Review: Fettered Love by Michelle Polaris

Fettered Love
1-800-DOM-help series
Michelle Polaris
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Fettered Love is part of the series called “1-800-DOM- HELP”. Now this particular story takes us into the lives of Kirk, Master to his long time lover and submissive, Evan. Kirk has decided that he wants to collar Evan and take their relationship to a whole new level of commitment. That is until Evan throws him a curveball with a wish of his own. He wants to raise a child with Kirk and co-parent with the mother. Both men have had difficult childhoods involving abandonment, but Kirk fears Evans’ past is at the root of his desire.

First, Evan needed to convince Kirk to join him in the journey of adding to their family. That proved to be easier than finding a woman who would make the dream a reality. Evan shows Kirk a non-descript white business card with a phone number on the front, “1-800-DOM-HELP” and the message “Help for unusual problems in the BDSM community” on the back. Kirk calls, but hands the phone to Evan after a few rings. Evan explains to the operator their situation and she connects them with Mistress S.

Evan knew that voice. With a few well directed comments, Evan knew it was his Mistress from college and childhood friend of Kirks’, Sarah. After agreeing to meet the next night at Unfettered, an unknown BDSM club, the wheels of destiny are moving to bring these three people back together. Circumstances tore these three apart, but fate was bringing them back together. The meeting was less than ideal as suspicions were confirmed, Mistress S was indeed Sarah and she was volunteering to help the long lost loves of her life achieve their goal.

However, Kirk was not so willing to let Sarah back into their lives. He was fiercely protective of Evan. He was not about to let her hurt Evan again. Little did the others know, Evan was working to heal his two most dearest friends and ultimately create his new family. Sarah and Kirk devise a scene that will teach Evan that he is worth loving, but by doing so they begin repairing their wounds. Kirk mistakenly discovers a secret about Sarah and her motivation behind helping them.

I enjoyed this story and the characters had depth and dimension. The depth that Kirk and Evan love is consuming in and out of the dungeon. The BDSM scenes are descriptive and intense, but rational for the intensity is supported throughout the story.

Reviewed by Michele

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