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Sweetest Mistress
Skye Warren
self published [link to buy]

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 paddles

This is a short story, and took me about 20 minutes to read. Unlike a few books I have read recently, this is an actual story. There are actual characters with thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The story is told from the male’s point of view, but I could understand the emotions of the female character also.

Sweetest Mistress isn’t what I would identify as an intentional BDSM story, rather I’d describe it as a story about people who stumble into BDSM. Their feelings towards the specific BDSM acts and their responses read as real. I would imagine most who are involved in the BDSM lifestyle, experiment, or use it occasionally will easily understand the characters reactions to what they experience.

The writing here is not so much titillating as erotic. I responded emotionally to the story, and could imagine the facial expressions the characters would have as each acted and spoke to the other in the story. I could also relate to their initial hesitations but feeling the need to go on.

All in all this was a very enjoyable read and definitely worth the time to read.

Reviewed by ronni

Scarlet Widow
Debra Glass
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Paddles

Molly is a scarlet woman due to her loss of virginity prior to marriage. Fortunately for her, Witt married her to save her reputation. Before she could enjoy her marriage, the US civil war tears her husband and his two older brothers from her. Molly’s dirty secret is her desire for Greer and Hardin. With Witt killed in the war, which brother does she end up with instead?

This story was a 2.5 out of 5 stars. Here is why. The story didn’t do it for me. I’m not a huge fan of civil war settings, but this one was okay. I can definitely appreciate Ms. Glass’s attention to detail in her historical accuracy. What threw me was I expected some BDSM in this story. This story contained no BDSM unless you count a little bit of bondage in the last chapter or if you consider anal sex to be BDSM. I have a hard time even classifying this book as SugarKink.

If I understand correctly, the premise of this book is focused on the forbidden love Molly has for her brother-in-laws. The conflict was predictable with the struggle between the two brothers – who gets to marry Molly? The threats in the book were an evil villain and a gossipy old harpy who both wanted to see the downfall of Molly. While this is understandable, it did not enhance the book’s storyline nor did it engage me. The resolutions to Molly’s problems seem to come together all too easily. Her father in law stops drinking after one discussion. Her “outlaw” brother in law is miraculously no longer in trouble. Lastly, her evil villains all received their just rewards.

From a character building perspective, I felt nothing for Molly. Neither one of her brother-in-laws moved me. To quote Rhett Butler, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” What saved this book for me was a couple of the menage sex scenes. The one which involved all three with a little bit of rope bondage was a nice teasing appetizer. I recommend this book to menage readers who enjoy civil war era settings.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Jenny’s Submission
Reese Gabriel
Sizzler Editions [link to buy]

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Paddles

What happens when a human realizes she’s not a real human, but really Pinocchio, the wooden puppet? In this futuristic sci-fi BDSM story, it’s a reverse Pinocchio nightmare instead of a fairy tale. Arayna is a famous holo star which is similar to our movie stars. Her spurned lover, Redrick, through nefarious methods finds out her secret origins. Stunned Arayna is blackmailed into sexual slavery instead of treated like a treasured wife.

The concept of this story amused me. I enjoy intense body modification, total power exchange, humiliation and dehumanizing stories. The sci-fi element which is creating female sex dolls, “Jenny”, is the ultimate fantasy for the sadistic BDSM lovers. The degradations of the Jenny are trademark Mr. Gabriel. The reason why this story is rated a 2.5 paddle for me even though it was flaming hot is because it was too short and wasn’t gritty enough in Arayna’s defilement.

Dream sequences are not my favorite writing device. It was used several times for Arayna’s sexual awakening. I would prefer to see Arayna suffer directly under Redrick’s hands. I would have also enjoyed forced interaction with the three Jennies Redrick already owns. Since Arayna is a pampered princess, I wanted to read about Redrick keeping her in this position to the public, but in private, like he threatened, treat her like the sex slave she’s been designed to be. Scenes about her being gang banged by his close friends would have been a pleasure to witness.

I recommend this short story for BDSM lovers who enjoy sexual slavery and dehumanization of a woman. This story will whet the appetite of a sadist.

Reviewed by Book Addict