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Mistress’s Release by Anastacia Vitsky mistressrelease

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Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Two women. Two pasts. One destiny.

Trinity survived an abusive fundamentalist father, needy siblings, an uncaring mother, and a lifetime of fear that she will go to hell for being a lesbian. Never mind her craving for kink and the intricate dynamics of BDSM.

Graciela, on the other hand, came of age following a picture-perfect childhood complete with 4-H, cornfields, and doting parents. Successful in her chosen field, she’s established a thriving overseas practice as a professional domme.

Now, with Trinity forgiven for cheating a decade ago, the two women are finally happy. But before returning to America, Trinity receives contact from her family: They want a reunion. Gracie hits the roof.

Her lover’s family almost killed her once. Wasn’t that enough? Graciela wants Trinity safe at all costs. She issues an ultimatum: No contact, even if it means cutting ties with her family forever.

But Trinity’s longed for this moment half her life. Family’s family, no matter what they do. She loves Gracie, but no one can replace parents. Why can’t Gracie understand? She has pledged to obey, but she can’t make this sacrifice.

Can Gracie and Trinity’s love for each other overcome this impasse? Or will happily ever after turn into a parting of ways?

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Book one: Mistress on Her Knees
Book two: Mistress, Please


This beautifully written novella is the final part in a trilogy of lesbo-erotic BDSM romances, and examines the fragile relationship and fractured past of two dommes, one of whom has a deeply submissive side.

Having not read the previous two parts, I had a little difficulty at first in matching each character to their respective back stories, both pre and post meeting one another, and I never did work out why they were in a very particular location. Nevertheless, this presents a compelling and often moving depiction of their relationship, the insecurities and obstacles to overcome, and the love that binds them despite the difficulties.

There is kink too, mostly focusing on spanking and age-play, but often this is told rather than shown, or ran through quickly. The one scene which really does focus vividly and enduringly on the BDSM aspect comes over as heartbreaking and cathartic rather than overtly erotic, as the demons of a character’s harrowing past are painfully purged.

This is a bittersweet and touching story, and very well told. It is marked on story and sting, but the quality of the writing deserves a special mention over and above sheer numerical values. But a number I would recommend is Part 1 as a starting point, which I’m sure would make for a more satisfying experience than trying to jump in at the tail end of the series.

Reviewed by Jay Willowbay

britBrit Boys: With Toys by Ashe Barker, M.K. Elliott, Lucy Felthouse, Lily Harlem, Ashley Lister, Sara Masters, Tabitha Rayne, and K.D. Grace

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Story rating: 3 out of 5

Sting factor (kink): 2 out of 5

This anthology of eight stories by British authors explores the role of toys in relationships between men. In some of the tales the notion of what is a ‘toy’ is stretched a bit, but almost all feature some object, to some degree, which plays a part in the plot.

The level of kink varies from essentially none to being a central part of the relationships depicted. Since these are short stories, don’t count on well developed characters or intricate plots. Most of these get right down to business with little or no introduction.

Hard Riders By Ashe Barker

Jackson and Liam meet through a mutual love of motorcycles. It soon turns out that’s not the only common interest they share. Jackson owns his own small chain of sex toy shops, and Liam enjoys having Jackson use parts of his selection on him. However, the two are from very different worlds. Can they resolve their differences?

“Hard Riders” is a tidy little kinky story. Despite it’s relatively short length, it has all the requisite parts of a typical romance plot. There’s the mutual attraction that seems undeniable, along with enough differences to create tension. The kink definitely lives up to the “boys with toys” theme, with Jackson providing a stream of items from his shop.

All Roped Up By M K Elliott

Reporter Alex is looking to uncover the illegal gambling believed to go on around the local underground bare-fisted fight clubs. He sets up an interview with Conner, the top fighter in one of the clubs. Alex plans to just use Conner to get inside the scene, but the fighter has other ideas.

