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Hostile Takeover by Joey W. Hill 


4.5 out of 5 paddles

I did not expect such an emotional read with this story. Iwas excited and knew I would have an enjoyable read with this but the depth ofthe emotions took me by surprise. As a reader of this series I knew we would betaken on an emotional ride but Marcie and Ben’s story really made an impact onthis reader. Ben must not only find his way back but he must also find hisheart. Marcie is always by his side to help him. She knows he has a heart it isjust buried deep down and he has encased it behind a wall. The two go throughso much in this book. From the highs to the lowest of the lows Marcie loves Benbut she finds that she is in the fight of her life and she just might not winthis one.

As extreme of a Dom that Ben is you cannot do anything butlove him. He has gone through so much and has lost the most. Yet we see howcaring and devoted that he is. Now if only Ben himself could see the worth inhim. Marcie has always seen that worth in Ben and has grown into a strong andbrave woman who will fight to the death to prove it to Ben. I admired thestrength and the love that she has and shares with everyone especially Ben.Marcie loves without question and finds what she needs in Ben and his mastery.The attraction between the two is there from the start and it is a beautifulthing to watch it grow into so much more as the book progresses. Making thisnot only a very hot read but a wonderful romance as well.

If you are a fan of this series this is a must read and ifyou have not read this series you really should pick them up. Each and everybook brings us a wonderful and emotional connection between the couple and thislast book is no exception. I truly enjoyed this read and hope that this is notthe last that we get to see of these men and there wonderful subs.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

Informed Consent
Susanna Stone
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

This short story packs a lot of detail and a lot of emotion in just 80 pages.

Tara Calloway and Joe Corbett came close to making love six years ago, but were interrupted. Joe wrote Tara a letter promising that if she ever came near him again, he would “possess you, consume you, invade you and violate you any and every way I choose.” Now she’s back, to ask a favor on behalf of her father. She still carries the letter with her and wonders if he will make good on his threats.

He does-with Tara’s willing participation. In one very hot scene, he ties her up and possesses her entirely.

Later they talk, and she learns that he got into a fight with her father’s foreman that night and since he was already on probation, he knew he would be heading back to prison. Since Tara was on the brink of going to college, he wanted to drive a wedge between them.

As they talk, they realize the foreman deliberately provoked Joe to get rid of him because Tara’s father, Leo, favored Joe. In fact, the favor she asks is that he come back and help her father oversee troubled youth at his business, especially since Leo has had a heart attack.

The story ends with Joe reading to Tara what he really wanted to say six years ago.

This was a well written story, one that kept the reader turning the page to see what was going on. This would have been a good premise for a longer story and this is definitely an author to watch.

Reviewed by Karen

David Weaver
self published

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles


Valerie Burbon is a top ad executive who regularly puts in 60 hour weeks and relaxes her tensions by a really good weekend fuck. This weekend, she encounters Charles Vanquil, who introduces her to the sensuous and frightening world of domination and submission. Soon, she is descending deeper and deeper into this lifestyle,finding her submissive nature by submitting to Charles and the rest of his submissives. But will this life destroy her, or is the willing submissive, open to total control by a strong Master or Mistress, the person she was meant to be?


Valerie jumps into the lifestyle with both feet. A natural born submissive, she pushes her limits constantly in an effort to please. While BDSM is an all new experience for her, she enters it with an open mind that allows her to experience things that would push the limits of a lot of people.

I have to say, I really liked Valerie. She has a high profile management career yet sinks into herself and her submission with ease when introduced to the right people. It is nice to read a story about a woman who is successful and has to be somewhat dominant at work and turns around and embraces her submission with ease and pleasure.I could also relate to a lot of her feelings, desires, and experiences which helped in my enjoyment of her story.

There are a lot of secondary characters that if I tell you too much about, will spoil a few parts of the story. But, they all have an impact on Valerie’s journey and introduction to BDSM. Her journey does take her on a few unfortunate paths, but that doesn’t stop her from continuing to explore.

I would have loved to give this book 5 Paddles, but I just couldn’t based on a lot of formatting and editing errors that kept interrupting my enjoyment of the story. There are a lot of grammatical errors that just cause your brain to have to refocus on the passage. The errors aren’t so bad that I had to stop reading, but they are noticeable enough that I have to mention it. As for formatting things, I would have really preferred to see people thoughts in italics or something other than the same quotes as conversation – that got a bit distracting at times when I had to reread a section to determine if something was spoken or a thought.

