November BOTM is Teach Me: Brie’s Submission by Red Phoenix

Teach Me: Brie’s Submission by Red Phoenix


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Story rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


One card and one man will change Brianna’s life forever. Will Brianna’s curiosity get the better of her and take the chance at the Training Center? Is she brave enough to try or will Brianna let this opportunity pass her by?

Brianna’s story is an interesting read. A gentleman who shops at the tobacco store that Brianna works at and leaves her with more questions than answers. Soon we are along for the ride with Brianna as she begins her schooling to learn to be a submissive. This is an interesting idea and it was nice to see the young women at the school find their way and if being a submissive was truly for them. The friendships and rivalries that are made in this story are a good read. I enjoyed watching  Brianna’s journey begin. She is just starting to understand her needs and wants and how to go about getting them. This is a nice start to this series. Although I did enjoy meeting Brianna it was the secondary characters that grabbed my attention the most. Many of the men and Doms in this story had my attention as soon as they were introduced.I would love to see more from the likes of  Rystar, Tono and Mr. Gallant.  Brianna has already started to grow in this first book and I am interested to see where her life will go from here.

Reviewed by Gabrielle 

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