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lovebeatLove Beat by Flora Dain

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


“S & M is scary stuff — and scary means exciting, as TV celebrity Tunis Vale learns when she meets media mogul Cade Fitzlean, who is hosting a themed house party at his secluded mansion to launch the hot, new BDSM movie Hit ‘n Miss Trix. To her horror, Tunis is booked for sessions with a celebrity Dom called The Panther. His career bombed a year before when she threw up at his feet on live television. Cade — who happens to be a former Dom — offers to take her sessions instead. His regime is harsh, and, in return, he wants her full submission for the following week. With her career at stake and her heart on the line, she must choose — submit to Cade or face The Panther’s revenge.”


Did you catch all of that? There you have it.

However, it wasn’t really clear why Cade would be scared to train Tuna —I mean, Tunis — especially since he’s an experienced Dom. And why was Tunis’ heart on the line if she had never even met Cade before? It’s understandable why SHE would be afraid, however, to train under HIM, as she’s a newbie to BDSM. In fact, that’s why she threw up during an on-location shoot at the nightclub where The Panther was leading a scene. The intensity of what she witnessed caused her to toss her cookies at the feet of The Panther, and it was caught on film. But it didn’t make sense that he would want revenge for this, or that his career would bomb because of it. On the contrary… the free publicity would have been priceless, and surely the clip would have gone viral. One would think he should be thanking Tunis profusely, not wanting to make her suffer.

Be that as it may, Tunis feared The Panther’s revenge, so Cade — the owner of the mansion and producer of the film Tunis is there to promote — agrees to train her in BDSM for a week instead of leaving for a business trip. (The guy is such a giver!) The scenes between the two are frequent and highly detailed — just what you want in a BDSM novel, yes? Yes. But this was a bit of a two-edged sword, as there were SO MANY sex scenes that they became a bit repetitive. There was no sexual tension or reader-arousing build-up in which you just can’t wait for the two to be in the same room together. Then again, Cade is obviously quite a testosterone-filled male.

Okay, fine. Who isn’t jealous? But get this: More than once, Tunis referred to Cade’s erection as being purple. “Get thee to an emergency room, my Dom!”

But wait! Just as Tunis and Cade are finding their groove, Cade participates in an act of total betrayal! Or does he????! Will Tunis run from him (and his purple penis?) Will she forgive him? Will she do both?  Fortunately for the reader, you can never quite predict what she’s going to do, and there are some interesting sub-plots to keep the pace moving along nicely.

Reviewed by Summer

thearrangementThe Arrangement by Nicolette Hugo

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5

Review includes Spoilers:

Our kinksters are Vincent Mason, politician and reserve firefighter and Noelle Harper attorney. They enter into a six month BDSM agreement. The story focuses on the last month of their agreement when they decide to take their agreement to 24/7 instead of weekends only. They have ups and downs as Noelle works through her fears and insecurities. After an intense breathe play scene Noelle tells Vincent she loves him but he says nothing in return. His lack of comment eats at Noelle until she starts sabotaging their relationship. Her lack of trust is a huge issue for Mason and he starts to pull away. I won’t give it all away but it was an interesting read.

There’s bondage, breath play, flogging, and other assorted sadistic fun and games.

Reviewed by Wyldeheart

OwnedOwned by M. Never  (Decadence After Dark #1)

***Content Warning*** Owned is a dark erotic romance. Please pay close attention to the use of the words dark, erotic, and romance. It has intense sexual situations, a Master/slave relationship, mild abuse, and some violence. Reader discretion is advised.
“I like you collared, baby. I like you naked, I like you mine.”

Ellie Stevens has lusted over Kayne Roberts since he first walked into the import/export company she works for a little over a year ago. As Expo’s most important client, Ellie has always kept a safe distance from the man with the majestic blue eyes – until temptation finally gets the better of her. Impulsively, Ellie invites Kayne to one of Expo’s infamous company parties her flamboyant boss is notorious for throwing. Unbeknownst to Ellie, the god in the Armani suit isn’t just the suave entrepreneur he portrays himself to be. Underneath the professional exterior is a man with a secret life, dark desires, and nefarious contacts.

