Today’s guest! Joely Sue Burkhart!

When you write character-driven stories, you sometimes get surprised. Sometimes the character shows up talking and walking and living and breathing with a definite agenda. It’s not my story. It’s his or her story. And all I can do is hold on for the ride.

With Her Grace’s Stable, it was definitely a crazy ride. A ride I didn’t expect. joely1

I’ll come right out up front and say I didn’t know anything about pony play when I started this book. I have no personal experience to build on. I didn’t even intend for the story to go down that path until Lady Blackmyre took me into the stable within the first couple of thousand words.

I dug in my heels. I didn’t want to go there. I was afraid I’d make a mistake. But Lady Blackmyre insisted. She reminded me of my favorite books I’d read as a child: The Black Stallion series. I grew up riding horses. I had experience in that regard. I know the pleasure of riding your horse for hours, the smell and creak of leather, the companionship and joy. For the rest, I just had to use my imagination.

It was easy to think of a big wild stallion that just needed a gentle but firm hand to tame him.  I found the idea of an insanely vicious crazed-animal-of-a man who could be tamed by the right woman very appealing. And each time my confidence wavered, Lady Blackmyre would remind me to just listen to the characters. If I were true to them, all would be well in the end.


“You need to stop worrying so much about what’s right or wrong and simply concentrate on what you feel in your heart. I don’t care what Society will think about me running my men around the ring like the ponies they are. I don’t care if Queen Majel would faint dead away at the thought of my big brute of a stallion taking me when he’s wearing a tail. I couldn’t care less about what anyone says or thinks about the Black Duchess, as long as you and Cole are happy and satisfied. My question to you, Arthur, is do you trust me? Honestly, pet. You have to be willing to put yourself completely into my care.

“I’m strong enough to push you until you break, until your darker urges are unleashed and you’re wild with violent lust. I’m strong enough to retain enough control over you so that we can all enjoy that lust without fear or injury. I’m certainly strong enough to admit to you when I have concerns or to give my full consent when I’m eager to try something with you.” joely2

She rubbed her lips against his, sharing her breath with him while staring deeply into his eyes. “I’m eager to let my stallion fuck me like the wild animal he is. I just ask that you also consider doing the same to Cole while he’s inside me, so I can have the pleasure of watching you both climax with me.”

Joely always has her nose buried in a book, especially one with mythology, fairy tales and romance. She, her husband and their three monsters live in Missouri. By day, she’s a computer programmer with a Masters of Science degree in Mathematics. When night falls, she bespells the monsters so she can write. Read more about her current projects on her website.

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