I am erotica writer Dee Voyse and it is my pleasure to be today’s guest blogger for BDSM Book Reviews. I have been active in the BDSM scene since the age of 18. Now, at 25 years old, I am happy living and thriving in my roles as a submissive-leaning switch, collared pet, and little to my Sir. bdsm book review jpg

I never thought that I’d be all that interested in role playing; however, my curiosity was piqued fairly early on in my time as a bright-eyed and fresh-faced subbie. One night, upon awaking from a wonderfully pleasurable dream about being a pet kitten – and subsequently sharing the details with a handful of good friends –, I was heartily encouraged to pursue the role and tried my hand at a training scene. I was dressed up and led on a leash into the main room of my local dungeon, for all to see. And you know something? I. Ate. It. Up! Truly, there was nothing better than being able to get into that kind of mindset. In fact, I had gone so deep into the headspace, that people who were looking for me around the dungeon and calling me out by name could not find me because I was in too deep of sub space to answer. I have been incredibly lucky to have friends and kinky F/family who have encouraged my exploration of different roles. When I was finally comfortable enough, I decided that I was going to tackle age play next.

Upon meeting up with other age players through mutual friends and learning more about their big “little” world, I decided to take the plunge and see what age play had to offer me. I was leery at first, but, as with pet play, I found that my mind was free from stress and worry and, without a care in the world, I was allowed to get in touch with my inner little side. I love coloring, story time (especially as a writer), and making mischief with my friends. If not for the trust and understanding of those closest to me, I would have never been able to put myself in such a vulnerable and honest position.

My words of advice for those looking into role playing are: trust yourself. Your instincts can tell you a lot. If you feel like a puppy, go for it! More of a kitty? Great! Whatever role you find that fits, commit to it and just have fun with it! If you don’t judge yourself too hard, then the world will follow suit. And, if you can find the right people to encourage and love you for who you are, then the only thing left to do is to let your imagination run wild in the wonderful world of role play.

Below you can read an excerpt from a short story of mine called, Good Kitty, which details a day in the life of a pet kitten and her owner.

You reach down to scratch my belly and I purr with pleasure. I yelp when you pinch my nipples and run your nails down my inner thighs. My heart races and all I want to do is pounce on you and kiss you all over. You snap your fingers and I get on all fours, bending down to lick at your shoes once more. I yowl in the hopes that you will touch me where I so very much want to be touched and maybe, if I’m a good girl, let me come. You grin at me and run a hand over my bare bottom. I arch my back and wiggle in response.

Is kitty horny?” you ask in a mocking tone.

I meow loudly and you laugh, pleased by my desperation. Your finger circles my increasingly wet pussy and you dip it inside me just far enough to gather some of my juices on to your finger to let me taste. I lick and suck on your finger as if it were your cock. You smile at the pleading look in my eyes and resume teasing me.

“What does kitty want?” you whisper in my ear. “Do you want daddy to fuck you?” you hiss as you jam two fingers inside me and thrust at a rapid pace.

 I gasp at your touch and yelp in ecstasy as you pleasure me roughly.

“Have you been a good little girl? Do you think you really deserve this?” you tease and I begin to panic.

 I moan when you slide your fingers out of me and swipe them across my lips. You hold my face in your hand as I try to lick my lips.

 “No. I think you’ve been bad. I think you haven’t been listening when I tell you to stay. I think you need to be punished.”

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If you’d like to order a copy of my “Feline Fine” collection (featuring Good Kitty) or just drop me a line, you can reach me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Dee.Voyse or Twitter @DeeVoyse.

Lesbian Lovers by Berengaria Brown lesbian

Link to buy Lesbian Lovers

Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Sapphic sex is always alluring and sensual for this kinky reader. Ms. Brown elicits hidden f/f desires with her three short stories in this collection. The writing is smooth, silky and smoldering.

In Stubborn Attraction, the primal chase is on as Jaelle lets her randy side out. When she meets another mystical female, the two of them enjoy au natural to its fullest. This paranormal erotica kicks the book off to a great start.