Just in case it’s not obvious, “All Roped Up” explores rope play. In a couple of hot scenes, Conner ties newbie Alex up and takes him to places he never thought possible. Here again, a short story manages to create a somewhat realistic drama in a very short format. The shibari ties Conner uses are well described, painting a vivid picture of Alex all strung up.

Doctor’s Orders By Lucy Felthouse

Aaron and Blake have been together for a few years, with Aaron happily submitting to Blake in the bedroom, although with both of them working in a hospital their time together is often quite limited. Fortunately, they have a whole weekend together to celebrate Aaron’s birthday.

The essence of “Doctor’s Orders” is a long weekend away in a Bath hotel for Aaron and Blake. It’s more or less one long scene, with Blake introducing a few new toys to their play. This is really a rather sweet story of two men who have been together long enough to be very comfortable with each other, yet with a little spice from the BDSM play.

Toys for Boys By K D Grace

Caridoc ‘Doc’ Jones is looking forward to his long walk across England from coast to coast, collecting material and reviewing outdoor products for the special Christmas edition of the online magazine Toys for Boys. What he doesn’t count on is the magazine coming up with the bright idea of having their technology reviewer Will Charles tag along on the trip to record their adventure using the latest smartphone. That’s all Doc needs, having to babysit some geek on a 12 day trek. Only, Will isn’t the scrawny, whiny neophyte Doc expects.

The main toy featured in “Toys for Boys” is the fancy smartphone Will brings along, which the two use to video their various escapades. These include some rather hot scenes where the two prove nature provides some very good toys of her own. The only drawback is that the author seems to be one of those with a weak understanding of anatomy. Her characters would need to have freakishly long arms, that also bent backwards, to get their hands to some of the places described in the scenes. It’s not all fun and hot scenes with willow switches though, as the weather turns ever more miserable, and the boys’ spirits with it.

Mile High Kink Club By Lily Harlem

Rhodri is a powerful man with certain tastes. He’s frustrated trying to find someone who will submit to his brand of domination, so he enlists the aide of a gay matchmaking service, which sets him up on a date with Darius. The man immediately piques Rhodri’s interest, and seems more than willing to give up control. The date is a resounding success as far as Rhodri is concerned, but when he next meets Darius a week later, he finds out the man isn’t exactly who he thought he was.

The title “Mile High Kink Club” may give you an idea of where the main scene between Rhodri and Darius plays out, but the main kink takes place in the pages leading up to it. Rhodri’s favored form of domination is chastity. Enforced chastity, and he doesn’t mind teasing his sub while Darius is locked up.

Open Mike By Ashley Lister

Aspiring poet Ken is looking for advice from local celebrity Mike on how to improve it reading skills for a big upcoming event. He gets more than a few helpful hints from Mike, as the two hit it off. There’s not really anything kinky about “Open Mike”. The story stretches the toys theme a bit, since the only significant object the two men share is a notebook. It’s a somewhat interesting story, but not very hot.

I Get You By Sarah Masters

Morton has a bit of a crush on his chief accountant Warren, but he has never dared act on it, since the young man is his employee. But when Warren gives him a rather flippant opening, Morton somehow works up the nerve to take him seriously and the two of them go off on a week away at the Cornish coast.

“I Get You” is an interesting story about two men who are in the habit of pretending more confidence and experience than they really have. While it’s rather sweet, it’s not very kinky. The sex toys are almost an afterthought and don’t really play any role in the plot.

The Guitar By Tabitha Rayne

Kel is an average-looking guy, shy and introverted, with the corresponding low self-esteem. The only place he truly comes out of his shell is when he plays his guitar. It’s the one thing he believes he is really good at, and apparently he is. For Kel, playing his guitar is almost as good as sex. For several gigs, Kel has noticed a man in the audience who pushes all his buttons and fills his fantasies. The shy guitarist would never make a move on his own, but then the man, Damien, makes a move for Kel.

