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We see a sexy blonde woman wearing black lingerie, sunglasses and a see-through plastic raincoat. Two uniformed policemen grab her wrists and drag her down a dimly lit staircase. As she struggles in their grip, they began to fondle her breasts and her pussy. A pulsing electronic score almost drowns out her moans of pleasure. cover

The scene is bathed in deep reddish light, smoke billows around the threesome. The video editing is gritty and jittering. Eventually, the policemen will stroke her cunt with their batons, and she will get down on her knees and suck their cocks. The camera circles around them, and the throbbing score almost imperceptibly rises in tension.

“Cops and Hooker” is a scene from “Tanya Hyde’s Twisted Dreams” from 1999, and this was my first encounter with Tanya Hyde’s unique vision. It turned me on immensely, and as I began searching for more of her videos, I found them to have much the same style and more or less the same high quality.

You often hear porn being criticized for having stupid plots or (ironically) for having no plot at all. In Tanya Hyde’s films there are no plots, only situations. In other scenes, two nuns masturbate with a rubber dildo, until two burglars break in and force them to sex. And a maid is sexually dominated by her cruel mistress and master.

In Tanya Hyde’s slightly surreal universe, nothing exists but sex and desire. Every location – hospital, church or prison cell – is transformed into a strange dungeon devoted to kinky pleasures, complete with chains, straps and sex toys. All characters are dressed in uniforms, leather or latex. And the only purpose of the unrealistic lighting and cinematography is to emphasize the beauty of the actors and suggest the physical sensation of the copulation. Like all good visual pornography, it doesn’t look the way sex actually looks – it looks the way sex feels.

It is a fantasy world of pure sex. And even more important, the actors indulge in every bizarre scenario with lusty abandon. Tongues lick eagerly across tender body parts, cocks thrusts deep into every orifice, women gasp with pleasure, men roar with lust

Tanya Hyde’s videos are deliberately “arty” – and lovers of gonzo porn may well hate them. But I find that Tanya Hyde makes our – or at least my – sexual fantasies come alive. And isn’t that what porn is all about?

Frank Noir is a pornographic author of Scandinavian descent, currently living and working in Berlin, Germany.

The stories of Frank Noir are graphically sexual, daring to embrace the darker side of our carnal urges. Hard, yet sensual tales of submission and guilty pleasures.

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BDSM. A term that used to be clouded in mystery and evoke images of naked men or women chained to a wall while someone in a black leather outfit, complete with hood, whipped them ’til they cried. Now you hear it tossed around casually by life stylers and vanilla folk alike.


But are we all talking about the same thing? CEFmhMlWgAE7Qdg


Movies and books like 50 Shades of Gray or Secretary have been vilified for portraying a watered-down version of BDSM, while in the porn industry fetish videos showcase every possible permutation of dominance, submission, and even torture.


The truth is, it’s all BDSM yet none of it gives an outsider the whole story.


Like any other fetish or lifestyle, BDSM has levels and subcultures. In a way, it’s a lot like swinging. You find every possible degree of practitioner, from the person who just wants to dip their toe in the water to the one whose entire life revolves around the most hard core of practices.


In my private life, it’s never been something I’ve partaken in except at the beginner level. But as a writer of erotica in all its various shades, I’ve had to do a lot of research. Some of it in person.


My own involvement has always been limited to some kinky hijinks in and out of the bedroom. While I don’t mind a little pain (twist my nipple, slap my ass, tie me to the bed and pull my hair, please!), I am not so enamored of it that I want to be smacked with a hair brush (tried it, no thank you!), flogged with a crop, or gagged to the point where I’m nearly choking. I can be both submissive or dominant in the bedroom, depending on my mood and my partner. I will gladly play the part of a sex slave for my ‘master’ for the night, but it’s role play, not my life. I am no one’s slave, and I don’t want anyone to be mine. Not full time. So my partner and I have dabbled. We have fuzzy handcuffs, ties, and a little notepad filled with dirty suggestions (orders!) for those times when we want to spice things up. As members of the swinging community, we’ve attended a wide range of parties, including the Deviant parties in NYC, where we thought we’d see some real BDSM action. Instead, it was only a step or two above tame, with most folks doing the same kind of thing we enjoyed, except they were dressed in leather while they did it.