Switching to a historical piece, Lady Caroline’s Reward, is naughty yet proper. Initiating a virgin into womanly delights is sweetly done. The conflict with a potential forced marriage at a time where women are property is nicely done.

Finally, Fist Me is a punching end when an angry woman, Taryn, decides men are pigs. Maybe switching to bat for the other side would be better for her. Who better to show her then good friend, Maeve?

In each of these stories, Ms. Brown does a good job of creating a neat package. With a good beginning, middle and end, each story is satisfying. It also gives a taste of Ms. Brown’s versatility from paranormal to historical and then contemporary.  For me, the contemporary is the most enticing because it does include fisting. There are not many stories which including fisting and this one does a lovely job. It’s erotic and exciting. Honestly, the sex in all three stories are effortlessly erotic. The feminine touch to these stories make them more romantic than erotic. Do not mistake the feminine side for bland sex scenes. The sex scenes are still hawt and fap worthy.  This collection is recommended for f/f erotica lovers.

Reviewed by Book Addict

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Scandal by Brace Kagni scandalcover

Link to buy Scandal (Italian Politics (The Billionaire’s Affair) Book 1)

Story Rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Our kinksters are Alessandro Medici-Visconti, politician and Alessia Ferrara, newly transferred to be his assistant.

This is a serial story in that the ending of the book is not the end of the story; you will need to read the next story for answers.

Throughout this story there were editing problems, awkward sentence structure, missing words, incorrect words and misspelled words.

There is really no build up to this story. Within minutes of meeting his new assistant Alessandro has Alessia locked in his office and after a brief discussion about her family he’s demanding she finger herself in front of him. Before the day is out he’s having unprotected sex. Her inner dialogue states she’s only consenting to his outlandish demands because she needs this job. This woman who supposedly before she met this man had never even fingered herself for her own pleasure is not only allowing this but then goes home to do it several more times.

The next day he has her off on a business trip and punishing her with a belt for failing to follow his orders with no previous BDSM discussion and no warm up. Then there’s the anal sex with no lube, just a vibrator in her pussy. Next, he’s insisting she be in the same room while he bottoms in a m/m BDSM scene. At this point I’m wondering if I’m reading a story or a bunch of sex scenes strung together impersonating a story. Then things change and the author starts to dedicate more time to the characters and their developing relationship. There are a lot of day to day, mundane interactions, including the fact that Alessia needs a LOT of sleep and the actual SCANDAL doesn’t happen until the last half of the book.

The whole premise of a politician taking sexual advantage is not new, nor is the billionaire and the needy girl a new concept. There’s a lot of things that made this story hard to read and hard to believe and therefore hard to keep interested in reading.

Reviewed by: wyldheart

My ideas for erotic stories and books always seem to just pop into my head, usually when I’m not even thinking about writing. Indeed, brainstorming for ideas doesn’t work for me. Inspiration comes on its own or not at all. Virtual Reality Mistress_wbanner

Until recently, when the muse has visited me she invariably only left a small seed of an idea, and I had to figure out how to grow it into something that devotees of dark erotica might enjoy reading. Sometime around Thanksgiving of last year I had a flash of insight for a storyline that was so obvious and simple that the book that ultimately resulted from it nearly wrote itself. For some reason I had been thinking about virtual reality when it suddenly occurred to me that virtual reality would be the perfect way for many people to explore and indulge in BDSM. I suppose if I wasn’t a writer of D/s erotica that train of thought might have ended with a wistful what if or wouldn’t that be cool? Instead, I wrote Virtual Reality Mistress so all the smut readers in the leather community can vicariously live out that fantasy. And, if there is a God, perhaps some kinky techie out there will be inspired by it to make Virtual Reality Mistress a reality!

Jim Lyon



 By Jim Lyon


Just about everyone who uses the Internet has had the experience of frittering away several hours meandering from one website to another, finally ending up at some esoteric destination without having any idea how they got there. That was how I found myself reading a niche blog about state-of-the-art virtual reality software and accouterments at two o’clock one Sunday morning. Just before I was ready to move on to another content watering hole where I could slake the thirst of my insomnia, I was drawn to the image of a femme fatale featured in an advertisement that boldly proclaimed that I could live out all my sexual fantasies in the privacy and safety of my own home by purchasing the Virtual Reality Mistress. Well, naturally I clicked on the ad to learn more about this intriguing opportunity; it was, after all, time for me to waste time somewhere else anyway.

