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Win one of five signed copies of this book! 200Bound While the World Burns

At the end of the world, Cassidy found something she never expected. Love.

The sweet College freshman never even made it to her first day of classes. She never dreamed she’d be trapped in a bunker during the apocalypse, and her parents would not approve just how quickly she fell for the buff black man, Leon. Yet when he taught her how to serve and please him, she realized just how much she needed a dominant man to take care of her.

An apocalyptic interracial BDSM romance.

Warning: Contains a reluctant young woman falling for an older man outside of her class and race, including m/f consensual sex, oral sex, and BDSM themes including pleasure denial and an introduction to a 24/7 lifestyle. 30,000 words.
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Sin Alley: Gamble’s Whip by Parker Ford sinalley

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Contains spoilers, read with caution:

Sadie’s husband gives her the go ahead to visit and enjoy Sin Alley (a red light district type setting in California). He can’t perform as he once could but he wants Sadie to be fulfilled, if only for one night.

Sadie loves pain and pleasure. She wants to go to Sin Alley but only of her husband comes along. Davis agrees and she visits the same man she saw in passing years before (when they visited Sin Alley but did not partake of the pleasures).Tonight is different. Sadie will be “whipped and penetrated”, as Gamble the Dom puts it.

This was a red hot book! I loved the tenderness between Sadie and her disabled husband in the beginning and Sadie’s fantasizing about Gamble in the middle. Towards the end when she was tied to his cross and about to feel the kiss of his whip for the first time. I almost wanted to flinch.

I thought I recognized the author’s name and I have seen reviews of her other stories on Amazon. I think I will pick up a longer book for my next go. This was a big hit.

Reviewed by Sizzling Miss Kim


Falling For Sir by Cat Kelly fallingforsir

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


This was a fun and light-hearted change of pace from the heavy “Me Dom, You sub,” many of the BDSM novels are.

At 23, Marianne, new to Boston, has never had an orgasm during sex. She goes to a club to see if maybe kinky sex would be the key. She attends a slave auction and is purchased by “Mr. Woody.” The session is all she dreamed it could be and more. But the next day her determination to keep her work life and private life separate falls apart as Mr. Woody is none other than her boss, Jack Marchetti.

Owner of a string of successful retail stores, Jack is determined to keep his relationships limited to just sex. He still hasn’t recovered from losing his wife five years. His determination crumbles in the reality of the bliss to be found with “Claudia,” who, he discovers, is the new employee in his office.

Can the feisty bookworm from Vermont find a lasting happiness with an older man, who is already rumored to have a girlfriend?

While Jack sometimes lets his inner Dom out, he is not someone bogged down with protocol or playacting. Both of them love the intense sex they have and they don’t need impact play or torture to keep each other happy, but the scenes are hot enough that such things aren’t needed.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read and I will look for more from this author. The story contains mild BDSM, anal play and exhibitionism.

Reviewed by Karen

Choices by Grace R. Duncan choices

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Teman and his boyhood friend Jasim are professional thieves, although they prefer to think of themselves as specialists in the recovery of lost items, by any means. As “Choices” opens, they are caught in a trap set by the palace guards. They are taken to the captain of the guards, who gives them a choice: be cast into the dungeon or agree to become pleasure slaves in the palace. Thinking that life in the palace would offer a better chance of escape, they both agree to become slaves.

In the slave quarters, Teman and Jasim are trained to be submissive sex slaves, able to take pain as pleasure and unable to achieve orgasm without permission from their master. They become good friends with the two slaves who help with their training, Cyrus and Nadir. Once trained, Teman is called to service the king, a truly sadistic cruel man who regards his slaves as less than human and delights in testing how much pain they can take without any sexual relief. But there are other masters in the palace that are not so unpleasant, and Teman has also caught the attention of the crown prince, Bathasar.

Bathasar is the complete opposite of his father the king. He has never used the pleasure slaves, although he is quite familiar with the training they undergo. Bathasar has been fascinated by Teman since his first presentation at court, although he observes the young slave from a distance. But one night, after an altercation at a state dinner, he feels compelled to take Teman back to his quarters, to keep him out of the clutches of both the king and a bothersome foreign guest. Once alone with the handsome slave, Bathasar is unable to keep himself from enjoying the pleasures that Teman has been trained to provide, and even to need. For his part, Teman feels something different for the prince than he has felt with any other master.

