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trainingseasonTraining Season by Leta Blake

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ISBN-10: 1494304635

ISBN-13: 978-1494304638

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


The primary character, Matty, is an early 20′s gay male world class figure skater who has suffered a major injury. He has been offered the opportunity to rehabilitate it at no expense by living in the vacation home located in Montana of a wealthy fan.

The house is located in a rural area outside of a small Montana town several miles, hours, from any city. 

He quickly meets another gay male, who owns the next door ranch. 

Matty is a “too” gay skater (author’s phrase) to illicit the liking of many of the judges within the skating world. He feels this is the reason he has previously won US nationals, but never an Olympic Gold. He lives openly gay and prefers wearing a mixture of male and female clothing. The author references this many times.

Rob, the male rancher who lives next door, is typically masculine but sends signals of his gay preferences and is instantly attracted to Matty.   

The first portion of the story concentrates on Matty’s dislike of being in such an isolated area as Montana, but needing the financial support of a place to live while he decides whether to compete again. Once he has decided that competing is still possible he must work on his strength and stamina. 

Rob’s son provides the initial introduction and reason to become friends. As it happens Ben, the son, is also interested in figure skating. His recognition of Matty, and then asking for help and advice pushes the two men together. As a romance story there are the necessary ups and downs to their relationship. 

womansA Woman’s Servant by Chris Bellows

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Chris Bellows’ A Woman’s Servant is an interesting, yet incomplete, entrée into femdom tale bracketed by loosely related vignettes that primarily depict the day-to-day operations of The Institute, a sperm extraction facility where the story’s narrator works. The chapters dealing with Nurse Cummings’ employment are pure over-the-top diabolical femdom fantasies that don’t necessarily resonate with all aficionados of that genre. Just about the time I was wondering how that narrative could possibly be sustained for an entire book, the true story began to materialize.

It seems that the decidedly kinky nurse has recently relocated and is in need of a very special kind of live-in personal servant who possesses sensibilities complementary to her own. A carefully crafted ad placed in the personals section of Craig’s List lands her a boatload of “applicants”, the vast majority of which are totally unacceptable for a whole host of reasons. One of the hopefuls, an entering freshman at the local college, who has foolishly squandered on a financial domme the money his parents gave him for living expenses, strikes her as the perfect candidate and she proceeds to reel him in.

Mostly the balance of the story chronicles the process by which Nurse Cummings transforms Christopher into Christy, and molds him into her ideal chaste, feminized, and submissive servant. The way that unfolds is told in a wickedly playful manner that mutes much of the cruelty involved. Oddly, the book terminates rather abruptly with Christy heading home for the Christmas holidays followed by a celebration involving the denizens of The Institute.

penancePenance by Ann Mayburn

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


The long awaited sequel is finally here! Wyatt and Michelle’s continued journey into a D/s relationship with Michelle as the Domme starts to unravel. Michelle’s one of those people who believe in mind over matter. While she recognizes PTSD symptoms in Wyatt, she refuses to acknowledge the same in herself. This is a problem as her past is revealed to the reader and Wyatt.  It’s not pretty. It is sad to say that she is perfectionist by training perhaps not nurture. 

Children who are trained to be perfect by an exacting parent will either harden to become stronger or they will break. Michelle seemed to become stronger, almost a superwoman which explains how she stays calm under warfare. However, every person’s endurance will come to an end, especially if there is no way to relieve the pressure. For Michelle, between her mother and loss of Owen mingled with her pride to show Wyatt off is too much. 

This story is difficult to read for someone like me. It’s not that I can see myself in Michelle’s situation. It’s more that I don’t understand how someone so strong can become so messed up and illogical. Her behavior becomes irrational which makes no sense to me. Ms. Mayburn does an excellent job of showing how the superwoman myth can end up harming a strong female and become her undoing. Michelle is trying so hard to take care of everyone else, that she leaves absolutely nothing left for herself. It’s a depressingly accurate downward spiral as Michelle spins out of control and damages Wyatt in a cruel manner when he is most vulnerable. It’s painful to watch.

whipsandchainsmedWhy Guy Chose the Lash

The five heroes in my Weapons of Redemption series are close friends and fight for a common cause, but they’re also very different men. Each has found a way to cope with the damage inflicted by the vampire pirate who abducted and changed them.

For Guy, his fascination with whips goes beyond sexual stimulation. His expertise with the lash is a symbol of triumph over his vampiric creator. When Tarun abducted him, the pirate used flogging to frighten and control Guy. Instead of succumbing to his tormentor, Guy decided to conquer him by mastering the lash. Rather than distance himself from the thing he feared, he learned to understand it and discovered the whip itself wasn’t to be hated, but the man who wielded it. He learned that in the right hands it wasn’t a form of brutal torture, but a weapon of defense or an instrument of pleasure.

Guy’s mastery of the lash not only brings fulfillment to his clients, but acts as an outlet for his blood brother, Rule. Unlike Guy, Rule still harbors deep fear and guilt regarding his life with Tarun. He often depends on sessions with Guy to help him cope with his pain. Guy takes his responsibility toward those in his care seriously. While he understands Rule’s needs, he sets limits to avoid causing him permanent damage.

