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Black Widow by Lena Austin Black Widow

Link to buy Black Widow

Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


A common storyline in BDSM literature involves some variation of the entrée into the lifestyle by an individual with a natural predisposition to become either a dominant or a submissive. While the theme of Lena Austin’s Black Widow definitely incorporates this basic scenario, her take on it is certainly unique.

A freelance writer with a background in law enforcement, sociology and psychology is presented with a lucrative proposal to write a somewhat scholarly article about the BDSM culture for a prestigious psychology journal. He accepts the challenge and cajoles his roommate from college, who is active in the local scene, to help him go undercover as a potential participant in order to observe the lifestyle in action unfiltered. Things are going well with his research until Calder realizes that the D/s dynamic appeals to him, as does Kelly, a beautiful domme who goes by the name Black Widow.

Unfortunately, Calder’s attraction to Kelly is problematic since he is in no way interested in becoming a submissive. As the reader is to learn, Calder is definitely dom material, and Kelly’s D/s radar detects it. But by good fortune, she has been seeking someone like him to be her equal partner, so at this point the story morphs into a BDSM romance progressing at lightening speed – but not without a few bumps along the way!

Within the context of Calder’s research, this book functions as a sort of BDSM primer for outsiders and newbies. In addition to showcasing basic protocols and conventions, some representative “scenes” are also highlighted. Since the Black Widow is a part-time pro domme, the author carefully differentiates lifestyle and play-for-pay activities and sensibilities.

Whereas I mostly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to new and long term readers of this genre, it has some issues that should be acknowledged. First of all, if lots of kinky sex scenes are on your wish list, you will be disappointed by this book. Virtually all the kinky stuff is devoid of sex, and the really steamy scenes between Kelly and Calder are hot but fairly normal – equal partners, remember?

In many respects the romance has a kind of high school giddiness to it, which seems at odds with the strong personalities of both lovers. Kelly transforms into a domestic goddess to bake a truly decadent cake as dessert for their first dinner date at her house. And within weeks of meeting her, Calder presents Kelly with his mother’s wedding ring and asks her to marry him.

Soon afterward Kelly discovers that Calder is a member of the press club – a fact that he failed to mention – and a major tiff ensues that temporarily scuttles the walk down the isle. After they patch things up and seal the deal with some naughty make-up sex, the story segues to an epilogue that primarily chronicles a slightly schmaltzy idealistic BDSM wedding ceremony in which the bride and groom and all the guests are decked out in fetish-wear while the “official” iterates the meaning of “the bond” and punctuates the occasion by reciting a version of the Apache Wedding Blessing. HEA then fade to black.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

Switching Mercedes by Jan Graham switching

Link to buy Switching Mercedes [Wylde Shore 3] (Siren Publishing Menage and More)

Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


This story had all the ingredients for a great read: a complex plot including a murder mystery, two hot Doms, a strong heroine, good writing, good characters, and hot sex scenes, but it just didn’t hold my attention. It took me a while to determine what the problem was, and I finally decided it was the original concept of turning a professional Domme into a submissive.

Mercedes has her own business offering professional domination services to a select clientele.  Zane has been pursuing her for some time, and they have a bet that if he wins the Business of the Year Award, she will be his submissive for a week.His winning that bet is complicated by the fact that his twin, Ash, is in town and using his BDSM Club as the front for his mercenary activities.It is also complicated by the fact that a serial killer has targeted Mercedes as his next victim.

What Zane doesn’t know is that Mercedes had a bad experience as a teenager and the idea of being with more than one man at a time freaks her out. Can he overcome her fears, gain her submission and keep her safe while sharing her with his brother?

My problem was why someone who wants a submissive woman would go after someone who is a professional dominatrix. Why not go after someone who is a submissive? And why would a strong woman who has built her life around being in control, to the point of alienating her family, all of a sudden decide she wants to turn over control to someone else?

Expect bondage, impact play, wax play, anal play and double penetration.