The two quickly become lovers, although Teman must remain a slave, since Bathasar is powerless to free him. Keeping Teman safely away from the king and other courtiers is only part of the problem, as the two soon learn of the mad king’s plan to attack one of his neighbors, to whom Jasim was gifted after its empress dressed down the king for his lack of humanity towards Teman.

“Choices” is a tale with epic ambitions, set in a middle-ages “Arabian Nights” fantasy world. It is, as you can probably guess, very steamy, with detailed descriptions of the training that Teman and Jasim undergo to become pleasure slaves. They learn how to take pleasure from pain as well as how to delay their orgasm until it is permitted, and even how to be ready to go again after only a few minutes pause, if necessary. Their training conditions them to be aroused on cue and remain so until their master is finished with them.

While Bathasar has no desire to treat Teman as a slave, he can’t undo the conditioning the young man has been put through, and like it or not, Teman has discovered a deep desire to submit within himself. Instead, Bathasar learns to use Teman’s training, particularly the thrill he gets from being edged, to keep the young man from dwelling too much on the friend he misses or the fact he is still a slave. If you’re a fan of the BDSM practice of edging, then you will almost certainly enjoy this book. Several group scenes add even more steaminess to the story.

Unfortunately, the writing in “Choices” is a bit lackluster, with numerous anachronisms, repetitious details and even the occasional lapse into physical improbabilities – the kind of thing that makes you stop and think, “Wait, he has one hand there, and the other hand where? How is that possible?” Sometimes the group scenes get a bit muddled in a similar way, as you try to figure out who has what stuck into whom. This is made worse by frequent and sudden shifts in the point of view between Teman and Bathasar. The flaws, while many, are never quite serious or frequent enough to be annoying. Rather, the lack of tight editing keeps what could have been a much better book from achieving its potential. It does get bonus points, though, for having a cover that actually comes close to reflecting the image of the main characters that the text conjures up. That’s such a rarity these days that it’s worth mentioning.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

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Skintight by Rosanna Challis skintight

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


I like BDSM novels one of two ways I suppose. Detailed and realistic (as far as rituals and rules) or very hardcore, dark and demeaning (femdom in particular). This had a bit of both. Marcia is the owner of a fetish wear company called Skintight. She has her employees ‘filling in’ as the part of a full-time sub. How so? She does not want her peace interrupted at home so she dominates her employees with discipline and punishments they gladly accept.

She has an interview so the other POV in the story is of a woman brand to seeing how things are run. I liked that as well because we as readers are experiencing this Mistress along with the new employee. Quite nicely done!

I have read two novels by this author and I will read more. She writes BDSM in such a way you can tell she’s either had personal experience or done her homework. I personally know when a submissive enjoys BDSM on a certain level and can express it in words that reading it can be just as enjoyable as administering the pleasure, or pain.

Reviewed by Sizzling Miss Kim


Venetian Love Knots by Normandie Alleman loveknots

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Story Rating: 2.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2.5 out of 5


Texas girl Allison goes to Italy for her friend’s wedding, and meets Nico, Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome. He shows her around Venice, and everything’s going well until her ex, Cole, shows up. Cole is intent on rekindling their relationship, and Nico is intent on actually starting one. Allison has to decide which she wants more: a new start, or a second chance.

It’s a simple, straightforward romance plot, uncluttered by digression or subplot, and it moves along quickly. I think that’s about the best that can be said for it. The rest isn’t as positive.

The writing is mediocre – the dialogue is especially labored, which becomes a serious problem any time there is dirty-talking or verbal back-and-forthing going on. The sex is warm but not hot. The romantic angle is frustratingly one-sided – there doesn’t seem to be any reasonable doubt about what our heroine should do, so while Allison felt conflicted, the reader really didn’t. We were just waiting for her to come to her senses and do the smart thing.

Cole is an enormous jerk, and that’s not quite a complaint: he’s meant to come across that way. Unfortunately, his hotness does not exceed his jerkitude, and so I had a problem understanding why Allison would put up with him at all. (I say this as someone who has a soft spot for both country boys and, as we call ‘em, ring-tailed bastards. He should’ve been a shoe-in.) It made her look like a weak girl with crappy boundaries and no self-esteem, which may have been part of her problem, but was still really frustrating. He uses her, has had a history of using her, and despite the uninhibited sex, their relationship really doesn’t have a future.

Nico, on the other hand, is depicted as genuinely warm and caring. I was afraid she was going to lean too much on the suave and sophisticated angle, but the author kept it understated instead of parading it, and I liked Nico very much. There was nothing artificial or affected about him. He seemed like a good catch from the very beginning. I liked him a lot. (An accomplishment, since I go for bad boys, and Nico isn’t. At all.)

