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The Hardest Thing: A Dan Stagg Mystery by James Lear hardestthing

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ISBN-10: 1573449296

ISBN-13: 978-1573449298

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


Dan Stagg was a career marine in the era of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. When a sniper in Helmond kills his lover, the major loses it. His superior officers ask, and Dan tells, and that’s the end of his military career. As a civilian with a less than honorable discharge, the only work he can find is as a doorman at a club in the East Village of New York. Unfortunately, even that job comes to an end when he uses a little more force than deemed necessary on a surly patron trying to force his way into the club.

Dan’s job prospects are looking decidedly bleak, so when a slick businessman shows up at his door offering a hefty fee for the marine to get the ‘secretary’ of his boss out of New York and keep him safe, Dan doesn’t ask too many questions, which of course he later regrets. The secretary turns out to be a young twink named Stirling and it’s very clear that his employer doesn’t keep him around for his typing skills. While Stirling plays the entitled rich kid very well at first, it soon becomes clear that he isn’t what he seems. Finding out who the young man really is is just part of the mystery that Major Dan Stagg has to unravel if he’s going to keep them both alive.

The author of “The Hardest Thing”, James Lear, is a popular British writer of gay fiction. Like most of his previous stories, this book is primarily a mystery, punctuated by several raunchy sex scenes. Unlike his previous books, which were all set in the past, “The Hardest Thing” is set in the near present-day. As a mystery, this isn’t really a “whodunit”, since the bad guys are pretty obvious, even to the main characters. The challenge is more about Dan figuring out who he can trust, and how to get out of the situation he’s gotten himself in while making the bad guys pay for getting him in this mess.

While there is a lot of sex in “The Hardest Thing”, it’s not really all that kinky. As an ex-marine major, Dan certainly has a dominant streak, and for that matter Stirling definitely enjoys taking the submissive role in sex, but there’s very little real D/s action going on here. There is a surprising and deftly handled role reversal for Dan late in the book, but in reality the kinkiest thing that happens is a sort of four-way in a gas station bathroom.

Although the story really doesn’t work as a BDSM novel, it certainly delivers a great read on all other fronts. It’s just the kind of tale you would expect from Lear, albeit in an entirely different setting. The ending is a little bit uncertain, but given that the full title of the book is “A Dan Stagg Mystery” it would appear that we’re in for another volume in which we’ll probably find out how things work out for our hero.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

Owned by the Dom Part Two by Sam Crescent ownedbythe

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Prue has been taken from him. James will stop at nothing until he gets her back. The odds are stacked against him but he refuses to give up. Prue is his woman and he’ll hurt anyone or anything that gets in his way.

When James saves her, Prue can’t give herself to him. Something has happened during her captivity, and she’s not the same. She demands time. But time isn’t what she needs. Since she’s been gone, James has changed. After talking with a therapist, Prue realizes what she needs and it isn’t the placid man James has become.

Can James be the man she needs or has their affair run its course? James is a possessive man, an owner. There is no chance of him letting Prue go, but can they both survive the fire that their passions create?


This may well be the most frustrating book I ever read-mainly because it comes at the reader in pieces. I don’t know if it was the publisher’s idea or the author’s to bring it out in serial format, but either way, it was the wrong decision. If this had been a complete book, it would have rated very highly, with well-drawn characters, breath-taking suspense, a complex relationship and hot sex, including BDSM. Instead, in Part 1, we walk into the middle of the relationship between Prudence and Jonathan. They come together despite a rocky past that’s just hinted at. At the end of Part 1, Prudence is kidnapped by white slavers and the book ends in a cliffhanger. In my opinion no book should ever end in a cliffhanger.

In Part 2, we go back to the origin of the relationship, then move on to Jonathan trying to rescue Prudence from the slavers.Saying anything more would give away the plot, so I will not.

Again, if this had been presented in a straightforward format, it would have rated very highly for an intriguing story with charismatic characters.  As it was, it rates 2 paddles for story and 3 paddles for kink.

