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The Killer Wore Leather: A Mystery by Laura Antoniou killer

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


The current title holder for Mr. Global Leather is killed. Two detectives must navigate contestants, learning about the various lifestyles represented at the Mr. and Ms. Global Leather contest to find a killer.

I really liked The Killer Wore Leather as it had it all, suspense and lots of interesting characters and I happen to love to read murder mysteries. I did not want to put it down and actually stayed up a few nights reading until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. There were so many twists that I really wondered how the author would resolve the mystery but she did not disappoint with several characters that made strong suspects.

Anyone that has attended conferences or contests know how crazy it can get and the author did a great job showcasing behind the scene looks and also gave the reader an education in some kink.  Ms. Antoniou did it in such a way that those in the lifestyle will not find it redundant, as she was educating both a journalist and the detectives as the story progressed. All the characters came across realistically, showing that regardless of lifestyles, everyone is human with the same kind of jealousies, insecurities and confidence we find in everyone.

There were some lighthearted moments between characters and I loved the way she portrayed the two detectives. The interaction between them and the other characters were so true to life and I actually tried to anticipate what might happen, only to find I guessed wrong. Having law enforcement family members, I can tell you that the process, including all the tedious ones, were right on the money that the detectives followed.

I recommend this book for anyone that likes to read murder mysteries and will be reading this one again.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

The Wild Side Trilogy-of-a-Wolf's-_banner[1]

Tagline: The wild side is an interesting stretch of territory where only the courageous survive.


Joe Kramer is a simple-minded young man tending farm with his father. When a neighbor needs a lift, his dad sends him out to give the woman a ride. Soon, a Moonlight Clan Council member has her claws in Joe, leaving him a changed man.

Accepting his fate, Joe joins a wolf pack steeped in history and tradition, but someone among them is threatening to tear their pack apart. To make matters worse, as the pack master, Joe rebukes the traditions of the past while ignoring the mandated placement of two mates.

As he leads his pack to a position of strength, Joe will stand out as the clear Alpha destined to protect the East Tennessee Moonlight Clan Council, but will his lack of experience and immaturity cost the clan what they cherish most? And who, if anyone, will stand beside him when he fights to protect those closest to home?

The Primitive State

Tagline: Captivity temporarily restrains, but love forever binds


Shuke and Tommy are forced into captivity by a twisted hunter with knowledge of the Moonlight Clan Council. Desperate to separate the growing East Tennessee wolf pack, the shifter-hunter ships Shuke and Tommy to Arizona where a beautiful woman soon releases them.

Once freed, Shuke and Tommy decide to return to Tennessee, but there’s a slight problem with their plan. They can’t keep their hands off each other. Worse still, Shuke finds he can’t leave the Phoenix area due to an unexpected mate calling.

Following the scent of a woman, Shuke insists on returning to Salt River, the last place he saw the female who freed them. And with the lust growing between Shuke and Tommy not at all overshadowing his desire for a woman, Shuke sees his fate sealed as the trilogy of endowment calls to him in a way he never expected.

The Savage Release

Tagline: One beast may die, but another one will rise. And his savage ways will live on forever.


Two members of the Moonlight Clan Council are abducted. After they’re pulled away from their East Tennessee pack and shipped to Canada, they awaken only to find themselves surrounded by the snow-covered peaks of the Northern Rocky Mountains. To make matters worse, a formidable enemy stands before them and challenges them in a battle for their lives.

Fighting their way to freedom, Len and Ray come face to face with Sable, another wolf-shifter defending their pack’s enemy, Corey Marshall. Once Sable learns she supported the wrong wolf, she realizes how much she stands to lose.

Drawn to their attacker in a way that doesn’t make sense, Len and Ray see vivid images as the trilogy of endowment unfolds before them. They embrace their mating call, but the young woman is quite a handful. And Sable isn’t prepared for Len’s idea of a first mating. After Len and Ray unleash their building passion, Sable is left with only one choice—complete surrender.

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Destiny Blaine is an award-winning, bestselling e-book and paperback author. She writes under several pseudonyms in various genres.

When Destiny isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time in Mississippi and South Carolina. She loves NFL and college football, college basketball, volleyball, poker, casino craps, and attending outdoor concerts. Her favorite pastime is sitting on the beach reading about intelligent ALPHA males who know how to take the lead in all situations.

