Review: A Zombie Hunter’s Holiday by D.X. Luc

A Zombie Hunter’s Holiday
D.X. Luc
New Concepts Publishing [link to buy]
ASIN B007014Q34

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Paddles

A Zombie Hunter’s Holiday by D.X. Luc is a fast and fun read. The main characters are Raina and Carl, who have been friends since childhood. Carl has been talking about zombies and hunting them since the ninth grade and Raina has always indulged him. Fifteen years later, they’re still best friends and fighting underlying desires for each other.

Raina is dating a guy named Brian who Carl is not a fan of. He treats Raina badly but she thinks she needs to stay with him. One day, Brian proposes and Raina accepts and Carl can’t take it anymore. He ends up at her apartment and they end up in a hot table sex scenario with Carl running the show. Raina shuts down on him after that, avoiding him at all costs.

Christmas Eve arrives and Raina’s whole world turns upside down. Not only does it turn out that zombies are real and that Carl really has been hunting them but now her fiancé has been bitten by one! He is coming after her inside are apartment when Carl shows up to save the day. They make for the safe zone he knows about but can’t quite keep on course without pulling over for a quickie. They make it to the compound only for Carl to leave again to save his brother. But, it turns out Raina has to go and save the day. Once they get back, they discover how deep their feelings run and have a hot steamy session in the shower. Their life is forever changed, both in their acknowledgement of their feelings and the zombie outbreak.

This story isn’t really kinky but it is fun and it based in a genre that I love. I mean, who doesn’t love a great zombie story? The only thing I wish from this story is that it was longer. The Paddle Rating based on story alone is 3.5 but only a 2 in the BDSM element.

Reviewed by BzzingBee

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