I wasn’t overly surprised when the click-through from the advertisement took me to a page on Amazon.com. You have to love Jeff Bezos, his company will sell just about anything you might conceivably want, at a very reasonable price, and ship it to your door usually within three business days. After reading all of the product’s features and benefits and viewing a brief video that simulated a session with the mistress, I rewarded Jeff’s faith in unfettered commerce by purchasing this technological marvel that suddenly struck me as something I absolutely needed to own, all for the low, low price of $129.99 plus shipping and handling.

The following Wednesday afternoon, when I heard the telltale sounds of a FedEx driver dropping off a package on the front porch and racing back to his truck without so much as knocking once or ringing my doorbell, I knew that the Virtual Reality Mistress had arrived. I felt slightly giddy and lightheaded as I retrieved the package from the spot where the FedEx guy had so blithely tossed it. With near-reverence I gingerly placed the box on a table and set about opening it and inspecting the contents. JIM-LYON-AVATAR

The ensemble included a console designed to plug into my computer’s USB port, a Bluetooth earbud, ultrasleek wraparound viewing goggles, an ample quantity of stick-on sensors, and several body cavity probes. As I read the instructions, I learned that all the accessories interfaced with the mother ship via Wi-Fi. Without question, I was duly impressed with my new acquisition.

I spent the better part of the next two afternoons filling out questionnaires, taking a lengthy personality test, and inputting data regarding my interest in, experience with, and knowledge of every imaginable fetish. One particularly grueling assessment involved viewing a seemingly endless array of provocative images and short videos while wearing the sensors and probes. Collectively these various activities were programming the Virtual Reality Mistress to cater to my unique sexual predilections and sensibilities. By the time I was finished my entire being was atwitter with anticipation.

Following the advice of the manufacturer, I used the lowest intensity setting for my test drive, with the duration timed at only ten minutes. After removing all my clothes, I carefully placed the sensors at the recommended locations—which included the tip of my cock and the center of my ball sac—inserted a probe in my anus, and donned the earbud and snazzy goggles before pressing the start button. During the brief pause before the session engaged I was nearly breathless with excitement.


Glass Houses by Helena Maeve glass

Link to buy Glass Houses

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Sometimes our view of ourselves is not the same as how others view us. This becomes increasingly apparent as Miriam Chase reconnects with friends and a past lover. Miriam is the one who people believe would succeed in life. She knew what she wanted and she worked towards it. When she is jobless and ends up being a nanny, she believes she hits rock bottom.  She’s wrong. It gets a little worse because she’s excluded from her best friend’s wedding and her passionate one night stand shows up even sexier than before.

This is a story which many readers may wince in sympathy. Miriam’s view of her life and herself is gloomy and rather depressing. She is embarrassed to some degree, of her job. It’s sad because it’s so easy to see this scenario because many people do look down upon certain jobs. A nanny or “au pair” is a job which impacts lives. Specifically it impacts young and impressionable lives.  For people to ridicule it or take advantage of a female in this position is abhorrent. Miriam is a great care giver and she doesn’t seem to realize it. Her strained interactions with her employers is reasonable as Ms. Hamiltons is a control freak who is cold and uncaring of her children. It’s up to Miriam to provide the love and affection these children are desperately seeking.

To take a story like this and add in kinky femdom is surprising and well done. The BDSM elements to this story are enjoyable. For those who are looking for a realistic dominant female, Miriam is a good example. She is in control of herself and the way she dominates a male is steamy. Especially when her submissive is Elliot McFarland, her one night stand. He is older than her and also a former professor of hers. This makes the sex downright filthy. It is intoxicating to order a man around who is older. For the man to be someone who was previously in a position of authority? Fabulous.