Destiny lives in East Tennessee with her daughter and husband. Her son is serving in the United States Navy. 


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Bound by Bonnie Bliss boundbybonniebliss

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Story Rating: 2.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Bondage on the 4th of July

Brad is home on leave for the Fourth of July and eager to reconnect with his childhood friend Tom and his kid sister Millie. Though he’s always wanted more in the relationship he has with Millie, out of respect for her brother Brad has kept the relationship strictly platonic.

Brad’s also brought home a friend from his unit. Kenny takes an instant liking to Millie and suggests that he and Brad should hook up with her and show her the ways of Dominance and submission. During the neighborhood picnic Brad and Kenny get Millie sitting between them and begin their seduction. When Millie’s brother Tom sees what’s happening he shuts down the public play and warns the men away from his sister. The three men manage to settle things without coming to blows leaving Brad and Kenny to pursue Millie with Tom’s blessing.

The entire story is a bit trite and the resolution between the men seems very forced to me. Tom has dissuaded Brad from his sister for years and now he does a complete one-eighty and gives his blessing to the union. And not just a union with Brad but with Kenny too? It’s an unbelievable ending.

Halloween Submission

First off – this should be read before the Fourth of July story. It’s the same characters and these stories are out of order.

This is Tom’s story of how he found his submissive. Lucy is Millie’s best friend and Millie works with Tom’s co-worker to hook the two up at a BDSM Halloween party. Neither party knows who the other is at the beginning of the play. Lucy figures out it’s Tom fairly quickly but Tom doesn’t know it’s Lucy. All he knows it this is his perfect sub, the masochist to his Sadist. When he realizes Lucy is the one he’s had the time of his life with, he has a slight panic attack, takes off leaving her restrained and in subspace.

Once more it’s a little hard for me to believe that a skilled Dom would just freak out and leave his sub hanging in subspace with no one around to help them come down, or in this case remove her bonds.

A Slave for Christmas (Kenny’s story)

Of the three shorts in this edition, this one is the fullest as far as the characters are concerned. This story I connected with them and understood their motivation.

Kenny has been wounded in battle, Brad makes sure he holds on long enough to be rescued and airlifted to get the medical attention he needs. In his moment of thinking he’s about to die, Kenny lets Brad know he is releasing his claim on Millie, giving her freely to Brad. Kenny now knows he needs to have his own one true submissive. Someone just for him. He needs monogamy.

Holed up in the hospital for recovery, Kenny feels drawn to one nurse, yet her take charge persona rails against his Dom. She’s too independent, too strong willed to be submissive. She’s the only one he makes any kind of connection with, and he refuses to scare her off by revealing his true nature.

Lindsay knows Kenny immediately. She may look different now, but he is still as fine and enticing as he was in high school. Apparently her joining the Navy changed her enough from the nerd who tutored the jocks so that she is unrecognizable to her former tutee. When she catches glimpses of his inner Dom, she begins to wonder if maybe they could be more than patient and nurse. She has suppressed her submissive side for fear of being rejected, left alone after one night of passion. It happened to her once, she won’t let it happen again.

In a slight bit of comedic chatter, Kenny let’s slip his need to dominate someone and Lindsay let’s out that she is a sub. It takes some intervention on the part of one of Lindsay’s coworkers to actually get the two together but it does happen. Once Lindsay begins to let her mind rule over her inner voice, she freaks, leaves Kenny while he’s sleeping and high tails it home for the rest of the holiday in the hopes of never seeing him again, even though she doesn’t want to let him go.

Kenny uses everything available to him to track her down and reclaim what is his.


One of the issues I have with all three stories, Ms. Bliss is great at building up to the actual sex act, but then she glosses over the copulation with a few sentences before sending her characters off to bed, or running away for stupid reasons. The balance between the kink and the sex is off. The kink is the buildup to the climax, but I never really felt the satisfaction of release from her characters.

Reviewed by Mary

Voracious: Erotica for Women edited by Violet Blue voracious

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor: (kink) 5 out of 5


Violet Blue is an editor that turns desire on its head at every turn. Just when I think an anthology can’t get any hotter, Voracious comes across my desk and I am hopelessly enthralled. Or I guess the right term is voraciously enthralled. The title really does say it all.

The foreword by Molly Weatherfield (Carrie, Safe Word) sets the stage for a festival of wanting, needing each and every story within the cover of this book. Nineteen tales of unbridled lust and some very original points of view make this anthology one that will have you looking at things in a whole new light. Sting is king here, make no mistake about it.

“Chill” by Kathleen Bradean is a story that pushes boundaries in every possible way. The kink factor here had me biting my knuckles and holding my breath at every turn of the page. Pure unadulterated bone chilling to the death cold is the subject of this story. This is her fantasy. To bathe in a tub of ice water, paint her nails blue and look the part of the corpse she is trying to become and feel the warmth of the only thing that will satisfy her dark cravings. The scene is set, the clinical atmosphere pervades and then the warm hot explosion that becomes the center of her universe. It left me gasping. I want more.

“Becky” by Kay Jaybee is about a job you will never forget. We all know about performance plans and developmental discipline. What happens when Becky spills the coffee and the whole office gets to watch her very public shaming? An epic story of impact play and control, “Becky” made me long for a really good caning and had me squirming in my seat. Yes, this tale is a multifaceted festival of lights. Voyeurism,  impact play, f/f, m/f and some pretty strict working conditions made this one scorcher of a read.

“Electric Razor” by Irma Wimple gave me a whole new appreciation for all the little appliances in our lives that buzz by without being noticed. Take the handy electric razor. Betcha won’t take it for granted any more after you read this hot little number. Electric drill bits, washers on spin cycles… a blender on whirl. This story has me eyeing things in my house with evil intent and I can’t wait to see what else Irma Wimple has hiding up her naughty sleeves.

“Worth It” by Alison Tyler has to be one of the most erotic anal sex stories I have ever read. Wanting and longing for the touch of a lover that just isn’t interested pushes our girl to new heights of suggestion and creativity. Alison Tyler never disappoints. Ever.

“Voice of an Angel” by Teresa Noelle Roberts is one of the stories that really stands out for its sheer sexiness. Does music turn you on? It does for Jessie, the lady of the hour for this story. When she hears Daniel sing at her new job at the opera house, she can’t stop touching herself. It is electric. During a costume fitting, fantasy becomes reality and the erotic nature of voice ratchets this tale to soaring heights of decadent fantasy. Lust inspiring and amazing.

“Animals” by Rachel Kramer Bussel seduces you by force into a story so hot, you better be ready to scream your own release at the end. Oh, and have some ice water handy too. Raw unbridled sex and animalistic wildness bring this story to pulse pounding action enough to send me over the edge at least once, just by reading. This is a thigh clencher.

Voracious is just what the title suggests. Each of the nineteen stories in this collection meets editor Violet Blue’s exquisite standards of taste and sheer kink. These are not your run of the mill girl meets flogger stories. Oh no. This is the stuff that new fetishes are born from. These stories will haunt your daydreams and have you begging for more.

Reviewed by:  Erzabet

Toxic by Belinda McBride toxic

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


This was a charming tale involving a veterinarian of mixed parentage but who lays claim to some paranormal abilities and her mate, a wolf shifter who grew up in foster care and is trying to learn to live with the pack.

It is a continuation of McBride’s story in the anthology Dom’s of Dark Haven, and we revisit some of the characters from that story.

While there is some bondage, nipple clamps and spanking, don’t expect this to be hot and heavy BDSM.  The sex is hot, but the BDSM is purely playful bedroom activity.

Briony Theale runs a veterinary clinic at the base of the Oregon mountains and is wildly attracted to local ranger Rico Montgomery. She doesn’t realize the attraction goes both ways until he kisses her. But before their attraction has a chance to mature, Rico finds himself poisoned by the chocolate he ate as a shifter. Briony takes in a very sick wolf that turns into a naked man while locked in a crate in her office. She overcomes the shock of realizing what he is quickly and he spends the night in her bed, but takes off the next day still suffering the effects of the poison.

When his pack members can’t find Rico, they kidnap Briony until they can determine how dangerous she is to pack safety. The problem is, by kidnapping her, they are about the bring down the wrath of her mother on their heads. Can Briony and Rico sort through the interference of their respective families to find happiness with each other?

This was a very entertaining little novella as long as you are willing to suspend belief to accept the ideas of shifters, psychics, and telepaths.

