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Of White Snakes and Misshaped Owls by Debra Hyde ofwhitesnakes

Link to buy Of White Snakes and Misshaped Owls (The Charlotte Olmes Mystery Series Book 1)

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


When murder runs rampant through the streets of 1880s New York City the skills of lady sleuth Charlotte Olms are put to the test. Taking on female clients, she meets the beautiful Ms. Tam and tackles the case of her missing husband. Charlotte and her lover, Joanna Wilson go deep into the recesses of old Chinatown to route the killer from the opium dens. What appears to be a simple matter of drugs and money becomes a much deadlier happenstance altogether. Thrust in the middle of a gang war between the Bowery and Chinatown, the ladies must react smartly or pay the ultimate price.

When I first began reading this story I had no idea what to expect. As I went along, I found myself thinking of the Parasol Protectorate series minus the paranormal. Author Debra Hyde has crafted a sexy foray into the 1880’s where women did not openly admit they were lovers. The mystery was well done –think Sherlock Holmes with his sidekick Watson (but change them out for a lesbian couple) and you have the scene set rightly. Scenes of impact play, dominance and submission and some very stimulating behind closed doors activity occupy its pages, leaving me wanting much, much more.

The detail and care the author showed in every scene was apparent, despite a few minor edits here and there. The story captured my attention and I wanted-no- craved more scenes like the caning on page fourteen. Every breath was noted. Every flick of the wrist and swish through the air. It was impact play poetry and I loved it. The added fear of discovery of the detective and her assistant as lovers in that time added an additional layer of drama to the story that was already fraught with tension.

Bravo Ms. Hyde. I am now an avid fan and shall seek out more adventures with Charlotte and Joanna and I really hope they bring their cane.

Reviewed by Erzabet

Submit to Me by Gemma Parkes Submit-to-Me

Link to buy Submit To Me

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Gemma Parkes’ erotic anthology, Submit To Me! – Three Tales of Sexual Submission, is a well-written, if short, collection of sensually-oriented BDSM vignettes. The first recounts a prolonged sexual liaison that the woman initiated by provocatively declaring two days previously, “Tie me up, I want to be your slave.” The naughty coupling includes elements of ice, wax and impact play that are mild enough to not run off readers with somewhat genteel sensibilities.

The second story is a sort of fantasy femdom scenario in which a young man is brought to the chamber of a mysteriously powerful woman to account for bedding her “beautiful maidens”. Basically his comeuppance entails being humiliated by being stripped, bound, sensually flogged, sexually teased, and brought to orgasm via anal penetration by a beguiling mistress. Oh the horror! Doubtless he’ll never do that again now that he knows the consequences.

The final tale has a little more substance to it than pure erotica. It chronicles the early stages of a romance that begins with a chance meeting at a medieval convention. A newly acquainted man and woman are enraptured by an exhibit with a female dummy kneeling with her head and wrists secured to a wooden stock. That vision fuels their growing sexual attraction and soon they retire to Brad’s apartment to consummate their lust. Becky never goes home and before long they commission a carpenter to build a wooden stock for their personal use. Prior to the curtain falling, Becky and Brad take their new toy for a trial run in grand style.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

boundbybloodBound By Blood: Two Novellas of Paranormal Romance by Sarah Bella

Link to buy Bound by Blood: Two Novellas of Paranormal Romance

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


The first story in Bound by Blood, Half of Me, starts out with Drake, who is a roadie for the up and coming band Iron Vengeance. We also find out the reason the band is quickly gaining popularity is because of Drake who is a Sidhe. He has traveled around with numerous bands, helping them quickly rise to popularity but leaving just before the band is able to make its big break. While he travels along with these bands, Drake longs to find his Other, tired of wandering through life alone and even wondering if his Other even exists.

Drake goes out for breakfast with Chad, a member of the band. As they are leaving the diner, Drake bumps into a girl who leaves him completely speechless. He doesn’t get her name, but that night at the show, Chad asks the crowd if anyone knows the waitress and this angers Drake. He goes out into an alley to calm down when he runs into the waitress from the diner, Penny who Drake believes to be his Other. They make plans to meet after the show.

This is where the fun begins for the both of them. Penny finds out something about her family history that she had no idea about and Drake learns a lot about Penny during all the time they spend together. A bond is formed between the  two that causes a life changing event to happen for both Penny and Drake.

The second story, Bound by Blood takes place in the Midwest and centers on Caoimhe, who is a vampire who has been running a sex shop for the past forty years. One night a couple walks in and while Caoimhe completely ignores the male, the female member of the couple completely grabs her attention. Once the couple makes it up to the counter with their purchase-a double sided  dildo Caoimhe’s mind races with ideas of what could be done to the female with the toy. She also slips in a business card with the phone number, hoping the luscious female will find the card before her boyfriend does.

Both of these stories are really well written and the kink that takes place is very nice as well. I felt that there was something missing from both of these stories due to the short length and that they would be better if they were longer. Both were a quick and enjoyable read, but I was left wanting more.

Reviewed by Tequila Rose

Released June 30, 2014 Uncharted Territory final

Audiobook version of Uncharted Territory Blurb:

The perfectly nuanced voice of Hollie Jackson, erotica narrator extraordinaire, elevates Jim Lyon’s intriguing tale of femdom kismet to another dimension. In different cities and states, Samantha and Matt each encounter life-changing events that lead them toward the world of femdom. Uncharted Territory is a story of kismet that chronicles their efforts to find a place and a compatible partner in a realm foreign to them. Told in a lean low-key style, absent of grandiose plot elements and breathless prose, Uncharted Territory portrays the fateful journey of these star-crossed lovers with urbane honesty and humor. Integrated throughout this unique glimpse into BDSM are numerous erotic sex and TPE scenarios that are by no means gratuitous, ranging from a highly unusual first time friends-with-benefits coupling to sessions of hardcore corporal punishment. This audiobook will appeal to BDSM aficionados who enjoy femdom stories with realistic characters and romantic outcomes.


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theoneandonlyThe One and Only by Tori Carson

Link to buy The One and Only: 1 (Master’s Touch)

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


At the end of this book, I’d say I found myself happy and left with a smile. It will be listed as one of my favorites.

Michelle is a young woman that’s had some heartache in her life as she tries to juggle jobs and school. Despite her difficulties she isn’t into self-pity and her character is very likable.

How does a kink club owner set out to get a soul mate? It’s an intriguing concept, being not just a Dom but a club owner; imagine all the offers you would get. And how do you as a club owner and a Dom, explain the difference between work and play to the woman you love to avoid jealousy?

Sean most definitely has his work cut out for him with Michelle. Her only BDSM experience is from books she has read. Sean is determined to show her she is the one and only, not one of many.

I really like how he talked and acted towards Michelle. He put thought into what he would say and while he was a Dom, he wasn’t overpowering but instead had a quiet confidence. The way Sean wanted open communication (which is very important), the thank you’s he said was a great touch.

This was a book I recommend to readers.

Reviewed by Daria