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Checks and Balances by Marie H. Douglas 


Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2.5 out of 5


Shannon loves pretty things and never worries about how much they cost.

Her husband Tom takes a dim view of her overdrawing their checking account time and again.

A weekend getaway turns into a lesson learned, mixing a little pain with a lot of pleasure.

Will Shannon learn her lesson? Will Tom learn how to control his wife?


The premise here is a little thin and really just a reason for a quickie spanking story.  It is so BDSM lite it almost doesn’t even count as BDSM at all. It’s a good story for someone who is new to BDSM and wants something of fluff without any real substance. If you consider yourself non-vanilla you might want to skip this one because of how lite it is. This is more of a BDSM as play and not a lifestyle type of story.

It’s well written, just not my cup of tea.

Reviewed by Elizabeth



Shaken Up by Anya Richards 


Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2.5 out of 5


Surprise date night.  Not the words Dean wants to hear. He can’t disappoint his wife, however, so he finds himself in what appears to
be a spa.  This sort of evening is not his idea of a good time, and his pounding erection for the sexy masseuse who greets him doesn’t help.  Confused about how his wife fits into the scenario, his arousal skyrockets when a monitor flicks to life and he realizes this is no ordinary spa.  Janie plans to shake up their marriage in a different, more tantalizing way, one that fulfills a fantasy and challenges his control on an explosive level.  Turns out, relaxation is the last thing on the women’s minds.


This book is one of Ellora’s Cave’s For Men line.  And you can tell. There’s minimal story, but what is there is good and provides adequate lead-up to the sex.  It jumps right into the heart of things pretty quickly.  The kink is very minimal – a bit of voyeurism mixed with “loving wife arranges threesome with another woman.”  And it’s her first time with a woman to boot.  The sex itself was well-written and pretty hot, despite the cliched subject matter.  If you’re looking for a naughty bed-time story to read to your partner, I’d heartily recommend this book.

Reviewed by darkest.ire


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Down to Business by Dena Garson 


Story Rating: 2.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Leigh and John Templeton have plans for the upcoming weekend. Unfortunately, looming deadlines may prevent John from being able to get away. In particular, one very long and dull contract review.When Leigh delivers dinner to John at his office, she makes him a deal to spice up the contract review process—for every page he completes, she’ll remove an item of clothing…until she’s naked and waiting for him to claim his reward.
This is  a short story that has a paper thin plot that made the entire thing not that enjoyable. It seemed like a story that was made up in a rush and written because the author wanted to write something quick, not because there was a real story to be told. Since this is a review for a kink/BDSM review site, it does have a little bit of kink happening with sex in the office. But it holds a lot of cliches. Someone walks in as she’s under the desk playing with his cock! She walks around an empty office naked wearing just his trench coat! Gasp!! It felt like this wanted to be racy but it fell flat. And a few times John called Leigh “woman” which really had a nails on the chalk board effect on me.
All in all I like things edgy and hard and bursting with BDSM. This did not do it for me, but that doesn’t mean you might not like it. The author writes well, this just wasn’t the story for me.
Reviewed by Elizabeth

Bangkok Noir by Lisabet Sarai 


Story Rating:

Sting Factor (kink):

The biggest problem with Bangkok Noir is that it tries too hard. Characters come across as inorganic, the setting is ripped from the
nearest Thailand tourism guide, and the plot is typical murder mystery. Where it deviates from the tried-and-true method of storytelling in a noir style is that the voice changes from one character to another and back. The idea has promise but doesn’t show
total development throughout the book. In contrast to the stories that come out of Thailand of child prostitutes and the ilk, the notion of a BDSM bar being “underground and taboo” smacks of inauthenticity.  The author would have been better off being more genuine about the nature of the bars/clubs/houses instead of trying to enhance their noir grit by making them an “affront to the common morality.” Now, this isn’t to say that there couldn’t be a crackdown on these dens of sin if a rash of murders took place, but the way it is presented is that they operate on a precarious ledge that could be toppled into the realm of lawlessness at any moment.
BDSM plays a central role to the story being told, but it doesn’t have to. Since the author has decided that working in BDSM would be an outlaw profession, it needs more explanation. Lofty terms such as “natural dominance/submission” are bandied about in a further attempt to romanticize the acts within. However, the scenes themselves are fairly well written and descriptive, fully designed to titillate and keep the reader intrigued.  These lovely scenes are draped across a delicate skeleton of setting, creating a disconnect between the intrigue and the erotica.

Reviewed by Lacie

Tristan’s Temptation by Sabrina York 

ASIN B00867435C 

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5

Tristan’s cardinal rule – thou shalt not fish in the company pond.  This is what he used to give his brother Adam grief for lustfully chasing after Kat.  Tristan is now in a pickle.  As one of the owner and founders of his company, he doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure.  Unfortunately, sexy siren Shannon is more than Tristan can resist.  Shannon pined after Tristan since she first started working for the company Trillo-Maris.  Working directly for Tristan put her in a position where she could easily see herself submitting to her sexy boss.

To Shannon’s dismay, Tristan treats her with menacing growls and threatening scowls.  She sets her fantasy aside and instead uses the company’s virtual reality software to live out her desires.  Unbeknownst to her, Tristan is also using the software for his own personal porn movie with Shannon as the star.  In a laptop mix-up, they spy upon each other’s dirty little secret spanking material and it pulls them into a whirlwind sex marathon. 