So, while we’ve had no problem saying to each other, “get on your knees and service me” (or service that one over there!), neither of us has a desire to see the other ball-gagged, crawling across the floor, and humiliated in front of strangers.


Yet, if you ask someone who’s really into that kind of thing, they won’t call it humiliating, even if it’s a humiliation-oriented activity. Why? Because it’s what they are into. And if you enjoy suffering humiliation, then in a way it’s really not humiliating. The same way that if your partner enjoys being whipped by a crop while manacled to a wall, it’s not torture. It’s a shared kink.


BDSM is all about being at the same point, sharing a joint fantasy or sexual preference or role. If your partner hates to be submissive, it’s not going to work with you being the dominant one all the time. If your partner can’t give up control, then tying them down will only lead to problems. As a person or a couple, you need to find your comfort zone. Experiment a little at a time. I love to be tied to the bed. My partner enjoys doing that. On the other hand, he hates to be tied down. Yet we don’t have permanent dominant-submissive roles. He loves it when I come home, push him down on the bed, and just fuck the shit out of him. And I love it when he does that to me.


Some people start with a little slap here, a little nipple clamp there, and move on to bigger and better things. There are so many stops along the way, from latex and riding crops to asphyxiation, dog training, anal insertion, cum drinking, and even branding. People can go so far into the BDSM culture they allow themselves to be sold as sex slaves. Women tie ropes around their breasts until the flesh turns purple and men turn their scrotums into fishhook advertisements.


Some of it even delves into illegality, but true practitioners always follow the basic rule of consent. No one is ever forced to do anything they don’t want to. For some, that means giving up the right to say no before the fun begins. That’s their choice. Most don’t go that extreme.


For people in the BDSM life style, a film/book like 50 Shades of Gray has two flaws. 1), by most standards, it’s pretty tame. You can see the same level of kink at 50% of the swinger parties you go to. And 2), the concept of submission is confused with consent. Some of the scenes where Gray uses mental and verbal abuse and/or pressure carries more than a whiff of date rape. However, the book served a good purpose in making BDSM, at least at the beginning end of the spectrum, more palatable for the masses, opened the door to some middle of the road acceptance. Much the same way Jenna Jameson did for porn.


On the other hand, torture porn and rape porn still have the opposite effect. They give BDSM a bad reputation, and they shouldn’t. Why? Because once again, it comes down to consent. If a person has a rape fantasy, or wants to be tied up and gang-banged by masked men, who is anyone to say that is wrong? It’s not like these people go door to door trying to convert normal people into their life style (that’s only okay for religious groups, apparently!). And certainly no one is going to be making a mainstream movie about the pleasure of gang rape anytime soon. But everyone deserves the chance to follow their sexual path, no matter how kinky it might be.


And now, I think I’ll head to the bedroom. I’ve got the urge to have some fun tonight. Where is that hot wax candle….?


(For some better-than-decent mainstream BDSM movies, try The Piano Teacher, Preaching to the Perverted, A Dangerous Method, or Venus in Fur.)




Janie James is a former scientist with a lust for love and life. After years of toiling in laboratories and photographing crime scenes, she gave up the 9 to 5 routine to write erotic fiction. When she’s not writing, she enjoys sleeping late, overdosing on coffee, and watching online porn. Her latest story, “True Calling,” can be found in the BDSM anthology, Tie Me Up: A Binding Collection of Erotic Tales (edited by F. Lenora Solomon), available on Amazon.


For more information about Janie James and her writing, visit: 

Rod and Cane Society…a private place to spank CaraBristol_RandCSociety_IrresistibleAttractions_600x900

By Cara Bristol

A common setting in BDSM romances is the dungeon scene, where Doms and subs go to play. This is true in real life, too. Within the sheltered environment of the club scene (and at munches), BDSM practitioners are free to be open about who they are and what they do.

Domestic discipline practitioners, on the other hand, are isolated from each other. About the only source of public connection is the internet, where DD practitioners openly communicate, but under the cloak of anonymity. Spanking bloggers often write about hiding their lifestyle from their children, their families, and their friends, of the difficulty in finding a quiet time and place to spank.

What if it didn’t need to be that way? What if there was an organization, not unlike a BDSM club, where members could associate and be free to be who they are? What would an organization like that look like? What would be the protocols? The rules?

That idea inspired the Rod and Cane Society, a series of novels and novellas, about a secret organization of men who spank their wives to maintain domestic discipline. Each book profiles the romantic and spanking relationship of a different couple in the organization. To date, six books have been written, with more planned. Each novel of the series is a stand-alone, but the Society has grown and evolved.

Although members are open amongst themselves, Rod and Cane places a premium on privacy. Prospective members are vetted and must sign a confidentiality agreement. Security is tight. Guards are stationed outside the inner sanctum, and members must “badge in” using a reader afterhours. Violating confidentiality is a serious offense and leads to official “sanctioning.”

I patterned the Rod and Cane Society after a male-dominated, even chauvinistic “old boys” club. That’s how it debuted in book one, Unexpected Consequences. Only males served on its Board of Governance. Women couldn’t even become full-fledged Rod and Cane members, but were relegated to its’ Wives Auxiliary. But in book two, False Pretenses, the society is outed by an undercover reporter, which spurs the beginning of change and greater openness within the society.

Rod and Cane is headquartered in a Victorian mansion and is filled with artwork of rosy-bottomed women. There is a two-way viewing mirror that separates the governance chamber from the disciplinary chamber where official sanctions are meted out.

The disciplinary chamber features prominently in the just-released Irresistible Attractions. Thinking no one will know, the cleaning girl decides to try out the equipment. But she forgets about the viewing window…

An excerpt from Irresistible Attractions

Vacuuming finished, she wound the cord around the cleats and pushed the machine into the hall, remembering how she’d gotten flustered and left it on the elevator. Jordan Bevy must have thought she was a ditz. Naturally she would make an ass of herself in front of the sexiest man she’d ever encountered. He made the guys at her college look like little kids.

Hannah halted in the doorway giving the room a final perusal. Spic and spank. Dust free. Paddles aligned in neat rows. Benches polished.

She eyed her favorite. Gorgeous cherry grain. Slick, smooth leather, the kind resistant to sweat stains, she suspected. In her fantasies, she knelt on that bench. Dare she try it out for real? Doing so violated the rules, but it wouldn’t disturb anything, and tonight might be her sole chance. Amberlyn would come back—or Tidy Titans would replace her. Either way, she’d never be alone in the mansion again.

Before she lost her nerve, she strode to the apparatus. Spastic butterflies beat frantic wings in her stomach as she knelt on the lower padded seat and relaxed her torso atop the upper one. She wiggled her wrists into the leather loops attached to the front legs. She peeked over her shoulder at her reflection and winced at her big booty, covered in unattractive gray wash-and-wear cotton poly. Not her best feature. Why couldn’t she have had a cute little butt to go along with her short stature?

Hannah freed her hands from the restraints and tugged up the skirt. Her lace thong left her backside near naked. Twisting her arm, she swatted one pasty cheek. Smack! Smack! Buns of steel? More like jiggles of Jell-O. She slapped herself several more times. It was hard to get a good swing. If only she had longer arms…

Or an implement.

Hannah scurried to the wall and snatched a short, slender cane then hopped back on the bench and hiked her dress over her waist again.

She tapped herself with the rod. More kiss than slap, it imparted only a slight sting. Tightening her grip, she swung a little harder. Ow! She wiggled her bottom. Nice tingle, but it disappeared too fast.

She was so bad. This was breaking every rule and some that hadn’t been written yet. Tidy Titans’ Rule No. 35: Do not try out clients’ spanking equipment.

Hannah giggled and landed another strike on her bottom. “You’re a naughty girl,” she chided aloud, imagining her fantasy man saying it. But, this time, he had Jordan Bevy’s face.

“Yes, you are a naughty girl,” boomed Jordan’s very real voice.

