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Tearing Us Apart by Amanda Clay tearingusapartcover

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 0 out of 5


Thanh—a Vietnamese teenager— is in high school, which normally produces more than enough stress and confusion, but he’s also openly gay, and much more interested in fashion and sewing than sports. Though he has several good friends, he is certainly marginalized. Add to the mix a father who disappeared many years ago under mysterious circumstances, and the presence of a rather annoying and sub-par fiancé in his mother’s life, and the reader will no doubt wonder how much more Thanh can handle before his life begins to unravel. Then, imagine the tension when the star of the basketball team—Duncan— takes a sudden and inexplicable interest in him.

The story is about the developing intimate gay relationship between two teenaged males, and there is great depth in the writing. Told from Thanh’s point of view, the voice resonates with far more maturity and self-insight than a high school boy would reasonably possess. His voice comes through as if looking back on the events many years later, as though the relationship between Thanh and Duncan may have already having undergone processing through the hindsight of more mature eyes. The author shows an excellent grasp of teen self-consciousness and angst, while sparing the reader details of potentially tiresome awkwardness and shallow self-exploration in the young characters.

Amanda Clay is a fine writer with an enviable voice. However, there is no BDSM in the book and there are no detailed sex scenes. Therefore, I am giving the book 5 stars for a beautiful and very readable story, and assigning zero stars for kink.

Reviewed by Summer Sterling

Making Michael ObeyMaking Michael Obey by K.C. Cave

Link to buy Making Michael Obey: A collection of five erotic short stories

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2.5 out of 5


Making Michael Obey is a collection of five erotic vignettes featuring a young professional couple with a playful sex life. While all these naughty stories have elements of Femdom or FLR in them, those themes don’t rise to the level that the title seems to imply. That may or may not affect your enjoyment of them, depending upon your expectations and sensibilities.

Overall this is an enjoyable read with likable characters and sexy scenarios. The writing is both fluid and imaginative. The author makes it easy for readers to project themselves into the action and care about the outcome. Those with a taste for hardcore erotica might not find this book suitable for their palate, but most others should.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

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Every relationship, every encounter, whether personal or business, involves a power exchange of some sort. Even if it’s your money for their coffee. At 6 am, trust me, the barista has all the power. As you know, a consensual D/s relationship is based on the power exchange between two people. The submissive chooses to give certain rights and responsibilities to the Dominant. WinningCait_HiRes

I would like to think that I knew pretty early on that I needed a dominant man, even if I didn’t know what Dom (with a capital D) meant at the time. I actually wonder if my first Dom even realized that is what he was? Does he realize it now? Regardless, he helped to shape my sexual-self. After leaving my hometown I fell into a relationship which would lead me to writing this post 20+ years later.

He was/is ten years older than me, and at 20 that seemed like a lifetime. A strong, confident creative professional… he was larger than life. I won’t say he had my heart with that first kiss, but the rest of my anatomy was totally engaged. It was a toe-curling, take no prisoners kind of kiss, followed by his first command – to be sure I wanted what he was offering because he wouldn’t be ‘just my friend’.

Oh yeah! I wanted it. I wanted him to tell me what to wear for our dates, for him to take me shopping for panties, dresses and sex toys. He didn’t need to leave a mark on me for me to know I was possessed. Every time I pulled on my panties, I knew who I belonged to; who would keep me safe. Despite his ownership of me, he never held me back. School, career, a life outside of him… knowing that when I come home to him, I am home.

A power exchange is going to look different for everyone, and there is no one way to be in a relationship. My favourite part of writing is exploring the power exchange in various types of relationships. What makes someone want to give up control? To what extent? What makes the Dominant want to take on the responsibility? What does their, the characters, particular relationship look like?

In Winning Cait, she’s been in a total power exchange and has struggled to learn to live without that type of control/support. To give herself to Jackson means giving up some of the hard won control over her own life. It was fascinating to write what that could look like. I am currently writing the story of Cait’s best friend Sophie, and her journey from sub to domme and back again.