In a hidden corner of a trendy New York City lounge, the spark kindling between the two of them ignites. Unable to resist the sinful attraction, Ellie agrees to leave with Kayne, believing she is finally bedding the man of her dreams. Little does she know when she walks out the door, she’s about to be Owned.



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M. Never resides in New York City. When she’s not researching ways to tie up her characters in compromising positions, you can usually find her at the gym kicking the crap out of a punching bag, or eating at some new trendy restaurant. She has a dependence on sushi and a fetish for boots. Fall is her favorite season. She is surrounded by family and friends she wouldn’t trade for the world and is a little in love with her readers. The more the merrier. So make sure to say hi!

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What is BDSM?

Wikipedia says “BDSM is a variety of erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other interpersonal dynamics. Given the wide range of practices, some of which may be engaged in by people who do not consider themselves as practicing BDSM, inclusion in the BDSM community or subculture is usually dependent on self-identification and shared experience. Interest in BDSM can range from one-time experimentation to a lifestyle.” And that’s all well and good, but a very clinical definition. I’ve come to learn over time (in the last year or so) it means so much more than just role playing, bondage, dominance and submission. It means trust and love and devotion. For both parties. Dom and sub. A mutual exchange of care. A unique practice that elevates intimacy to another level many of us will never know. Maybe read about. Maybe fantasize about, but never truly experience. I didn’t foresee deep diving into this world, but what an eye opening experience it has been. When I wrote Owned, I read every type of BDSM book I could get my hands on, broke it down, analyzed it, and then constructed a whole new world from what I learned. I created my fantasy alpha male (Two actually if you count Jett) and brought him to life in the most challenging novel I had ever written. He was all man, all Dom, and all consuming. And he scared the living shit out of me. Which, is of course, what intrigued me. What Owned taught me is there is as much power in pain as there is in pleasure, and a bond so strong between Dom and sub, it’s nearly indestructible. Who wouldn’t want to experience a connection like that? I believe the taboo, allure of the unknown, and forbidden desires of BDSM is what draws so much curiosity to the lifestyle. It made me realize how many different facets of love there could be in one small world. I learn something new and startling every time I research. Watching with morbid fascination as the door cracks open a little wider into the veiled universe of complex ‘interpersonal dynamics.’ It urges me to pose the question – collared by Kayne or tied up by Jett? ~M. Never, author of the bestselling Decadence After Dark series and standalone erotic romance Moto


2016 releasesWhen you first started writing, did you have any idea you’d be writing BDSM/kinky books? Do you write in any other genre?

I started writing in junior high and sold my first freelance article in high school, so no, I had no clue that one day I’d be writing BDSM. It was an organic process, when as an older adult, I decided to write the kind of books that I enjoyed reading. Under another name, I’m published in nonfiction, poetry, music, freelance articles, and children’s books, in addition to one documentary screenplay that premiered earlier this year. My current and upcoming releases are BDSM erotic romances, but this fall, I’ll be adding romance novels to my title list, writing as Erinn Ellender Quinn.  I use pen names as branding. Nia Farrell books are scorching hot erotic romance. Erinn Ellender Quinn books are sizzling romance.

At what point did you decide you wanted to write BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

My sister got me hooked on erotic romance as a reader, but my Three Graces series was my first writing foray into both BDSM and ménage relationships. The characters came with those dynamics, and the stories grew from there.

What have you written in the past that you think your BDSM/kink fans might find interesting?

 My Three Graces Trilogy was just released in paperback. The three novellas it contains (Something Else, Something Different, and Something More) were released as BDSM ménage ebooks. The third one Something More has themes of post-rape PTSD and autism and is a nominee for Best BDSM Book of the Year, Ménage Category, 2016 Golden Flogger Awards.

What is your favorite fetish? Why?

Erotic bondage has its own appeal, but the artistry of kinbaku takes it to a whole other level.

At this point in your career, do you think you’ll write more BDSM/kinky erotica?