Reviewed by Karen

Lyon on a Leash by Erosa Knowles lyon

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Every woman should experience the love of an Alpha submissive man at least once in her life…

Successful attorney Vera Knight has it all – an interesting career, a stunning home, and all the money she needs to travel the world in style. The only thing she doesn’t have is a man – and not just any man will do. She needs a submissive who will let her be as successful in the bedroom as she is in the courtroom.

Innovative graphic artist Marcus Lyon is on the hunt for the right woman to serve. Pleasing a Dominate and keeping her happy rocks his world. But a former D/s relationship has left him with emotional scars and a new attitude. The next woman he pleases will need to follow a few rules…

When Vera and Marcus meet at a fund raising slave auction in New York City, sparks fly, and she corners her man. Vera is sure she’s found the Alpha Submissive she’s been looking for, but will Marcus agree to give her the key to his heart as well as his collar?


This romantic story is a fictional account of a couple who have chosen to have a Female Led Relationship or FLR. In the BDSM community she is called his Domme, Dominant or Mistress and he is her submissive. He is no doormat. This story is not about pain, or whips and chains, rather it deals with the challenges a couple faces with the day to day grind of living and loving together.


Sex Slave ( Cowboy Sex 7) by Natalie Acres sexslave

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Story Rating: 4 out of 4 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 4


Trying to outrun a destructive relationship, Kimberly Cartwell finds passion and protection through the love and admiration of two powerful Doms. Unveiling secrets about Kimberly’s past, Wyatt Clanton and Sebastian Ketchum purchase Kimberly’s time at a lifestyle benefit auction and prepare a rigorous submissive training program, one destined for an unwelcomed interruption.

International trouble follows Kimberly to Sebastian Ketchum’s estate. Once Kimberly is abducted, Sebastian and Wyatt are determined to find her. Pooling their resources, Sebastian and Wyatt discover Kimberly and her abductor at a South Carolina exhibitionism club. Realizing there is only one way to shield Kimberly from her past, Sebastian and Wyatt plan a train trip.

During their travels, Wyatt and Sebastian learn that Kimberly not only wants to serve and please, but she is also interested in extreme BDSM. As she escapes a man who nearly ruined her, Kimberly surrenders free will by placing her faith and trust in the two men who have waited years to love her.


Have to say that I was confused in many parts of this book but that was only due to the fact that this is #7 in a series. Now I want to go back and find the other six!

I really liked the contrast between Wyatt and Sebastian. I love a good strong Dom complimented by a strong Dom with a bit of a softer side. They’ve been after Kimberly for a long time and she just didn’t know it. For that matter, Kimberly thinks she knows what she wants and they’re going to give it to her!

Things got a little confusing and turned around on the train ride section of the story. This part made me wonder if there really is such a train ride. Wow!

Reading as a stand-alone, be prepared for a bit of confusion when it comes to the lives of the secondary characters, but this is still a good read and I’m going to be looking for the books that come before this one!

Reviewed by Cat

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Fettered by Lyn Gala fettered

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


First impressions are important, especially in a BDSM scenario. Dylan, aka Dilly, first learned of BDSM by seeing his sadistic brother’s tools on a news broadcast. His brother is being tried for raping and torturing women. Dilly isn’t looking to torture women or wield the whip. Instead, he lusts after men flogging and spanking his ass until he squirts. A young eighteen year old, he’s both innocent and completely naïve.

This book is much lauded among many BDSM m/m readers. In the BDSM book club in Goodreads, members are fawning over this book. They wax about hawt BDSM scenes and engaging characters. Can this book live up to the hype?  Why yes it can.

Ms. Gala writes moving characters. Dilly may at first come across as a too stupid to live character. Dilly is bumbling boy and an all-around pussy who can’t stand up for himself. This perception of Dilly is not that far off. Initially he is very frustrating and makes a reader want to grab him by the shoulders and shake him hard. Maybe slap him around a little bit so he will toughen up. However, it’s more complicated than it initially appears. Dilly isn’t stupid. What he is, is a survivor. My heart bleeds for Dilly. He’s emotionally abused by his evil older brother, Gary. He’s pushed around by his headstrong sister, Carmine. The only role Dilly knows and clings to is one who is passive and stays invisible. This one explanation of how Dilly sees himself breaks my heart.

Dylan searched for the right way to say what he was feeling without coming off totally in need of therapy. “I’m good at fitting in the cracks, you know? I’m good at working around other people, and I don’t need to be seen.” (p. 200-201)

Dilly’s relationship with Vin is summed up neatly with another poignant insight.