Rating: 3.5 paddles for story and 4 stings for kink.

Reviewed by Karen H.

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breakingThe Breaking of Sabrina by Vile with Lea Barrymire

Link to buy The Breaking of Sabrina: Erotica with a Message

Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Be careful of what you wish for, because it may not turn out exactly as expected. Mark is an angry husband.  His wife, Sabrina, is a bitch and runs right over him. Fed up, he appeals to his friend Vile, to adjust Sabrina’s attitude.  Is Vile a psychologist?  No, he’s a sexual sadist who will “break” a woman to submission.

From a writing style perspective, this book is just okay. It is written in first person which is not my favorite. The language is crass and the book is more telling than showing. It is also a very short seven page tale. Does it really qualify as a book? Probably not. As a sexual tale used for spank bank material, it qualifies. This writing is more what I would expect to find on BDSM Library or Literotica. The theme is very popular with an uppity wife being taught a lesson.

Is this realistic? Yes and no. From a BDSM scene perspective, yes. The scenes in here are more or less possible. Is this an accurate representation of the BDSM lifestyle where a vanilla woman is dragged by her hair and forced to submit? Then suddenly she gets into it? Probably not. Still, it’s a hot read. Do dominants use this technique to “break” women into being a good slave? Yes and no. There are different styles for BDSM. Every relationship is different. Would this work for me? Probably not. Because I’m into D/s with an erotic power exchange. This is non-con which miraculously turns into salivating sex slave obedience. The time duration for this 180 degree switch is definitely not plausible. And generally speaking, what happened in this story from a legal standpoint is criminal and punishable by law. I bring this up only because of how the book blurb is written – “The lifestyle is not a game. The world of BDSM is powerful and it is real and if you fall into the wrong hands you can get hurt”.

The author nails it when he states – falling into the wrong hands can get you hurt. The question is, is this story an example of a bad or a good dominant? In my perspective, it is a bad one. In addition, I’d like to propose the authors are also showing how this is not a good sadist who will cause harm. Regardless of their intent, there are a few things I’d recommend for future stories.

First, get rid of the first person. This may be a pet peeve of mine, the reason why I recommend against it is because it subconsciously makes a reader place themselves as that person.  Since this dominant is a joke to me, it makes me like the story less which could give it a lower rating.  Second, spend  more time with character development. The reader is told Sabrina is an evil woman. Show the reader through a couple of scenes where she belittles her husband Mark.  Third, the BDSM scenes felt rushed and there was more telling than showing. Describe the scenes. Add descriptions to the location and character’s clothing as well as position so a reader can visualize the scene clearly. The telling part can be when the Top and bottom respond in dialog. Lastly, if a character is going to be just a throw away, leave the character out of the story.  Mark’s part in this story is almost nothing. Even the ending is clear that Mark is worthless and his problem isn’t fixed. Overall this is a short hawt little read for those who are looking for kinky porn without a plot.

Reviewed by Book Addict

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fantasyFantasy Forfeit by Gem Larkspur

Link to buy Fantasy Forfeit

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


This book had a lot of promise and I would have rated it much higher, but it ended in a cliffhanger. I don’t know if the author intends an HEA as this story has some dark elements, but I am so frustrated by books that don’t complete the story in one setting that I won’t read them if I know about them.

Seraphim runs an art gallery that is in deep financial trouble due to a customer absconding with one of her most valuable paintings. She learns from a friend about an event that pays $20,000 to women who are willing to participate in a four-day BDSM weekend as submissives on a private island resort.

Intrigued by parts of BDSM but totally inexperienced, Seraphim, redubbed “Sapphire” to protect her identity, goes to the island, but has an extensive hard limits list. When she is captured by Lord Beast, he is more than she expected.  When he violates one of her limits, they find out that one of his enemies has switched her profile with that of someone who has no hard limits with the goal of making Beast miserable for the weekend. The remainder of the story involves turning the tables on Orion. When the time comes to leave, Beast leaves a note for “Sapphire” but she never receives it.

