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One Bad Hand by Troy King onebadhand

Link to buy One Bad Hand

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Troy King’s first foray into femdom erotica, One Bad Hand, is essentially a fairly long vignette that details a couple’s sexual adventures during the two days following a lost poker bet in which the husband is required to submit to his wife’s every whim. As the story plays out the reader learns that John and Rebecca are happily married, sexually adventurous and sometimes dabble in BDSM, trading off the submissive and dominant roles as the mood suites them. This particular female dominated episode differs from their past ones in its length and by the introduction of enforced male chastity. Both of those features heighten John’s awareness of the extent of his submissive side, possibly opening him up to further exploring that aspect of his sexuality down the road.

The author does a good job of portraying the couple’s healthy and playful relationship, thankfully mostly by showing rather than telling. In addition to the near-marathon of sexual exploits during the spotlighted time period, there is a great deal of teasing and playful flirtation. Rebecca delights in tormenting her temporarily chaste husband by sending him salacious selfies that show her in naughty lingerie, pleasuring herself or swallowing an exceptionally long dildo deep throat style.

The story briefly follows the transition back to John and Rebecca’s normal sexual relationship, and even includes an epilogue of sorts to tie up loose ends with ancillary characters; but realistically, this book is a vehicle to showcase kinky sex scenes, not unlike a well-made x-rated film. One Bad Hand is highly recommended to readers who enjoy femdom and BDSM with medium intensity and absolutely no angst or manufactured conflict.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

rescuedRescued in Paradise by Nicole Christianson

Link to buy Rescued in Paradise

Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Rescued in Paradise is the story of Sydney Carter and Connor Bradley. Sydney is a submissive woman who recently began going to Master Connor’s club, Club Paradise. While they admired one another from afar, neither approached the other for their own reasons. Master Connor is finally spurred to take action and pursue Sydney when another Dom begins to show interest in her. Master Connor initiates a scene and they spend the night with one another. But while things are starting to look up for Sydney in her personal life, an underhanded co-worker attempts to sabotage her career. When she thwarts his plan, he decides that he will get his revenge against her. Since he knows that she frequents Club Paradise, he decides that that is the perfect location in which to carry out his plan. Will he succeed in bringing Sydney to her knees, against her will? Will Master Connor be able to save her?

Rescued in Paradise was a novella with great potential and an interesting premise. However, the author tried to do too much in too few pages, which led to a mediocre story. The characters were two-dimensional with little to no back story or information which prevented the reader from becoming invested in them. The author’s writing style lacks polish. There were several instances in the book where the author’s word choice seemed to lack finesse and seemed a bit clunky.

The Sting Factor was also on the low side. There were examples of D/s (M/f), high protocol, corporal punishment and orgasm control. There were also examples of voyeurism and exhibitionism. The sex scenes themselves were of average length for a novella of less than 75 pages. The author’s ability to describe the sex scenes was hampered by her awkward writing style.

Overall, it was a good story that never reached its full potential.

Reviewed by: Christine


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blairThe Blair Bitch Project by Eryn Windham

Link to buy The Blair Bitch Project: Awakening (DommeBot Novelette Book 1)

Story Rating: 2.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


The Blair Bitch Project (Awakening) is a futuristic story that takes place in the middle of the

Twenty-first century. Society has changed a great deal. Sunlight is not common, synthetic everything is the norm and technology has advanced to the point where androids exhibit AI and are commonly used as sexual surrogates called PleasureBots. This specific story describes the evolution of Blair 1824PF-S (Blair, for short), a submissive PleasureBot who commonly suffers at the hands of her brutally sadistic owner, William. After a typically ruthless scene with her owner, Blair powers down to recharge and wait for an upload from her manufacturer. However, something goes wrong and her code is rewritten. Her submissive and passive routines are remotely deleted and replaced with a Dominatrix routine. That night, when William comes home, he encounters a big surprise when the tables are turned his submissive becomes his Dominatrix.

The Blair Bitch Project (Awakening) is mediocre novella. The idea of AI turning the tables on their human owners is not original, but it is not just a rewrite of an old story. The kink itself makes for an interesting twist. The author’s writing style is smooth and easy to read. The plot is a rehash of the premise of an eye for an eye. The characters are two dimensional and not very interesting. Also, there was a couple editing issues, but nothing major enough to truly disrupt the story.

