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Rosy Cheeks
Marianne LaCroix
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles


Vicki wants one thing for Christmas-Mr. Robertson. Sucking on a juicy red lollipop and dressed in a short plaid skirt, killer heels and pigtails, Vicki struts into his office, offering lip service to the straitlaced teacher in exchange for a passing grade in algebra. But he will not be bribed. In fact, her proposition earns her a spot over his knee and her skirt hiked up for one heck of a spanking. Before the night is through, Vicki learns several lessons at the capable hands of Mr. Robertson.


If you are looking for a hot holiday story, pick up Rosy Cheeks. I dare say you won’t be disappointed as Vicki makes sure she gets what she wants for Christmas. Rosy Cheeks is a very quick story, but once you start, you won’t want to put it down. Ms. LaCroix weaves a wonderful fantasy come to life within just a few pages. The characters are believable and fun as they give new meaning to the student teacher relationship.

There were a few moments at the beginning of the story where I wasn’t sure I was going to like where it was headed, but within a few pages, I adored Vicki and Mr. Robertson and was fully engrossed in this tale. I was actually wondering where I could get an outfit like Vicki’s and go after what I want for Christmas too! Mr. Robertson is just the teacher Vicki needs to teach her algebra and pleasure.

Rosy Cheeks doesn’t have a strong plot or story to it, it’s just one night in the life of Vicki and Mr. Robertson. But, what a hot night it is! This is the perfect book for that quick read or to share in bed with a lover. Rosy cheeks is graphic and well written, it doesn’t include anything too hardcore – mostly spanking, bondage and roleplay.

Reviewed by Star

Bound by Sunlight
KB Alan
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Kyriana Price has spent nearly a year trapped at her evil day job. And she does mean evil. Her boss is a mage bent on power who lets nothing stand in the way of his quest to gain more. When she sees Connul Graysn wielding a flogger at a BDSM club, she formulates an escape that will require his considerable skills—as a mage and as a Dom. Going to another mage for help might not be the best plan, but it’s the only one she’s got, and at this point, she’s willing to try just about anything. The last thing Connul expects when he finds an intruder in his house is that he’ll soon have her chained in his bedroom, her lovely body marked by his paddle. But she’s begging for his help—how can a gentleman refuse? As they learn to trust each other, he begins to realize the only thing he’s not willing to do for Kyriana is let her go.

Bound by Sunlight is an interesting story. It pulls the BDSM lifestyle into a story of mage’s and human’s and how Kyriana and Connul interact on both levels. Kyriana knows very little about the lifestyle but is compelled to experience it with Connul. I have to admit that this story got me thinking about how interesting a scene would be when you can add some magical touches!

Kyriana and Connul jump feet first into a D/s relationship that has all the makings for trouble, but the reasons why are well defined and understandable. As they get past the things impeding a relationship, they begin to communicate more and learn each others likes and dislikes. Connul makes a good Dominant as he exhibits the strength and tenderness during and after a scene with Kyriana that I enjoyed seeing.

I enjoyed that Bound by Sunlight had an intense and interesting story behind it that the reader can get involved in. The BDSM isn’t necessarily secondary, but it’s not in your face either. I think that this story strikes a good balance between the plot and the sex. You do have to suspend reality at times to incorporate the magic that goes along with the characters, but the day to day parts of the relationship worked well for me.

Reviewed by Star


Bethany looked forward to this time of night. Pushing the soft sheets aside with her feet, she reached under the mattress and pulled out the dog-eared book that she has had for so long. She wasn’t supposed to enjoy things like this. If anyone else in the house found out, she would be so embarrassed. Checking again to make sure the door was closed, she wiggled her bottom against the bed til her t-shirt rode up. One hand snaked down to between her legs, while the other flipped open to her favorite section. She practically had it memorized. She sighed as each hand found the right spot. She began to read, waiting to get that part that she loved so much.

Kinky fiction is essential for so many reasons. Fiction is where people start their erotic journey. It’s through fiction that I and many other people first found arousal in alternative sexual practices or situations. For myself, it was when I was an early teenager and was reading a novel that I first really felt aroused. The characters had tied their babysitter to a tree and had started to torment her. I could feel my face get hot, my heartbeat speed up, and realized that my cock was getting hard.