If you are looking for a more hardcore BDSM story, this one is perfect. I absolutely loved reading Valerie’s story and was sad when it ended. While there area lot of elements from whipping, bondage, shrink-wrap, orgasm control,humiliation and so much more, there is a lot of communication as Valerie tries to explain things to people outside of the lifestyle, she (and the reader) learns a lot more than just reading her thoughts. Some of Valerie’s experiences are beyond my limits, and some are sadly abusive – there are also many scenes with multiple partners, Male Dominants, Female Dominants, female/female, and so much more. Valerie’s journey will make you laugh, cry, and even ache to experience some of the things she does. This is a book that will be on my shelves for a long time.

Reviewed by Star

The Burn List
Julia Devlin
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles


After spending her thirtieth birthday with her parents, straight-as-an-arrow Abby Simmons drowns her sorrows in a bottle of tequila and a splash of margarita mix. All she wants is a little excitement, one chance to go wild before she settles back into her regularly scheduled life. Fueled by liquid courage, Abby sets out to give herself the perfect gift—her bad-boy neighbor, firefighter Lukas Marlow.

Sure, Lukas likes intoxicated girls looking to turn their fantasies into reality as much as the next guy, but this is sweet little Abby. Definitely on the do-not-touch list. Determined to save her from embarrassment, he sends her away with an order to sleep it off and a promise to fulfill her desires in the sober light of day. Confident he’s scared her away for good, nothing could have shocked him more than an email from Abby the next morning, outlining her sexual to-do list.

Turns out his quiet neighbor isn’t such a good girl after all, and Lukas has no other choice but to make her burn.

Publisher’s Note: Previously published elsewhere, but has been revised and expanded for Ellora’sCave.


I have to admit I found The Burn List funny, sweet, erotic and an all around good story. It’s a bit light on the BDSM scale, but has a good core of D/s and is a lot of fun.

Abby just turned thirty and has never had an orgasm, even by her own hand (poor girl). So, who can blame her when she wants a little excitement in her life and who better to ask than her sexy neighbor? After a few drinks, Abby has the courage to approach Lukas who sends her away to sleep off the alcohol and come back when if she wants it sober. Instead of coming back, Abby composes an email of ten things she wants to do.

Lukas is shocked by Abby’s email, but very turned on. Turns out sweet little Abby has a submissive streak that just might be perfect for his dominant streak. Abby and Lukas are explosive when they come together and he doesn’t go easy on her at all. I really liked both of these characters as they overcome a few of their own taboos and search for a new middle ground together.

The Burn List is mostly D/s with a little spanking and pinching added in. The relationship is what makes the story work along with the sense of humor they both have at times. Abby can be submissive, but can also be really sassy while Lukas is all dominant but appreciates a little sass in his life. Go out and grab The Burn List and enjoy Lukas and Abby as they explore new fantasies.

Reviewed by Star

Finger’s Breadth
M. Christian
Zumaya Boundless [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 1934841463
ISBN-13: 978-1934841464

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

This book is not usually the sort thing I’d read. The description is gay/horror; the cover is a hand with part of a digit missing, so normally I’d probably give it a miss. I’m so glad I didn’t. The book blurb from Amazon says you have never read a book like fingers breadth, which is the most accurate description of this book I’ve seen. I started reading with trepidation. I’m not into horror and I have a knack for turning the written word into a vibrant image in my mind. My hesitation came from what I might end up visualizing, as I read about the attacks on gay men, who are drugged, and have their finger (or part of it) cut off. I didn’t need to worry, as it turned out having a finger cut off isn’t the most horrifying part of the storyline.

There were many things I loved about this book. The author spares us gruesome details in relation to the attacks, and in some instances the act itself is done in a caring manner. He doesn’t limit his storytelling to a few main characters who tell the story and its impact on those around them. This is a book about a community that’s being terrorized, so there is a community of characters depicted throughout the book. Like many of us who are avid readers, I can usually get to a point in a story where I can predict the ending. Not so with Fingers Breadth. The book turned into something I never expected, a psychological mind twist, an immersion into the human condition and how people react to trauma, whether they are the victim of it or merely a spectator from a community perspective. The truly horrifying aspect of the book was the community response to what was taking place. Totally believable reactions of hatred, fear, violence, and the need to be part of what was going on by copying actions, or self inflicting injuries. The heinous act of mutilation becomes secondary, almost an afterthought, to the popular perceptions missing part of a digit evokes.