Although it gets a bit twisted, there really isn’t any kink in “The Guitar”. However, it is a rather good story about looking beyond surface appearances. Just as both men in “I Get You” are not quite as confident as they act, neither Kel or Damien are quite the people you might guess from the way they look.   

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

beingfreecoverBeing Free by Sylvia Ryan

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Lightly kinky, Being Free nicely concludes the New Atlanta Series. Journey Doe is part of the Resistance ready to take down the power hungry Hitler wanna be, General Morgan. This is the end game and it is fitting that the book is numbered four. This story nicely wraps up the breakdown of the zones and the crazy rantings of General Morgan. Journey Doe is ready to lay her life down to ensure a better life for all. She is perfectly placed to take down the head of this evil government.

This story carries a somber note from beginning to until almost the end. There is a sense of hopelessness because Journey is a woman well experienced with being left behind and unwanted. Her tale from a childhood orphan to her single status adulthood is sad and explains her desire to die for her cause. She really has nothing to live for and this is when a person becomes most dangerous. Ms. Ryan does a good job of building her character and showing both Journey’s strength and vulnerabilities. What Journey desires more than anything is to have a place in someone’s heart. To be wanted for herself and not be a stand in seems to be so little to ask for yet so hard for Journey to receive. When Silas Morgan, the brother of the evil dictator takes interest in Journey, it isn’t clear if this is a good or bad thing.

Silas is odd for me. He seems to come out of nowhere. He reminds me a little Rock. What confuses me about Silas is how he is close to his brother, General Conrad Morgan. Is G. Morgan so delusional he does not understand the threat he is under? One would think after numerous attempts at his life, he would be more paranoid and have his brother, Silas killed. The fact that G. Morgan also likes to take Silas’s things and break them, does that not mean Silas would be in more danger and not likely to be in G. Morgan’s inner circle? Some of the set up in this book just didn’t work for me. It didn’t make sense.

From an erotic standpoint, this story is lightly kinky. Once again CALM Therapy is mentioned. Unlike in a couple of the previous books, it is only mildly shown. It is almost clinical in a way to help Journey experience a cathartic moment as prescribed by a former lover. The lack of intimacy between Silas and Journey makes for a toned down sexual interlude.

The ending comes swiftly as crazy Conrad Morgan loses it and strikes out. The resolution is a bit anticlimactic after all the pain G. Morgan has perpetrated upon a broken society. The epilogue is a sweet conclusion to a lost girl finally found. This happily ever after wraps up a Lord of the Files dystopian world with a message of hope and love. Recommended for dystopian readers who enjoy a kinky twist.

Reviewed by Book Addict

gemstoneGemstone by Anastasia Vitsky

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


For those who buy books simply from looking at the cover or reading the pre-story blurb may think to buy this book expecting hot, kinky lesbian sex in every other chapter. They will be sorely disappointed and complain about “Gemstone”. However, if you are looking for a multi leveled, slow build and burn (seems an appropriate analogy consider the figging talk), highly erotic love story, this is the right book to buy. There are no in intricately detailed major sex scenes in ‘Gemstone’. However, the entire book gives a feel of a slow boil taking place just below the surface, or perhaps just out of eyesight. Vitsky does a very good job of mixing narrative with “online chat” to flush out the hidden story of our two main characters. The chat parts ring especially true to anyone who has chatted online and wondered about the person at the other keyboard.

Gemma is the lead in this wonderful little story. She is a good church going lady who comes across to her friends in her small town as a little uptight. The fact she is a lesbian does not seem to garner even a raised eyebrow, from her friends or pastor, which is a welcome change. Add in her best friend, who spends time trying to fix her up with just the right girl, is also a lesbian, this seems like a very well- adjusted little town. Gemma though does have a secret life, which she lives out on “Kinklife”, a fictional web site for the BDSM crowd. There, Gemma is Mistress Lorelei, a BDSM Mistress who picks up and discards “baby girls” who want more than she is willing to give.

