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I started—like so many BDSM fans—reading kinky stories in court. See, I’m a bankruptcy lawyer. I frequently have to go to court, but I never know when my case will be called so I need to bring work or something to read. The anonymity of e-readers means no one has to know what I’m reading. I got hooked on Cherise Sinclair’s stories first. Then Juniper Bell’s Training the Receptionist, and Annabel Joseph’s Comfort Object. One time I was so engrossed in some BDSM erotica that I almost missed the deputy calling my client’s case.

The next logical step was to bring my laptop to court and start writing. I focused on something that seemed universal in BDSM stories: the Dom orders the sub to do something, but she balks. What if, I wondered, there was a woman who didn’t balk? That woman became Darby Tolliver, the heroine in The Locked Heart. She’s a natural submissive, and of course she has to fall for Damien Lockhart, a Dom who avoids emotional attachment at all costs. Watching Darby and Damien struggle to find their happiness was almost as good as reading the latest BDSM stories by my favorite authors.

For my latest series I’m writing what I know—lawyers. Specifically one very high-powered lawyer, Mackenzie Lyon. He’s a Dom, of course, but he’s also the go-to legal eagle for others in the scene. Need a Master/slave agreement drawn up? Take it to Mac. Worried what will happen to your sub if you die? Get Mac to help you with your will. In fact, that’s how The Bequest starts—with the death of a Master who’s “left” his slave, Sara, to his vanilla nephew, Cal. Sara’s not happy about the arrangement until she sees Cal: six-five, compelling dark looks, and gorgeous, powerful hands. Mac helps Cal see the values of BDSM as a way of ensuring a partner’s sexual pleasure. Hey, what can I say? Mac’s a great lawyer!

My stories are all romances that feature the “softer” end of the BDSM spectrum. That’s because I’m interested in the people who find BDSM appealing, even just occasionally. The resulting relationship may range from a committed BDSM couple (The Locked Heart) to a couple who make creative use of those padded handcuffs someone gave them as a wedding gift (Roman & Juliet, a free short story). There’s room in BDSM erotica for my love stories, just as there’s room in BDSM for all levels of interest.





Christina’s kinky books:

The-Locked-Heart-180x288The Locked Heart
The Aerie Doms, Book 1
Darby just wants a drink when the airline cancels her flight, but she gets more: she gets noticed by Damien, a handsome man who wants to spend the night with her. Darby loves being dominated, so she travels to The Aerie, the private BDSM sex club Damien frequents, to see if she really is a submissive.

At The Aerie, Damien’s normal detachment fails him with Darby. He’s obsessed with her enthusiasm and grace but he’s locked his heart against her love.

This book contains scorching hot scenes of BDSM sex between a blackhearted Dom and a natural sub, but don’t be fooled: it’s really a romance.

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The-Bequest-200x300The Bequest
Lawyer to the Doms, Book 1
Sara leads a double life: CFO by day, sexual submissive at night. When her Master dies suddenly, Sara discovers his will leaves her to his nephew, as though she’s a valuable piece of furniture. She’s ready to move into a hotel when she gets her first sight of the new owner, gorgeous six-foot-five Cal. Sara has a sudden desire to kneel at his feet. Only problem, he’s not a Dom.

Cal, a gifted but impoverished composer, barely knew his uncle. So it’s a shock to inherit Bruno’s fortune … and his sexual submissive. Under the terms of the will, they’ll have to live as roommates before Cal can deed the house to her. Smart, lovely and graceful, Sara drives Cal crazy with desire. Only problem, he’s not a Dom.

Cal is used to directing an orchestra to create the performance he wants, but he has to visit The Club to understand why Bruno left him The Bequest.

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Roman-and-Juliet-180x244Roman & Juliet
The Aerie Doms, Book 4
For one night, Colorado rancher Roman Grainger is an honored guest at The Aerie, Xavier Greer’s private BDSM club. Roman’s not sure the whips-and-chains stuff is for him, though, and he’s about to leave when he sees Juliet Howard, half-naked, kneeling at his feet.

Juliet Howard, a regular sub at The Aerie, figures she’s won the sub lottery when she looks up at a real cowboy, complete with the boots and a Stetson in one hand. But when they get to The Medieval Room, she realizes that Roman’s not exactly an experienced Dom. Still, he’s the sexiest man she’s seen for a long time. And since the regular Aerie Doms are either paired up with their own subs or nervous about playing with Juliet because she’s “the delicate one,” she’s not letting Roman go just yet.

Can one night together be the start of something wonderful, or will it just be a fantasy played out for them both?

I wrote this short story so you can try out my writing for free. Roman and Juliet features other characters from The Aerie Doms universe, but it’s a stand-alone story with its own satisfying ending.

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