This is a debut novel for the author and is well written, with captivating characters and an intricate plot. It is not a love story but there is attraction and deep emotion. It also contains serious BDMS including bondage, flogging, whipping, wax play, sensation play and more. There is also an episode of a Dom violating his submissive’s hard limits due to a misunderstanding.

If the author will keep the story limited to one book, she has a very bright future.

Reviewed by Karen H.

Dirty Deeds: Dandyland Diaries Volume 2 by D.M. Deweydirty-deeds-web-copy


Continue along with Goddess SinPlay as her journey further into the forbidden world of BDSM becomes harder to navigate with each step she takes.


How much is too much?


Her careful balancing act between the vanilla landscapes she has been so accustom to and the kinky play she craves more and more becomes almost too much… almost.


Feeling a bit off kilter after her scorching brush with Gavin, she promises herself not to let a slave get the best of her again.


But then he returns.


Has she learned her lesson?


Open minds lead to open doors that can harm the healing of open wounds.


Chapter 3

My insatiable need for having men at my feet kept growing stronger. I think getting a taste of what I wanted and having it disappear so suddenly made me crave the unreachable that much more. I did enjoy playing with the bitch and I loved how he saw me, but I just didn’t feel that connection. It wasn’t his fault, and don’t get me wrong; I intended on using the bitch often.

I stumbled upon a little nugget on my favorite BDSM website who begged me to use him for anything I deemed fit. He was young… like really fucking young. Okay! Not THAT young, but pretty young and very hot, with a face that was meant to fuck. He looked like the guy you hoped would talk to you in the hallways of high school, but you could never seem to catch his eye. You know the one. You’d wait for him in between classes in a not-so-obvious stalking spot, maybe next to a water fountain (hot guys get thirsty) in hopes that he would walk by and take a drink. You’d stand there all nonchalant and cool, maybe throw him a quick smile as he leaned over the cool water, his hair perfect, lips parting to take in the… Whatever! You know the guy.

I replied that I would be open to meeting him and learned his name was Tom. For about a week, Tom and I exchanged messages and texts, learning each other’s kinks and preferences. He seemed to have quite a bit of experience for someone so young. He’d been to several pro Dominatrices and had a huge foot fetish. I have pretty nice feet so I thought it could be a fun play date. I didn’t have a lot of experience with men who fantasized about women’s feet, but since it is such a huge fetish in this arena and across the board, I thought it would be a good idea. I did have a brief boyfriend in the ‘90s before I got together with my ex-husband that really liked feet and would suck on my big toe as he fucked me, but that was tame compared to what I’d been hearing about in the foot community.

My foot baby Tom and I met one weekend night. He was still in college and was in town visiting his parents. (I know I’m a disgusting cougar. You’re not thinking anything that hasn’t already been said to me.) I gave him the usual instructions on what was expected of him once he arrived. You know the drill, naked and on his knees. This poor guy got so lost, though, that I had to go outside in all of my Domina glory and rescue him from the neighbor’s dog. Fucking typical. Seriously.

Once Tom was all situated on my patio, I left him there to get undressed. He was shaking from nervousness and apologized for being a dipshit. He had one of these very sexy rough voices that cracked randomly. NO, he wasn’t just going through puberty! Jesus, I’m not a fucking pedophile! He just had a Demi Moore thing about his voice that I thought was yummy. His body was smooth and pretty hairless. (Shit, maybe I should have asked him for some ID.) He looked edible kneeling at my feet. Charlie didn’t even seem too interested in giving him a hard time. This guy was just very… cool.

I had on a latex red wiggle dress and a pair of six-inch black patent leather pumps. My hair was back in a severe bun and I wore black-framed glasses. I wanted to give the impression of a fucked-up horny librarian. Isn’t that every man’s fantasy?

When I approached him, I did so wielding a crop. I stuck my shoe in his face and demanded, “Lick it, slut!” He tried to look up at me before going to work, but I slapped him across the face and told him to focus.

