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Dorothy by R. Thomas Dorothy1_lg

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Enjoy a twisted Oz with this re-interpretation of Wizard of Oz. The erotic BDSM non-con fantasy by R. Thomas is exactly the type I enjoy. In this tantalizing tale, Dorothy is older after her return from Oz. Due to a series of sad events in Kansas, Dorothy is not only alone, but may lose her family’s farm. Just as everything is hopeless, her former teacher, Mr. Everett offers her a solution. He’ll buy her farm so she can leave and start fresh. He also happens to enjoy sexually molesting her. She’s mixed in her enjoyment of his domination. Before she can decide on his offer, another storm hits. She turns up in Oz again.

Oz is no longer safe under the hands of the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow. Instead, it’s a new emperor who is only focused on sexual perversion.  The characters in this story all take a dark turn as they cower under the evil emperor’s reign. Even the munchkins deviate into a debauchery to titillate the reader. Mr. Thomas incorporates all sorts of delicious BDSM fantasy. The combinations of maledom, femdom and f/f are arousing as Dorothy suffers under several familiar hands. Dorothy is no longer the good little girl in a blue gingham dress.

The storyline is not complicated. The conflict is clear cut. It’s the journey Dorothy takes to return home which is the allure. Every sexual experience helps Dorothy come into a realization about her own needs and desires. The character development is also pretty simplistic as it needs to keep a kernel of the original characters. Mr. Thomas does a good job of keeping it similar yet with his own brand of kinky creativity.

While this story is packed with different sexual fantasies, the scenes are not long enough. It’s written with just enough detail to get the reader aroused, but not to push them over the edge. The erotic scenes of submissions could be a bit longer to increase the heat factor. Still, viewing through Dorothy’s eyes and learning about her opposing emotional and physical feelings is pleasing. It creates a stronger submissive, ready for a carnal dominant to master her. This kinky tale retold is recommended for erotic readers who enjoy a good non-con fantasy.

Reviewed by Book Addict

When you first started writing, did you have any idea you’d be writing BDSM/kinky books? Do you write in any other genre? You'll-Answer-To-Me

I started writing erotica 25 years ago after several abortive attempts to write mainstream fiction. Prior to my first erotic novel, I would never have imagined writing erotica, let alone erotica becoming a long term career. I’m still hoping that my muse will give me that one great mainstream story begging to be written, but not so far. I have, however, written several personal memoirs, along with my late husband on the subjects of finding personal power, relationships, realness and healing. I have several more projects of that sort in the formative stages. In the meantime I’m still writing erotica, and plan to do so as long as my muse continues to give me stories I enjoy.

Are you actively involved in BDSM? If so how do you identify yourself? Dom(me)/sub? Top/bottom? Switch?

Yes, I have been active in the BDSM lifestyle for many years, as a submissive.

At what point did you decide you wanted to write BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

I don’t recall making a specific decision to write erotica, let alone BDSM erotica. Who I am as a sexual being seemed to choose that path for me. My first book was a therapeutic experiment, intended to “get my crazy sexual fantasies out of my head.” I’m afraid that novel didn’t exorcise the demon. Once the first book was down on paper, other fantasies swiftly crowded in demanding to be written. My muse was happy and I couldn’t stop. When that first book sold in record time to a paperback publisher in 1989, I realized that I may have stumbled on a career that would work for a stay-at-home mom, as well as give me a great deal of personal pleasure.

Was there something that happened to you in your life or career that made you want to begin thinking about writing BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

That story is a long one that began for me at an early age. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties, after years of self-judgment about sex and all related matters, that I finally started to accept that my natural sexuality was just plain kinky, and that was okay! That process was not easy, my judgments were deeply embedded, but so too was that naughty, kinky side of me. It took several years of self awareness work to lift the veil and become more open-minded about sex and sexual expression. After so many years of sexual repression, writing erotica has been a beautifully liberating experience.

Is there one area of BDSM that you tend to write about more? Why do you think that area creeps into your writing more than some others?

Central to all my writing (with the exception of a few Lesbian titles) is the relationship between the Dominant male and the female submissive. I’m always fascinated with what is developing between my characters, not just sexually, but mentally, emotionally, and even, at times, spiritually. This makes character development in my books a very important piece. The theme of sexual acceptance tends to also be present in my work, this emphasis a natural byproduct of my personal experience.

Do you do any “hands-on” research when you’re writing BDSM/kinky themed erotica?

That’s a pretty loaded question. But to answer simply…my personal life has given me a close familiarity with the BDSM lifestyle, both in the bedroom and at local fetish parties and events, which gives me plenty of “hands-on” research, factual information, as well as inspiration.

What is your favorite fetish? Why?

Favorite fetish? Hard to say. I’m generally into whipping, flogging, spanking, punishment and discipline. These are subjects that most generally appear in my fantasy life so they regularly make it to the pages of my books.

If someone new to your work is going to start with a story, which one would you recommend they read first?

I’d recommend readers check through my books descriptions and choose a story that appeals to them. Reading an excerpt would be useful, too. Readers can also start with a specific genre or fetish, such as spanking romance, either historical or contemporary; likewise, historical, contemporary or futurist fantasy BDSM.

What is your favorite flavor ice cream? And since this interview is for BDSM Book Reviews, vanilla is not an option!

Just about anything chocolate…add mint, nuts, caramel, pretty much anything, though not necessarily all at once.


Recent Releases:

June 2013: The Alexandra Series: BDSM and Spanking Erotica
Includes the five Alexandra books in one volume.
With an updated and expanded version of Lizbeth’s first erotic novel, Alexandra’s Awakening.

Available in paperback from Pink Flamingo Publications and Amazon


September 2013: You’ll Answer To Me, BDSM Erotica
Available in paperback and ebook from Pink Flamingo Publications

Ebook versions available at ebooks sites throughout the Internet

Website, links info…
Blog: Erotica Author Lizbeth Dusseau:


Lizbeth Dusseau is listed on Fetlife; BDSMFriendbook and Google groups


Irish Cream by Trinity Marlow irish

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor(kink): 1 out of 5


Brianna Meyers’ first long-term foray into the world of BDSM did not go as planned. Finally freed from a cruel master with help from a club owner in the community, she’s ready to pick up her old vanilla life right where she left off. Only the man who kept her imprisoned won’t take no for an answer.

James Prescott doesn’t do long-term relationships, but when he’s asked to protect Brianna and help her recover from the traumatic relationship, he’s more than willing to help. He knows what she needs, and it’s not her freedom. But convincing her of that just may cost him his heart…..


The premise of the story is a good one. Abuse sub, in a horrible situation, manages to get away from the bad ‘Dom’ and straight into the arms of a protector. He’s to protect her from the bad guy, who just like a penny, keeps showing up.

The strength of James, the protector, is attractive. His lifestyle is attractive, it would have been good to see more of him.

After the bad guy is taken care of, Brianna quickly submits to James then gets scared and runs away and then boom, she’s back with him again. Understanding that this is a work of fiction, but still, maybe a bit unrealistic.

The only real scene comes at the end of this short story when Brianna is blindfolded and getting her nipples pierced. Even then, it was not all that exciting in a ‘spank’ capacity to read. Maybe if this was a longer, more in depth story, it all might have worked better, but not as a short story.

Reviewed by Cat BDSM Book Reviews

Nancy’s Soldier (Tales of Pandora) by K.D. McLean nancys

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


When ‘That Guy’, comes along, it doesn’t mean you’re ready. When ‘That Guy’ comes along, he can scramble your mind.

Nancy Barton, M.D. is 39. She’s single, and… used to it. Training to become a doctor didn’t allow for entanglements. She deferred. Which became reserve. Which hardened after her one relationship dwindled to its end.

Now they call her ‘Ice Queen’. Which is a laugh. ‘Doctor Ice Queen’ relishes intense passion. She is known as ‘Mistress Nancy’, a respected Dominatrix at the adult club PANDORA’S. Her two lives never touch, though. Both lives are kept private.

It’s not perfect. What is, anyway? She rarely longs for the what will never be’s- the picket fence, the star struck love… hell, she’s too old for kids anyway.

It’s fine.

So what do you do when ‘That Guy’ walks into your life?

‘That Guy’, that Terry Carpenter. That war vet. Mind scrambling cute, dammit. With his own cravings and qualities that fit into yours like the solution to a jigsaw puzzle. Starry eyed over you despite your efforts to keep him at arm’s length.

What the hell do you do when such a man walks into your life?

And drops to his knees?

Review -

This is a smart, sassy book with a strong Domme and one of the sweetest subbie men I have ever read. Neither character in this book is perfect, Nancy seems to hide behind her orderly life while Terry’s emotional scars from his time in war leave him feeling “less than”.

The author does a brilliant job of developing character that grab you and yank you into their world. They are dynamic and complex. The struggles they go through enhance the story, instead of taking from it and the journey they go on together is smokin hot!

Well written, excellently edited; when I reached the end of the book, the only thing I could think of was “Holy Crap!” A strong writing style with excellent editing, the author shows a superior writing style and firm grasp of BDSM with vivid scenes. The ability of Nancy to transform from Doctor to professional Domme is well written (This reader would LOVE to find out if it is research or more!) Terry Carpenter is a man who submits so beautifully, the connection this reader felt to him made the story so much more!

While I would have loved to have seen this book longer, I was not disappointed in the least. The only thing I can say is that I wish I could have started with the first book to have a proper introduction to the world of Pandora.

Reviewed by Darlene

Screaming Orgasm by Mari Carr screaming

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


One day Clark, a regular at her bar, makes Jayne a drink called a Screaming Orgasm after she tries his scotch, since her day hasn’t gone well. Elias talks to Jayne about his kink and that he wants her for more than just a few days.

The last book in the Cocktales series is a fun read. There are a few issues brought up that have to be addressed within the context of BDSM versus abuse and abusive control. Ms. Carr is good about explaining the difference.

One thing I really liked about Elias is that he was willing to explain everything to Jayne as they went along, and took the time to make sure she was comfortable doing things outside her comfort zone. The fact that they were friends first and had a lot in common helped Jayne as she took her first steps into the lifestyle. Communication is one of the biggest keys in BDSM.

Elias is very understanding when he learned about Jayne’s childhood. Both Jayne and Elias have to communicate what they want as well as their fears. I think Elias handled the last situation a little harshly, but it was what Jayne needed at the time.

Screaming Orgasm is a bookshelf keeper, especially for those just starting to read BDSM stories.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

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Kristina Wright Bedded Bliss cover

While writing my relationship guide Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After, I wanted chapters for couples regardless of what stage of a long-term relationship they were in, from the newlyweds to the parents to the middle-and-golden years. I also knew I wanted to include a chapter on BDSM and kink, even though it’s not a specific “stage” of marriage. With the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, I became aware of how many of my friends were curious about BDSM and but were unsure where to look for more information. I’ve been married for what seems like forever—twenty three years this month!—and with all of the erotica I read and write, I still find my curiosity piqued to try new things within my marriage. I knew I couldn’t be alone in my interests and so I created a chapter for my relationship guide that wasn’t meant to be exhaustive, but to simply open the door of fantasy and communication between couples.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter “Different Flavors of Lust”:


Poor vanilla sex, it gets such a bad rap. There’s nothing wrong with traditional sex positions in familiar surroundings with no electronics, no ropes and no additional partners. There is nothing wrong with liking that kind of sex or being happy with it for the entire duration of your marriage. People use the word “vanilla” interchangeably with “predictable,” “routine” and “boring.” But “vanilla” sex is the most popular kind of sex—just like vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor. And vanilla sex—like vanilla ice cream—is popular for a reason: it’s delicious! It’s what most of us have most of the time. And most of the time, we are happy with our sweet, sexy vanilla sex.

But what if you’re craving something…different?

You know what I’m going to say here. The kinkiest thing any couple can do together is communicate their needs to each other. You don’t expect your partner to know what you want for dinner every night—why would you expect him to know you want to try bondage tonight? In truth, I think most people realize they need to tell their significant others if they want to experiment outside their sexual comfort zone and that’s exactly why they don’t—it’s outside their comfort zone. There is something scary about voicing your secret desire for a spanking, even when it’s you’re beloved partner you’re telling. But as I mentioned in Chapter 2, if you’ve ever taken the plunge (with or without a little liquid courage) and shared a particularly non-comfort zone kind of fantasy, you know it’s not only scary, it’s kind of… well, it’s hot. Sometimes just talking about something naughty that you’ve been fantasizing about is enough to get the blood pumping and the juices flowing. Sharing a sexual fantasy is the most cerebral form of foreplay and can be done whether you’re with your partner or on another continent—as anyone who’s ever explore the joys of phone sex, Skype sex or Google+ chat sex can tell you! (And that’s a fantasy to consider exploring, too.)

One person’s idea of kinky is another person’s idea of an average Tuesday night (or yet another person’s idea of too freaky to be considered). Don’t assume you know your partner’s sexual limits unless you have discussed it—and discussed it recently. People’s feelings and attitudes toward sex can change dramatically over the course of a relationship and it’s important to discuss what you like, what you want and what your limits are throughout your marriage. What may have made you feel uncomfortable or awkward or seemed unappealing when you were twenty-five might change five, ten or fifteen years later. I was uncomfortable about pornography in my early twenties; I’d been taught it was degrading to women and it seemed to reinforce negative body image issues I’d had since adolescence. About a decade later, after gaining the kind of confidence that comes with age and exploring the variety of porn available on the internet, I not only made my peace with porn, I discovered that it could be even hotter when shared with my husband. We all change and grow in a variety of ways, including sexually, and that’s one reason open communication is so crucial throughout a marriage. To put it bluntly: you’ll never know what’s possible until you ask.

Whether it’s watching porn together, using ropes and blindfolds during sex, exploring male or female domination, making your own sex video, having the occasional threesome or even opening up your marriage to include other partners for one or both of you, the only way you’re going to know what’s okay with your spouse is to talk about it. And once you’ve agreed that a particular fantasy can and should become a reality, it’s time to take it from discussion to action. Talking about it may be hot—but if you’re both ready to try something new, you should take the plunge together.

While I do dedicate a chapter to exploring kink in a relationship, there are stories throughout Bedded Bliss that include BDSM or kink in a committed relationship setting. Restraints, male penetration, golden showers, spankings and power exchange are just some of the kinks to be found in this cross-genre book of advice, memoir and erotica. And I’m happy to provide a copy of Bedded Bliss to one lucky commenter!


Described by The Romance Reader as “a budding force to be reckoned with” and as one of the “legendary erotica heavy-hitters” by Violet Blue, Kristina Wright ( is the editor of a dozen published and forthcoming Cleis Press anthologies, including the best-selling Fairy Tale Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women. Other titles include: Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance; Steamlust: Steampunk Erotic Romance; Lustfully Ever After: Fairy Tale Erotic Romance; Duty and Desire: Military Erotic Romance; and the Best Erotic Romance series. She is also the author of the erotic romance Seduce Me Tonight for HarperColiins Mischief and her fiction has been published in over one hundred anthologies. Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After is an October 2013 release from Cleis Press. In addition to being a cross-genre collection of advice, memoir, suggestions and erotica, it is a love letter to her husband of twenty-three years.


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