Over the last twenty years, the power exchange in my relationship has ebbed and flowed with great regularity, but the fundamental doesn’t change. I know who I belong to.

About Zoë Mullins

The only reason Zoë learned to type in high school was so she could improve her word count. A prolific writer, even in elementary school, she was forever jotting down poems and stories whenever she had the chance – usually during math class. After years of working in corporate communications, she decided to refocus on the kind of writing she loves – hot, sexy romances with strong, independent heroines.

Winning Cait – Blurb:

After more than a decade, Cait returns home to St. Augustin and the Dom she left behind. A pampered sub, now widowed, Cait has had to adjust to making decisions for herself for the first time in years. With some help from her friends, she’s been able to begin the business she always wanted.

Then Jackson walks into her studio and it’s as if their years apart never happened. As if she hadn’t left him for his best friend. Their intense chemistry is still there, but she’s already balancing running a new business and making ends meet. Does she have room in her life for Jackson, or better yet, is she willing to relinquish her newfound control?

He’s not going to give her a choice. This time he’s determined to earn her submission, and have her back, not only as his sub, but as his wife.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

An adult BDSM romance from Ellora’s Cave

Buy links:

JANUARY 29th !!!


The Dominion of Brothers Series finally brings you the most anticipated couple: Diesel Gentry and Paris Dalqeaute in—

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RIGHT ONE 4 DIESEL reduced 500x700

Dominion of Brothers Series: Book 5


MM / some MMfM, MMMM, & Mf / Erotic Romance / Drama / Action / BDSM – D/s / Explicit Hot Language

Diesel Gentry knows exactly want he wants. Like his brother, he wants a Unicorn, a life slave to surrender her every desire and need to him— who is, in essence and body, the very same woman his brother, Trenton Leos, already possesses. He also wants Paris Dalqeaute.

He had that powerhouse body in his domineering grip once before, but Diesel purposely let the fallen angel slip through his fingers. Being a Master of Doms within the BDSM lifestyle, Diesel knew he had to set Paris free— thinking and hoping Paris would eventually come back to him, submit to Diesel willingly, and not just because Paris’ job description required him to. After all, Paris had been hired as the director for the fetish and BDSM events down at the island resort Diesel and his brothers owned. Except Paris never did return; while he proved his value to his title, he has also been using his work to hide from Diesel.

It’s been a year now and Diesel’s bed and life have remained empty ever since. It’s time the running stopped.

Finding Paris wasn’t going to be the hard part— breaking down his walls to trust the two of them to commit to a life together was going to be the real challenge.


But even if Diesel succeeds, there is a problem with their future— what’s to come threatens the lives of everyone Diesel loves— and he doesn’t even know it yet.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Right One 4 Diesel is a part of a series that, until now, has been comprised of largely standalone books. In this next installment to the series, that readability is no longer the case. Right One 4 Diesel is not a standalone read; it is an action-packed novel that does not allow room for re-introduction of its supportive characters who were introduced in Books 1 through 4 of the Dominion of Brothers series. While it is recommended that you read all of the books in the series, Books 1 and Book 4 are needed to be able to follow along with the least chance of encountering “holes” in information or plot.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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“Did you come here to surrender to me?”

There was the question that frightened Paris the most.


He wanted Diesel. He was trembling, he wanted Diesel so exuberantly; had wanted him again and again ever since that night in New York. Only Paris wasn’t sure he could give into Diesel’s demands of submission like that ever again— and be his slave.

Paris could feel that little panic storm lighting up again. He’d not felt it since that time he sat in Dominus Trenton Leos’ office while Patronus ordered him to strip down and surrender his wallet and hotel key over to them. Once again, he could sense it crawling out from whatever deep hiding place he’d managed to stuff it away, like some keepsake in a trinket box long since forgotten.