The sex is . . . well . . . Allison mostly has sex with Cole. And because he’s a boorish, oafish, really selfish jerk, it’s not the best sex. Allison likes it, but it left me unsatisfied. I really think this may be a case where the bad guy is legitimately infuriating enough to un-arouse me.

The kink is all great in theory – bondage, some verbal humiliation, some spanking with a belt. But, again, because Cole is driving, it’s mostly frustrating. He’s . . . terrible with the manipulation and domination, no sophistication or style or subtlety, no real menace, no real force, so it just didn’t work for me. We’re told he’s dynamite in the sack, but I wasn’t convinced.

The parts with Nico worked pretty darn well for me, though. It did feel forced when Allison got angry with him, and I was super-frustrated by that.

And the resolution was unsatisfying. The decision was taken out of the heroine’s hands by an out-of-nowhere complication. She chooses to pick up the pieces, yes, but she doesn’t choose to turn Cole out on his ass, and it weakened the story. We never get to see Allison be strong or decisive, and that is consistently annoying.

So, overall, not great. A nice, romantic story, but unsatisfying in several key ways. Not particularly recommended, but not a steer-clear, either.

Reviewed by Naamah

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Foretold: Betrayed by Desire by ES Tilton

(No link to buy available at this time)foretold

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


Seven races, a prophecy, an errant god and a dark force bent on corruption. What isn’t in this book? The story begins with six prologues. The reader immediately learns about a menacing villain trying to obliterate the god Kyron’s existence. The prologues hop around and give a bit of a frame work, but it’s confusing. The story finally begins with Kyra the assassin. She is completing one final job before she retires from the Red Pelican assassin’s guild. Her contact is Tahrek, another assassin.

This story is disjointed. The story goes off on tangents side stories and then suddenly plops the reader back into the main storyline. While these little detours provide good back history and world building, it’s cobbled together in a rather clumsy manner. The story is definitely non linear nor is it a multi-thread weaving into a cohesive pattern. It resembles a puzzle where the pieces are forced together when it should not be. It leaves most readers frustrated and perhaps a bit confused. If this wasn’t for a review, I would not have finished this book. I would have given up and written it as a “did not finish”. If I had done that, I would have lost out.

Ms. Tilton creates an interesting war torn and dystopic world. The seven distinct races are variations of frequently used paranormal creators. There are shape shifters, faeries and angels to name a few. The attention to detail for each race before and after the catalysmic event is very thorough. It’s an overwhelming information dump at once. What happened to each race is useful to know. My recommendation is to weave the pieces in bite size chunks as the story progresses.  Rather than a chapter summary, a reveal of before and after as each race interacts with Kyra and Tahrek would be better. This is an example of how a good editor could have helped polish this rough diamond. Another point is the rapid changing point of views. This is jarring and takes the reader out of the story. It jerks a reader out because passages need to be re-read in order to understand who is narrating the story. Lastly, why are there so many prologues? There should be only one prologue. The rest of the prologues should have been written as chapters with a date and time stamp. Other books in this genre do the same. Or the details in the numerous prologues can be provided in flashbacks throughout the story.

Despite the jumping around and random history lectures, the essence of this tale is really quite good. There is conflict, two flawed main characters and a quest. It contains elements required for a great fantasy novel. Kyra is a strong female lead who is mysterious. Her abilities are perfect for her chosen profession. Yet she’s not without issues. Tahrek is a wonderful male lead. His tortured past is moving even though it’s still shrouded with mystery. Their interaction together is fabulous. The character building in this story is well done. The emotions the two characters feel for each other works very well. Even the secondary characters are a pleasure to read about. The problem is there are so many characters all trying to fight for a bit of airtime. It’s almost too many characters which takes the focus away from the main characters and the main plot.

This book is rated for mature audiences. I’m not quite sure why. The sex in this story is quite mild. Even the rough sex part is glossed over within a few pages. While the sex is fine, this book would work great without it too. In fact a couple of times when sex does occur, it feels forced rather than a natural progression in the storyline. This forced feeling is not in reference to the requiring bonding between Kyra and Tahrek. The bonding actually made good sense and fit in quite well. Overall this story is barely kinky which is why it is a 1 Sting rating. The story still rates a 3 paddle overall because the concept and characters are really quite good. There are still questions left unanswered which entices a reader to read the next book. This fantasy tale is recommended to readers who enjoy intrigue, strong characters and angst.

Reviewed by Book Addict

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