Review: The Borstal Mistress by Kivutar Amy Koski

The Borstal Mistress by Kivutar Amy Koski borstal2

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


It is 1950 and Lydney Bridge Borstal institution is failing: miserably. A new governor is needed, to sweep away the corruption and rebellious behaviour. But the new governor is…a governess! Jillian Welland comes with the strict reputation of a martinet, but she gets results. She seems to enjoy inflicting punishments, as does the local magistrate, Lady Soames. With so many wild and frustrated young men under lock and key there will be all the strict discipline you might imagine. Sound intriguing? You can bet it is, especially when Miss Welland initiates the use of the cane and rubber strap to enforce her strict rule. The whipping horse in the Punishment Room is probably going to be very busy, and when she discovers her male assistant governor’s dark secret…

A tale of canes, rubber punishment straps and paddles, whipping benches, rubber corsets and gloves, and chastity tubes (amongst other things!) In a Borstal, as well as in everyday life, discipline is the key, and the key is best held by a strict woman.A

As an English Literature graduate, schooled in the classics, I kind of want to give this book a harsh review. However, as an obedient boy who craves the cane, just like every male character present here I have been well and truly beaten into submission by this spanking-heavy tale of hard femdom.

The plot is simple: a dominant woman is put in charge of a penal institution, and rules harshly over prisoners and male staff alike. And even that thin plot has a hole or two: the female characters inexplicably take great risks by confiding dangerous secrets in one another based on very little shared experience.

However, these little conveniences and short cuts can be forgiven for getting us to the good bits quicker. And they are very good: appropriately hard-hitting, exhilarating and utterly addictive.

There isn’t a lot of variety to the play, and certainly no maledom or even switching here – every woman (apart from one minor character, who is derided) is dominant, and every man is, willingly or otherwise, spanked into submission and slavery.

As arousingly as they are described, for a while there does appear to be a danger of these hard femdom spanking sessions becoming repetitive. However, that welcome variety is added later on, with enforced chastity, body worship, and unauthorised cumming being added to the mix. And on one occasion, the mistress allows herself to be restrained, but be assured, she is still very much in charge.

So overall, not much to say about the storyline, but I could count on one calloused hand the very few times I’ve been this turned on by a book before.

Reviewed by Jay Willowbay


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