Irresistible Attractions Blurb

College student Hannah Laurie works nights for a cleaning service. Among its clients is the Rod and Cane Society, an organization of domestic discipline practitioners. As she cleans the mansion headquarters, she becomes fascinated by the idea of being spanked. One evening, she surrenders to the impulse to try out the equipment in the secret disciplinary chamber.

Millionaire cybersecurity magnate Jordan Bevy, Rod and Cane’s disciplinary proctor, ensures the rules of the organization are followed to a T. Using the disciplinary chamber for personal pleasure is strictly forbidden. But when he catches the shy little cleaner girl trying out the equipment, what’s a fellow to do but bend the rules and give her a hand?

Everything seems like fun and games, until their relationship deepens and their respective worlds collide and clash. Can a lowly cleaner girl ever find acceptance in her boyfriend’s monied world?

All Rod and Cane Society novels are written to be read as standalones.


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Cara Bristol website/blog

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aroughrideA Rough Ride by C. P. Mandara

Link to buy A Rough Ride: Pony girl training in latex and leather (Pony Tales Book 5)

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Review includes Spoilers:

Our kinksters are Mark Matthews, billionaire, pony trainer and Jennifer Courtney Redcliff, spoilt rich girl unwillingly placed in a pony training center.

This is the fifth book in a six part series, if you like the book you’re going to be chomping for the final segment. There’s mystery and betrayals as well as sadistic torment.

From the start of the book you are submersed in Jennifer’s dilemma. She has been auctioned off and is to be trained to be a pony, whether she likes it or not. She refuses Mark believing he was worse than Kyle as a trainer, boy was she wrong. She spends most of her time gagged, forced orgasm denial and her trainer has little to no care for her well-being. It’s shocking at times but for BDSM sadist/masochist fans I believe they will really enjoy this segment. While it’s not the same as the Beauty series by Anne Rice it has the same flavor.

Reviewed by wyldeheart

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Beautiful Nightmare by Bella Juarez beautiful

Link to buy Beautiful Nightmare (1Night Stand)

Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


I wanted to like this story for two reasons: One, it’s a Fem Domme and there are not enough good Fem Domme stories and two, it featured a Jewish character. Unfortunately, this story fell short in some key areas and I walked away disappointed.

Aaron Rosencrantz is a high powered businessman with a domineering mother who has extracted a promise from him that he will only marry a Jewish woman of a certain kind. Natasha Rodriguez is the unattainable, tough negotiator that Aaron lusts after. Natasha, of course, is not the kind of woman that Aaron’s mother has in mind. This doesn’t stop him from having a hot, sexy tryst with Natasha after he discovers her masturbating in his office.

Natasha, rapidly falling for her sexy boss, overhears something that leads to a misunderstanding, and the two lovers stiff-arm each other. Unable to have each other, both of them reach out to a dating service and lo and behold, they are matched together.

The Fem Domme aspect of the story seemed like an add on since the initial encounters were a bit more vanilla. The romance was a bit predictable which is a shame since the characters were interesting. I think my expectations might have been too high. I wanted so much more from these characters. Aaron seemed as if he was much more complicated than he ended up being and the ending was wrapped up a little too neat and tidy for me.

This book wasn’t a wall-banger nor was it forgettable, but it was a bit of a letdown. I’d like to see more from this author if only to see if she can connect the interesting characters she creates with a good story that has depth.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

I am erotica writer Dee Voyse and it is my pleasure to be today’s guest blogger for BDSM Book Reviews. I have been active in the BDSM scene since the age of 18. Now, at 25 years old, I am happy living and thriving in my roles as a submissive-leaning switch, collared pet, and little to my Sir. bdsm book review jpg

I never thought that I’d be all that interested in role playing; however, my curiosity was piqued fairly early on in my time as a bright-eyed and fresh-faced subbie. One night, upon awaking from a wonderfully pleasurable dream about being a pet kitten – and subsequently sharing the details with a handful of good friends –, I was heartily encouraged to pursue the role and tried my hand at a training scene. I was dressed up and led on a leash into the main room of my local dungeon, for all to see. And you know something? I. Ate. It. Up! Truly, there was nothing better than being able to get into that kind of mindset. In fact, I had gone so deep into the headspace, that people who were looking for me around the dungeon and calling me out by name could not find me because I was in too deep of sub space to answer. I have been incredibly lucky to have friends and kinky F/family who have encouraged my exploration of different roles. When I was finally comfortable enough, I decided that I was going to tackle age play next.

