Review: Intimate Affairs by Gracie C. McKeever

Intimate Affairs by Gracie C. McKeever 


Story rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Luke Gamble trusts Tally with much more than his life…

Internal Affairs Detective Luke Gamble has been known to take risks in both his personal and professional lives, but none more dangerous than bedding a colleague and subject of an ongoing investigation who carries a gun and handcuffs and is all too willing to use the latter on him.

Detective Tally Cavaleri is into bondage and domination and finds the perfect subject to work out her demons in the willing Luke Gamble. But will the detective be so willing to accommodate Tally’s fetishes when he discovers their past link or exactly how long Tally has had her eye on him?


Intimate Affairs is a short story that focuses on FemDom. Now, if you are into FemDom then you’ll know good stories in this genre are few and far between. A lot of FemDom portrays the submissive as a sissie or bi, and this is not the case here at all, thank goodness. 

This story delivers a lot in a short amount of space. The dialogue is dead on and the Domina/sub dynamic is extremely realistic. If you are interested in a female led relationship you should give this short a try. It would be great to see more FemDom stories from this author, especially something longer where you can see a FemDom relationship more in depth.

Reviewed by Elizabeth

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