Despite all he has overcome, Guy is still in many ways a loner. His sexual relationships are limited to paid clients, until he meets Ryan, a man who, like Guy, has a haunted past. To both men, discipline is crucial. They understand each other. Both have an alpha nature and to them that means knowing when to show compassion.

thesecretlivesThe Secret Lives of Married Women by Elissa Wald

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ISBN-10: 178116262X

ISBN-13: 978-1781162620

Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1.5 out of 5


Simply put, ‘The Secret Lives of Married Women’ is not a BDSM/kink book. Nor, for that matter would it even be considered a hot, sexy murder mystery novel. There is one scene in the second half of the book towards the end that does cross over to a BDSM sex scene, but it is brief. And while it does involve a level of power exchange, the only implement used is a leather belt and it is a rather tame scene. One of the characters from the second half of the book is a submissive, and gladly submits completely to her boss. However, her submission is truly known only to herself, and as it is pointed out in the storyline, she was raised by nuns; her submission comes across more as almost a religious devotion rather than that of a sub or slave.

To be honest, Secret Lives feels more like two separate books. The first half and second half story lines have no connection to each other, except for the fact that each half has one of its main characters being twins. Oh, and a soft core quasi BDSM movie one of the twins starred in. In the first half of the book, Leda (one of the twins) is married to Stas. They have just bought a house in Vancouver WA, and meet a workman who is remodeling the house next door to theirs for a contractor. Jack offers to help Leda out, for what amounts to minimal pay on several different projects that need fixing on Leda and Stas’s new home. It quickly escalates to stalker status, then goes even further as Jack recognizes Leda from her soft core movie role. There is a nice murder mystery involved in the first half of the book with Leda’s husband. Plus, apparently the idea of sleeping next to, and having sex with her husband when she thinks he may be a murderer turns Leda on. We get a decent resolution to the murder mystery of Book One, then move on to Book Two.

DSCN2919Please welcome our guest Edyta Zaborowska back to BDSM Book Reviews!

24/7 – Somewhere between dream and reality?

It’s amazing how varied the messages are, that I receive daily in my inbox. The enquiries range from being my toilet slave to being my personal TV whore. Some want to play the role of an animal, others the role of a kidnaped victim. Some would like to address compliments to me, others want to insult me, and some others wish a stimulating exchange of letters.

However, I have noticed an accumulation of requests for a relationship that is expressed in modern speaking with two numbers: 24/7. I especially remember the first request, which I received a few years ago. In a German chat room an unknown man wrote short and crisp to me: “you educate 24/7″ The request had neither a title nor a signature and lacked the minimum rules of spelling. I wondered what he could mean by this, I had no idea what that could be in the BDSM context.

Today, I have a good understanding of the many terms and play of words in fetish and BDSM, I ‘m already smarter. The applicant sought a committing, uncompromising relationship of female dominance and male submission around the clock and seven days a week.

Normally such rudimentary sentence fragments migrate unanswered in the wastebasket. But somehow the stranger had aroused my curiosity and I decided to answer: “Tell me more accurately your desires!” His answer: “I´m dreaming of a woman 24/7 dominates me. I want to be the rubber doll a dominant mistress to fulfil her every wish. I want to be at her command 24 hours a day and all my life”

We’re wanted, baby! We are in high demand here getting our kink on every day. Word has spread that we are the place to go for reviews of BDSM and kinky books. Want to be one of us? Do you have a love of kink? Are you a top? Bottom? Dominant or submissive? Do you find “vanilla” romance novels a turn off? If you can read one or two books a month, we’d love for you to join us. Please note that we DO NOT accept vanillas as reviewers. You will be refused as a reviewer if you don’t know your kink! And if you have no idea what “vanilla” means, then you should probably find another site to be a reviewer. Our application is at http://www.bdsmbookreviews.com/reviewer-application/

And while you are here, go ahead and “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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liesthatbindLies That Bind by Caitlyn Willows

Link to buy


Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


After a year’s absence, Tessa returns to the Texas ranch and two cowboys she left when her life turned inside out. She’s here to bury a friend, cut her ties with this town, that’s all. That may be all that Tessa’s planning, but Rex and Tyler want their woman back and they’re not going to make it easy.

If one good man is hard to find, two are even harder to resist. Tessa’s determination to shut them can’t withstand the fire of their mingled passions. Pretty soon, the fire draws them back to each other. How can she leave when it feels so damned good tucked up nice and tight between them?

It’s not long before Tessa realizes she’d rather bend her pride to be with her men than live the hell of loneliness without them. Also not long before someone else starts threatening their new romance by killing anyone who’ll expose this town’s dirty laundry. Not long before Tessa’s secrets make her a target herself…


I was totally hooked several pages into the story. Who doesn’t love a good mystery, romance and toss a bit of kink in as well?! The dynamic between Tessa, Rex and Tyler was great. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but the Dom/sub roles and interchanging between Tessa and Tyler were awesome. Loved how the murder mystery and who did it theme runs through the book in conjunction with the kink. Made for a very easy read, and I couldn’t put the book down. Lots of hints of what happened with Tessa during the year that she was gone from the ranch, would be interested in seeing the secondary characters in a book of their own. Congrats and well done!