honestly say I loved each and every one. And while I want to write a great review for this book, I don’t want to give any of it away. Each story was a surprise that I thoroughly enjoyed, including the hot sex. When I would start a new story I’d be excited, ready to see what was next.

I will tell you my favorite story from this book was titled “The Gift of Lilith” by Myla Jackson. I have never read a story that touched my heart as much as this did. Ms Jackson has managed to write the most romantic, touching story of true love I’ve ever read. This story does have some sad elements to it, but it really got to me.

I’d highly recommend this book to everyone straight, lesbian, bi, it doesn’t matter. There are stories here that you need to read and experience.

And a final note regarding the editor Delilah Devlin. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say she is borderline genius for putting together this fantastic lineup of stories. I truly hope she will consider putting out a volume two.

Cari Silverwood
Loose-Id [link to buy]
ISBN: 978-1-61118-514-0

Rating: 5 out of 5 Paddles

Raised from childhood as an assassin, Claire finds her world knocked off kilter when Theo Kevonis, a rich, ex-Air Corp nobleman, rescues her from an airship crash. Being a soldier of a hostile nation she cannot reveal her identity. Theo sinks his steely Dom fingers into her heart and soul, showing her the pleasures to be found in surrendering to his touch. Captivated, Claire binds herself in lie after lie rather than risk losing the one man who’s ever loved her.

When her loathsome commander returns from the dead, her deceit is uncovered. Despairing and in anguish, Claire must find a way to win back Theo’s trust and destroy the man who threatens them both.

Another great book by Cari Silverwood!

Who knew Steampunk could be so sexy. Iron Dominance is the first Steampunk book I have read and I was very impressed. My inner tomboy enjoyed all the different machinery and I thought Cari did a great job of drawing us into Claire and Theo’s world. But, enough about the machinery!

Claire and Theo’s growing attraction was what really drew me in to this story. Claire is definitely wary of Theo and all his security people at first but that wariness slowly gives way to the growing attraction that Claire and Theo feel towards each other. I don’t want to give too much away as I think this is a definite must read for any BDSM lovers. Let’s just say that Theo has some interesting ideas for punishment and Claire definitely gets to experience them. I really liked the relationship that developed between Claire and Theo. They both learnt a lot along the way, not only about each other, but themselves also.

Another notable character in this story is Dankyo who is Theo’s second in command. Dankyo commands his own presence in the story and I can’t wait to see where Cari takes his character in Steel Dominance. At the end of Iron Dominance Dankyo starts to explore the BDSM world himself. If you want to know what I’m talking about then you’ll just have to read the book! The BDSM element in this book was good and I think readers will enjoy some of the implements used throughout the story.

Definitely 5 paddles for Iron Dominance and I’m looking forward to reading Steel Dominance.

Reviewed by Wendy

Cassandre Dayne
Naughty Nights Press [link to buy]
ISBN: 978-0-9876894-2-9


Victoria Miller is a professor at one of the most prestigious schools in the country. She’s also the creator of several adult blogs about spanking and BDSM.  Craving a man that can understand her kinky needs, she settles for enjoying her passion through her writings, but she admires one hot college student, Drake Myers. The God like blond fuels her every night fantasies, but he is completely untouchable. Or so she believes.

Stumbling upon her blogs by accident, Drake decides to turn up the heat between them. He adores the voluptuous red-headed vixen and enlists the help of a college buddy, developing a kinky plan to have her take a tumble with him in bed and perhaps more. As he begins sending her secret poems, indulging in her need to be dominated, he is unable to resist her and one day they enter into a wicked tryst smack in the middle of her office. The game still yet to be played out, he threatens to expose her secret. And just as he decides to stop his nefarious rouse, she turns the tables.


Victoria is interrupted by one of her students as she is working on one of her blogs and holding a book on spanking and discipline. Drake sees the book and talks with some of his fraternity brothers about a card game to give the professor her fantasy.

I liked the card game the author created in Spankdown. The only caution would be to make sure the sub involved would be able to handle all the spanks by the various implements that were used. I might like to play such a game with a few modifications of the rules tailored for me.

The attraction between students and teachers have so many pitfalls, though, I was glad that the author waited until finals week to get Victoria and Drake together. The author also brought the conflict people have about how society passes judgment when a person has a different lifestyle to the attention of the reader. Sometimes this can affect their jobs.

Be aware the sex scene between Victoria and Drake is hot, but the scene after the game is even hotter. I liked the way the author handled the scene with the three men and Victoria. This will be one I will be reading again.


Reviewer: Iron Mistress

Nina Pierce
Ellora’s Cave [link to book]
ISBN: 9781419935329

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

‘Invitation to Ecstasy’ is the second story in Nina Pierce’s Ecstasy Resorts Series. As a first time reader of Nina Pierce, I had no idea what to expect but came away from my reading experience thoroughly satisfied. The story is set at the XTC Resort a retreat style resort that caters to Doms and subs looking to get away for unrestricted BDSM training and play activities.

The story revolves around Sara Lancaster, a submissive who has a history of abuse at the hand of her previous Dom and Derek Thomas, a Dom who has come to doubt his own abilities as a Master after making an error of judgement during a play session with a sub. Both characters have their own demons to face and the weekend at the XTC Resort is their chance to do it. When Sara and Derek are paired together as play partners for the weekend by their friend and resort owner Ethan, the attraction between them is immediate. Once they go into the private dungeon for a play session the heat and desire between them builds to a flashpoint that exposes both of their weaknesses and sets the scene for the ultimate journey into trust and overcoming their individual fears.

The BDSM scenes are superbly written, but do not overshadow the storyline of two people seeking more than just a physical union. The scenes are used to compliment each characters personal journey and I particularly liked the author’s use traditional BDSM practices in non traditional ways. The use of inflicted pain within one play scenes as a catalyst for the release of the emotion pain of Sara is cleverly constructed by the author. Derek uses the safe word during the initial dungeon scene with Sara after he realizes she has emotionally check out on him and Sara’s resistance to completely submitting to Derek is triggered via the use of a word most women would view as a compliment, but for Sara the word has been perverted in her mind through by her previously abusive Dom.

I would describe the BDSM activity in the story as fairly light and the administering of pain is implied rather than described in depth. The reader gets to make up their own mind about what the sensation of the physical acts performed would feel like rather than the author describing them in detail. This allows the author to concentrate on the emotional reaction of each character, in particular Sara, which is the crux of this story.

My only criticism is the quick resolution of Sara’s fears and Derek’s doubts. In one weekend, and three play sessions, all insecurities are resolved… if only real life were that easy. However, having said that I enjoyed ‘Invitation to Ecstasy’ immensely, because I don’t read erotic romance with the notion that it is reflective of everyday life, I read it as a fictional escape.

So today, Nina Pierce and her characters gave me a great two hour getaway. It is a well written easy read, the characters are likable, and there is a story set around the sexual action. I would recommend anyone who has a few free hours to grab a copy and have a read.


Reviewed by JannyGee

Sascha Illyvich
Sizzler Editions [link to book]

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

Siddella may be the best thief in the land of Faery but this time she may have stolen more than she can handle. She just wants to leave with enough money in her pockets to live in peace and quiet but it seems life has other plans for her. As Siddella runs from the cyber fae she runs into Frika, and all of his domineering ways open up feelings Siddella has buried deep inside herself. Can the two find a way to not only coexist but to survive?

This book takes the reader on a wondrous ride into the realm of Faeries and myth. With beautiful imagery and characters full of depth and emotion this book is a must read. I enjoyed seeing Siddella blossom and begin to embrace her sexual wants and needs. Watching Frika guide Siddella through it all and seeing the emotions between the two had me hoping that Siddella would let her guard down and let Frika in. She is a good woman in need of love and Frika is strong enough to be that man.

The sex between the two not only releases Siddella but also the power that they need to survive. No matter how much Siddella hides and fights it, her emotions show just how much she begins to feel for Frika. Watching their bond develop and grow was a great read.

The author knows just how to bring his world to the reader.I was pulled in right from the start and never left. This book is fast paced , full of action and of course lots of sex. I cannot wait to get the next book to see what happens to Siddella and Frika next.


Reviewer: Gabrielle

I.G. Fredrick
Amazon Digital Services [link to book]
38 pages
ASIN: B005CX394E

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

Erotic author I.G. Frederick’s latest collection, “Love Hurts”, offers up five quick tales of modern BDSM encounters, each previously published, but available for the first time as a consolidated purchase.

The first two tales, “Pussy Whipped” and “Knife Play”, share the same formula: mid-to late twenties male has first BDSM experience with petite, busty female Dom who, after having him sign a waiver, proceeds to run through the standard gauntlet of cuffing, paddling, whipping, gagging punishment; finally granting permission for the BDSM novice to cum. While “Knife Play” was an exciting premise, it did not follow through, and was almost vanilla in its execution.

A seedy hotel room framed “B&D Trainee”, which definitely pushed some kinky boundaries including a juicy pegging, doggy play, and more! Some readers might find the first three tales’ directness and distinct male voice off-putting; it does not, however, feel out of place in the context of the stories.

The author changes pace with “FemDom Fairy Tale”, which is told from a female’s point of view, and offers a quick foray into the head of a strong woman asserting her dominance over a willing, and deserving, service male. A seriously hot whipping scene is just the beginning…

The final addition, “The Auction”, returns to a male protagonist, this time of the Dom/Daddy persuasion, in a delightful tale of submission. Frederick’s understanding of the lifestyle shines through in the character of Crystal and her desire to please a Master: masochism, whipping, exquisite clean up scenes, and a girl who knows when to be on her knees.

The last three tales in “Love Hurts” qualify as one-handed reads, and easily justify the purchase of this collection.


Reviewer: MadFey