He eagerly licked and kissed my shoe while he gently supported my leg with his hands. He looked up my leg and peeked between and saw I had no panties on. My pussy gleamed down at him, giving him all the encouragement he needed to continue. The harder he worked, the wetter I became. The wetter I became, the stiffer his cock went. I wanted this to last for a good long time, so I ordered him to stop and crawl to the center of the room and wait for inspection.

“Yes, Goddess.” Tom’s voice was seductive and purring.

“Stand up for me, slave,” I said as I walked over to his shivering body. His body betrayed how excited he was. I stood immediately in front of him and stared deep into his blue eyes, just daring him to look back at me. He was obedient enough to know that would be a very bad idea.

I ran a finger down his chest all the way to the tip of his leaking dick and whispered in his ear “Is that all you have?” I wrapped my hand around his hard cock and snickered. “What am I supposed to do with this pathetic little dicklet?” I squeezed harder.

“It gets bigger, Goddess. I’m a grower, not a shower.” He smiled a little, realizing how stupid he sounded.

“Did you just seriously say that?” I giggled. “Dude, that was so lame.” We both laughed and then I slapped him again. He stopped laughing. It’s one thing for me to have a good time, but it’s another thing for him to… An unacceptable thing, that is.

I wanted him on my table. I wanted him begging to cum. I wanted to truly break this prom king in two. My sadistic side was very switched on. I wanted him to hurt for me, but I also just kind of wanted to make out and watch a movie with him too. So confusing. I got such a charge from being in control of these men, but I also wanted to cuddle them and feel protected by them as well.

It’s no secret that I’ve been lonely. It’s no secret that I’m going through huge moments of self-doubt, and it’s even no secret that I’m fantastically fucked up about relationships and desperately trying to find someone to love me. I know, I know… Here you were reading along, having fun, and thinking, Wow, she’s so fucked up and she doesn’t even realize it! Trust me, I do. I’m just trying to make the best out of it and understand why I am the way I am. It’s not easy, and maybe this book is meant to make you feel good about yourself.

I love the feel of a hot, naked sub leaning against my clothed body. I love to wrap my arms around them from behind and draw them close to me. It takes them a little off balance at first, but once they feel my hot breath in their ear as I whisper to them that they are my toy now, they give in to their subbie needs and sink back into my warmth and strength and trust me to hold them up. It is a wonderful moment. It is the first inkling that they are under my power.

Tom was no different. I spun him around so his back was to me and played him like stand-up bass. Tom’s cock grew as I outlined his body with my fingers and nails—sometimes scratching at his bare skin, sometimes tickling his soft sensitive parts. He let out a little sigh when I firmly took hold of his clit. I spanked him hard on his ass and pushed him toward my cushioned table. I was happy to see that his skin marked quickly, the outline of my widespread hand growing redder by the second.

“Get on your back and spread your slut legs for me,” I said firmly.

He looked worried for a second and tried to find some comfort. “Yes, Goddess,” he said. Tom’s eyes landed on Charlie, who was bored and licking himself on a chair, but he found no solace there. Everywhere he looked was another implement of torture. I had come a long way from just having a wooden spoon and a lemon reamer, and I intended to use many of these devices on my sub today.

I anchored my slave to the table using ankle and wrist cuffs. He was exposed and vulnerable to all of the wrongdoings that I felt like subjecting him to. His cock, now at full “showing” capacity, was indeed quite something to look at. I wanted to just slide on down the length of it with my pussy, but I refrained. Instead, I got out a penis pump and decided to see if it would grow any more.

Tom got scared when he saw me pull it out of my drawer of naughty goodies. He whimpered, “Ma’am, what is that?”

“Nothing for you to be worried about, slut. It’s just going to make you as big as you can get. Don’t be scared.” I snickered.

I reached into the drawer for a bottle of lube and doused his cock in the cool liquid. He jumped a little from the sudden jolt of chill he got from the lubricant drizzle.

“Goddess, I hope this won’t damage my junk. I don’t want to do anything that will be permanent,” he said in a somewhat mater-of-fact tone.

Jesus, I’m going to have to put a fucking muzzle on this guy. Instead, I opted for a blindfold. He was clearly too keyed into his surroundings to properly let go. Time to take that reality away from him. Plus, I liked his voice and I intended on kissing his very sexy pouty lips. I placed the blindfold over his eyes and he immediately seemed to relax.

“You’re all mine now, bitch,” I said softly. “And you can’t do anything about it, can you?”

“No, Goddess,” Tom answered. His voice sounded raspier than before.

I slipped the pump onto his hard cock, made sure he was all sealed up in it, and started to suck the air out of the tube, causing his clit to expand from the suction.

He groaned as his dick got bigger, not sure if he was enjoying the sensation or not. I pumped again. He moaned and wiggled in discomfort. Again. “Oh, Goddess, I feel like I’m going to explode!”

I released the suction a little, backing down the pressure of the pump. His clit relinquished some of its size. “What a good boy you are! Look how big and strong your clit looks in this pump. You look like you could fuck an entire army with this beast!” I stroked his ego. (You know… build them up before you knock ‘em down. Heh-heh.)

“Really, Goddess? Can I look?” Tom asked.

“No, silly!” I replied. “You have to take my word for it. Now be a good boy and shut up.” I gave the pump a squeeze for emphasis.

It was right about then that my neighbor came knocking on my door to see if Charlie wanted to join her and her little guy for a walk. I opened the door just enough so she could see Tom’s naked legs.

“Can Charlie come with us?” she asked cheerfully as she spotted the slave’s feet behind me. Her smile drooped just a bit. “Ohhhhh, is this a bad time?” She backed away from the door just a smidge.

“No, no! Charlie would love that!” I looked down at the wagging tail of my dog and added, “Wouldn’t you, Charlie?” He was nearly wagging himself unconscious with excitement. He loved walking with my neighbor.

“Oh, okay.” She looked past me. “Hi!” she said, clearly meant for Tom. She bobbed her head at her own joke and giggled. She knew why Tom was there and why he wasn’t able to come to the door. She couldn’t quite see him, but she knew just the same. Both her and her husband got a kick out of knowing that most men they saw come and go from my house were there for only one reason.

So once Charlie was off on his own adventure, I turned my attention back to the situation at hand and said, “Oh, slut! Look at you all pumped up for such a long time. What has it been? Five whole minutes with that thing locked around your cock? You must be so uncomfortable.”

“Yes, Goddess,” he whimpered. “It feels like my dick is as fat as a balloon.”

I fumbled with the release valve a bit, pretending it was broken. “Oh, would you look at that,” I said to myself. “Now, I thought I’d fixed that. How absentminded of me.” I fumbled a little bit more before letting a little of the air out. “There you go. That’s it. No harm done.”

My sub let out a little sigh of relief. “What’s that, slut?” I snapped at him. “You want me to pump you back up?”

He quickly protested. “No! No! I’m very much satisfied with the time it has been pumped. Thank you, Goddess.”

“You’re welcome, slave,” I replied as I pulled the device off of him with a loud farting noise caused by the break in the suction. Now that’s some sexy shit!

I flicked his hard dick with my fingers (I love doing that. There’s this wonderful thud, bounce, and dehumanizing weight to it) and said, “Looks like you really enjoyed that! Look how pretty it is now!” His cock was dripping with precum, red as a rose, and large and in charge, so naturally I had to take care of that. I can’t have this dumb sub walking around with a disgusting boner all day.

I released him from his restraints. “Sit up, slut,” I ordered. I sat on my couch, took off my shoes, and shoved my naked foot in his face. “Worship me, bitch!” As he took my big toe into his mouth, his cock got even bigger. He took hold of my foot and positioned it on his nose so it nestled in the crook of my toes. He breathed in heavily and deeply, savoring my Goddess scent.

“Thank you, Goddess. Your feet are delicious,” he said as he licked my bare soles. He was careful to keep his nose buried in my toes for optimum odor. It was then that I took my other foot and started playing with his clit.

I softly kicked his cock repeatedly from the underside; imagine a paddleball toy except my foot was the paddle and his dick the ball. I ground my foot onto his crying clit and he groaned with pleasure.

“Oh my God, that is going to make me cum, Goddess,” he said, his voice sounding raspier than ever.

“I didn’t say you could, slut,” I hissed at him and continued slapping his penis with my foot. Then, for some reason, I felt very much like kissing my new toy. No, not his penis, ya perv! His mouth. He was so pretty and his voice turned me on so. I wanted to control him in a different way.

I pulled my foot away from his grasping hands, stood up, and walked the one foot to where he sat. (If you didn’t laugh at that, you’re without a sense of humor, just so you know.) I reached down and took him by the throat and lowered him down on his back. He looked unsure yet turned on as I climbed onto his warm, smooth body. I felt like a cat… okay, cougar, on the prowl, and he was my wounded prey.

I whispered softly in his ear, “Do you want to kiss me, my pet?” I nibbled on his earlobe a little, sometimes biting a little too hard.

“Yes, Goddess. I want to so badly. It’s driving me insane,” he whispered back.

I kissed his neck softly. He smelled so good, like a mixture of fresh leather and spring daisies. He wiggled a little under me, clearly enjoying his new position beneath me. I kissed his collarbone, his throat, and then finally his mouth.

His mouth was soft, wet, warm, and eager to receive my tongue. He kissed me passionately and suddenly we were synched up and dancing together by mouth. I love the zone you go into when you really lose yourself in a kiss. The meditation achieved by making out, I swear, is more rejuvenating than any mantra out there.

We communicated for about an hour strictly by using our lips and tongues. He at one point grabbed my ass and pulled me down harder onto him. I felt his cock grind on me, trying to find its way to my pussy, but I was still fully dressed and intended to stay that way. He slapped my ass. His eyes flew open suddenly when he realized what he’d done. I pulled away and looked at him and raised an eyebrow as if to say, “Did you just seriously spank me?”

“Oh shit! I’m sorry! I got carried away!” He looked thoroughly mortified, so naturally I slapped his handsome face and got up. “I’m so sorry, Goddess!” he said as he rubbed his cheek. Of course, I wasn’t mad at all. It was hot! But I couldn’t let him know that, now could I?

“I think it would be best if you left now, slave,” I replied as I straightened my dress and sat back down. I put my foot out for my sub and nodded at my shoe. He obeyed and took good care in putting my heels back on my feet. I couldn’t help but kick him lightly in the balls after he was done. Even a light tap is painful, as we all know, and I giggled as he retracted in pain. “Oops, sorry, slut, I got carried away!”

Eventually, he was able to stand up and collect himself enough to go. I’m sure the tapping of my impatient foot didn’t help the situation at all. I’m sure he was just shaking from being chilly. It’s totally normal for people to get a chill in Los Angeles, after all.

We said our good-byes and agreed to meet again soon, and soon to me meant tomorrow. Not sure if he knew that or not. I’m pretty sure he didn’t. I waited just long enough for him to reach his car and assume he was scot-free.

I’ll expect you to pick me up at 7:30 tomorrow. We will be going to the movies, I texted.

Yes, Goddess. I will have to cancel my plans, then, he texted back.

Sounds like a “you” problem, not a “me” problem, I shot back.

Understood, Goddess.

I could almost feel the resentment in that text back from him.

I smiled to myself triumphantly.


Link to buy Dirty Deeds: Dandyland Diaries Vol 2





About the Author

D.M.Dewey is a fresh face in the taboo world of the fetish community. She has a biting humor and a quick wit. D.M.’s favorite quote ever said about her is “I love all of your stories, ’cause they all sound like lies!” D.M.Dewey resides in Los Angeles with her little crazy faced dog Charlie.

Her Naughty BoyHer Naughty Boy by Dakota Trace

Link to buy Her Naughty Boy: A Velvet Fist Novel

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


Although it contains several well-written erotic D/s scenes, Dakota Trace’s Her Naughty Boy is not the standard femdom fare its title seems to suggest. This book is basically about a budding romance in a femdom setting, complete with a HEA following a fair amount of angst and emotional drama between nearly lifelong besties as they struggle to become a couple without putting their friendship at risk. Both Lily and Kyle have some baggage from past relationships that complicate matters, as does the fact that Lily is a lifestyle domme and Kyle is vanilla (mostly), his long-harbored yet unexplored submissive desires notwithstanding.

As a rule I am not drawn to books that delve into the mechanics of complex relationships, but this one I found to be compelling. Anyone involved in the lifestyle, as well those who are BDSM-curious or wannabes, likely will benefit from the insights into D/s relationships explored within the narrative of this relatively short book. In many respects, Her Naughty Boy is also a good gateway book for novices because in the course of Kyle learning the ropes, much of the leather community’s sensibilities and protocols are touched upon in context, and in such a way that they don’t come across to readers as thinly disguised how-to lessons.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

showmeShow Me Baby by Cherise Sinclair

Link to buy Show Me, Baby: A Masters of the Shadowlands Novella (1001 Dark Nights)

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Naughty girls need love just like strong dominants need support.  In Show Me Baby, Rainie is one of the last submissive in training left standing. With each of the other submissives finding a permanent dominant, Rainie is feeling a bit lonely. Sexy Jake is one of the few single dominants. Most of the previously single Shadowlands Masters now have their chosen submissive. When Z mentions something about Rainie’s issue as a submissive, Jake is the man to take her in hand.

For those who want a sweet romance, this is the story to read. Jake is Rainie’s knight in shining armor. He defends her and protects her.  His greatest strength is also his downfall. Ms. Sinclair does an excellent job of creating a character flaw in Jake, making him more real. She does the same with Rainie.  Both characters are charming and loveable. This makes for a pleasurable read because the reader doesn’t want to keep slapping one of the characters upside the head.

Rainie’s history is not ideal. What is frustrating about her situation is how real to life it can be.  The way people are judgmental and hold Rainie’s past against her is disgusting and pathetic. For someone like Rainie who is a people pleaser, it’s even more hurtful and damaging. The shallow vanity several minor characters in this story exhibit is disgusting and explains Rainie’s desire to get away and start fresh.

The surprising twist is Jake’s issue. It just goes to show, every story has two sides. Jake’s last submissive chose her career of him. When she returns for a visit and explains to him about her decision, he’s shocked and begins to understand how his actions come across. Ms. Sinclair uses this to highlight how important open communication is in a relationship. Communication is key in a relationship regardless of the vanilla or kinky lifestyle.

The BDSM in the story is delightful as always. Ms. Sinclair does show the better and more romantic side of BDSM.  She also makes good points about BDSM which may give those just starting into the lifestyle more insight.

He wouldn’t allow disobedience and really would enforce his rules. The knowledge was…devastatingly erotic. (pg. 71)

This one line captures a concept many who are just joining into the lifestyle don’t grasp immediately. Enforcing the rules with discipline be it physical or not, it’s comforting and erotic.  Why? Because for submissives, it indicates the dominant cares. There is something about a dominant holding me accountable which makes me weak in the knees and a wave of submissive desire radiates through my body from the center out. Ms. Sinclair shows this through Rainie in this book. This I can relate to and thoroughly enjoy.

The relationships between the friends in this story also makes it a lovely read. How they support each other.  How they love each other. And most importantly, how they stick up and defend each other which is a blast to read. This is an altogether sweet romance and recommended for kinky readers who love a happily ever after.

Reviewed by Book Addict