Enter Gemma’s neighbor, Celine, who accidentally discovers Gemma’s double life. Living just down the block from Gemma, Celine has discovered she has fallen in love with Gemma but can’t seem to find a way to get Gemma’s attention. Thus we end up with some good old fashioned “catfishing” done by Celine on Kinklife. Celine’s goal is to get to know Gemma better, and hopefully find a way in to her life. What she ends up with is way more than that.

While ‘Gemstone’ is most definitely a BDSM book, including punishment, spankings (with various items found around the house as well as hand), figging (If you don’t know, Google it, but be warned), at its core it is a love story. True, a love story for the 21st century; girl meets girl, virtual Mistress meets girl, girl loses girl, girl finds girl. It is a good, interesting read, that does not require a suspension of belief to believe in it.

The only negative about ‘Gemstone’ was the epilogue. It does not have the same feel as the rest of the book. It feels like the author wanted to recap the story, make sure it was obvious Gemma was a Christian woman, and that kink/BDSM and lesbianism can be accepted as good Christian values. It is understandable, in today’s environment to want to emphasis this fact, but the story all by itself does this wonderfully. The epilogue wasn’t needed. Is that enough to turn someone off from buying ‘Gemstone’? Not in the slightest. ‘Gemstone’ is worth the cost of admission and a great read. It is up to the reader whether they wish to read the epilogue as well as the book.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven

Mistress, Please by Anastasia Vitsky mistress

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Despite its title, Mistress, Please is not an erotic book per se. It would be more accurate to say that it is an offbeat romance involving two long-estranged women who are wending their way through the minefield of lingering emotional wounds on the road to reconciliation. As it happens, the reuniting lovers are deeply entrenched in the D/s lifestyle and one is a Mistress and the other a sub, although the sub fancies herself to be a domme of sorts.

Unquestionably, this story is original.The setting is Seoul, Korea, where Mistress Grace has been in business for ten years as a professional dominatrix, based on the names of her clients, presumably catering primarily to British and American ex-pats. It is rather vague how Trinity came to leave her job as a pro domme in the states and ended up sharing Grace’s cramped two-bedroom apartment/dungeon, somehow without her passport or proof that she entered the country legally.

For the most part, all sexual or D/s scenarios between the lovers or involving Grace’s clients happen offstage or are presented in a matter-of-fact non-erotic manner. The lover’s split and pasts are rather complicated, so there is a fair amount of angst for the strong-willed pair to sort through before something akin to HEA or HFN can finally be attained.

Basically this story is mainstream fiction, and as such I enjoyed it. It is unclear whether or not the author intended it to be anything else. If this sort of fare appeals to your reading palette, I highly recommend it; just don’t expect to vicariously experience steamy BDSM naughtiness.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

Swallowing Mayhem by James Cox swallowing

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Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


When Mayhem is a big hulk who can tear a person’s head off, swallowing him may be easier said than done. This is the fifth book in Outlaw MC series. Full disclosure, I didn’t read the first 4 books. The book can be read as a standalone because Mr. Cox does a good job of recapping the situation and building on the relationship between Mayhem and Torrin.

In this world, the underdogs are the good guys in a dystopian world where the worst of humanity comes to fruition. Women are used for breeding and men of color are slaves. This story could have gone in a dark way with heavy emphasis on the sexual abuse and violations of the oppressed. Instead, Mr. Cox focuses on the rebel forces working to overthrow the evil tyrant.

This story is short and sweet. It’s action packed filled with testosterone. The men in here are fighting for their lives. The characters are memorable only by their call signs. Their personalities are more or less the same. Neither Mayhem nor Torrin did much for me. Mayhem tends to be a man with few words as he grunts out his answers. Torrin is a boy going through a painful epiphany. The lack of character engagement for me is fine because I’m more interested in the plot. I want to know what happens and how these Outlaws will bring down the corrupt government.