Definitely. My next several releases are BDSM books. Something Special (the sequel to Something Else) is the threesome’s honeymoon at a BDSM theme resort where patrons come to play in the past. It introduces my Replay series, which will launch with Viking Raid. I have another series of BDSM historical ménages that will debut in August with As Wicked as You Want. My most exciting project is my June release Pride and Punishment, an erotic retelling of Jane Austen’s beloved classic. Here’s the blurb:

Mr. Darcy is a dominant. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is submissive. Jane Bennet might be the only “handsome” woman in Meryton, but puppy-like Charles Bingley needs a Mistress. Mr. Darcy doesn’t think Jane has what it takes and separates the couple.

His growing lust leads Mr. Darcy to confess his desire to dominate Miss Elizabeth – a proposition that she mistakes for a proposal. Already accused of less-than-gentlemanlike behavior, Darcy must find a way to win the submissive heart of a woman who abhors him.

What’s the most surprising piece of feedback you’ve ever received from a fan of your writing?

My children’s book When Mommy Goes A-Marching is being used in psychologists’ offices to counsel military families. It was amazing when I heard it the first time, but it never gets old.

If someone new to your work is going to start with a story, which one would you recommend they read first?

Dark Moons Rising if they enjoy D/s paranormal shifter stories. Something Else is a new age BDSM MMF erotic romance about reincarnated soulmates (“part BDSM, part paranormal, part love story, all good” and “MMF at its hottest”). Something Different is a rock star MFM romance with a potty mouthed gamer girl exploring the darker side of passion with triple platinum twins who are into edgeplay. Something More, my secret baby book with a waitress, a biker, and a porn star MFM ménage that is the hands-down favorite among readers and is the Golden Flogger nominee.

Who is your favorite BDSM/kinky author? Movie?

That’s like trying to pick a favorite song. Last year’s favorite books included For Real by Alexis Hall. Priest by Sierra Simone, and the Neighborly Affection series by M. Q. Barber

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 Three Graces Trilogy (paperback)

Something Else(ebook)

Something Different (ebook)

Something More (ebook)

Dark Moons Rising ebook and paperback

Upcoming releases:

Something Else (May 5 BDSM ménage) preview

Pride and Punishment (June 1, Regency BDSM historical) preview

britBrit Boys: With Toys by Ashe Barker, M.K. Elliott, Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, Ashley Lister, Sara Masters, Tabitha Rayne, and K.D. Grace

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Story rating: 3 out of 5

Sting factor (kink): 2 out of 5

This anthology of eight stories by British authors explores the role of toys in relationships between men. In some of the tales the notion of what is a ‘toy’ is stretched a bit, but almost all feature some object, to some degree, which plays a part in the plot.

The level of kink varies from essentially none to being a central part of the relationships depicted. Since these are short stories, don’t count on well developed characters or intricate plots. Most of these get right down to business with little or no introduction.

Hard Riders By Ashe Barker

Jackson and Liam meet through a mutual love of motorcycles. It soon turns out that’s not the only common interest they share. Jackson owns his own small chain of sex toy shops, and Liam enjoys having Jackson use parts of his selection on him. However, the two are from very different worlds. Can they resolve their differences?

“Hard Riders” is a tidy little kinky story. Despite it’s relatively short length, it has all the requisite parts of a typical romance plot. There’s the mutual attraction that seems undeniable, along with enough differences to create tension. The kink definitely lives up to the “boys with toys” theme, with Jackson providing a stream of items from his shop.

All Roped Up By M K Elliott

Reporter Alex is looking to uncover the illegal gambling believed to go on around the local underground bare-fisted fight clubs. He sets up an interview with Conner, the top fighter in one of the clubs. Alex plans to just use Conner to get inside the scene, but the fighter has other ideas.

Just in case it’s not obvious, “All Roped Up” explores rope play. In a couple of hot scenes, Conner ties newbie Alex up and takes him to places he never thought possible. Here again, a short story manages to create a somewhat realistic drama in a very short format. The shibari ties Conner uses are well described, painting a vivid picture of Alex all strung up.

Doctor’s Orders By Lucy Felthouse

Aaron and Blake have been together for a few years, with Aaron happily submitting to Blake in the bedroom, although with both of them working in a hospital their time together is often quite limited. Fortunately, they have a whole weekend together to celebrate Aaron’s birthday.