What about the BDSM? There’s none really, unless you class cutting part of a digit off as a kinky or a fetish. There is one instance of a character who agrees to be slave of sorts, only because the character sees it as a way to feel safe. One or two references to people being into kinky activity like whips and chains, but it’s not a main component of the book. Still, I wouldn’t let that stop me from reading the book. If you need a lifestyle excuse to read Fingers Breadth then the book fits really well into the mental BDSM category, it’s a total mind fuck. As for the sex it’s M/M but not terribly descriptive like you’d find it in some forms of erotic fiction, you know the characters are having sex, but it’s almost a perfunctory description of the act. It happens, but it’s no big deal and it’s not the most important part of the book.

Because nothing in the world is perfect, there were a few things I found difficult about reading Fingers Breadth. It took me a few chapters to get used to the quick switch between characters, and to figure out what was going on…that is, I’m looking at a community perspective, not just a few points of view. The other thing was the writing style, some parts of the book are written like a chat session, newspaper reports or quotes and constant repetitive thoughts of some characters. In the end it all added to the story, but it’s not your straight out, easy flowing read from beginning to end. However, those things didn’t stop me from reading and enjoying it.

I realize this book is probably not for everyone, but if you enjoy something different, being taken on a psychological trip rather than solely an emotional one, then give it a try. You’ll probably enjoy it like I did.

Reviewed by JannyGee

A Cage of Her Own
Reese Gabriel
Pink Flamingo Publications  [link to buy]  

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

This is a book of short stories written by Reese Gabriel. The title of each story is written in caps.

MISSING INGREDIENT: Johnny and Belinda are getting divorced. If they had discovered the missing ingredient of BDSM would they still be a couple? This was a hot short, a conversation between ex lovers that quickly learn they both like dominance and submission play.

PLAYING WITH FIRE: A rape fantasy and pregnancy/breeding tale.

DON’T BE LATE: A curious woman gets a taste of what her fiancé’s brother’s sex life is really like. He offers her a night at his side at BDSM club.

SLAVING FOR SEX: The woman character is a model and her attitude is even though she allowed herself to be used for sex, she called the shots. A so-so short story.

BECAUSE ITS FUN: A well written non-con scene with revenge at the end.

SUBMISSION AT FIRST SIGHT: Another hot story of submission. A man and woman dating a short time find out one wants to dominate and the other wants to submit. The characters are likable and own their positions either as slave or Master.

DREAM PET: This was a literal translation of the title the slave was indeed dreaming she was a pet but she was unsure the reasons and when she asks for help the true horrors begin to unfold.

A CAGE OF HER OWN: In this story the slave is treated as a pet in a cage. She is a ‘natural sub’ that the Master sees and wants to train. Good story!

DANGLING THE CUFFS: D/s between new lovers. A female submitting to a male.

FLIPPING CAYDEN: A really good switch story.

THE CIRCLE: Quick and dirty, mmm. Sometimes you don’t need a whole lot to be good.

MERCY FOR MERCY MARIE: Another story that was just so-so. I enjoyed the D/s aspect of the story but when the true nature of Master and slave is missing the story loses it’s appeal.

The perspective of the sub/slave/pet was always well written. Each story was a different theme; sometimes fantasy, sometimes reality, or a slave being trained for service. I loved each one for the most part and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Reviewed by Sizzling Miss Kim

Symphony of C Volume 2
Cara Mitchell
Club Lighthouse Publishing [link to buy]

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

Cara’s journey into the freedom of her ultimate surrender continues.. Passion. Turmoil. Beauty. Anguish. Ecstasy. Emotions raw and exposed while listening to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, a young woman’s memories swirl in time with the music. Following the ebbs and flows of longing warring with jubilation, Cara relives the fury of the battle between her intrinsic nature and the teachings of modern society in her quest to fulfill her yearning to yield control to another. Trained by the mysteriously exclusive ranks of high protocol dominants, she endeavors to be molded into a gracefully captivated being. Will her journey through intense bliss and wrenching turmoil in order to fulfill her need to obey destroy or lead to unparalleled freedom?