We put ourselves into the stories that we read. By imagining ourselves as the characters in the story, we can immerse ourselves in the situation. We can taste the sting of the whip, or feel how it is to say harsh things to our partners and feel their swooning in response. We can try on different personality traits or desires and see how they make us feel, both in our minds and seeing how our bodies react. For me, after much exploring, it turned out the role of the tormentor was the one that turned me on the most. The idea of forcing a partner into doing what I want them to do, being what I wanted them to be, and to suffer for me was intoxicating.

At first I wasn’t sure what was going on, and then I wasn’t sure what about this passage turned me on. Because there was this confusion, more good kinky fiction helped me explore. So I started to read more and try to figure out what about that situation aroused me. I read stories about tying people up, people getting tied up and torturing and tormenting people in many different circumstances. Through reading fiction, I found the items, situations, and sayings that really turned me on. Situations like being discovered, consensual non-consent, consensual blackmail, and formal gowns are all things that fiction helped peaked my interest in.

Fiction helps inspire us. Many times, I’ve read something and simply had to do it! Sometimes the situation is so intriguing and the writing makes us return to a passage many times. Sometimes we can’t find the words to communicate with our partners. Fiction can help us in this situation. When we lack the words or the ability to express what we want, or we’re too ashamed to ask for something that we need, we can simply point out the passage and hand it over to our partner. I once had a shy partner who would do this. She’s mark off passages, send them to me, and then we’d reenact them. She got very aroused doing this. She wasn’t able to tell me that she wanted to submit and do very dirty things. The fiction helped me to guide her to do that and fulfill both of our fantasies.

So overall, kinky fiction has really had a large part in shaping who I am and my erotic interests. I certainly wouldn’t be the same person without it.

Paul Rulof is an alternate sexuality educator and the author of Ageplay: From Diapers to Diplomas. You can find either the soft cover or the eBook at as well as many other online retailers.

You can see everything that Paul does at

Masters at Arms
Kallypso Masters
Kallypso Masters [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Masters at Arms is a prequel to a series about three men who formed a bond while in the Marines and established a BDSM Club in Denver when they returned to the United States. The Rescue Me series will include Nobody’s Angel, Nobody’s Hero and Nobody’s Perfect. Only Nobody’s Angel has been released so far, although the next book is due in December.

The three Doms come from wildly different backgrounds.

Adam Montague is a career marine. We meet him shortly after he lost his wife and he rescues a 16-year-old runaway from predators in a bus station. He eventually takes her home to her parents, but before he leaves, they agree to continue to write. This is a May-December romance with a vengeance. Adam is over 40 when he meets Karla and he cares for her like a daughter-until she shows up in his club as a singer. Then his desire for her throws him into major conflict.

Damian Orlando grew up in a loving but very poor family in California. While working as a bus boy following his release from juvenile incarceration, he comes across Savannah, whose father raped her when she was eight, and when she was older, pimped her out to sadistic clients. She is on the verge of committing suicide when Damian breaks into the room where she is being tortured, kicks out the men torturing her, then takes her to his special place on the beach where he makes love to her again and again. After she returns home, she discovers she is pregnant and formulates a plan to escape from her father.

Marc D’Alesso is breaking under the pressure of running his family’s resort in Aspen Colorado and the guilt of knowing his brother, Gino, was killed in Iraq. After an encounter with his former fiancé, who he found in bed with his brother before their wedding, he joins the Navy.

The three men serve together in Iraq until Damian and Marc are severely injured during a battle on a village rooftop. Damian loses a foot and Marc takes shrapnel to the chest.

When they return to the states, Adam retires, and Damian and Marc are discharged and join him in opening the Masters at Arms Club, setting the stage for the next three books.

This is a well-written book, one that keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen next. There is no HEA-but that is promised in the following books.

While this is an interesting approach to a series, I’m not sure it’s the best method to appeal to readers. Masters at Arms is not really a stand-alone book and until the others are available, it will be impossible to know if they must be read in order. With two of the other books not even available yet, there is a concern that the reader will forget the background before the other books are even available. I think this would have been better as an introduction to one of the stories, with a short follow-up included in the other books. Even knowing going in that this was a prequel, I was very frustrated by not knowing how the many issues are resolved.

What little sex is portrayed in the book is hot, and leads to the promise of more interesting encounters. The scenes exploring Savannah’s torture are heart-wrenching and not for the faint of heart.

An excellent read but really just whets the appetite for the follow-up stories.

Four out of five paddles. (It would have rated a five if any of the stories had been completed.)

Reviewed by Karen

Graphic Passions: O-Zone Adventures, Volume Two
Megan Hussey
Phaze [link to buy]

Rating: 1 out of 5 Paddles

The O-Zone is an intergalactic world ruled by Princess Andala, a self absorbed sex fiend who has recently lost her two primary sexual servants, Omni and Noble. Laryn, her new attendant/submissive is left unsatisfied with their relationship. As the princess is not an emotional woman, Laryn is left wanting more . He daydreams of a world where he would give and receive love.

Amelia Mayfield is an avid reader of the adult graphic novel, O-Zone, and attends the annual comic convention with her best friend, Kasey. Since the unusual departure of two of the main characters, she has set her eyes on the gorgeous new attendant to the princess, Laryn. A call from her friend alerting her to the news that the author of O-Zone had a booth at the convention, she holds up in her hotel room until the festivities start the next morning. After accepting an offer to meet an old friend of Kasey, Amelia opens the door to be bested by a man in a G-string pretending to be a man of O-Zone and spends a night of intense pleasure together.

Approaching the author of O-Zone, Amelia asks the question that many fans had wondered the answer…..”did Noble leave the comic to live on earth and Omni followed because he too had fallen for and Earth woman?” Never getting a straight answer, she learns that her man from the night prior was a male escort and not an O-Zone character. Angry and hurt, she packs and leaves the convention. Amelia distances herself from the world of O-Zone the best she can, but at night her dreams focus on Laryn, her favorite character.

Late one night Amelia awakens and finds herself in the embrace of a beautiful man that strongly resembles Laryn. When he tries to convince her that he truly is by seducing her, Amelia is not going to fall for another impersonator again. Laryn attempts to please Amelia go un-reciprocated initially.

Graphic Passions was light on the BDSM angle and heavy on the confusing as some events in the story were left unanswered.

Reviewed by Michelle

I got into writing by a bizarre route. Basically, I served an especially creative dungeon mistress for a number of years who was very skilled at creating scenes, assuming different characters, improvising and story-telling. I write stories drawing on the themes of female supremacy, goddess worship, bdsm and fetish. My writing looks at the tensions and contradictions between the dominant and the submissive and explores the boundaries between pain and pleasure, physical and mental bondage and retribution and reward. I’d like to use this blog to describe the relationship between my writing and my bdsm experiences which have inspired it and to describe the strong connection that exists between the two.

I started writing because I wanted to contribute to the scenes my mistress had imagined and add some of my creativity to them and discovered that story-telling was a great way of doing that. It started on a small scale by recounting stories I had made up in my head which got integrated into a session. I remember on one occasion I’d developed a story that was a bdsm version of the Arabian Sinbad tales and, I thought, quite cleverly added the twist of offering three endings for mistress to choose from. She rejected them all and chose one of her own, which involved me getting punished! She could be wickedly ingenious like that. It didn’t take me long before I took some of my story ideas and started to put pen to paper. So, I started writing stories, some of which were presented as gifts to her and there were others which got worked into elaborate story cycles that became part of the sessions. Over time we built up a special rapport, with mistress at times interweaving her domination of me with the writing.

One of the things mistress would do is set me a mission. This usually involved the rescue of a pagan goddess and a set of trials or challenges that had to be passed through to complete the mission. She would create the scene and the key tests, sometimes providing me with tools necessary for completion of the task or introducing characters who would assist me or oppose me. I had to fill out the story, working out how I would complete the mission and overcome the tests laid down for me. There is an extract from a story created in this way as a free read on my web site though the one there does not contain all that much erotica.