Upon meeting up with other age players through mutual friends and learning more about their big “little” world, I decided to take the plunge and see what age play had to offer me. I was leery at first, but, as with pet play, I found that my mind was free from stress and worry and, without a care in the world, I was allowed to get in touch with my inner little side. I love coloring, story time (especially as a writer), and making mischief with my friends. If not for the trust and understanding of those closest to me, I would have never been able to put myself in such a vulnerable and honest position.

My words of advice for those looking into role playing are: trust yourself. Your instincts can tell you a lot. If you feel like a puppy, go for it! More of a kitty? Great! Whatever role you find that fits, commit to it and just have fun with it! If you don’t judge yourself too hard, then the world will follow suit. And, if you can find the right people to encourage and love you for who you are, then the only thing left to do is to let your imagination run wild in the wonderful world of role play.

Below you can read an excerpt from a short story of mine called, Good Kitty, which details a day in the life of a pet kitten and her owner.

You reach down to scratch my belly and I purr with pleasure. I yelp when you pinch my nipples and run your nails down my inner thighs. My heart races and all I want to do is pounce on you and kiss you all over. You snap your fingers and I get on all fours, bending down to lick at your shoes once more. I yowl in the hopes that you will touch me where I so very much want to be touched and maybe, if I’m a good girl, let me come. You grin at me and run a hand over my bare bottom. I arch my back and wiggle in response.

Is kitty horny?” you ask in a mocking tone.

I meow loudly and you laugh, pleased by my desperation. Your finger circles my increasingly wet pussy and you dip it inside me just far enough to gather some of my juices on to your finger to let me taste. I lick and suck on your finger as if it were your cock. You smile at the pleading look in my eyes and resume teasing me.

“What does kitty want?” you whisper in my ear. “Do you want daddy to fuck you?” you hiss as you jam two fingers inside me and thrust at a rapid pace.

 I gasp at your touch and yelp in ecstasy as you pleasure me roughly.

“Have you been a good little girl? Do you think you really deserve this?” you tease and I begin to panic.

 I moan when you slide your fingers out of me and swipe them across my lips. You hold my face in your hand as I try to lick my lips.

 “No. I think you’ve been bad. I think you haven’t been listening when I tell you to stay. I think you need to be punished.”

 Check out more of my work on Amazon:

If you’d like to order a copy of my “Feline Fine” collection (featuring Good Kitty) or just drop me a line, you can reach me on Facebook at or Twitter @DeeVoyse.

Lesbian Lovers by Berengaria Brown lesbian

Link to buy Lesbian Lovers

Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Sapphic sex is always alluring and sensual for this kinky reader. Ms. Brown elicits hidden f/f desires with her three short stories in this collection. The writing is smooth, silky and smoldering.

In Stubborn Attraction, the primal chase is on as Jaelle lets her randy side out. When she meets another mystical female, the two of them enjoy au natural to its fullest. This paranormal erotica kicks the book off to a great start.

Switching to a historical piece, Lady Caroline’s Reward, is naughty yet proper. Initiating a virgin into womanly delights is sweetly done. The conflict with a potential forced marriage at a time where women are property is nicely done.

Finally, Fist Me is a punching end when an angry woman, Taryn, decides men are pigs. Maybe switching to bat for the other side would be better for her. Who better to show her then good friend, Maeve?

In each of these stories, Ms. Brown does a good job of creating a neat package. With a good beginning, middle and end, each story is satisfying. It also gives a taste of Ms. Brown’s versatility from paranormal to historical and then contemporary.  For me, the contemporary is the most enticing because it does include fisting. There are not many stories which including fisting and this one does a lovely job. It’s erotic and exciting. Honestly, the sex in all three stories are effortlessly erotic. The feminine touch to these stories make them more romantic than erotic. Do not mistake the feminine side for bland sex scenes. The sex scenes are still hawt and fap worthy.  This collection is recommended for f/f erotica lovers.

Reviewed by Book Addict