This is obviously the second book in the series and actually starts at chapter fifty-one. So, while it can be read without reading the first, I highly recommend reading the first in order to full enjoy the second. It’s kind of tough to jump into a book at chapter fifty-one!

The first third of the story was very difficult for me to get involved in. It seemed disjointed and didn’t flow well (again, this could be because I haven’t read book one). But, as I continued, the last two-thirds of the book were just phenomenal. It flowed well as we experience the further training of Cara and how each stage impacts her emotionally and physically.

I have to say that some of her training went way past what I consider my limits. Although I didn’t find the reading of this erotic, I did find it psychologically fascinating. Admittedly, I was enthralled with the story telling and the experiences of Cara. Each stage she went through was more and more difficult and while I wish I could have the chance to experience her emotions, I don’t know if I could have handled the scenario’s as well as she did.

If you are looking for a well written story from a submissive/slave point of view, pick up Symphony of C Vol 2 (I still suggest Vol 1 first). Take your time to read it and enjoy learning about one woman’s experiences and emotions as she learns what it truly means to feel free in her submission.

Reviewed by Star

All Tied Up
Merry Kinkmas
Marilu Mann
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

There are not many books out there these days that can make you feel good. This book does that and much more. Peter and Wendy are an adorable couple. They are so in love and so comfortable with that love that they are not afraid to share their fantasies with each other. It is just that kind of sharing that brings Master Darling into their lives. Master Darling is more than ready to help them fulfill one of Wendy’s fantasies. Little do any of them know just how this will change all of their lives forever. I hate to gush but I loved everyone in this book. The three are beautiful together and they click right from the start. The love that Wendy and Peter share is strong and it is wonderful to see them want to share it with Master Darling. He is a strong man who has been hurt but when he sees the love and trust between Peter and Wendy he longs for something just like it. When the three come together there is more than just a spark that ignites between them, making this book one hot read.

The author does a great job of bringing these characters to life and the heat between them is so hot it is almost a tangible thing. I really liked that this book was a hot read that also made you believe in love.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

Heated Restraints
Yvette Hines
Phaze Books [link to buy]
ISBN: 978-1-60659-569-5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

Brad aka Thor leaves the Air Force and becomes a cop in Claiemont, where he eventually falls in love with the general’s daughter and the town princess, Liza.

While I enjoyed reading this book, which is part of the author’s Apprehension series, I would not classify this as a BDSM book per say. Granted there was one scene at the end of the book with Liza handcuffing herself to the bed, that was pretty much it. The story itself was good, about two people from opposite sides of the track being attracted to each other. The suspense in the story kept my interest as well.

I would not mind reading the rest of this series because I enjoyed some of the secondary characters involved in this one. Thor’s reaction to the general and his reaction to Thor was funny. One thing that does come across very well is the feel of small towns and the way everyone seems to know what is going on with everybody.

Siddella’s Submission
Sascha Illyvich
Sizzler Editions [link to buy]

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Paddles

This book brings us back to Siddella’s world. She has run away from her mate and the deity in her needs to feed. Yet when Siddella finds a place to feed she comes across the very beings that she is running from. Can she escape the clutches of the Cyberfae? Will her mate Frika find her before all is lost or will the Goddess in her find the revenge she seeks?

Once again I was drawn into the world of the Fae and enjoyed every minute of my stay. This book concentrates more on Siddella and Frika’s relationship. Siddella is still fighting her need and wants and Frika is still determined to show her the love that he has for her and that submitting to him is not what she thinks it is. Siddella is a strong spirited woman who finds herself in a world that she never imagined would be again. I enjoyed the feistiness that she brings to their relationship. Frika is a dominant but shows that he has a heart and it belongs to Siddella. I loved watching their relationship grow and seeing Siddella begin to embrace her sexuality made for a great read.

Siddella’s Submission was a wonderful installment to this series. The author has painted a wonderful world with great characters that are filled with strong emotions and depth. I hope that we get to visit the Fae world again and meet more of the inhabitants who may join Siddella and her friends in their fight for freedom.

Reviewed by Gabrielle