“I like that you do your own thing and don’t change for anyone. I like that you’re so unbending that maybe there’s room for me to fit myself in the cracks of your life because I like your cracks a lot more than the cracks I have been living in.” (p. 201)

Vin is a troubled Dom. He’s young yet experienced in life a bit more than most. He is not socially awkward; instead he’s someone who does his own thing. The best way to describe Vin is as an alpha sheepdog. There are three kinds of people in the world. There are sheep, sheepdog and wolves. Most people are sheep, like Dilly. Then there are dangerous predators like Dilly’s brother who is a wolf. The sheep are protected by sheepdogs, like Vin. I’m a sheepdog so I completely ken Vin’s mentality. His need to protect to the point of paranoid is understandable.  As a side note, his desire to GPS and audio bug Dilly may seem overly possessive and borderline obsessive. However, as a submissive like me who loves to submit, this hit my kinks pretty hard and made me wet.

Ms. Gala creates fabulous characters in this story. Everyone character is unique and she painfully peels back the layers on them to expose their truths. How she can create such rich leads and secondary characters while adding in a great plot and hawt BDSM scenes is beyond me. She doesn’t skimp on her secondary characters. We learn about stuffy Guard, scary Miss Dolphina, crazy Carmine, Dilly’s oblivious parents and evil Gary. Each one of these characters are necessary to complete this Greek Tragedy tale.

The BDSM in this story is supernova hot arousing. It’s not so much the scenes, but the fact that Vin is a Dom with a capital D. His specialty is D/s. He can and does enjoy doling out SM with the best of them, but he is amazing with his D/s. His dirty talking can cause spontaneous orgasms. Ms. Gala nails down the dream Dom with impeccable precision and it’s so good to read. Too bad her Doms are into other males. This m/m novel is highly recommended to kinky readers who love angst and a Greek Tragedy turned upside.

Reviewed by Book Addict

It Stings So Sweet by Stephanie Draven itstingsso

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


If you are looking for a book that is going to take you right out of your comfort zone, then It Stings So Sweet is the book for you.

This book is a period piece set in the roaring 20’s and is divided into three parts. Each story stems from a party and how some of the guests interact. I have read a whole lot of books on BDSM, and after a while, some of them begin to have the same feel. Whip me, beat me and make me scream. This one was really different and I wanted to hide in my room with a gallon of ice water until I was done with it.

In the first story, Love Me or Leave Me, you have Nora and her husband Jonathan. There is a friction between the couple that has everything to do with social status, money and the unfortunate fact that Nora was caught kissing a man who was not her husband. Jonathan is furious and he makes her pay. It is the way he does it, with a deliberate seduction and elements of cruelty that had me biting my lip and cheering when the fur started to fly and the clothes came off on the dining room table. Now that is just the kind of party I want to go to!

The second part, entitled When I’m Bad I’m Better, involves an actress named Clara. She is the mistress of one of the important men at the party, but when she encounters Leo, all bets are off. This story has some elements that made my toes curl. Clara has a stag film in her past that she would prefer to keep hidden. Leo has the film and uses it to ensnare Clara into a dance of dominance and submission that will have your e-reader scorching. There are ménage elements to this story that lead to some smoking hot adventures. Leo’s friend Robert makes an appearance and the chemistry is combustible.

Story number three is entitled Let’s Misbehave. Sophie is a clerk in a boutique in a ritzy hotel. She is an advocate for social change. The sexual tension between her and her boss Robert is smoking hot and when her diary falls into his hands, you just never know what could happen.

Clara makes an appearance again in this story for some f/f action with Sophie, making this one a hot read as well.

I have not read a book like this one. It kept me engaged in the lives of everyone involved and awakened me to a time that I honestly would love to read more about. Author Stephanie Draven’s voice is one that will echo in your dreams. Especially the naughty ones.  This book gets 5/5 for story content, especially the way the stories wove together and the electric sensuality that pulsed consistently throughout the entire book. Kink wise, I think my eyes might have rolled back in my head a few times by the sheer deliberateness of the seductions going on. I loved it!

This book is one I will be coming back to again and again to relive the passions of the Roaring 20’s and all the vibrant sexuality that will make my dreams some sweet ones tonight.

Reviewed by:  Erzabet