This story pulls the reader into a naughty potential sexual harassment lawsuit.  It’s okay because both Tristan and Shannon are gorgeous and their illicit sex is hot and smexy.  Tristan is the typical male who’s dogmatic about his cardinal rule which ends up biting him in the ass.  Shannon is the sweet romantic who is looking for the man of her dreams to share the rest of her life.  The conflict in this story can be seen a mile away.  Even so, it is no less painful to watch as Tristan commits a heartbreaking faux pas.  It is good to see Shannon stick up for herself even when her heart tells her otherwise.  Both characters are realistic and while they make decisions which makes the reader scream out, “NO! Don’t do it!” it is understandable.

The resolution is as expected with a little bit of eating crow followed with a happily ever after.  Ms. York’s romantic heart shines through her story and it’s a lovely thing to view.  Her imaginative virtual world showcases her mischievous side.  One can only hope in her next installment, she really lets her freak out.  Each book in this series is increasing is smoldering passion.  This book is recommended to kinky romance lovers who enjoy watching a man change his mind to capture the woman of his dreams.

Reviewed by Book Addict


One Bite to Passion by Marylynn Bast 


Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5  

Paige has been married to Dalton for 20 years and although she is terribly unhappy she has stuck with him even after he had a year long affair with Darcy.

While working on a military base in Japan with her friend Rosa, Paige enjoys the finer things in life. Rosa is an outgoing sexual being who oozes sex appeal and Paige feels like she pales in comparison.

During a night out Paige is drawn to a sexy stranger she dubs “dimples” knowing he is well out of her league. She allows another guy from the bar to make advances but when he suddenly proclaims his interest in  her friend Rosa she feels ugly and unwanted. In steps Casey (aka dimples) as he makes her feel alive. Thanks to Rosa they find themselves alone and it soon turns into a night she will never forget.

Days pass and she soon finds herself falling for Casey. Despite knowing it is wrong and feeling she should fight for her doomed marriage Paige is torn. Dalton arrieves and things soon take a dramatic turn. Paige realises her closest friend, her lover, and even her husband have all been hiding a dark secret.

Paige has got to make a choice between the man she has been married to for 20 years and the father of her children or her lover of only a few days. With their  lives at stake who could possibly win?

While reading this book you may find yourself really feeling forPaige. She is the insecure part of all of us, and you can’t but hope this adventure ends well for her.

This truly is a great read and the characters work really well together. We all hope to find our perfect partner and dream of finding true happiness. Sometimes in life the journey to find “the one” is paved with heart ache and tough decisions. Paige’s journey is no different and with exciting twists that will keep this story glued to your hands. I’m sure you will agree this story will be one you will enjoy time and time again.

By Hellkat

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Open Season by Cassandra Curtis 


Story rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


A submissive-in-training, Season knows the boundaries,but that doesn’t stop her from crossing them, or from falling in love with her master and wanting more. When the ban against life-mating between humans and Dragonkind is lifted, she jumps at the chance to enter the ritual hunt and claim her master as mate. Despite the dangers and risks, she knows their love is worth it, even if her masterful dragon doesn’t.

Quinn knew accepting the position as General of the Dragon Army came with risks and that his enemies would look for any weakness they could use against him. But he never realized how fast lust could turn to love, or desire to need.

When an old foe from the war notices Quinn’s growing attraction and deeper involvement with Season, Quinn is caught between two difficult choices—pretend indifference to the woman he’s grown to love, or enter the Solstice Hunt and risk everything to claim his human mate.


MAGNIFICENT! This was a great story.  Cassandra Curtis created a wonderful world.  The length of the story (Only 72 pages) while short leaves you wanting to know more about the characters and the minor characters that appear in the book.   This could very easily become a series.   The author does a marvelous job of balancing heat, sex, and BDSM elements without sacrificing the story line in the process.  This author brings the BDSM elements into the story without going overboard and making the story only about sex.  While the ending felt a bit hurried,  this is a great book to put on your to be read stack.

Reviewed by Melissa

The Ghost Girl and Other Tales of Erotic Horror by R. Greco 


Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5 Paddles


This is a collection of seventeen short stories that claim to be “erotic horror,” but fall short of the marks on both accounts.  As a fan of the horror genre, perhaps my bar is set a little too high, but there was really no creep-out or suspense factor in any of these stories for me.  As a fan of kink, what is portrayed here is lackluster and really didn’t spark even a hint of tingly excitement.  That said, there are a few gems in the collection that are still worth the read.

 “‘Acquired’ Reflection” has the makings of an excellent novella, or even a full novel for those who love the fringe sciences.  Here we meet Mr. Lee Shearsen, an attractive eccentric with loads of cash and something to prove, and Jane, a forensic scientist full of skepticism who jumps at the chance to escape the lab.  The last scene of the story was as close to suspenseful as any of them got and was very well written, but the kink seemed to be missing.

 “Led Assway” is a hilarious bit of a romp.  John is definitively an ass man who finds himself in a preposterous situation.  I really can’t say much more without giving it all away.  While not very horrific or kinky, it’s an exceptionally interesting piece.

“Suburban Convergence” is another funny story very light on the kink that has potential as horror/suspense.  Louis and his brother Emil have to deal with crossing that bridge when they get to it in order to find the man who can help them figure out who’s messing with Louis.  Strange magics are afoot as Louis, Emil, and their friend face off with a woman from Louis’ past.

Reviewed by darkest.ire