He glanced down his body, watching as Diesel unzipped his slacks then peeled them open. He could make out a bit of the mischievous grin on Diesel’s face out of the corner of his eye as Diesel peered over Paris’ shoulder and gazed down to soak up the sight of Paris’ body, just as he himself had. All while Diesel’s firm hands carried on with an agenda— pushing all the way down into Paris’ briefs. Followed by fingers that snaked around the hardening flesh of Paris’ cock and began stroking him gently while he felt a much thicker and harder cock press against his backside.

Diesel’s hand moved farther down to cup his scrotum before returning to the erection that was growing fiercely behind the ever tightening fit of his clothes, made tighter by the present demand of Diesel’s hand fisting around his shaft. Another lick on his cheek, a caressing slide of his tongue with a tease of suction— taunting him. “Paris— tell me you want this—”

“Of course, I want you. That’s why I’m here.” Paris panted.

“But do you want to surrender to what I can give you?”

Paris shook his head— not that he didn’t want to submit, but he didn’t know what Diesel was offering to give. He was confused. Diesel had demanded he be his slave. Only, Paris wanted to be far more than that and that was even scarier for him. He’d never wanted to be with anyone, let alone stay with anyone before. But surrender and stay were not the same words.

Sex with Diesel would obliterate the ranks of any previous lover Paris had ever bed with. But it would be all the more painful when it was over. He wasn’t sure he could handle it; not again. It’d been hard enough the first time, not knowing the feelings he had. It had confused him— ruined him.

“What do you want, Paris? Do you want me to stay— do you want to feel my cock deep inside you?” Diesel’s hand pumped on him harder.

Damn, it was too much. Paris gripped his pants and shoved them down to release his cock, giving it over to Diesel’s fist. He couldn’t stop the moan that escaped once he was in the full grip of Diesel’s clutches. He dropped his head back on Diesel’s shoulder— fear and walls slipping to the seductive needs of a wanton manwhore— he was folding. How could he possibly escape this man? He couldn’t possibly refuse Diesel his service. Oh, he could surely trybut he did want Diesel inside him, wanted to be fucked like no other had ever fucked him. The first and only time such desires had scared Paris. Terrified him like no other. Yeshe could try, but not a night would pass before he’d find himself following the man around the island, licking at his boots for another chance to take him up on the offer. But dammit, he was the director of this place. How was he supposed to be the man in charge of the resorts special events and kneel at this man’s feet in front of everyone at the same time? The very question burned images in his mind of just how certain Paris was that Diesel had every intention to have him completely nude, exposed, and vulnerable in front of all eyes on the island. Paris knew he would not be spared or denied any of the resort’s tantalizing moments it had to offer, though they would be humiliating for him. Diesel would see to it Paris was delivered to him as a slave and then exploited and nurtured to the fullest satisfaction.


He could not go through with it.



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We Came— We Saw— and then we made it sexy.

And that’s pretty much how the Twins came to write Erotic Romances and Dark Fantasies. Both Talon P.S. and Princess S.O. have been writing together since they were kids, always challenging and competing with each other, and always each other’s biggest supporters.

Writing has always been an affair creating Fictions of Dark Apocalyptic Fantasy and Film Scripts in the Action/Drama and a few Sci-Fi’s. It wasn’t until they began an ancient history tale that the works turned to the Erotic Genre and they’ve been hooked ever since.

After a life time of gathering experiences, and honing their story telling skills, they have finally started putting them to novel size tales. Sadly, Talon passed away in 2012 leaving the books he started with his twin, entrusting her as his ghost writer, making her promise to see them completed before joining him.

So have those book moments ready, as Talon always says—

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Feb 23rdThe Novel Approach

ninetofiveNine to Five Fantasies edited by Alison Tyler

Link to buy Nine-to-Five Fantasies: Tales of Sex on the Job

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Crank up the air condition or turn on a fan. Ms. Tyler brings to life sexual fantasies involving working men and women readers see in their daily lives. Ms. Tyler brings together a gaggle, herd, pard or is it a murder of authors to tantalize kinky readers. The theme of this book tying every story together are fantasies and hook ups with people in the service industry. Reading the introduction of this book will help make sense of these “classified ads” turned dirty.

