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Never Let You Down by Joely Sue Burkhart neverletcover

Link to buy Never Let You Down (The Connaghers Book 4)

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Never Let You Down by Joely Sue Burkhart is the story of a sadist who lost her one true love and submissive. After an accident that almost took her life twelve years after the death of Virginia’s husband and submissive he returns to her in a dream to tell her it is time for her to move on. When she returns home from the hospital Virginia’s childhood best friend and the only other person she had ever loved but turned away returns to her life with a new understanding of who he is. Shock of all shocks for Virginia her childhood best friend is a writer of Western BDSM books and a closeted submissive whose only desire is to serve her. Will Virginia learn to feed her sadistic streak again? And will she ever be able to let it out with her childhood best friend and give him what he needs in order to give his submissive heart what it needs?

All in all this is an excellent read. Definitely a good read for a beginner getting into reading BDSM books. The kink factor is rather light in all aspects and basically glossed over for the most part. The few scenes that are in the book are well written and give enough information to give the reader a good feel for Virginia and her submissives. However, with that said the author could do some more research on the topic because at one point had her sadist doing damage to herself. Sadists are not masochists. Know your topic if you are writing about it before you write about it. Other than that this was very well done.

Reviewed by Unrequited Spirit

Shopping List by Declan Heyse shoppinglistcover

Link to buy Shopping List: An FLR Lark

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Charles Jenkins has dreamed of being in a female-led relationship for most of his adult life and for all of his marriage, only the female he wants to lead him has shown no interest in taking charge. Until today.

Pamela, his wife, is finally willing to give the idea a try, and Charles sees a bright future of kinky sex, teasing, and pseudo-denial. Her desires are a far cry from her husband’s, however, and fantasy collides with reality when she orders him … to do their weekly grocery shopping.

Can Charles sublimate this mundane task into a fetish-fueled adventure? Will Pamela be pleased enough to continue their experiment? Eggs, milk, butter, bondage!

For mature readers only.


This is a super short story (less than 20 pages) but worth the read if you like well written Femdom. This was so entertaining and fun to read, and at times reminded me of my own boys fantasies of a female led marriage. It is not easy to find good Femdom and this was a pleasure to discover. Definitely recommended!

Reviewed by Elizabeth

The Dom With the Deviant Kittens by Sorcha Black thedomwith

Link to buy The Dom with the Deviant Kittens

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Sorcha Black knows how to write sexy D/s. There is such a thing as making Doms too Alpha (i.e asshole dickheads). Some readers like the billionaire playboy type, and on occasion I do as well, but not every Dom has to be this way.

Lock a.k.a Lockley is a Dom with a particular taste for brats. He also realizes kink evolves, which is very, very true. His submissive is Elodie who is wild and sassy. She is Bratty with a capital “B”. For those not familiar with the term in BDSM a “brat” within the BDSM lifestyle is usually applied to a person of a submissive nature who acts up or causes trouble in order to attract attention. This is generally frowned upon as it is classed as topping from the bottom and trying to control the situation. He meets her online and during their first interaction I could already tell it was a match made in BDSM heaven. Her smart mouth paired with his swift hand (or cane, or belt etc). Their relationship moves along and things take a turn when Elodie sees mousey little Tess. She never told Lock she is into girls, so when they hire Tess as their maid, Elodie’s attraction to Tess fires up. She breaks down and confesses to Lock. He is upset but they agree to terms. To both be present when they play with Tess.

Tess is a virgin. She wants to lose her virginity and doesn’t want it to be a big deal. Her meeting someone as kinky and caring as Elodie and Lock was a perfect blend. Elodie was curious and caring. Lock added that perfect amount of dominance that only a male can. It was an absolute pleasure watching Tess and Elodie, Elodie and Lock, and Lock and Tess. Watching all three…goodness!

Elodie is totally devoted to her Dom. It becomes apparent when he asks her for her feelings about Tess. Is it more than play? Is Tess just for her? His male ego is definitely dented a couple times. As a dominant I can identify with wanting to have complete control (of a submissive) all the time but knowing in reality, they are human, and that is not an option. Seeing Lock process and struggle through these emotions with Elodie and Tess made him realistic and an even stronger Dom, in my eyes.

This novel touches on poly relationships, the unicorn submissive, hardcore fantatises such as dub con. The emotional connection develops quickly (but believably). In some D/s situations, especially some that start online, it doesn’t take long to form lasting bonds. The characters are memorable. The sex scenes are scorchers. The story of a Dom taking on not one but two deviant kittens was a pleasure to read. Looking forward to more in the series.

Reviewed by Black Hippie Chick

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captiveCaptive, Mine by Natasha Knight and Trent Evans

Link to buy Captive, Mine

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


At the beginning of this book I already knew I would enjoy the story itself. I love dark erotic books. I would have to see if they could carry the story along.