The essence of “Doctor’s Orders” is a long weekend away in a Bath hotel for Aaron and Blake. It’s more or less one long scene, with Blake introducing a few new toys to their play. This is really a rather sweet story of two men who have been together long enough to be very comfortable with each other, yet with a little spice from the BDSM play.

Toys for Boys By K D Grace

Caridoc ‘Doc’ Jones is looking forward to his long walk across England from coast to coast, collecting material and reviewing outdoor products for the special Christmas edition of the online magazine Toys for Boys. What he doesn’t count on is the magazine coming up with the bright idea of having their technology reviewer Will Charles tag along on the trip to record their adventure using the latest smartphone. That’s all Doc needs, having to babysit some geek on a 12 day trek. Only, Will isn’t the scrawny, whiny neophyte Doc expects.

The main toy featured in “Toys for Boys” is the fancy smartphone Will brings along, which the two use to video their various escapades. These include some rather hot scenes where the two prove nature provides some very good toys of her own. The only drawback is that the author seems to be one of those with a weak understanding of anatomy. Her characters would need to have freakishly long arms, that also bent backwards, to get their hands to some of the places described in the scenes. It’s not all fun and hot scenes with willow switches though, as the weather turns ever more miserable, and the boys’ spirits with it.

Mile High Kink Club By Lily Harlem

Rhodri is a powerful man with certain tastes. He’s frustrated trying to find someone who will submit to his brand of domination, so he enlists the aide of a gay matchmaking service, which sets him up on a date with Darius. The man immediately piques Rhodri’s interest, and seems more than willing to give up control. The date is a resounding success as far as Rhodri is concerned, but when he next meets Darius a week later, he finds out the man isn’t exactly who he thought he was.

The title “Mile High Kink Club” may give you an idea of where the main scene between Rhodri and Darius plays out, but the main kink takes place in the pages leading up to it. Rhodri’s favored form of domination is chastity. Enforced chastity, and he doesn’t mind teasing his sub while Darius is locked up.

Open Mike By Ashley Lister

Aspiring poet Ken is looking for advice from local celebrity Mike on how to improve it reading skills for a big upcoming event. He gets more than a few helpful hints from Mike, as the two hit it off. There’s not really anything kinky about “Open Mike”. The story stretches the toys theme a bit, since the only significant object the two men share is a notebook. It’s a somewhat interesting story, but not very hot.

I Get You By Sarah Masters

Morton has a bit of a crush on his chief accountant Warren, but he has never dared act on it, since the young man is his employee. But when Warren gives him a rather flippant opening, Morton somehow works up the nerve to take him seriously and the two of them go off on a week away at the Cornish coast.

“I Get You” is an interesting story about two men who are in the habit of pretending more confidence and experience than they really have. While it’s rather sweet, it’s not very kinky. The sex toys are almost an afterthought and don’t really play any role in the plot.

The Guitar By Tabitha Rayne

Kel is an average-looking guy, shy and introverted, with the corresponding low self-esteem. The only place he truly comes out of his shell is when he plays his guitar. It’s the one thing he believes he is really good at, and apparently he is. For Kel, playing his guitar is almost as good as sex. For several gigs, Kel has noticed a man in the audience who pushes all his buttons and fills his fantasies. The shy guitarist would never make a move on his own, but then the man, Damien, makes a move for Kel.

Although it gets a bit twisted, there really isn’t any kink in “The Guitar”. However, it is a rather good story about looking beyond surface appearances. Just as both men in “I Get You” are not quite as confident as they act, neither Kel or Damien are quite the people you might guess from the way they look.   

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

Without a Net by Lyn Gala without

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Don’t you love a book that turns out to be so much more than you expected?

Ollie Robertson is a cop in a future world in which being gay is entirely acceptable, even in the world of law enforcement. He is openly gay and has submissive tendencies, so he’s the perfect choice to go undercover in a shade club to investigate human-trafficking kidnappings. Not only does he find his job at the club to be much more bizarre and potentially dangerous than anticipated. The so-called protection he’s supposed to receive from fellow cops proves all but nonexistent, and he alludes to his Captain that sexual discrimination is at its core. Although hostility toward gays is expressly prohibited on the police force, Ollie’s assignment now includes the requirement that he root out the sources of homophobia in other officers involved in the case.