There are the usual working men used for fantasy fodder like construction worker, plumber, mechanic or the pool boy. This collection takes it to the next level. Each of the authors takes an occupation and eroticizes it in glorious detail. This is a book to be kept by the bedside table for inspiration into hot sexy roleplay. Every story is kinky in its own way. The stories are tightly written with a clear beginning, exciting climax and satisfying ending. There are different permutations of mf, ff and fm. There are a couple of delicious ménages. For those who enjoy sampling an erotic buffet, this book is catered for you.

My favorite ones are the ones which are harder to find in erotica. Ms. Valenti provides a lovely twist in “Driver’s Seat” with a female chauffer for a newlywed couple. This is a smoking hawt wedding night. This Ffm ménage is a little taste of heaven. The next one to wet my wick is “California Dreamin’” by Ms. Dale. In this short story, the much stereotyped pool boy is actually a pool girl. And this lonely wife enjoys a good time getting more than her pool cleaned by this young sweet worker. The incorporation of a video chat for the wife’s husband kicks up the heat in this tale.

Always a favorite of mine, it is no surprise to find “SM, or How I Met My Girlfriend in a Queer Theater” is written by Ms. Renarde. This one is beautifully written with a plot, conflict and possible public exposure. Both voyeurs and exhibitionists alike will find this one appealing. “Body Work” by Ms. Zane completely caught me off guard. I had to re-read sections of this twice to make sure I was reading the story right. I have to confess, mechanics do not really turn me on. After reading Ms. Zane’s manly mechanic who enjoys being pegged hard by a shy and sexy woman, I am rethinking my stance.

The last story of this delightful collection ends with “Close Shave”. This is a fitting closing tale at it contains the kinky maledom up my alley. I have never stepped foot into a barbershop and now when I pass by one, I will always think of this story. Ms. Tyler has ruined me for hairdressing salons. This is a kinky piece with a dominant barber who knows just how to wield his belt. This collection is fantastic because it opens a reader’s mind to more possibilities. It makes me want to read classified ads and come up with my own little fantasies. This concept is creative and fresh. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy taking every day scenarios and breathing sex into them.

Reviewed by Book Addict

redefined500x750Who’s Your Daddy?

Daddies. Littles. Even in the BDSM community, people who identify as part of this subset are on the fringe. Though the BDSM community as a whole is misunderstood and maligned, even within the community, this dynamic leaves many people scratching their heads. I had the occasion to meet many littles through a Facebook group that I joined. My interest piqued, I researched the dynamic. After all, I knew that papi means ‘daddy’ in Spanish, but it’s also slang for a hot guy. Was this pretty much the same thing?

Of course, my writer brain churned this new knowledge. It mixed with characters I’d already created, and I had a Eureka moment. I’d been struggling with Amy and Jordan. I knew they belonged together, but it wasn’t until I researched the Daddy Dom/little (D/l or DD/l) dynamic that I understood what they were hiding from me. Then I followed up on my research by interviewing several people who identify as a DD or lg. (Please note that there are Mommies and little boys, but I haven’t encountered any, so I restricted my writing to focus on male Doms and female subs.) That’s when Re/Defined coalesced for me. Jordan is a Daddy Dom, and he’s on the hunt for his little soul mate. Of course, Amy doesn’t know she’s a little. She’s never heard of the concept.

Let’s take a moment and clear up the most common misconception:

  • The relationship between a Daddy and a little is not the same as between a father and daughter, and there is no age play involved—that’s something else entirely.

In fact, in Re/Defined, Amy is six years older than Jordan. Like any worthwhile dominant, Jordan, as a Daddy Dom, is a responsible alpha male who feels a driving need to take care of his submissive. He’s playful and indulgent, walking that fine line between spoiling and reining in his submissive. In this case, he wants to guide Amy in her journey as she discovers who she really is.

That leads to clarifying another common misconception:

  • Littles are grown women with all the wants, needs, and complications that come with adulthood.

Littles are women who sometimes feel like part of them is still a child. Amy likes to color, watch movies aimed at children, and she likes to wear clothes with flowers on them. She has a childlike spirit and an underlying innocence, and Jordan is very attracted to this aspect of her personality. He enjoys having fun just as much as she does, which shows in the places he chooses to take her on their dates.

Finally, let’s clear up another big misconception:

  • The sex in a D/l relationship is no different from sex in a vanilla or BDSM relationship. The kinks are separate from the D/l dynamic and are specific to the people involved.

Jordan is into bondage and sensory play. The sexual element of their play does not take place when Amy is in “little” headspace. Re/Defined (Doms of the FBI 4) follows a woman as she falls in love and finds out who she really is—while running from a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

Amazon buy link:

Michele Zurlo’s Website:

Twitter: @MZurloAuthor


Blurb: Amy Markevich nurses fantasies about dominant agent Jordan Monaghan, but she knows they’ll never come true. He’s younger, to-die-for handsome, and so very different from her. She settles for friendship and dreaming from afar, even when he agrees to show her the platonic side of submission.

Jordan has always known what he wanted, and as he gets to know Amy, he’s convinced that she’s the complete package. Her sexy curves and passionate nature contrast sharply with her childlike innocence and exuberant joie de vivre. She calls to him—body and soul.

Just as he’s about to reveal that he’s a Daddy Dom and that he suspects Amy harbors an inner “little” and a submissive side, Amy witnesses a gruesome murder, and a terrorist organization puts her on top of their most-wanted list.

As they are forced to run for their lives from this unexpected enemy, Jordan helps Amy to accept her true nature—as a little—and to redefine everything she thought she knew about belonging to him.

Warnings: anal play, mini-golf, bondage, sensory play, suction cups, and laser tag.


Did she want steak or lasagna, or did she want to let Jordan tie her up and do things that belonged to the mysterious Sensory Play category? Amy frowned as she lined up her shot for the sixteenth hole. He was putting no pressure on her at all. After they’d finished their ice cream, he hadn’t brought it up. She felt his touch on her hip, pushing it into alignment to improve her aim. Relaxing, she let him correct her stance. “Thanks.”

“You’re getting better. By the end of the course, you’ll have it down.”

It had occurred to her that she could continue doing it wrong just so he’d keep touching her, but then, she reasoned, he’d eventually give up, and she’d still be doing it wrong. She hit the ball a little too hard, and it sailed past the cup. “Darn.”

“Not bad. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You came close, and that’s an improvement.” He lined up his shot and sank it neatly.

“Would we negotiate everything beforehand? Plan out every detail?”

“No.” He didn’t pretend to not know she’d changed the topic. “If you had any experience, then yes, we could do that. For this, I’d try a few different things so you could decide what you do and don’t like.”

She thought about that as she tapped her ball into the cup. “What if I don’t like it?”

He retrieved their balls. “You’re familiar with the concept of safewords.”

She didn’t have the sense he’d asked a question, more that he wanted her to explain what she knew. “I know the stoplight system. Red halts everything. Yellow pauses the scene for communication, adjustments, and bathroom breaks.” Once she’d come to accept that the BDSM lifestyle wasn’t a form of abuse, her sister had opened up about many of nitty-gritty details. And she’d heard the guys talk about being dominant. They took the safety precaution aspects of it very seriously.

“So you’ll have safewords. I’ll be talking to you a lot so you’ll know you’re not alone.”