Reviewed by Karen

100 Hot and Sexy Stories by Antonia Alluputo 100hot

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ISBN-10: 1481851853

ISBN-13: 978-1481851855

Story Rating: 1 out od 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


100 stories in eight-two pages is suspect. Reading through this stream of consciousness is definitely not sexy. Author Allupato slaps together poorly written sexual fantasies. It could be that this is an attempt at mimicking Penthouse Letters. The difference is both in the reading materials as well as the writing style.

First of all, these 100 stories are more like confession letters. While confession letters can be excitingly hot, these are not. There are too many grammar issues and poor formatting. In addition, these confessions are blurted out with no start or finish. Some of the stories contain only a haphazardly written ending. Examples of poor grammar from the first few pages are as follows.

tea was defiantly better for two (p. 6)  The tea was resisting? Or did the author mean, definitely? These two are totally different in meaning.

Tonight the kid is at my mothers (p. 7) The person has two mothers? Or did they mean mother’s?

Tommy also being sex deprived, and a big horn dog himself, loved the idea of fucking his sweat heart in public (p.11) This is just gross. Sweat heart?  I’m betting the author mean sweetheart.

The entire collection is riddled with misuse of words. There are many improvement points for this book. First, instead of cramming in 100 unrelated scenes, pare it down to no more than twenty stories. Each story should contain a beginning, middle and end. If the tale is less than ten pages, it isn’t enough of a story. Second, find an editor to help with the grammar and punctuation. Between the run-on sentences, fragments, misuse of words and poor formatting, the book is a difficult to read. Third, group the stories in a logical manner. This book comes across more as a cloud sourced book from several different writers sharing their dirty little secrets. Lastly, the stories should be showing rather than telling. With no semblance of plot, the sex better be good. It’s not.

For example, there is a collection of “Erotic Fairy Tales”. Some may quibble that they are actually nursery rhymes rather than fairy tales, but at this point, does it matter? Take this set of ten and write a short tale of 5000 words each. This would become a lovely little 50K collection of ten smexy stories. Instead, the reader is treated to a four paragraph, half page scene about Humpty Dumpty Ass Fucker to the Extreme. There is no character development, no plot and no world building.  Even the sex is not extreme or arousing. This is not a book filled with 100 Hot and Sexy Stories.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Testing Tom by Lucy Felthouse testing-tom266x400

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ISBN: 978-1-61885-797-2

Story Rating 4 out of 4 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


In the books that I have read by erotica author Lucy Felthouse, what stands out to me are her unique stories peopled with characters engaging in a version of BDSM that is probably more representative of the majority of real-life practitioners than what is commonly portrayed in books of that genre. They include some aspects of power exchange and moderate to severe corporal punishment, but nothing too extreme. Her latest novella, Testing Tom, is a case in point.

At its core, this is a HEA femdom love story… but with a twist. Katrina, a self-proclaimed domme, is moping around trying to recover from a break-up with her sub Tom, with whom she is still in love many months later. When the doorbell rings one night she assumes it is a door-to-door canvasser, but peeking out the window she discovers it is her ex. Not in the mood for whatever he has to say to her, she doesn’t answer the door. Surprisingly assertive for a submissive, Tom persists and calls out to her through the door telling her he knows she’s in there because her car is in the driveway, and he can see the television is on through the curtains.

To avoid unwanted attention from nosey neighbors, Katrina lets him in to state his case. It turns out that he wants to patch things up with her. Tom admits to Katrina that he had a sort of identity crisis and tried to revert to a vanilla lifestyle, but to no avail – he finally realized his mistake and how much he loves her. Hurt and angry, but still smitten with her errant lover, Katrina instructs him to return the following night and expect to be tasked to prove his worthiness. The remainder of the story primarily involves the testing Tom endures to regain her trust and let Katrina exact a degree of revenge for the hurt she suffered.

When you read a lot of kinky books in which the principal characters engage in some form of power play or sexual activity relatively soon into the story, it almost seems like something is missing when an author chooses to defer instant gratification in favor of developing that element of the story at a more realistic pace. Fortunately, in this case, when Ms. Felthouse finally deems it’s time for the kink to kick in, she does it spectacularly. Only the most jaded and hardcore BDSM junkie would be disappointed by the pleasure-pain and humiliation scenes that grace the latter pages of Testing Tom.