Ollie has enough of a challenge wrapping his mind around his new job responsibilities as a sex club worker, especially while having to pretend he is entirely into it. Then, at the risk of being killed, he is forced to fully become what he pretended to be. Kidnapped, held captive and nearly broken through relentless training, he also has to face a very real possibility that the men who were assigned to protect him may not even care to. In fact, it’s quite possible that no one even knows where he is. The book is full of characters you’ll love to hate, and characters you’ll love to love.  And you may even find you’re loving the ones you should hate!  While Ollie should be despising every moment of his captivity, his treatment does force him to learn new core truths about his sexuality.

The sex in “Without A Net” is Male-on-male, and an array of restraints, sex toys and devices are employed throughout. There isn’t a lot of sex; most of the sexual heat is created through the power-exchange dynamics between the characters. This is a rather long book, but it doesn’t become a tedious read, because just when you think you know who is to be trusted, well, you don’t. Try again to figure it out and you might still be wrong. It’s not only an excellent detective story, but could almost stand alone as an erotic novel without the who-dunnit aspect. The combination of the two makes for frequent twists and turns in the story line, plus simmering sexual tension between the characters.

Reviewed by Summer Sterling

When you first started writing, did you have any idea you’d be writing BDSM/kinky books? Do you write in any other genre?

I began my journey as a submissive first and the writing came as a result. A submissive journaling as a means of reflection and communication with her Dominant is a common suggestion, so in the beginning I wrote and then posted my journal online. The incredibly positive feedback encouraged me to write “our story.”

I only write about my personal experience in Power Exchange, kink, and polyamory. DD1

Are you actively involved in BDSM? If so how do you identify yourself? Dom(me)/sub? Top/bottom? Switch?

I live in a Modern Day 1950’s M/s Household. I am a slave. We transitioned from a vanilla egalitarian relationship to exploring D/s in the bedroom. It eventually led to full time Dominance and submission and within the past couple years we have lived as Master/slave.

Was there something that happened to you in your life or career that made you want to begin thinking about writing BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

For us it was always about our transition from vanilla to kinky. We were continuously telling that specific story to others, offering suggestions and advice, detailing that transitory time in our life. That is when the old “us” died and the “new” us was born.

Is there one area of BDSM that you tend to write about more? Why do you think that area creeps into your writing more than some others?

I write about female submission. It is what I know, what I breathe, what I experience day to day. I feel like the most authentic writings come from people writing about what they know and love. I love to empower women who desire submission; to be an example of a smart, strong, brave, vocal, and powerful woman who simply submits to her partner.

Do you write BDSM/kink erotica based on what you find interesting or sexy, or do you write more for your audience?

I write my personal experience, so certainly what I find sexy. I know our kinks inside and out. I try my very best to explain what it feels like to have a steel blade on your skin or to be standing bare being punished by the one you call Master. Because I have lived it. I want to educate with my writing, not just entice. But I do write these experiences in a creative non-fiction style that I hope my audience will enjoy more than traditional non-fiction writing.

What is your favorite fetish? Why?

Wow, so many to narrow! After consideration, I think it is everything 1950’s related. My husband in a suit, me in a pretty dress and victory rolls. Serving a welcome home drink with a smile and spending my days baking and cooking and cleaning. Looking like a normal, old-fashioned and conservative couple to the outside world, knowing that we share a dirty little secret. The proper manners. The traditional household rules. Each person knowing their own roles in the relationship. So very hot.

What’s the most surprising piece of feedback you’ve ever received from a fan of your writing?

“You’ve got this wonderful ability to suck the reader in, put them in your shoes, and then drop them on the other side feeling awed to have gotten a glimpse.”

I never really understood what made my writing different or special until I read this. I write my actual life: my passion, my energy, my emotions, my relationship, my fuck-ups, my successes. It comes out raw and real and passionate. This feedback made the pieces fall in place for me.

Have you ever heard that a fan might have tried something from one of your stories and liked it? Did you take it as a compliment?

