Review: Blackest Nights by Cindy Jacks

blackestBlackest Nights by Cindy Jacks

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Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


If you’re looking for a book with minimal BDSM scenes and sex, as well as a domineering millionaire, don’t read this book. While the main Dominant character, Black, does have a tendency to show a little domineering and not always Dominant, by the end of the book he does seem willing to learn and change. This is a very good example to have. As far as the scenes involved, if you have a weak heart, or have no interest in some true BDSM written scenes, go somewhere else. The scenes in this book are guaranteed to raise one’s blood pressure and heighten one’s sexual frustration in not being able to have an outlet for release immediately.

There are a couple of problems with the book although one feels like it is being resolved as the book ends. The other though, there is no way to resolve. It’s the time frame of the book. Black and Red meet, for a brief moment, at a munch. Apparently the other Doms at the munch are written as being ineffective and not much of Dominants. Black however, comes across as the perfect Dominant and sweeps Red off her feet. Red, being completely new to the scene except for what she has read online, falls immediately for Black. Black arranges to meet her for dinner in a week at the same restaurant the munch was held. Here, while showing very consistent signs of being a true Dominant, Black also shows a certain amount of domineering attitude that may sour some who know the difference.

The majority of the book takes place over a three day weekend at Black’s home. Here’s where the main part of the first problem comes in to play. Timeframe. What occurs over the weekend, while incredibly hot scenes, seems to be rushed as far as the relationship part of the story. There is never any actual negotiation and there is a very strong domineering side to Black. And while love at first sight does happen, there feels like there are too many red flags thrown up during this part of the book. This is where the second problem comes up, but there does seem to be some resolution as far as Black’s personality and attitude at the end of the book. But again, the time frame feels rushed.

With all that being said, the book is still a must read for anyone looking for hot BDSM scenes. Black is a firm believer in punishment for transgressions, transgressions he does spell out, although sometimes it seems Red makes sure to cross the new line immediately to get a punishment. When they get to Black’s playroom, there are some implied scenes for the future with “toys” that Black feels Red is not ready for, namely an anal hook and a fuck machine. Black is a fan of rope, and that comes in to play in various scenes during Red’s time at his house over the weekend. He also is a firm believer in after care.

Not going to go into details on the scenes involved as they are better read with no real foreknowledge, but suffice it to say they should not be read in public. Well, it can be read in public, if you don’t mind walking around with your pants tented in front, or your panties dripping wet. The scenes will have that effect on you. They are extremely well written and will put all kinds of thoughts in one’s mind. There are some very inventive toys used, as well as, as said, a good deal of ropework. The story happening between the play time, while having some problems as stated above, does keep the story moving along and has a happy ending resolution at the end, so no real complaints. You will not find yourself skimming the book to just go from one scene to the next, the story itself will keep you entertained. A very enjoyable read.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven

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