I try not to be too persnickety about inconsequential features of a story that don’t resonate with me because I realize readers’ sensibilities vary greatly. Although I was put off a bit by the narrative’s middle class British tone because my own sensibilities are borderline-effete American, I enjoyed the book despite that minor disconnect. I have no compunction recommending Testing Tom to any fan of femdom, or to any reader who wants to sample the genre.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

When you first started writing, did you have any idea you’d be writing BDSM/kinky books? Do you write in any other genre?

No, actually—when I started writing for publication in 1996, erotic romance was not the developed subgenre it is now. And I wrote all over the map, though within the romance genre. Comedy, historical, mystery and so on. My books have tended to be sexy from the beginning, though. Even when I wrote traditional romance, which requires the H&H to be married before having sex, I was always figuring out a way to get them married and into the sack as fast as I could! I wanted to write about real people, not phony girls who remained virgins until they were 25.

Do you use a pen name? If yes (or no), why? desireintartan_msr

I do. I use two pen names. This allows readers to identify romance as opposed to erotic romance.

Are you actively involved in BDSM? If so how do you identify yourself? Dom(me)/sub? Top/bottom? Switch?

Uh, that’s kind of personal. And right now I’m pretty tired of dating–trying to find my perfect    partner has been quite a task. I do enjoy social events and workshops, and have met lovely      people through them.

At what point did you decide you wanted to write BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

I started writing erotic romance in 2004 and my work has grown steadily kinkier.

What have you written in the past that you think your BDSM/kink fans might find interesting?

Erotica is so dependent upon individual taste,  I think, more than most other reading. My wildest book is Queen of Shadow, a futuristic set in a world where public sex is encouraged due to the low birthrate of the unusual planet. So there’s a fair level of exhibitionistic and group sex. Other readers who may prefer historical novels would enjoy my series of Scottish vampire historicals, which begins with Temptation in Tartan.

What might be something of interest to your fans that you don’t think they know about you?

I collect art masks, masks to wear at events, and corsets. I like to dress up :)

At this point in your career, do you think you’ll write more BDSM/kinky erotica?

Absolutely. It’s way fun to write.

If someone new to your work is going to start with a story, which one would you recommend they read first?

Tastes vary so much that I hesitate to choose, but I can say that For My Master has remained very popular over time. And it’s a short, quick read, aside from being really hot. So it’s a good intro to my writing.

Do you attend BDSM, kink, or fetish conferences? Or do you attend any other “vanilla” type of conferences? Attending any in the near future you want to mention?

I enjoy social events and workshops and go to quite a few locally.

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Best-selling, award-winning author Suz deMello, a.k.a Sue Swift, has written over sixteen romance novels in several subgenres, including erotica, comedy, historical, paranormal, mystery and suspense, plus a number of short stories and non-fiction articles on writing. A freelance editor, she’s worked for Total-E-Bound, Liquid Silver Books and Ai Press, where she is currently Managing Editor. She also takes private clients.

Her books have been favorably reviewed in Publishers Weekly, Kirkus and Booklist, won a contest or two, attained the finals of the RITA and hit several bestseller lists.

A former trial attorney, her passion is world travel. She’s left the US over a dozen times, including lengthy stints working overseas. She’s now writing a vampire tale and planning her next trip.

Find her books at

For editing services, email her at

Befriend her on Facebook:, and visit her group at

She tweets her reading picks @ReadThis4fun

Her current blog is 

Do you use a pen name? If yes (or no), why? nothingventured

I use a pen name Salome Verdad is not my real name. I do this because I have a relatively high profile in another aspect of life, and some of my colleagues and clients might find the subjects that I write about a little difficult. Not everyone likes the same kinds of thing, and there’s no point making anyone feel uncomfortable. Unless you really want to, of course.

At what point did you decide you wanted to write BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

When I couldn’t find anything good to read! I didn’t know where to look for decent BDSM-themed literature that pressed my buttons, and I thought I might as well write some myself rather than keep reading bad writing. And I found that writing it was a bigger turn-on than reading it.

Since I started writing I’ve had support from other authors, and I have found review sites like this one that has helped me find some quality femdom fiction. Still, it’s just as well I didn’t find I straight away, or I would never have discovered how much I enjoyed creating my own.