So we have Lily. She is the daughter of a crime boss that is going into WITSEC because her father is testifying in a case to put a drug dealer away. Lake is her bodyguard. In the beginning we see Lily as sort of stuck up, at least I did. Lake however takes her attitude in stride and finds it to be a turn on. DeSalvo is the Deputy United States Marshal in charge but of course something fishy is up with him.

Once things turn from bad to worse and Lake has to take Lily into hiding on his own, against the will of the original plan and without DeSalvo. Lily wonders what will happen to her. She wonders what kind of man Lake really is. As it turns out Lake is sadistic. He fantasizes about seeing Lily suffer and once he has an opportunity to act on his fantasies he knows there will be no turning back. Lily doesn’t know what she has gotten into. She is trapped alone with a psycho and yet..she wants more of what he does to her. Surely something is wrong with her. As time goes on and Lake realizes he can’t stop, he won’t stop treating Lily the way he does. He modifies their routine. He takes her to the “bad girl” room and keeps her locked there, in the dark. Where he unleashes his dark beast and Lily is the unwilling prey.

There is still the threat beyond the struggle of Lake sadistically dominating Lily. They will have to deal with that eventually. If you’re a fan of very intense, dark erotica you’ll love this book. However I found  the character development is lacking. It is a short book so thingshad to happen rather quickly. I will give the authors credit for building things up at a proper pace for the amount of pages in the story. If this is just the beginning for these two I would hope book #2 delves more into Lake’s past. He was the most interesting character of all.

Reviewed by Black Hippie Chick

Mistress On Her Knees by Anastasia Vitsky mistressonher

Link to buy Mistress on Her Knees

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Domme with a female submissive plus ageplay is definitely a desirable kinky book to read. Full disclosure, this is a spinoff of another series which I did not read. This may be the reason for my confusion experienced whilst reading. Trinity is in need of help from another professional dominant. Unfortunately, this dominant is her ex-lover and former dominant, Graciela.

This story flips back and forth between the two time periods, when Trinity and Graciela become lovers and today’s current situation. There is still a festering wound between the two women because of a betrayal by Trinity. This betrayal is oft mentioned and only fully explained near the end. If this breach in trust showed up earlier in the story, it would help paint a better picture. The flipping between the two timelines can be a bit disorienting because the clips are so short. The story comes across as a patchwork quilt instead of a smooth transition to show a cohesive timeline. Still, it’s not difficult to follow, just a bumpy read.

Trinity and Graciela are characters which I did not like – at all. I felt no chemistry between the two in this story. The two don’t seem compatible with no mutual interests and total lack of understanding each other. Trinity appears to need mental help for her childhood abuses. Trinity as a professional domme requires me to suspend my disbelief. There is nothing in this book which lends any type of evidence she is a dominant. She possess no control over herself and she’s a hot mess. The book briefly mentions her training under Graciela but I must have blinked and missed that passage. Because if the training is just based on Trinity playacting as Graciela’s bratty submissive, then this is a travesty.

The BDSM in this book is not something I would recognize in real life and I’m not even quite sure how to explain what happened in this book. Apparently Trinity wanted Graciela’s love so she forces Graciela to take her on as a submissive. Yet Trinity doesn’t like the concept of obey and doesn’t want to really follow instructions. There is no erotic power exchange in this story from what I can tell. The rules of what a submissive should do with their dominant is unclear.  The forcing discipline of some mistake which is not apparent to the reader makes it difficult to grasp why this is a big deal and why being caned is such a problem. Furthermore, a romantic story which purposely violates a bottom’s hard limits is a heinous act and not something I can condone. If this story is a BDSM non-con sexual slavery fantasy, then forcing Trinity into ageplay is not only okay, but extremely hot.  Forcing a Trinity who is still psychologically fucked up by the emotional and physical abuse from her mother to become a little and call Graciela “Mama” is not okay. Purposely pushing a “button” for a trigger even to occur leaves me speechless. In fact, that one point made me lose all respect for Graciela and consider her a sexual predator who should be jailed for rape. Graciela comes across as a self-righteous bitch who knows the “one true way”. I have never interacted with any BDSM people in real life who would find this brand of BDSM acceptable. This is not to say that it isn’t possible. There are many different ways to live the lifestyle. The one in this book is one I’d sway people into avoiding.

This f/f kinky book promised so much. The story turned out to be something completely different than I anticipated which may be why I’m disappointed. From a writing perspective, it’s fine.  From a story development it’s fine. From a Femdom perspective it did not work well. And from a romantic f/f romance plot, it failed for me. This story is recommended for f/f readers who love when second chances bring lovers back together.

Reviewed by Book Addict