Anya Howard

Anya Howard is a native of Tennessee and attended East Tennessee State University, where she majored in history. Since childhood Anya has had an avid interest in the paranormal. As a Norse pagan priestess, her stories and novels are often inspired by European folk tales and legends. Her titles have been published through Kensington Aphrodisia, Hustler Fantasies, Red Rose Publishing, and Smashwords.

Anya and her husband have shared a mutually consensual Dom/sub relationship since they were wed. They have been happily married since 1995.





Some of Anya’s kinky books:

Sexy Beast VI
Wings of the Swan – Deep in the northern woods, a Saxon chieftain comes upon a hidden waterfall–and watches in amazement as a woman lovelier than a swan appears underneath it. Can this vision of sensual grace be human? Her body is utterly dazzling, and when their sexual longings are satisfied at last, she shows him the ultimate in carnal pleasure…

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Gillian has answered her calling as a Disciple. Student and Submissive, she desires only to satisfy masters and mistresses alike–and in doing so, taps into her own deepest fantasies. She longs to forget the life of frustrated yearning she left behind . . . and when a powerful new lover makes her part of his harem, the new Submissive must surrender to pleasures she never imagined–and enter a realm from which she will never want to return.

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Taming the Rose

Daughter of a forest woodsman, Roselyn’s life has always been simple and routine. But everything changes after Roselyn’s stunning sister accepts the marriage proposal of kind Prince Michael. Enduring the dour courtiers at the prince’s castle is definitely not Roselyn’s idea of fun, but soon she becomes friends with a pair of attractive and lively young men who are as bored with Michael’s court as Roselyn is. When the three venture secretly to a fair outside of Michael’s dominion, Roselyn witnesses sensuous sights that remind her of the frustrated desires she has always ignored. That night Roselyn is introduced to the Mummer King, a forbidden masked figure whose duty is to carry petitioners’ requests to the old pagan gods. In the presence of the Mummer King Roselyn dares confess her secret and passionate needs.

But upon returning to Prince Michael’s castle Roselyn is confronted with an ancient evil that has been unleashed on the court. Hope of defeating this monstrous force arrives in the most unexpected source; one that will challenge Michael’s reign, and more so, Roselyn’s reluctance to trust her desire for love.

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