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Inviting the Devil by Gabriella Bradley 


Story Rating: 4 out of 5

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5

Was it normal for a fashion designer to ask a new model to strip so he could inspect her from head to toe to get a feel for her shape, size and sensitivities?

Bumping into her boss, causing her portfolio to fall and the drawings she’d secretly worked on during her breaks to scatter was accidental. But oh, what a welcome accident. Danea’s career dreams are realized when the man she’s drooled over and fantasized about for two years while working in administration wants to see all her sketches.

Not only does Kalem Ostarizo, the world’s top fashion designer, hire her for his design team, but wants her to model for House of Ostarizo. Danea happily signs a one-year contract for each position but is shocked when she finds out the obedience clause she agreed to involves more than just obeying the rules.


Inviting the devil by Gabriella Bradley was a fantastic story. The tone of the story was a bit confusing and very ominous. One would keep expecting the worst to happen, but it did keep you on your toes until the very end. The author did a great job with the sex scenes: They were sizzling hot.

Kalem was a very eccentric person but it was hard to tell if it was the fashion industry, the money, or his history that made him that way. The one criticism I had with him was believing anything that came out of his mouth. He came across like he was hiding something.

Danea came across as a person who knew what she wanted from life. The author tried to portray Danea as naïve but that did not work out very well in my opinion. She went from aspiring to be a fashion designer to a model. What is very dangerous is Danea signs the one year contract without truly reading it. Danea really does not put up much of a fight when they begin the makeover, including the piercings. The piercings come across as unbelievable in the regular modeling industry. It makes one wonder what they plan on having you model?

Overall, this was an enjoyable story despite the authors very ominous tone in the book. The sizzling sex scenes and the story line keeps you on your toes.


Reviewed by Melissa

Uncharted Territory Blurb:

In different cities and states, Samantha and Matt each encounter life-changing events that lead them toward the world of femdom. Uncharted Territory is a story of kismet that chronicles their efforts to find a place and a compatible partner in a realm foreign to them. Told in a lean low-key style, absent of grandiose plot elements and breathless prose, Uncharted Territory portrays the fateful journey of these star-crossed lovers with urbane honesty and humor. Integrated throughout this unique glimpse into BDSM are numerous erotic sex and TPE scenarios that are by no means gratuitous, ranging from a highly unusual first time friends-with-benefits coupling to sessions of hardcore corporal punishment. This book will appeal to BDSM aficionados who enjoy femdom stories with realistic characters and romantic outcomes.

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Two Mr. Rights by Sandra Sookoo 


Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5

Emily decides to make a major change in her life, and decides to take a chance on her best friend’s brother, Jonathan, and his friend, Ben.  The men have been trying to find the one lady to join them in their ménage lifestyle.

I enjoyed reading this book, but it was neither kinky, other than the ménage, or BDSM.  Two scenes had a swat each, but the chemistry between the men and Emily is hot.  The author did showcase some of the problems that alternative relationships encounter.  Some of the problems that Jonathan had was with his family with the exception of his sister as well.

Because of her job, Emily is concerned about what others would say, especially at the school she works at. Emily had a lot of doubts about herself and why Jonathan and Ben would want her.  Both men have their own insecurities, but try to help Emily work through hers. 

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

Breakdown by Rory O’Neal 

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


On her way home, BBW Mary’s car overheats and she has to pull into a lay by. With no signal on her phone, she is forced to try and hitch a ride. When the first car that pulls up turns out to be a chauffeur driven Rolls with a charming older man in the back, she accepts his offer to take her home and arrange for her car to be picked up, if she consents to accompany him to a dinner engagement. Reluctantly agreeing, she finds herself the honoured guest of an all-male banquet in a stately home. Amongst such charming and polite company, her evening seems like a dream come true. However, all is not as it appears to be, and following a surfeit of champagne, things begin to unravel, following her participation in a series of surreal games that end in a mock trial.

When she wakes the next morning, she is safely returned to her car and given a phone number. Hardly able to believe what she had got up to under the influence, she feels ashamed of herself, but with the passing weeks, she is unable to get it out of her mind, eventually succumbing to calling the number out of curiosity. Her second encounter with her mystery man is a one on one without the grand theatricals of the first evening, but returning for a third time, she realises, too late that she is a pawn in a huge sex game designed for wealthy aristocrats. Kept prisoner with another girl and forced to undergo numerous humiliating and depraved encounters, they determine to escape from the labyrinthine confines of this country house, but succeeds only in bringing down further punishments on their luckless heads. Will they finally make it?


This was a tough book to review for a few reasons. It was confusing trying to figure out where exactly the story takes place. It took a little while to figure out it wasn’t in America. Some of the word choices seemed odd while reading. The use of exclamation points was so extreme they became annoying. It was surprising they weren’t changed during the editing pocess, because they just weren’t necessary.

As far as the BDSM, this is not for the weak of heart, and this shouldn’t be looked at as a story that happens all the time in real life. The main character Mary makes so very questionable decisions going off with a man she never met before to attend a private party which ends up being a gang bang and her the guest of honor. There is webcam action, more gang banging and various forms of torture. At one point it seemed that Mary’s poor choices were going to cause her own death.

Be warned if you aren’t into women being urinated on and made to lie in their own filth after unprotected sex, this might not be for you.