The Sting Factor is high. There is D/s (M/f and F/m), severe corporal punishment, honorifics and heavy bondage. Also, there is CBT, predicament bondage, humiliation/degradation, fire play and electricity play.

Overall, the book was ok, but it is not recommended for anyone dipping their toes into the world of BDSM for the first time. The scenes depicted between the two main characters are brutal and do not give even a romanticized idea of what a BDSM relationship is typically life in real life.

Reviewed by: Christine

Slave in Training by Danny Tyran slaveintraining

Link to buy Slave in Training (The Slave Book 1)

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Looking at James, his new physical training teacher, Max falls instantly in love with this black god with a bad reputation. God or the Devil?

When James says to Max that he is the devil, Max answers: “Try me, Satan!” With these words, Max agrees to be trained by James to become a slave. This learning will prove more a hard mental training than a sexual one.

Brilliant, Master James succeeds to convince Max’s parent to accept this initiation to slavery.

Once trained to meet every whim of his master, Max will be sold. Deeply in love with his trainer, Max will accept his fate.

Far from being a descent into hell, this training will structure Max’s life and allow him to make his way in this BDSM universe.


This is a case where the title of a book is probably more illuminating than the blurb. The style of the story is in the form of a sort of memoir recounting the main character’s youth and early training as a slave in the 1970s. Max knows he is different from an early age, and it isn’t just his bisexuality, but it isn’t until he meets his gym teacher that he begins to understand that he was born with a deep seated need to serve others.

This is a rather unusual story, in that it is not your all-to-typical non-consensual enslavement plot, nor is it a sexual romp. Max describes his training in detail, and a lot of it involves both physical as well as mental challenges. In fact, the sex comes long after he begins training under his master.

Even though Max voluntarily submits to his enslavement, there’s still quite a bit here to make you uncomfortable. Max is only 17 when he meets his master, James, who is also his teacher. This alone makes their relationship dangerous, especially for James, even though he avoids sexual contact with his slave. Max also describes his training in detail, much of which most people would find extremely distasteful.

Max is subjected to a lot of physical and mental punishment during his training, but each hardship seems to harden his resolve that life as a slave was meant for him. He frequently has to justify his decision to others, especially his parents, who contrary to the blurb never really accept his choice. In these many justifications is perhaps one of the main themes of the book: that to be truly happy in life we must accept and be what we are, even though for some of us that means being a slave.

The kink in “Slave in Training” is as varied as it is extreme, but it’s never entirely gratuitous, and perhaps most importantly, it’s always consensual. At almost every point where Max feels he is beyond the limits of what he can take, he is given a choice: give up and walk away from the life and master he yearns for, or endure what is being meted out to him. Some of the things Max has to endure, especially during his final test, will probably make even the most hardened kinkster squirm.

The writing is simple and unadorned, which adds to the feeling that you’re reading a personal memoir or even a diary. The characters and plot are generally quite believable. Those of a certain bent will almost certainly identify with Max and understand his feelings. On a few occasions the story line starts to stretch credulity just a tiny bit, but not enough to break the flow of the story. It’s more like just enough to tell you all this didn’t really happen.

This is one of those books that might well get under your skin and stick with you long after you finish reading it.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

princessboundA Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women by Kristina Wright
Link to buy A Princess Bound: Naughty Fairy Tales for Women

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


I am a big fan of fairy tales and if you add in some kink and I am a goner. This anthology delights the reader with both of these. It deals with many different princesses from the tales that we grew up on and more. I truly enjoyed going back to those worlds and finding a different take on their stories.  Each story is a good read and together they make a wonderful anthology.