What makes this story interesting is how Miriam’s perception changes by the end of the book.  What she believed to be facts were not as she thought when she learns the other side of the story.  This realization forces Miriam to grow and become a more assured individual. This is what brings the story together even if the ending leaves us hanging. Will there be more to Miriam’s story? What happens next is left for a reader to ponder and hope. This story is a happily for now ending which is quite fitting. This odyssey to self-enlightenment is recommended to femdom lovers who understand rejection may not be what it seems.

Reviewed by Book Addict

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Mistress Bunny and the Cancelled Client by Michael Penkas Mistress Bunny and the Cancelled Client

Link to buy Mistress Bunny and the Cancelled Client

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


Life’s hard enough for a working class dominatrix without the occasional murder. After getting dumped by her boyfriend, Mistress Bunny cancels her six o’clock session so that she can cry and drink herself to sleep. When she learns the next day that her client was found dead in his office, shot in the head at the same time she should have been tying him up, she can’t help but feel a little responsible. But when she attends his funeral, Bunny begins to suspect that the gunshot wound wasn’t nearly as self-inflicted as the police believe. Her investigation uncovers a string of “suicides” that don’t begin (or end) with her client … a string where the next mysterious death might be her own. Hounded by a drunk ex-boyfriend, a pissed-off widow, and an office assistant with a hidden agenda, Mistress Bunny finds herself at the center of a mystery and discovers that there are some secrets a man won’t even share with his dominatrix.


This is an amazingly fun read for a few reasons. It takes place in Chicago, which is my favorite city in the world. The character of Bunny is so entertaining and her “voice” is funnier than hell. The mystery part of this story is well written and leads the reader around for a wild ride. And though Bunny is indeed a dominatrix, there is no graphic sex here at all. In fact, this is quite PG compared to what comes through this review site. But despite the lack of sex this was a great read and definitely worth checking out. I would totally love having Bunny as a friend to hang out with over a dinner to hear her crazy stories.

Reviewed by Elizabeth

diaryofaDiary of a Library Nerd by Kyoko Church

Link to buy Diary of a Library Nerd: An erotic diary of one woman’s metamorphosis

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Provocative, innovative and creative describe Ms. Church’s Diary of a Library Nerd. The first chapter of this story is a bit off putting to read. This is in first person, from Charlotte’s point of view. It’s about a Charlotte aka Char, a librarian, who writes in her diary about her day.  Sometimes she writes about her boring day which includes calling her bitch of a boss, Pigface.  What is amusing is when Charlotte includes pictures to accompanying her diary entries. What is hawt is when Charlotte reveals her sexual proclivities. It’s smoking hawt when the sexual scenes are accompanied by her sexual drawings.

This is one of the few adult books I’ve read where there are applicable drawings interwoven throughout the story. The style this story is written is quite appealing. To read about Charlotte’s life as she goes through her sexual journey with not one but two men is fabulous. The kink in this story is delicious and intoxicating. The power Charlotte feels when she orders Nathan to her bidding is so good. She’s just learning and coming into her femdom. Charlotte is a dirty mistress getting off on her boy toy.

When this story twists to include Charlotte’s erotic exchange in submission to a sexual dominant, Edward, it kicks this story up a notch. It’s well done how Charlotte’s character struggles to balance her desires as she’s learning more about the kinky side of life. Her experimentations and confessions of guilty desires brings her closer to the reader. When she pulls together a ménage, a reader may become giddy with the carnal heat. Definitely Charlotte is exploring erotic fantasies many women dream about in the privacy of their bedroom. Here is Charlotte, letting go and exploring to her animalistic delight.

I’m captivated by the writing voice. I’m pulled in as Charlotte experiences highs and lows. The kinky sex is bewitching. The graphic pictures are tempting. This is the kind of diary I wish I could have written as a young adult. This is the kind of life I wish I had experienced as a college student. This is the kind of life which many a reader will vicariously enjoy. Honestly, I can see this as a movie or a mini-series on TV. I hope an aspiring movie director reads this book and wants to produce it. I’d watch the movie. Highly recommended to kinky readers who know the quiet ones are the ones to keep an eye on.

Reviewed by Book Addict