Review: Promise of Silk by Lilith Duvalier

Promise of Silk
Lilith Duvalier
Evernight Publishing [link to buy]

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

An airship pirate who ran away from his soul crushing London life, finds himself at an infamously decadent carnival out in the English countryside. A fellow pirate does his best to convince him to go and sample the lovely women of The Row, but Buck isn’t sure he ever wants a woman again.

That is until a mysterious siren in a red dress and mask sits down across from him, entrancing him instantly. He follows her back to her red silk tent, where she puts him through his paces, whetting his appetite for more erotic delights. Each time he returns, she brings him further beyond his boundaries, while learning that he can help her break her bonds.

The Promise of Silk is a short steampunk story that has a few BDSM elements in it. Even though I usually like my men to be more alpha that Buck is in this story, I actually started to like him and how he comes to grips with the situations presented.

The woman in red makes her living pleasing men. Only she does it on her terms only. Those terms don’t even seem to include sex most of the time. She is simply more interested in controlling a mans pleasure along with when and how he receives it. The BDSM is in your face, in my opinion, but it is there with bondage and just the aura this woman has.

The story really focuses on Buck and his issues as he grows and overcomes them. There are a few twists and turns that really keep a reader engaged in the story. if you like a strong woman who is not over the top in your face and a man who has a submissives strength, pick up The Promise of Silk and enjoy a different type of story.

Reviewed by Star

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