I have always had a soft spot for the stories that involve Beauty and the Beast and Red Riding Hood like characters and tales so it was no surprise that the tales revolving around those characters are my favorites in this book. With each story we are brought into a wondrous world where you may recognize the people or place but you get to see them in a whole new light.  Sex is a big factor in these stories but so is trust and love, after all they are fairy tales and what would one be without them?  These stories are engaging and well written. They pull the reader into their numerous magical worlds and keep you entertained all the way to the end. I was take on an adventure with each story and loved it.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

edgeofneedEdge of Need by Sara Brooks

Link to buy Edge of Need: 3 (Body Masters)

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Hotlanta is the place to be! As someone who has friends in the Atlanta area, this story appeals to me immediately. Sutton is a dancer recovering from a physical injury. This is probably the worst nightmare a dancer can experience. To ensure she doesn’t try to get back into dancing too soon, she forces herself to go to Atlanta for rest and relaxation. She’s also interested in looking into the BDSM scene. First night at a BDSM club, she runs into Adam and sparks fly.

From a BDSM perspective, this story is solid. It’s erotic. It’s spot on with BDSM politics as well as the BDSM scenes. The interaction between Sutton and Adam are great to watch, even when they are not getting along. The demos Adam uses Sutton for at the club are panty wetting goodness. It’s a bit too much exhibition for my taste, but definitely awesome for my voyeuristic tendencies. I also appreciate Ms. Brookes involving Dungeon Monitors. Not many people outside of the lifestyle understand the importance of Dungeon Monitors or that they exist in most clubs and BDSM conventions.

Since this is part of a series, it is good to see previous character I really liked showing up in this book. There are also a couple of new characters which caught my attention and I hope they will be featured in their own story.

The story moves at a good pace and there is good character development. Both Adam and Sutton have more to their lives than their kinky side. What brings this story down for me are two threads which seem to be left hanging. Both involve family and past history for Adam and Sutton.  Adam’s situation with his sister and his mother came across as something of importance. Yet it never went anywhere. The same with Sutton’s situation with her brother. It’s not clear why she loves her family so much yet she does not want to return home. If this point is just mentioned once, it would be okay. With it brought up several times, it feels as if there is a key element here which needs to be resolved, yet it fizzles out into the background. This conflicting information did not make sense to me. Perhaps both of these tangents will be resolved in another book in this series.

This story is enjoyable and recommended for BDSM lovers who enjoy a sadistic exhibitionist.

Reviewed by Book Addict

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Not Your Damn Submissive by Amy Valenti notyour

Link to buy Not Your Damn Submissive (Denial Book 1)

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Not Your Damn Submissive is the story of Kat Armstrong and Callum Connors. Kat is

an assistant set director or a television show on which up and coming star, Callum Connors, is guest starring. Kat, a submissive in denial due to trauma in her past, does everything she can to avoid Callum, a self-proclaimed Dom. However, due to an unforeseen event at work, she is unable to avoid him. Once their paths cross, there is no denying the chemistry between them or Callum’s desire to see Kat kneeling at his feet. To ensure that Kat does not disappear before he has a chance to change her mind about a relationship, Callum pulls some strings and has the studio reassign her as his personal assistant during his time with the show. Unable to refuse, Kat accepts and so starts the battle of wills between the two main characters. But will Callum successfully persuade Kat to give a relationship a chance? Is anything other than a vanilla relationship even possible with the trauma in Kat’s past? And what about the fact that Callum is only in New York for the show and plans on returning to California? Are Kat and Callum meant to be together or are they star crossed lovers whose relationship is doomed to fail before it ever begins?

Not Your Damn Submissive is a tale of exploration and healing. The author’s writing style flows well and is very easy to read. The plot is unique and gripping, drawing the reader into the plight of the characters. The characters themselves are incredibly likable and well developed. As an aside, it was refreshing for an author to create a character that has achieved fame yet is not pretentious, stuck up, spoiled or full of himself. The only slight drawback was some minor editing issues, which can easily be overlooked due to the quality of the story.

The sting factor was medium. However, that is to be expected when you have a main character that had been traumatized with abuse that hid like a wolf in sheep’s clothing under the guise of BDSM. Callum, as a responsible Dom, could not simply power through Kat’s reluctance and fear of certain implements. He had to gently work her up to a scene after establishing trust and talking with her, in detail, about the trauma and clearly establishing her hard and soft limits. However, despite the medium sting factor, the book did include instances of D/s (M/f), high protocol, spanking, flogging, orgasm control and clamps.

Overall, Not Your Damn Submissive was a pleasure to read and impossible to put down once it was picked up. A definite must read for anyone looking for a HEA with kink and true affection between the main characters.

Reviewed by: Christine