The sex in this book is hawt and dirty. I liked the men taking each other roughly. The swinging sex at the end is nicely done. The reason why I rated this as a 2 for sting is because the BDSM is light in here. It’s a little taste, just to whet the appetite. For those who enjoy a little rough sex with exhibition, this book will do it for you. After reading this book, I’m hooked and want to read the next one. Recommended for m/m readers who enjoy bad boys with an enemy to lover trope.

Reviewed by Book Addict

claimedClaimed by the Order by J. Johanis

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Imagine if you will that the mythical gods of the ancient world — Greek, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, etc. — were all real, and interacted with each other. They form the elite society of the time, and they even have their own boarding school where the younger gods can learn about history, warfare and seduction — all the godly arts. As private schools catering to the rich and powerfull, narturally there’s a secret society that nobody is supposed to know about, yet everyone seems to be a member of.

The Order, as this society is called, includes many of the teachers as well as students at the school. The Order claims new students that are still ‘virgins’, to man-on-man sex at least. Marduk is seduced and tricked into becoming The Order’s latest recruit without knowing what that entails. He becomes the great god Samash’s slave, and must service the sexual whims of all the members of the order whenever they request him.

Marduk is crushed by the betrayal of gods he admired and friends he thought he could trust. He is further frustrated to find that The Order seems to have influence in every corner he looks for help. The only way out of his enslavement he is offered is to participate in the recruitment of a new god to take his place, which means betraying another god in the same way Marduk was betrayed.

The setup of “Claimed By The Order” requires a rather significant suspension of disbelief. Even for fantasy, there’s quite a lot of improbable situations to buy into. However, once you get past the first few chapters, you can more easily forget that these are supposedly gods (although conveniently without their powers) and just pretend that they’re privileged young men in some high class college.

The situation Marduk finds himself in may be harder to swallow for some. Strictly speaking — and we know you love it when we’re strict — this isn’t BDSM. Marduk doesn’t really agree to becoming a slave to a master, he has no safe word and no ethical way to escape his situation. It’s an entirely non-consensual situation, and the blurbs for the book are quite clear about this.

pparently the gods like to play rough, but since Marduk is a god himself, any physical damage they do to him is healed quickly. However, what actually happens is left more to the imagination. We get very few detailed descriptions of the scenes that play out between Marduk and his tormentors. What actually gets described is little more than rough sex, with perhaps some light bondage. Unless non-con is your kink, this book doesn’t offer too much for the hard-core kinkster.

Once you strip away the superficial trappings of kink and fantasy, what you’re left with is a rather predictable romance. The course of Marduk and Akad’s love is not true, but its twists and turns are rather standard fare in romance stories. This is where writing can make a big difference, and fortunately the writing of “Claimed By The Order” is competent, if not especially inspiring. The story as a whole is different enough to be interesting, if not particularly memorable.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

londoncoverLondon Bound by Jessica Jarman

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


The author has primarily written fantasy fiction aimed at the New Adult market and London Bound is her first foray into contemporary erotic romance.

This short novel features Meg, a 40 year old American Widow on a six week break in London and Nathan, the hot, 27 year old neighbor she meets and falls in love with.

Although Meg is 13 years older than Nathan, emotionally she is quite immature, shy and hesitant. I was a little confused by the chronology; Meg has been widowed for six years and prior to that had been in a 20 year relationship with her husband Scott. It’s conceivable that they were Junior High school sweethearts but given that her son is almost twenty, it would have made more sense for Meg to have been a few years older.

Nathan is handsome, self assured and obviously wealthy. He heads up his family’s pharmaceutical company and since his father’s death, feels very responsible for his mother and younger sisters welfare. After spending an evening together in a local pub, Nathan and Meg waste no time in plunging into a very hot affair.

The sex is steamy and convincingly described. Nathan likes being in charge in the bedroom and Meg is eager to follow his commands. Their relationship is D/s lite, sexy but without the discipline or impact play.