Is there an area that is BDSM/kink-related that you haven’t written about yet that you’re interested in?

To my surprise, feminization. It’s not something I’ve ever done or wanted to, but I’ve been taken aback by how important it is to some of my readers, and it’s made me want to explore the power dynamic that is going on here. It’s a very curious thing, because male submissives want to be dominated by a woman, but some also want to be made more feminine not because they aspire to the power of women but as part of a process of surrending their own male power. How can that not be interesting?

Do you write BDSM/kink erotica based on what you find interesting or sexy, or do you write more for your audience?

I absolutely write about what I find interesting. I know that there are some cynical writers who don’t actually enjoy this sort of material and just do it to sell. If I didn’t enjoy fetish and BDSM erotica I wouldn’t be able to write it. That said, I do find that the plot and the characters rather take on a life of their own, so that the story line goes in directions that I wouldn’t necessarily have expected or wanted. I’ve heard other writers talk about this, but didn’t quite believe it until it happened to me.

At this point in your career, do you think you’ll write more BDSM/kinky erotica?

I can’t help myself. I lie awake at nights thinking up new plots and characters, and wondering what would happen next to my old friends. I’ve got a career in right-wing politics planned for Shona, the nightmare lesbian dominatrix from the first book!

Who is your favorite BDSM/kinky author? Movie?

Pat Califia…or should that be Patrick Califia? Just the best writer in this domain that ever there was. I mainly write about M/F femdom with only a bit of lezdom thrown in for variety, but it’s impossible not to recognize quality writing and imagination wherever it comes from. But Tanya Simmonds deserves a special mention too, even though her style is very different from mine. I very much admire her ability to touch some of the darker places in the genre. Too much femdom fiction over-emphasizes the safe and consensual. Of course real life has to be like that, but fiction  doesn’t.

What is your favorite flavor ice cream? And since this interview is for BDSM Book Reviews, vanilla is not an option!

Fruit of the Forest, obviously! Though I’m quite fond of Chili Chocolate…pleasure and pain in one flavour.

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Love & Chemistry

Masters Wanted Book 3 L&C med

by Cheryl Dragon

MF BDSM Erotic Romance

Released 7/3/13 by Resplendence Publishing


Blurb: Minny Burgess enjoys being the admin for a bunch of smart and mostly male scientists. She never went to college and without the right dom she’ll never be happy or in control. Wild and adventurous, she’s shocked to find out the straight-laced and serious chemistry professor Colin Zimbel is an experienced dom. He sees Minny needs serious discipline, but he’s not looking for a little fun or occasional kink. Colin wants one sub forever, and Minny might be the challenge to keep him interested. First, he needs to tame the eager sub and see if she can commit.

Excerpt Link:


In her dingy studio apartment, Minny Burgess twirled naked in front of the full-length mirror. Not bad for thirty! She never went to college, so it was time to have some of the wilder fun she’d missed out on. Sure, she’d gone to football games and attended a graduation last year, but she’d behaved herself.

Slipping on a black skirt, she contemplated her shoe choices. Black high heels it was! She hooked on her white lace bra and covered it with a white T-shirt.

Young guys today didn’t necessarily go for a size fourteen, but she’d get some attention. Of course, she wasn’t going to actually get any tonight! She wasn’t going to screw a student and lose her job. Administrative assistant to the science department wasn’t thrilling, but it paid her bills and gave her benefits. The rules, however, didn’t prevent her from having a little fun on campus. She’d always wanted to be in a sorority. There was a chance she could get into trouble, but she wasn’t going to do anything illegal. She just wanted to experience a little college fun.

Recapturing her youth seemed silly in the light of day with all the serious professors she juggled. Still, being around all these students cutting loose and enjoying life made her realize what she’d given up in high school and afterward. As she sat at her tiny kitchen table and opened her laptop, she felt guilty obsessing over what she’d lost out on. She didn’t regret passing on college. Taking care of her mom while she was sick had been the right thing.

