Review: Whips and Wax A Dominance Novella by Bonnie Bliss

Whips and Wax: A Dominance Novella
Bonnie Bliss
Irish Wolf Publishing [link to buy]

Story rating: 2 out 5 Paddles

The book has a relaxed tone and within the first few lines it’s apparent that the author is writing for a mainstream audience. The story mirrors the reader by having the main character reading erotica from her e reader. The plot follows the events of a couple through out the course of one day and the BDSM sessions they have while the kids are at school. The tone of the book is that of an almost pure descriptive narrative with very little sense of emotion. You find yourself reading the sex but not following in your mind and the writing struggles to capture the readers full imagination. The book unfortunately reads as though the author has omitted the power and emotional states and actions that BDSM sessions can carry.

A simple quick book for a reader who wants a gently voyeuristic walk into how a possible BDSM relationship can work in a domestic setting.

Reviewed by Catherine

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