The ending was unbelievable but by that point you don’t care because your just relieved no one ended up dead. And despite all of that… strangely enough this is still an interesting read. Greatly disturbing, but interesting.

Reviewed by Elizabeth


Letting Go 2: Stepping Stones by Michele Zurlo 


Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


Sabrina Spencer has it all—a loving husband, two wonderful children, and a successful career. So why does her husband think she’s not as happy as she could be? Jonas knows that Sabrina should love her life, but as the stress of “having it all” wears on her, he knows he has to do something. Surprising her with a trip to Elysium, a kinkster’s paradise, for their fifth anniversary seems like the perfect thing. From the beginning, this trip seems doomed. First she rejects the gift. When he finally gets her there and she agrees to spend five days as his complete submissive, he thinks he can finally show her how she can truly have it all. At first Sabrina enjoys submitting to the man she loves, but when it becomes too much and she shuts down, Jonas must use everything in his arsenal to break through to the woman who holds the keys to his heart.



Letting Go 2: Stepping Stones is the 5thbook in the Awakenings series by Michele Zurlo. This is set five years after the book Letting Go the first book in the Awakening series. While you don’t have to read the first book (or the rest if the series), it helps to understand all the characters in the book. Sabrina and Jonas now have been married 5 years and have 2 children. Sabrina is overwhelmed trying to juggle work and family life and Jonas is trying to help her.

Sabrina still struggles with expressing her emotions. Jonas is worried that she is stretched too thin. He arranges a vacation at a BDSM resort. The problem with these two is that they spend a lot of time NOT talking to each other. Jonas lets Sabrina get way with not talking about her feelings during the stay. They both might have enjoyed the stay more if the communicated better with each other (or at all).

The author did what many authors do when they write series books. They give tidbits of the other characters from other books in the series. In some ways help the overall story in the series along. It also detracts from the story in this book. It’s a hard line to walk as an author.

Overall, the one thing to take way with this story is to communicate with your partner. That is what will make or break all relationships. Don’t just assume what is best for your partner.

Reviewed by Melissa


The Accidental Domme by Jim Lyon 


Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


Where would we be without our friends? Especially those wonderfully kinky ones that help us out with our fetish fantasies…

Dave has a problem. He dreams of be locked in a chastity device, and he wants his lesbian friend Wendy to be the key holder. A little strange for a heterosexual man, knowing that she is not at all into being with him, but becoming a submissive is his secret fantasy.  Having himself pierced and fitted for the genital cage is a fetish he can’t resist. Wendy takes him for his piercing; leading to all sorts of fun and feisty consequences that will push Dave toward a life journey he has dreamed of but never hoped to experience.

 A personal trainer, Wendy is introduced to her first experience at a BDSM club and her first BDSM scene.  Events transpire that lead Wendy into a role that combines her love of personal training with her new found Domme abilities. What great combination it makes too!  When she is introduced to pony play, the story manifests into something that will captivate and titillate your inner kinkster.

Reading the pony play scenarios and the elaborate set up that author Jim Lyon set up was a page turner.  His descriptions were lovingly done and I could see everything in my mind’s eye. I found myself thinking of The Accidental Domme  long after I had to put the book down. There are two main storylines between Dave and Wendy and as they loop together and come apart (sometimes quite literally), another one is inserted (again, quite literally). 

The kink factor was pretty well done and kept me reading when I found some of the story elements confusing.  I found myself wondering why an obviously heterosexual man would want his BFF, who is a lesbian to be his key holder. Another issue I had was the head hopping that continually happened throughout the book. There needed to be some definition in the change of POV and the addition of Lola’s character midway through the book without any indicator of who she was.  How she would relate to the story when Dave and Wendy had been the main characters was a little strange. I would have loved to see three story lines or have her as a peripheral in one of the others early on.

Overall I found the story to be thought provoking and one I will read again. The pony play, genital cage, BDSM club, fem dom action and branding were well done and I look forward to reading more by this author. 

If you want to be entranced by a pony play fairytale, then give this book a try.

Reviewed by:  Erzabet


Applying for Pleasure (Capture, Inc.) by Jade James 


Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5

Ariel Lancaster submits an application to Capture Inc. She’s intent on gifting herself a unique thirtieth birthday gift: the captive fantasy she’s always dreamt about. Signing with Capture Inc. gives her an opportunity to have it brought to life. The night is everything she ever dreamed and more; her captor takes her body, heart and soul, not just for the night but hopefully for forever.

John Martinez, part owner of Capture Inc., a club which fulfills clients darkest desires, never expected to meet the one woman he’d end up falling for though his own company. He convinces himself he can remain aloof, but once he meets Ariel, all thoughts of remaining detached are gone. She’s his captive and he’s taken charge of her pleasure, but she’s taken charge of his heart.

Then Ariel’s past collides with her present, and history plays an awful cosmic joke. She finds a future with John suddenly out of her reach, but she applied for pleasure and John’s determined to see that she gets it.


The author Jade James did a good job with this story, but after reading the summery and prologue seemed to give the whole story away. There was no surprise as to how the events unfolded. While the story line was very good, it was a bit a bit impractical. It’s unlikely that it would happen in real life.

The sex scenes were very hot. The author did a good job gradually bring the heat level up and keeping the heat level up. The story while short at only 67 pages, definitely sticks with you. This is a great afternoon read.

Reviewed by Melissa

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