It hadn’t occurred to her that he would leave her alone when she was in a vulnerable position. She set her ball on the tee, lined up the shot, and took a swing. It rounded the bank perfectly, bounced twice from the edges of the narrowed curve that linked the two parts of this tricky hole together, avoided the waterfall, and went straight into the cup. Her draw dropped. She looked at Jordan, her eyes so wide she felt they might pop out. “You saw that, right?”

He wore a wide grin. “Your stance was perfect.”

Dropping her putter, she clapped her hands over her heart. “A hole in one. I never thought I’d be able to do that.”

He hugged her with one arm and pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “You can do anything you set your mind to, little one.”

“Yes.” She didn’t necessarily agree with him, but she was no longer talking about her amazing feat. “I want to try it with you.”

“All right. Let’s finish this, and then I’ll take you to my place.”

She’d never been to his place. It made sense that they’d go to his apartment because that’s where his equipment would be located. The drive took a little time because he lived two counties away. They mostly chatted about movies and television shows. She figured he wanted to keep the conversation light to put her at ease.

His apartment was exactly like Jamie had described—pristine and sanitary. Amy chalked that up to his modern décor. There was too much shiny metal and not enough color. It could use some fabric and softness to make it homey. Normally she wouldn’t judge anybody’s home, but this seemed so unlike Jordan. Standing there in a black fitted shirt and worn jeans, his face scruffy from a day’s growth, he didn’t seem to fit. The lack of color was him, but the sharpness of the furniture reminded her that perhaps she didn’t know him all that well.

“What do you think?”

“It’s clean.” She wasn’t going to say anything critical, not to a guy who was planning to tie her up.

He frowned. “You don’t like it.”

“It’s fine. I just pictured your place with more leather, and maybe framed photos of your family on the walls.”

He gestured to the sofa. It was the kind with an exposed metal frame and thin cushions for the seat and back. “It’s more comfortable than it looks. Take off your dress and sit down.”

She hadn’t expected him to say that. She looked at her bright yellow sundress, the only spot of real color in the room. “You want me to get undressed? In here?”

“I need to do a few things before we can begin. If you need to freshen up, the bathroom is the down the hall, first door on the left. When I return, I expect to see that you’ve followed orders.”

His tone had shifted, becoming harder and more commanding. This was definitely his Dom tone. A shiver of anticipation ran up her spine. Finally, being with a Dom seemed right. “Should I call you Sir or something?”

“Let’s hold off on titles for now.” He disappeared down the hall.

Amy made use of the bathroom. She combed her fingers through her hair and redid her ponytail, and then she checked to make sure she didn’t have anything weird going on with the parts of her skin that would be exposed. Standing in front of the mirror wearing only her bra and underwear was a sobering experience. Though she’d worn her prettiest, laciest underthings, there was no way Jordan was interested in her as anything more than a friend. With a sigh, she hung her dress on a hook on the back of the door. He found her a few minutes later perched on the edge of the sofa, which was surprisingly comfortable, without her dress.

He sat down next to her, but he leaned back and stretched his arm along the back. “What’s your color?”

She stared at her hands, folded neatly on her lap, and hoped he hadn’t meant for her to be completely naked. “Green.”

ginascoverGina’s Education by Mariah Bailey

Link to buy Gina’s Education: A BDSM Love Story

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


This book is a strange combination of submissive training book and romantic love story.

Gina is at the end of her rope, living in her car and struggling to survive when she answers a newspaper ad for a housekeeping job. She finds it’s not a housekeeping job, but a professional submissive position that is being advertised.

But the house owner, Robert Mayhew, sees something different in Gina and trains her to be a dominant. While she has to undergo everything a submissive does, Robert only has her experience so she can be better at domination. He also changes his usual procedure in not sharing her with his partner. As Gina learns the ropes, the attraction between her and Robert grows and he starts righting the wrongs that have been done to her, and gives her a new identity. He finds the woman who stole her identity and keeps her as a house submissive. However, Gina also learns he saves abused women and has a whole system set up to protect them and their children. She also learns that the woman who stole her identity is her half sister.

