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Lost Boi by Sassafras Lowrey lost

Link to buy Lost Boi

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 2 out of 5


“Lost Boi” reimagines the classic tale of “Peter Pan” in kinky queer terms. Pan is a biological woman with a strong male identity – a boi. He is the unquestioned leader of the lost bois, a group of homeless kids Pan has found on the streets and brought to Neverland, which is really just an abandoned warehouse in which they are squatters. Pan and his bois live in a fluid and polyamorous relationship in which he is the Sir. Yes, Pan can make his bois fly, in the BDSM sense, and that is a big part of the hold he has over them. Pan lives in the moment, in a world in which there are no rules and the worst thing any of his bois can do is grow up.

The lost bois are on friendly terms with the mermaids, a group of femme prostitutes who live in an hold house which sits in the middle of the Lagoon. Of course, there has to be a Captain Hook and his pirates. Hook is an old school leather-man who believes in the rules, good form, and all that. Hook and Pan are sworn enemies who do battle (scenes) frequently. While Pan may allow Hook to top him, he has never submitted to Hook. Perhaps because of this, there’s more between the two than any of the lost bois can understand.

No retelling of “Peter Pan” would be complete without the crocodile, which in this version is a term interchangeable between heroin and the woman who deals in it. Oh, and Tinkerbell? She is Pan’s pet pigeon.

As related by our narrator, Tootles, things begin to change when Pan meets Wendi, a grrl whose stories captivate the boi. He convinces Wendi to return with him to Neverland and become mommy to all the lost bois. However, things don’t work out exactly as planned, and Wendi’s arrival changes things forever for Pan and the lost bois.

It’s rather surprising how well the classic children’s story adapts itself to this kinky story line. You may find yourself looking back at other childhood favorites to see what hidden secrets they might hold. In many ways, “Lost Boi” is a more realistic book than the one that inspired it. It’s easy to imagine a group of homeless youths banding together, squatting in an abandoned warehouse, and creating a world, however imaginary, that was better than the one that put them on the streets. Pan is still an over-the-top character, but his charisma and charm are entirely believable.

While BDSM is clearly a big part of what attracts the bois to Pan and holds the group together, there are no explicit descriptions of the scenes they play out together, or with the pirates. Tootles gives us enough information to get a fair idea of what goes on, but without much detail. He suggests things can be a bit extreme, but it’s left up to your imagination to decide just how far things go. Given this, the sting factor of the book is low, but it is a good story with a very imaginative concept.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

Spontaneous Combustion by Lizbeth Dusseau spontaneous

Link to buy Spontaneous Combustion

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Jeni is divorced, kinky and a popular blogger. She has responded to an email from a Dominant and they have carried on an email friendship that has grown into an attraction.  Her exploration of her sexuality becomes a journey of growing closer to this man that inspires her: Jack.

SPOILER ALERT:  Let me get something out of the way.  There were three things that bothered me about this book and I couldn’t get past. First, though there were email exchanges between the two of them, Jack seemed to take the Dom role without much negotiation with Jeni. He made a ton of assumptions in my opinion and Jeni had shaky boundaries. She explores her sexuality with another woman (but basically needs Jack’s permission to do so even though he really isn’t her Dom as yet). This woman is in a committed relationship by the way, so if you find infidelity distasteful, this might be tough.

The second issue I had was one moment in the book that tainted everything I read after it. At their first meeting, Jack tells a story about his history, how he had a woman who had said she was a slave, not a submissive and how that had gone down a very painful (and not in a good way) path. The story is told as if Jack was duped and deceived by the woman he had been married to.  And yet, when Jack and Jeni have their first full sexual encounter, he looks her dead in the face and says “You’re a slave, Jeni.” I almost stopped reading right there.

Here’s a moment I get up on my soapbox. Jeni has identified herself as a submissive. She’s not inexperienced.  She’s not a newbie. She has thought about this a lot. Jack does something that I could never accept from any Dominant. He told her who and what she is. Now, that’s not to say he couldn’t have that opinion.  Even discuss the option that she could be a slave with her. But that’s not the way he handles it. He tells her and then proceeds to treat her as if she was a slave.  The book is brilliantly written, so Jeni’s love of being a slave is front and center. But to me, her arousal doesn’t excuse his behavior. I wished I’d seen a bit more real negotiation between them that involved matters of their heart. Jack’s aftercare was perfunctory at best. I had a tough time with that, though I think Jeni loved all of it.

The last issue is Jeni’s behavior when she discovers her best friend is sick and needs her. Again, the lack of communication between Jeni and Jack is appalling to me. At some point during the six month period (and considering how open and explicit her emails had been thus far) I have a hard time understanding why she couldn’t say “I don’t have a sexual thought in my head.  I can’t even accept what we are right now.”  She doesn’t. She walks away, remains distant and cuts Jack off cold turkey. The fact that he doesn’t say “No thank you, darlin’” when she comes back is a bit surprising.

Now, onto what’s RIGHT about this book. There is a lot. This is a great depiction of a kinky relationship. The sensations, the feelings, the subspace are all described in a beautiful and stunning way that kept me reading the story.  Jack is a panty melting Master who does wicked things in a wicked way. It’s very clear that the author has either done her research thoroughly, or knows her stuff.