Given that the book is set in London, the city does not really come alive. Nathan has to spend his weekdays working in the family business, leaving Meg free to explore the city but for all the limited descriptions of how she spends her time, she could have been anywhere. Certainly not in one of the busiest and most vibrant cities in the world.

As her six week vacation draws to a close, Meg is convinced that their relationship has no future, how Nathan convinces her otherwise makes for a sweet and romantic ending.

Reviewed by Ariadne

bloodlettingcoverBloodletting by William D. Prystauk

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Those who enjoy crime novels with serial killing sadists, this book is for you. Denny Bowie is a man who thinks much of himself. He wants to be a private investigator and believes he can do it.  He’s one who firmly believes in the motto “fake it until you make it”. Unfortunately, Denny’s sleuthing ability is low. He’s lucky most of the time.

This story did not work for me for several reasons. The first reason is due to the BDSM lifestyle portrayed in a hostile manner. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Some may find this to be just fine because they want to read about tantalizing crime scenes were sadists violate and destroy their victim.  For the most part, the practitioners of kink in this story are all ones I don’t want to have anything to do with, in real life. They don’t have their shit together and the baggage they come with is a bit daunting. There is good amount of edgeplay in here with painful cbt, heavy impact play and bloodplay. The snuff part is more related to killings then a glorification of kinky sex.

The second reason why this book doesn’t work for me is because I couldn’t stand the characters.  I didn’t like any of them and when that happens, I have a hard time enjoying a book. This is once again, personal preference. Denny isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He’s bumbling, disorganized. His ability to find a clue and solve a crime requires a significant suspense of disbelief. The way he treats Penny who helps pave the way for him to talk to law enforcement is appalling. Denny is lead around by his dick. He even accidentally bottoms for a woman other than Penny. Penny isn’t that impressive either. These characters are unappealing for me.

The third reason why this story was difficult for me to read was the writing style. It didn’t flow well for me. After a bit of research, it appears this story is also a screenplay. From this angle, I believe the story would actually work better. I could see this entire story as a movie with a gritty film noir feel and it made the book easier to finish.

This story is for readers who enjoy the underside of BDSM and anti-heroes who despite all odds puts the pieces together to form the right picture.

Reviewed by Book Addict

caseofthecoverThe Case of the Cheeky Co Ed by A. H. Scott

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Story Rating: 1 out of 5 padles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Delilah Archer is hired by a concerned mother to investigate the nefarious doings of her daughter. This leads the detective to teach at a prestigious private school, Baynebridge. What she finds at the school is shocking and dangerous.

There were so many things wrong with this book that I’m not sure where to start. The author in me cringed at lines like “buffet of heavenly halibut” when referring to women’s pussy. There were others that were equally as horrible. I also had issues with the point of view which seemed to switch all over the place. I never had a chance to really get to know the characters or their motivations. Delilah was a complete blank canvas that was never painted for me. Her actions throughout the story were difficult to comprehend.

Also, there wasn’t much plot in this story. I had prepared for a sexy mystery. Instead, I was presented with a rather tawdry display of improbability that seemed to have no explanation.  Delilah investigates Baynbridge and discovers that the daughter is really involved in an orgy of sex and female domination complete with humiliation of the persons in authority and a doctor whose fetish is enema play. The reader is told that Delilah is aroused by this, but nothing else.

The central player in this orgy is a nineteen year old female Dominant who orders everyone around, humiliates a married couple and generally orchestrates various orgasms. The presentation of the sex in this story is a bit clinical and more like humiliation porn to me than erotica.

The “mystery” is no real mystery at all. As a “case”, it’s not even interesting. In the end, I’m left wondering at everyone’s integrity and I have no connection to any of the characters I’ve just spent sixty-nine pages with.

All in all, I was disappointed with every aspect of this book. There was very little characterization, a weak plot and emotionless sex. I couldn’t connect to this one at all. Your mileage may vary.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland