Review: The Boss’s Pet Series by Tonya Kinzer

The Contract
Book 1
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Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles


Before the end of ‘The Contract’ ..Sondra will make her decision. Does she trust Nick enough to proceed with such a huge step in their relationship for as new as it is? They are getting closer outside the office and get along well. Both of them are workaholics so the time constraints can be tough to squeeze in a getaway here and there. Nick is enjoying the fact that he can sway her toward his lifestyle but can she handle all that may entail?


The first book in the series is a very short story at only about 35 pages. We learn how Nick and Sondra meet and how he slowly introduces her to his lifestyle – something he has kept secret from a lot of people and the office. As Nick starts to introduce Sondra to several aspects of BDSM they begin to negotiate a contract between the two of them.

I liked the slow beginning of Nick and Sondra’s relationship. But, I didn’t much like how fast everything seemed to fall into place. Being such a short story, there is a lot that feels like its missing in terms of background. Sondra falls into being a submissive a little too easily but, it seems to work for them. The first book does go into the pain/pleasure relationship, a little anal play, some bondage and contract negotiation (very little).

Office Training Goes Home
Book 2
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Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles


Sondra agrees to humor her Boss and takes their lifestyle into the office but they are the only two aware of it. She told Him she would agree to their deal if no one else would ever find out. He torments her the entire day with sexual comments, inspections at His whim as He sees fit and undressing her with His eyes every time she passes Him in the office.

Before the day is over, she gets herself in trouble then has to deal with His disappointment and punishment once they get home. Is she prepared for what He has in store for her?


As Sondra’s training progresses, Nick takes it to the office. While others know they are a couple, they don’t know what it is Sondra has on under that business suit. Nick keeps up with Sondra’s training and pushes her limits a little further each time they interact. She is growing into his perfect pet. There is more discovery in this story as Nick molds Sondra.

This story has more anal training, clamps, orgasm control and more. It is another very short story, just under 30 pages, but if you are reading them all in order then it works for a quick read to get the blood pumping. The only really distracting parts in the story are a few typographical errors and some switching from third person to first person that make the reader pause and have to look at section again.

Sharing Among Friends
Book 3
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Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles


Join Nick and Sondra as they move on to more of Sondra’s training and introduction into the other ‘lifestyle’. Nick furthers her training by proving to her that she can train her body to accept what once was unacceptable and introduces her to friends who can share so much more with her.

Will Sondra get past some of the ‘normal’ things that are acceptable in this lifestyle that would never be acceptable in the vanilla world she came from? Sondra will soon realize Nick has created a need in her….that she can no longer control!


As Nick and Sondra’s relationship evolves, he introduces her to more and more things she hasn’t experienced yet. Her innate shyness makes a lot of things difficult for her to accept, but she trusts Nick and pushes herself to go along. As Nick introduces Sondra to friends of his, she learns new things at the hands of others which pushes some of her limits pretty far.
I have to say I enjoyed parts of all three books and didn’t enjoy other parts, but that is what BDSM is all about – finding what we enjoy and letting it flourish and maybe expanding into other things later. Nick is a caring Dominant that doesn’t hesitate to push limits when he feels the time is right. Sondra is a strong career woman who falls naturally into the lifestyle and flourishes more than she thought was possible.

All three books reviewed by Star

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  1. Suzanne August 4, 2012 8:53 pm  Reply

    Tonya has a hot series going on! All the stories in sequence show a progression in to the LIFE. It makes for a nice self intro if interested. Mick is a good Master!

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