For example, on one memorable occasion this was worked into some food submission play in which mistress’s feet were coated with golden syrup which I had to crawl on my hands and knees to lick up off the floor whilst mistress paraded around her dungeon describing a mission involving a golden temple, lapis lazuli key stones, a series of magic gates and other things. Ok, you might be thinking that’s a bit weird but, I promise you, for a submissive slave it was a truly magical experience. After I read the story back when we next met she would invariably find fault with some detail of how I had completed the task (this usually involved my succumbing to some kind of sexual temptation!) and this would lead to a punishment at that or a subsequent session. In this way the story telling was woven into the bdsm experience. Linked stories could take place over several sessions and weeks.

On one session I had been ordered to report back orally rather than by reading. Wrist and ankle straps were secured on me and fixed to the floor and ceiling and, with nipple clamps on, I was told to recite the tale whilst mistress sat on her throne and listened. The whole session consisted entirely of me telling the story, which involved rescuing the Chinese goddess of mercy, Quan Yin from her cruel father who had imprisoned her. I guess some of you might find this odd – you might be thinking why on earth would I do such a thing? I can only say it was a very beautiful and moving experience. It was also very submissive – after all, my place was to serve Her and bring Her pleasure and what better way to do that than tell a story she would enjoy.

Many of the stories created in this way are probably not publishable though I have worked a couple of them into the draft of my ‘Kim’s Adventures in Nemesisland’ book I’m currently writing to create part of the back story for a character. Not all my stories were created in this way. On other occasions I would write something up that I had an idea for or mistress would ask for a certain kind of story. Sometimes in my writing it’s hard to see where the line is between fantasy and real experience but most of what I’ve written, even when it’s something I obviously couldn’t have done, has been inspired by these sessions I attended with mistress.

Although my experiences are unusual in many ways it’s not surprising that such a relationship between the creative process of writing and scenes created by a dominatrix should co-exist so easily. Dungeon mistresses use their powers of psychology, imagination, character, cadence of voice and scene setting, as well as their more obvious physical attributes and presence, to control and manipulate their submissives to their will. Dommes have a wonderful sense of theatre and drama, which at its most intense level goes way beyond simple role playing. You can get a taste of what I mean here by looking at the fetish nun Sister Domexia character created by mistress in the graphic stories on my web site. I know I learnt an enormous amount about the use of language, dialogue, pace and timing from being in and observing the scenes created by mistress. It was an inspiration and privilege to be touched by that and then to go on and translate some of it into my writing. I use the past tense here because, sadly, for personal reasons, I no longer session.

My ‘Dungeon Mistress Adventures’ e-book published by House of Erotica contains four linked short stories describing some real experiences. Other writing of mine can have a fantasy element and can be set in paranormal, fantasy or historical settings.

This is the story blurb for ‘Dungeon Mistress Adventures’:

What is it like to serve a dungeon mistress? What is it like to submit to a powerful, cruel and imaginative dominatrix? Find out in this series of four themed stories involving Mistress Nemesis, her slave, Nano, and her transvestite toy and assistant, Vicky. Follow her as she torments her slave for confessing to using a false name when he first attended her. Watch her as she laughs at the ingenious predicament she puts her two slaves in at an isolated cottage. Revel in her enjoyment as she tortures and humiliates her slave at a fetish party. Finally, look on in awe at the severity of the punishment she dishes out to her slave for his depraved behaviour at the club. Be afraid, very afraid, because these stories contain extreme femdom action inflicted by a brilliant and wicked but fun loving mistress on her slave, whose only desire is to submit to her, whatever the pain and humiliation he has to suffer.


Meeting Her Match
Justine Elyot
Xcite Books [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 1908086157
ISBN-13: 978-1908086150

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

In the internet age, it should be easy for like-minded fetishists to find and connect with each other. Or so Cherry thought. Her decision to enter the wild and wonderful world of BDSM leads her to some interesting and unexpected places. She soon finds herself on ‘the scene’ and her insatiable curiosity takes her to orgies, slave auctions and mansion houses full of trainee submissives, but where will she find her perfect Dom? Will Cherry ever meet her match?

I have to say that I overall I really enjoyed Meeting Her Match. It was a refreshingly modern view on meeting like-minded people. As Cherry begins to experiment in the world of BDSM, she has a lot to learn and starts her search online.

I have to admit a lot of memories came rushing back to me as I read about a few of her online meetings! When Cherry finally tries out a munch there are a lot of new emotions and ideas that she needs to come to grips with. I have to admit that these were also the two things that I had issues with in Meeting Her Match. The reason for my issues is the speed at which she jumps into ‘relationships’ with the people she meets. While I can admire jumping in with both feet, the process and her jumps just felt wrong and rushed.

Cherry ends up in good and bad relationships experience a wide variety of aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. I did like reading how Cherry enjoyed certain things and was pushing her own limits with things she wasn’t sure about. Nothing within Meeting Her Match felt extreme but there was a lot of variety within her relationships that brought the reader a better understanding of Cherry.

I definitely recommend picking up Meeting Her Match if you enjoy reading about budding desires and interests into the kink filled world of BDSM. This one will keep you guessing what Cherry will encounter next as she figures out her own desires.

Reviewed by Star

Belong to Me
Shayla Black
Berkley Trade [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 042524315X
ISBN-13: 978-0425243152

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Years ago Logan was in love and that love has stayed with him even now. No one can ever take his Cherry’s place in his heart and now fate has brought her back into his life and given him another chance at love. Tara has never healed from her broken heart all those years ago and when she finds herself face to face with the very man who broke her heart she doesn’t know what to do. Will Tara be able to put the past aside to get the training she needs to get for her assignment or will the pain be to much for her to take?

This book is full of emotions. Both Logan and Tara must deal with not only their past but the present danger as well. Tara is all grown up now. She is no longer the young Cherry that lost her heart to Logan. I enjoyed Tara’s spirit and strength. She hurts on the inside but goes on with her life never letting it bring her down. Logan is a good man. No matter how much it hurts he does what is right. Seeing Logan continue to put his heart on the line with Tara made me like him even more. The love between these two is so strong that is has lasted through the years despite the pain. The two make a wonderful couple each one knowing just what the other needs and willingly gives it.

Not only do we get a hot read with this story but we also get a strong plot. Tara is now an agent and must go undercover to find and save a fellow agent but she needs Logan’s help to do it. This is an intense read. Tara must deal with the past before she can move on to the here and now and Tara is not sure if she can handle either one. The twists and turns in this story keep the reader turning the pages waiting to see just what will happen next. I enjoyed watching Tara explore her wants and needs as she opens her heart to Logan. The trust she gives him is a beautiful thing.

If you enjoy your books with a serious plot and strong characters than this may be the book for you. I enjoyed seeing Tara submit to Logan. As sexy as this read was we also get to watch love blossom. Along with Tara and Logan we also meet many secondary characters that made an impression. Xander is one person who makes himself known and I hope to see Xander again in another book. I will be sure to be on the look out for more from this author in the future.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

Bind Me
Stacey Kennedy
Loose Id LLC [link to buy]

Rating: 2 out of 5 Paddles

If I was a vanilla girl this little novella might have given me a cheap thrill! I am not, however a vanilla girl, and I am no stranger to the dynamics of the D/s relationship. Bind Me is definitely not a great read for anyone that knows the BDSM world. There are too many things that frustrated the hell out of me about it and I felt like a Navy Seal watching GI Jane at times.

There really are too many little things that did not sit well with me to go into detail but I will say that as a Dom goes I would not touch Master Reed with a ten foot pole. Firstly because he contradicted himself and went against an expectation he defined in the interview phase. Secondly because he had no restraint whatsoever and any good Dom will tell you that is inexcusable. Thirdly because any dom that leaves a sub during the aftercare phase is despicable, no matter what emotional turmoil he might be going through because he just did the whole cliche omg I need to run away from my emotions thing.

As I said before any vanilla girl that reads this might enjoy it and get a little thrill, but I would warn them that Bind Me is not a good representation of BDSM in any way.

I give 2 paddles out of 5 for some pleasant visual imagery moments in between the moments I was sighing in exasperation.

Reviewed by Cali Girl