It was having a job on a college campus triggering all this wildness envy. Before, she’d had admin jobs at boring businesses and behaved herself. Then again, she’d had a dom before to keep her in line and satisfy her. None of the doms or the jobs had worked out in the long term. Her last dom went for less complicated subs, ones who did anything they were told in the end. She’d never found the man she trusted enough to truly let herself go.

Studying the “Masters Wanted” blog, she felt a tingle that said do it! It was the same feeling that sparked her to move from South Carolina to the chilly Northeast and take this job in a tiny college town. The job felt right, but she needed a personal outlet. After a year here, she was still searching for something.

The blog had some good points. Private was better. She could try the local BDSM social get-togethers or even the kink nights to meet someone, but the lifestyle wasn’t going out dancing and having a few drinks. If the wrong person saw her, she could lose her job for nothing more than trying to meet the right man. The kink was best kept private if possible, and maybe she could meet someone online.

Better to start with the blog and see if she got any good replies before she showed her face on the scene. Doms took one look at her and wanted to play, but they lost interest when she wasn’t a stereotypical dumb blonde or looking for a Daddy Dom.

She closed her eyes and let her fingers fly on the keys.

Bedroom sub looking for a dom who can go all night and handle spirit! I can be a very bratty sub, and I want a firm hand to punish me when I get out of line. Nothing public, no blood, no real whips. No extreme or edge play. Role playing is a favorite of mine. Must love curves! I’m a size fourteen and won’t diet. Playmates okay. Love would be great, but I’m realistic. Forty or under, well hung, and good with a paddle please!

Her requirements were specific but would hopefully weed out the doms who wouldn’t work out. That was a game she had played when she discovered the lifestyle and a dungeon. The frustration of a small college town and being single was starting to wear on her. She reread the post to make sure she didn’t sound as needy and desperate as she felt. The longer she went without some kink, the more likely she was to give in to college campus temptations.

Posting the message, she closed her eyes and asked her mom to send her the right man this time! With a deep breath, she opened her eyes and glanced at the clock. Time to hit that sorority party.

Two hours later she was three massive drinks in and dancing with college kids. Maybe she should have felt embarrassed or foolish, but it was easy to connect with that part of her yearning for the freedom of young adulthood. Shaking her ass, she looked back and saw a frat boy kneeling behind her.

She moved away because she didn’t need him to see she had nothing on underneath that skirt. College guys were wild. A few had asked her to come back to their rooms and have sex. Things hadn’t been quite that blunt when she was a senior in high school.

She found the sorority president and sat down next to the tiny brunette on an old sofa. A small group of hunky men stared at her, and for a split second, Minny wanted to leave. She crossed her legs tightly. The idea was to have fun, not sleep with nineteen-year-olds.

“Time for the contest?” Minny asked.

“Oh, right. Better do it now before we get too drunk.” The coed set her drink down and picked up a mallet.

The echo of the gong made Minny cover her ears. That’d give her a headache, but she’d shake it off. She was going to win that wet T-shirt contest just as she should’ve when she was eighteen. Her breasts were still good! Hopefully the frat boys judging picked her. Then she could head back to her apartment which was, thankfully, within walking distance from the school. She wanted to see if anyone replied to her blog post, even though it was probably too soon.

“Line up, ladies! Wet T-shirt time!” The president of the sorority held up a trophy which was really a Marilyn Monroe doll on a platform.

Minny stood last in line on the back deck and sized up the competition. A few girls were betting on perk, not size. Some of them clearly had implants. A couple girls had the genuine goods. Minny reached up and unhooked her bra and slid it off. A few men whistled. She arched her back and stood with confidence. In her sub play, she’d strutted totally naked for doms; this was nothing.

The men suddenly appeared behind the women. Each guy had a pitcher of water in either hand. The president counted down from three and Minny closed her eyes. The rush of cold water made her gasp and stick her tits out even more. Her pussy grew wet on its own, and her nipples puckered.

Everyone cheered, and the men came around to inspect the women. Some were drunk and flirty. Others stared and stopped just short of touching. Minny looked each of them in the eyes and smiled. She half-expected to see erections popping up from all of them, but the men huddled up quickly to tally their votes.

One man whispered to the sorority president. Then she said, “We have a winner. Minny!”