Can the homeless woman and the wealthy Dom actually find happiness together?

While some of this story was improbable, it was entertaining reading. Gina was a strong woman, overcoming her personal trials to become a loving, forgiving person. Robert is an interesting combination of cruel sadist and compassionate philanthropist.

Reviewed by Karen

Dos Lunas by Belinda McBride doslunascover

Link to buy Dos Lunas (Lucky in Red)

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


The song running through my head for this novella is The Lady In Red.

The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek,

There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me,

It’s where I want to be,

But I hardly know this beauty by my side,

I’ll never forget the way you look tonight;

And of course, I am howling at the moon as I sing lady in rreeeedddd. All joking aside, this story is sweet, short and a bit sappy. I loved it. Foremost, I did not realize it is a femdom book with a submissive male wolf. Now that immediately catches my attention and I am all ears.  Victoria Talbot is a prim looking female who brings in her lucky red dress for cleaning. She patrons the cleaning service run by the Lobos brothers and manned by Diego Lobos. Diego suffers from the middle child syndrome. He is handsome, bright and yet he always feels less than his brothers. It does not help that he is mixed about his sexual submissive desires which runs counter to his werewolf sense and his latino background.

The setup of this story is nicely done. The characters, Victoria and Diego are well fleshed out and loveable characters. When they meet on Victoria’s turf in a BDSM club, sparks fly and Diego finally feels like he’s found his missing piece. The femdom part of this story is so good. There is no switching where the dominatrix changes to be the submissive. Diego is a male submissive fantasy. He is strong and he enjoys serving. He derives pleasure by bringing pleasure to his woman. He is custom made to satisfy all of Victoria’s needs. Their D/s scenes are light and enjoyable. The chemistry between the two is evident and their erotic power exchange is like a duet in perfect harmony.

The story pace is quick and yet it does not feel rush. There is a nice cadence as information about Victoria’s past is revealed and Diego’s dilemma comes to light. There is a good balance between the plot and the sex scenes. This is a tightly written story where all the threads are tied together and the resolution is the anticipated happily ever after. This kinky paranormal romance is recommended for femdom lovers who enjoy a strong male submissive.

Reviewed by Book Addict

theabcsThe ABC’s of Submission by Lucy Star

Link to buy Abiding by Sir’s Orders (The ABCs of Submission Book 1)

Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


New to submission, Dr. Jasmine Reynolds is on the road to discovery of her limits and her needs. Though most of the story gives away very little about Clayton Shultz, a professor, he is the kind of Dominant I love. Clayton isn’t a power-tripping alpha wanting constant reassurance of his ownership. He is a loving, patient and very human Dominant. The characters in Ms. Star’s book seem more realistic, like people I might run into at a local Munch. The writing was very good and supremely hot. There were some editing glitches, but none that really detracted from the mood the author set.

The plot is a tad disjointed and I’m sure someone more knowledgeable than I could spot errors in the content, but I enjoyed this read. The story begins with Jasmine’s “education” which consists of Clayton taking her by the hand into the wonderful, pleasurable world of kink. There’s no “negotiations” on the page or that sort of thing, although Jasmine had clearly been schooled about safewords and limits. Clayton doesn’t overstep, content to make small inroads into uncharted territory with Jasmine. The book does drop the reader two months into their relationship, their D/s status already established. The plot revolves around the progression, the evolution of their connection.

Most of the conflict is internal as Jasmine adjusts to thinking of herself as a submissive and the climax of the story is when the spotlight shines on her internal doubts and fears. I will warn the reader that this is a cliffhanger with the story continuing in another book. It’s also in first person and I found the perspective in this one compelling.

It speaks to the author’s powerful voice that the things that usually annoy me (cliffhanger, disjointed plot, first person present) didn’t bother me one bit. I enjoyed this author’s style and would love to read the next installment of Jasmine and Clayton.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland