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Subtext: A Modern Day Tale of Female Submission
Kate Marley
Xcite Books [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 1907016457
ISBN-13: 978-1907016455

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Paddles

Subtext is the story about Kate, a submissive, told in the first person. In the beginning of the book I was pulled in and found Kate and her dominant boyfriend very interesting. When another woman was introduced into the dynamic, I was a bit turned off. It didn’t matter though because soon Kate was on to a new dominant boyfriend. I hoped he would be better than the first, but he wasn’t. He was a mean SOB who said he was a dominant in order to mistreat Kate in many ways.

I know that people can be sadistic in D/s. As a Domme myself, I understand. I have given my submissive pain and he has eagerly and willingly accepted it. But I believe in Subtext some of Kate’s “punishments” were a bit extreme and could actually cause some real damage. I don’t remember safe words ever discussed or used and thought a few times she should have been yelling hers at the top of her lungs.

Now as far as writing, Subtext was well written. And like I mentioned earlier it is written in first person which isn’t always the easiest thing to do. The author did a great job writing the book, I just wished I would have liked it more. Now if there was another book written where Kate realized she was really a Domme… now that I would definitely read.

Reviewed by Elizabeth

The Trip
Bianca Sommerland
Noble Romance [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

While on a bus trip back from a show of her art, the driver announces that there is a problem and they will be pulling over to the shoulder and everyone would disembark while it is being fixed. As she gathers her things, she is approached by another passenger who is as dark and dangerous as some of the men in her favorite books. When he offers her the things she’s dreamed about, she has to decide if she has the courage to take the chance.

This book is very short but HOT! I don’t know about you, but while reading, I definitely have dreams of a big, sexy Dom coming up and offering to fill my fantasies. This book is all about that. Mark takes charge and pushes Shawna’s boundaries a bit. For $2, I was hoping for a bit more story, but in comparison, it’s not too bad.

Reviewed by Riane

Private Investigations
Avery St. Andrews
Sizzler Editions [link to buy]

Rating: 5 out of 5 Paddles.

Do you want hot bdsm scenes and a plot? Private Investigations contains it all. I LOVED this book. What doesn’t this book have? I rated it a 5 star because it’s going into my spank bank. This book is scorching hot for those who enjoy D/s and S/M tendencies. This book flat out did it for me. There were dom/mes galore. There were even switches.

Delia is a private investigator who focuses on providing proof of a cheating spouse. It’s not a fun job, but she’s good at it. Her latest job, she catches a husband beating a woman in a sick perverse manner. Horrified, she lets her client know. Instead of freaking out over the sexual deviance, the wife is angry and hurt that her husband is abusing another woman instead of her. From there, Delia falls down the rabbit hole of BDSM.

Delia becomes the go to private investigator for those in the lifestyle. In a simple identity verification case, things go haywire. To solve the case, Delia barrels into the BDSM lifestyle with Marilyn dragging her along. Delia’s shock wears off and quickly turns into fascination.
What I enjoyed most was the exploration of a newbie domme into the world of BDSM. Every sadistic delicious act caused me to be wet with envy. There was electrical play, blood play, asphyxiation, cock stuffing (sounding), cropping, spanking, double penetration, ménage, rape, hot female on female, the list goes on. This was a delightfully packaged sex book which I will read over and over again, to get OFF! If this were a paper book, there would be many a dog eared page. I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy kinky sex with edge play.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Heated Restraints
Yvette Hines
Phaze Books [link to buy]
ISBN: 978-1-60659-569-5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

Brad aka Thor leaves the Air Force and becomes a cop in Claiemont, where he eventually falls in love with the general’s daughter and the town princess, Liza.

While I enjoyed reading this book, which is part of the author’s Apprehension series, I would not classify this as a BDSM book per say. Granted there was one scene at the end of the book with Liza handcuffing herself to the bed, that was pretty much it. The story itself was good, about two people from opposite sides of the track being attracted to each other. The suspense in the story kept my interest as well.

I would not mind reading the rest of this series because I enjoyed some of the secondary characters involved in this one. Thor’s reaction to the general and his reaction to Thor was funny. One thing that does come across very well is the feel of small towns and the way everyone seems to know what is going on with everybody.

If you had told me three years ago I’d be writing a BDSM series, I’d have given you a funny look and probably muttered something like…huh? That would have been followed up by ‘what is BDSM?’

I grew up in a pretty conservative home where sex was rarely talked about, let alone anything outside of what was considered traditional. Watching shows on television I’d occasionally see a storyline involving ‘the leather community’, but it was only touched on and I never made the connection. Those shows also tended to be detective shows where someone was found dead and in the process of investigating they found out they liked to be tied up or something along those lines. I don’t really recall many storylines going into much detail, so until I started looking into research for my story I didn’t make the connection.

My introduction to BDSM reading came about three years ago. A friend of mine begged me to read a story she’d found. After finding out what it was about, I was leery. I’d never read a D/s story before. It took months for her to break me down, but eventually I did read it. The rest as they say is history.

No. I’m kidding. There really is more to it than that.

After reading that story and enjoying it so much, I sought out others. Even with my enjoyment of reading those stories, I had no inclination to write them.

Then one day, as I was finishing up a story I was writing, I began seeing stories on our local and national news about human trafficking. One story in particular was a story about a girl who was kidnapped and held captive for eighteen years. For whatever reason, my brain made a connection and I began wondering what would happen if you added BDSM to that equation.

The thing was, I didn’t want your traditional story where the mean Master abuses the captive woman and in the end she escapes to her freedom, so the mental wheels began to turn. It took over a month before I started writing anything. What I came up with surprised even me, but it also left me captivated by my two main characters Stephan and Brianna.

What if a Dom rescued a slave who wasn’t a slave by choice? What would he do with her? How would she react, function? And then since I am a romance writer… What would happen when romantic feelings entered the picture?

My Finding Anna series isn’t your typical BDSM novel. There is no play in the first novel, Slave, which is a staple for literature of this genre. I’ve had many people tell me that they’ve not read anything like it. You do have to understand the basics of BDSM in order to fully appreciate this novel, however, it is more about Stephan and Brianna themselves than anything else. I wanted to show a non-traditional view of healing and recovery from both sides; that of the person healing, and that of the one trying to help.

This is a journey, and it will not be an easy one. Healing from a past trauma never is. But I am looking forward to writing this amazing journey Stephan and Brianna are on and sharing it with my readers.

If you’d like to find out more information about my Finding Anna series, go to my blog

“Fashion is transformative,” is what the Editor in Chief of Marie Claire magazine recently said as a judge on the television show Project Runway, and she’s right, especially when talking about fashion in a BDSM context.

Recently I was at a convention where an author dressed as someone from the time period their books were set for all four days and nights. They were a pleasure to spend time with and I walked away from some of our conversations sure they were from a different time and place. Speech patterns can be learned, but when the corset, skirt, stockings, boots, gloves and hat are put on, it becomes that much easier to convincingly portray a person from that period.

The same principles can be applied to a participant in the BDSM world, whether it’s for one night, a weekend or the 24/7 lifestyle. Putting on the trappings of the preferred role will transport the partakers and viewers deeper into their play space, hence why parties and clubs hosting the events often require attendees to dress up. Scenes are as general or detailed as the members have agreed to and what they wear follows the same guidelines and range from simple to elaborate.

BDSM is a big world so I’m narrowing the field for this discussion on fashion to bondage enthusiasts. This group can generally be put into two categories. One prefers how the scene evolves on its own, like rope play, and the other choose to bring other things into the sex or BDSM activity. The latter group could contain dominants who dress in a way that personifies power, although not necessarily a defined character such as a police person, and the one to be bound would be the submissive. A sub would wear something that emphasized innocence and compliance to their partner/s. A shepherdess, like Little Bo Peep, is a good characterization or they might wear a leather harness, collar or nothing at all.

Pony Players would be on the more detailed end of the spectrum as it takes a great deal of physical alterations to fit into and act out a role they’re playing. The one who enjoys being the pony, be they man or woman, would put on things such as modified horse tack, masks or hoods, bondage items such as arm binders and shoes to turn their feet into hoofs. They wear leather gear to help them more resemble a horse and have adapted conventional equestrian equipment for their needs. Others act as and dress like their pony’s rider, trainer or caretaker which also offers a great deal of variation.

From these two examples, one can comfortably conclude clothes have an important role in that they present a visual snapshot of a person and what they’re looking to experience at a BDSM party or club. Guidelines still need to be discussed and agreed upon, but each layer of clothes worn should be chosen with great care as they will enhance the various players’ and viewers trek to fulfillment.

Missing in Paradise, a contemporary erotic romance with bondage, was recently released through Ellora’s Cave and the heroine encounters two different incidents where fashion is important. What she wears needs to do more than cover her nudity, she wants to entice, seduce and yet not appear overtly sexual. She has specific goals for the interludes and sets out to achieve them by donning the right attire to ensure that happens. Sounds effortless, but they are definitely not easy tasks.

Fashion is significant every day and especially in a BDSM setting, but don’t forget to have fun with it as well. Next time you decide to participate in a scene, wow your partner/s and really dress!

Tilly Greene
Scorching romances full of twists, turns and ties.

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Bent Over
Gia Blue
i heart Smut [link to buy]

Rating: 2 out of 5 Paddles

Ms. Naughton is a student at an all girls college where they have to wear uniforms including plaid skirts. She is summoned to the dean’s office once again. We learn that this is a common occurrence because she keeps getting in trouble for being obsessed with sex. Dean Turner decides she needs a little discipline in her life and he is the one to give it to her. His form of discipline? A ruler on her naked ass. And as it turns out she makes the punishment easy since it just so happens that day she skipped wearing panties. She gets spanked, he takes her from behind afterwards. He explains this will be a weekly thing for her, and if she needs more he has a list of other staff members who will be willing to help. In the end she decides being bad is good.

Now let me explain that this is a very short story. Nineteen pages total. It seemed like something that should be in a magazine under a heading of “My Naughty Fantasy” or something. I wasn’t thrilled with this but I’d be willing to give this author another chance with another story. It was too short and just so unbelievable that it bothered me while I read it.

Reviewed by Elizabeth

The Parlor
N.T. Morley
Fanny Press [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 160381406X
ISBN-13: 978-1603814065

Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Kathryn enters into a contract as a slave for a year. She starts her journey in the parlor of her new Mistress.

Sarah, Kathryn’s Mistress is a sadist that loves to humiliate and torture her slaves. She does take it to the edge because the contract spells out no permanent damage, though Kathryn agrees to be branded. Kathryn slowly succumbs to Sarah’s spell, not realizing until the last week exactly what Sarah is.

I know there are those that enjoy the type of humiliation and torture that Sarah met out to Kathryn. However, some of the scenes did disturb me; in part I’m sure, is that I am not into humiliation or major pain. Of course there are no safe words, and the contract seemed to be very thorough in what would be acceptable in these circumstances. I do have to say that the author painted some very vivid pictures with her words and at times you could picture yourself in the parlor. A lot of the training takes place in the parlor and the reader finds out that this is where most of Sarah’s slaves are trained. There are a parade of scenes with various people that Sarah chooses to help train Kathryn, some that did leave me wincing, and one ‘punishment’ that was extremely imaginative.

Toward the end of the book, you do start to get hints that Sarah isn’t human, but you don’t know for sure until later. The ending did surprise me a little, so be prepared for a slight twist. I also suggest that a reader get very comfortable while reading this, as you may not want to surface for a while.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

Branded Hearts
Shay Maclean
Sizzler Editions [link to buy]

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

I had never read any of Shay’s work before so was looking forward to seeing what she had to offer. The story is a MFF ménage, with BDSM as its underlying current. There is an additional futuristic component to the storyline, but the reader isn’t taken so far into the future that the story becomes un-relatable to the modern day.

The three main characters are nicely intertwined within the story. Margarit St. James is a woman with father issues and the need to be in control at all times. She is fighting for her father’s approval, and in the process denying herself the life she longs for, that of a Domme. When Margarit is placed in charge of Branded, the romance division of her father’s virtual publishing company she embarks on a journey of self discovery. Her Vice President of Operations turns out to be the man of her dreams, Alex Barrett. The two characters have crossed paths before and both know there is a deep attraction that is more than just lust. Jasmyn Carrara is Alex’s current girlfriend and holds part of Alex’s heart, but not all of it. It’s just lucky that she is also attracted to Margarit, because she knows her new boss is the woman Alex wants to complete his life and fill the remainder of his heart. Both Alex and Jasmyn set out to help Margarit discover her true self and overcome issues from the past that hold her back.

I liked the interplay between the characters but, at times, I was left feeling a bit confused about what BDSM orientation they actually were. Alex is very dominant in his pursuing of Margarit but then it is stated he is happy to be submissive to her. Jasmyn is submissive in her characterisation, but there is mention of her being dominant. Margarit is described as wanting to be a Domme but responds submissively to Alex throughout most of the story. By the end of the book I decided, rightly or not, that all three characters were Switches, although this is not expressly stated within the story nor is there any explanation of that lifestyle role.

The sexual action is light. There is some spanking and light bondage as well as intercourse and anal play (without toys). The style of erotica is consistent with the storyline as all of the characters are stated as having had ‘bad’ experiences within the lifestyle and are attempting to heal while still participating in the kink scene. The sexual tension is nicely portrayed, the author gives us an individual F/F play scene between Margarit and Jasmyn, but the other play scene involves all three characters (MFF).

The storyline concludes with a HEA ending, as is usual with most erotic romances. My only criticism of this novel is the poor editing in parts. If it had less errors I would have rated this book with higher paddles because the characters are likable, the storyline holds your interest, and on many levels, it is an enjoyable read.

Reviewed by JannyGee

The Diary of Anna’s Submission
Jenika Snow
Evernight Publishing [link to buy]

Rating: 5 out of 5 Paddles

I just finished reading The Diary of Anna’s Submission by Jenika Snow and he book drew me in from the very beginning. The title is reflective of the way the story is presented, it is in fact written as a diary. I was dubious about the diary style at first but the more I read, the more I loved it.

The story is written from the POV of Anna. She’s a reserved young woman attending college who has dark desires she feels unable to share with others. Her overwhelming need to be dominated sexually is disclosed only to her diary, until she meets Felix, a dominant master who owns the local BDSM club. Once Anna overcomes her initial fear of being trained by Felix, she begins her long awaited journey into submission.

Anna’s doubts and fears are beautifully expressed by the author, drawing the reader into Anna’s world and imparting an understanding of the angst and frustration she feels with her life. Even though Felix isn’t given a voice within this story, the author skilfully includes enough detail about him (via Anna’s POV) that you come to like him as much as you like Anna. The story is one of empowerment and awakening. It isn’t just about the training, or the need to submit it is about a relationship and the growth of a young woman into the person she knows she is meant to be.

The BDSM scenes gradually increase in intensity as Anna adapts to her training. The inclusion of erotic asphyxiation during scenes was a surprise inclusion for me within the story line, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. The act added a kinkier edge to the basic trappings of spankings, bondage, discipline, toys, gags, and anal sex, which are all present and expected from a book of this nature. I found the inclusion of breath play during intercourse between the two characters increased the intimacy of the act for the reader, taking the sensuality to a higher level.

The Diary of Anna’s Submission is a definite must read. I think the book would be equally enjoyable to members of the BDSM lifestyle as well as our vanilla friends, and for those who like their romance with HEA/HFN endings you won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by JannyGee