Review: Emerald Dungeon by Kathy Kulig

Emerald Dungeon
1-800-DOM-help series
Kathy Kulig
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Dana wants to explore something she had only read about and accidentally saw a scene at the castle she was working at. Jack was very careful about explaining things and I liked that he was also willing to stop everything before it got started because he wasn’t sure about either himself or her. Dana wasn’t sure she even wanted to stay in Ireland because of her job and family.

For a woman with the job she had before she went to Ireland, Dana wanted a lot of guarantees before making a decision whether she wanted to stay with Jack. This was the interesting part where the club called Unfettered came into play. I think Dana tried to over think everything and not let herself truly submit to Jack. Both seemed to be frustrated but I liked the way Ms. Kulig resolved the issues between them.

This book is part of the 1-800-DOM-help series that revolves around a club called Unfettered. It was quite interesting how the author wove it into this story. It would be fun to have such a club with the type of help it gives for people with questions in real life. It will be fun to read the rest of the series as this was a wonderful story.

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