Yes I have and yes I do. The kinky fun time stuff is always a “high five, you go girl!” pleasant compliment. It puts a smile on my face all day. But it is especially the stories of deepening relationships through power exchange that impact me the most and leave me feeling humbled. I am a simple submissive, sharing her path through life, and the thought that I might have made a positive impact on others makes it so worth the difficult task of bearing my soul and relationship to the world.

Darling Discovered: A True Story of Submission is available for pre-order now and will be released June 1, 2016.



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Stealing Her Heart by Sindra van Yssel stealing

Link to buy

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


After years of trying to become a police detective, Vanessa gets her chance to work undercover. Posing as Mistress Lizabet’s submissive, Vanessa goes to the Barony, DC’s most exclusive BDSM club, to investigate the handsome Gerard Coven, supposedly reformed jewel thief and club owner. If she can seduce him and crack the case open, it could be her big break. If she falls for a master criminal, it could be her downfall.

The world she discovers at the club calls out to her, awakening her long-suppressed desire for domination. His ropes and his touch are electric, but the foundation of dominance and submission is trust. As much as her heart is attracted to the dangerous man, how can she trust a thief? She has a job to do, and no matter what he does to her, she has to keep her head…or he just might steal her heart.


Stealing her heart, not stealing the jewels, that’s what’s on Coven’s mind. Undercover cop Vanessa is in for an awakening to the pleasures of being submissive and public play. The tables are quickly turned and intrigue and pleasure go hand in hand. If you like a bit of mystery mixed with some kinky sex you’re on the right trail.

Vanessa learns, much to her surprise, that she likes being tied up in more ways than one. This is a nice short story, not too emotional, with a very matter of fact introduction to the lifestyle. This was light reading that I was able to complete in a day.

Reviewed by Foxy Loxy

shrinkcoverShrink Inc.: Worshipping  Claire by Taedis

Link to buy

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5

Trusting the woman he loves, Mark implements his greatest fantasy of being a small, insignificant size worshipping a giant woman. His girlfriend, Andrea, will own him and he’ll be 9.25 inches.  Their D/s relationship will be extreme and satisfying for both sides.  But betrayal and danger are all Mark has in his future and, though he falls in love with his trainer, Claire, a happy ending for him seems as miniscule as his new body.

This story…was both fascinating and horrifying. The idea that someone could give up everything-money, self-determination, their status as a human being-and be betrayed triggered me in a big way.  There is humiliation which is Mark’s kink and arouses him like nothing else does.  He wants to be nothing.  Yet, he has clearly stated limits and those limits are completely ignored.  As this is from Mark’s point of view, the impact of that betrayal is definitely felt.  The consequent events after Mark takes the huge step of resizing are difficult to read, but worth it.

The writing in this short story is brilliant, actually drawing me into a kink that isn’t mine. Being a “little” is something I know about, know people who love it, and can “get” even if it’s not my kink.  The idea of becoming absolutely helpless with no recourse is terrifying to me.  But I do know it’s not a frightening idea to others.  This story drew me in and kept me riveted.  This isn’t your usual sexual connection.  This is more of the mental bondage stuff that can really turn you on and fuck you up.

Mark’s relationships are complicated and fraught with peril for him. Yet, I think he does grow in this story.  In the beginning, I think Mark was a selfish “now” kind of person who only thought of the future in terms of his pleasure.  He says he loves Andrea, but I wonder if he ever loved anyone up until he becomes a small man.  The time he spends at the mercy of circumstances gives him the opportunity to come to understand his emotions.  The ending is satisfying and sweet.

There are some triggers here to be aware of when reading. Some of the aspects of Mark’s experiences were emotionally disturbing to me.  The idea of being forced to breast feed, to respond like a toddler, to take mind-altering drugs that made him more compliant, was a tough section of the story.  Personally, I have a ton of fear around giving up my “self” so I found some of the events hard to take.  But ultimately, this was about Mark’s fetishes and his growth.  The author nailed that.

I do recommend this book highly, not because it will “titillate” but because it made me think about the consequences of desire, of “want” over “love”, and how I can become distracted by the physical and forget about the human connection.  This is a story I won’t forget.  If you’re someone who gets turned on by the idea of being a small person worshipping a big one, this will definitely get your engine running.  The writing is stellar, the story is compelling, and the message is perfect.

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