The actual scenes are fantastic and very realistic. Though the emotional dynamic gave me some issues, in the long run, the characters were consistent and believable. I immediately related to Jeni (which may explain my earlier reactions) and I loved reading about her growth and change as she discovered her inner slut.

This book should come with a “SMOKIN’ HOT” label since it has a laundry list of kinks contained in its pages. The author made them all-even the golden showers-very hot and very sexy. I never thought being slapped in the face was arousing until I read the scene in this book.

All in all, this is a brilliant book that had some drawbacks for me but I still enjoyed it.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

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Lily and the Beast by Amelia Jayne lilyandthe

Release Date: March 14th 2015

Pre-Order: Coming Soon!

Goodreads TBR:

Aidan Pierce led a charmed life. Wealth, power, the love of a good woman – until his taste for kink triggers a devastating accident that forever changes his life. Now a mysterious recluse, Aidan doesn’t let anyone see what he’s become.

In order to save a loved one, Lily Gray is forced into an agreement that gives Aidan absolute power over her body for one year. Lily has sacrificed her freedom and surrendered her body, but she never imagined he’d take possession of her heart. What will happen when Aidan threatens to dominate her entire life? Steeped in darkness for so many years, Aidan never dreamed his sweet little sub would come to command him with a single smile. Can her love lead him into the light?

Will beauty tame the savage beast, or will his dark desires tear them apart?

*** This is a dark, erotic retelling of the classic fairy tale, not intended for those under 18. ***

The Intern by Michael Alexander theintern

Link to buy Sigma Epsilon Chi: The Intern

Story Rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


This is one of a series, something I didn’t realize until I reached the end of the book and realized there was no real ending. It is about a hard core pain slut, who uses her ability to turn pain into pleasure to further her career. A junior in college, Samantha takes an internship with Dominatrix Callie and the book is a series of her adventures.

This is a book with no plot, no romance, and no real connection between the characters. It is simply torture for torture’s sake and includes whipping, extreme bondage, was play, electrical play and anal play along with m/f, F/m/f, various forms of menage and more.

The torture scenes are difficult to read, even though the participants are supposedly experiencing sexual pleasure. The characters are almost cartoonish, with a lack of emotion or a connection to others.  Samantha considers herself to be whoring herself out, but Callie assures her she is simply using her sexual favors to advance the company.

If you want to read about a pain slut having a series of more and more painful sexual experiences this is the book for you. If you want something with a real plot, with real characters and human emotion, read elsewhere.

Reviewed by Karen H.

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hislordshipsHis Lordship’s Wayward Wife by Jolynn Raymond

Link to buy His Lordship’s Wayward Wife: A Kinky Historical Romance

Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 5 out of 5


I should start by saying that I really wanted to like this book. I have a fondness for kinky historical novels, especially if the author places the story in a believable historical context and has done sufficient research to ensure period accuracy. I’m afraid that this book fails somewhat in this respect.

The prologue introduces the reader to a secret society of aristocratic Dominants, The Order of Exalted Blackguards who trade their daughters between them, with the aim of acquiring perfect submissive wives, who will provide a full range of sexual services for their Lords and I was a little puzzled by the Blackguards, surely the main criteria in choosing an aristocratic wife was the size of her dowry rather than her skills as a submissive? Submissive males don’t seem to have much place in this society and yet kinky British aristocrats of the period were just as likely, if not more so, to be sexual submissive’s themselves. The professional Dominants of London’s Whipping Houses were kept in business by gentleman of the Upper Classes.

Claudia, the heroine has led the life of a carefree tomboy, when her father, a member of the Blackguards decides. just before her 18th birthday to bestow her on Nathaniel, Lord Tarrington, Earl of Brighton. Up until this point ignorant of her parents true relationship, Claudia is packed off to a ‘Finishing School’ in Brighton to have her spirit broken and to be trained in her submissive duties.

It is there that she meets her husband, who informs her of his expectations of their marriage, “You will be kept just like a whelping bitch in heat, wearing a collar of ownership and even a lead if I so choose. There isn’t anything I can do to you that you will not plead with me to do more of.”

The flaw in this reasoning is that Claudia is not a submissive and forcing her into the role will only lead to rebellion and loathing. Nathaniel is not an intelligent man and it takes him some time to realise that if he wants anything like a harmonious relationship with Claudia, he will have to soften his approach.

The title is misleading, I wouldn’t call this book a romance but it is certainly very kinky. It could have done with better editing, aristocratic titles are frequently misused, Lady Ellingsworth is frequently referred to as Miss Ellingsworth, Lord Hastings is sometimes called ‘Sir Hastings’ and there are other similar errors in describing other characters.

Reviewed by Ariadne

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Break Her Rules by Brodie Storm break1

Link to buy

Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Don’t blink, or you will miss this story. It is a very short story about an encounter between a man and woman where the woman is a Dominatrix and her not particularly submissive companion tries to please her.

While there was a strong connection between the two main characters, there isn’t enough story here to develop either a plot or character in the participants. There is some BDSM play, including bondage, spanking and sensation play, but most of the activity is mentioned in passing rather than demonstrated in the story.

Quite  honestly, this reads much more like a story in a men’s magazine than a stand alone book to purchase.

Reviewed by Karen H.