The applause gave Minny that attention and ego fix for a moment, and she waved at them. The jiggle in her chest made the men hoot and holler.

“Take it off!” One of the drunken guys yelled.

Instead, she quickly slid on the bra. The lace and her nipples showed through the drenched, white cotton shirt that was deliberately thin. “My prize, please.” Minny took the trophy.

“Minny! Minny! Minny!” They chanted as she walked through the house and out the front door, wagging her ass, so they saw both sides of her great curves.

The night air gave her a chill, but luckily she didn’t have to pass any of the education buildings on the way to her apartment. She crossed her arms over her chest to draw less attention and prayed none of the faculty happened by. The danger of being caught thrilled her, but she liked her job. The students liked her and had no reason to turn her in so as long as she could avoid the faculty finding out, she felt more or less safe.

A group of guys sat around a bench with a few laptops between them. Stealing campus Wi-Fi? Hacking their grades? She kept on walking, pretending she hadn’t even seen them. They hadn’t noticed her. Every time she did something akin to this, she loved it until she didn’t. Private kink was definitely the way to go until all her options for the right dom locally were exhausted online. Then she might have to go to an event in person.

Picking up speed, her heels clicked on the pavement, but the trophy in her hand was worth it. To be the prettiest girl in college, or at least have the best boobs in a sorority, was a bit of the college experience. Her mother had wanted her to get a higher education. Being pretty was easy. Getting into college with barely passing high school grades proved much less so. Minny tried to believe she’d find her place in the world at some point.

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This Is Who I Am by Cherise Sinclair thisiswho

Link to buy


Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Finally Sam the sadist receives his mate. Sam first met Linda at an illegal slave auction. Unbeknownst to Linda at the time, Sam is there to help save her. What he does is make her feel like a wanton slut with disgusting perversions. How does he do this? He makes her cum hard through a whipping. In Linda’s world, only sexual deviants would get off on pain.

This story takes a look at those who don’t understand how pain can be freeing and more importantly, pleasurable. Ms. Sinclair does a good job of showing the concerns of a person just exploring the lifestyle and wondering why they like pain. Linda’s questions are commonly asked and wondered by those just learning how hard impact play can feel so bloody good. What is not common, is Linda’s kidnapping and subsequent torture at the hands of human traffickers.

This story is more about Linda readjusting into society after her horrific experience. It’s interesting to see how badly humans behave to those who are abused. It’s almost as if these worthless excuse for humans revel in malicious frenzy when they can tear down a person who is already fragile. Linda is scorned as a deviant and someone deserving of the abuse because she is interested in sex outside of the norm. The responses of people in this story are pretty accurate, even down to her spoiled children. I can’t say I’m surprised because generally youth around that age are judgmental and think in terms of black and white. It’s disappointing.

There are many examples in this tale of how those in the BDSM lifestyle are treated. This is a good cautionary story for those who are in the lifestyle to keep things discreet. Otherwise, they will be treated to scorn, ridicule or attacked. One item to note is one of the people at the BDSM club Linda first attended gave an interview about Linda’s enjoyment of whipping. This reveal of private information is shameful and completely abhorrent. Unfortunately, this is a very plausible scenario as there are dabblers who frequently violate the code of outing another person. This entire story left me feeling rather sad because of how badly Linda is treated as well as how poorly several in the lifestyle behave.

The BDSM parts are rather light for a main character who is a sadist. Instead of witnessing intense impact play or some sadistic edgeplay, the reader is treated to the sensual side of sadism. This is to be expected as Linda is still trying to find herself as a submissive. She’s still trying to reconcile her desires as something acceptable. Sam is helping her slowly acclimate to both pain and submission. In addition, showing her others who are just average people also enjoying a kinky lifestyle.

Ms. Sinclair did pen a good tale with realistic characters in a believable situation. The reason why I still rated this as a three star is because I couldn’t feel much for Linda. I didn’t connect with either her or Sam. In addition, the BDSM scenes are a little too light for me when it comes to Sam the Sadist. This story left me unaroused. Even the submission didn’t show through for me in this one. Linda came across still as a bottom who only wanted a Top, Sam. This kinky tale is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.

Reviewed by Book Addict

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