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In July 2009, Justyn Perry realised a long time dream of his when he opened the doors of Breathless Press. Having worked for one of Canada’s largest Genre Publishing Houses, he approached his new endeavour from a solid background in publishing and he was armed with a goal – to make Breathless Press one of the best publishers of romantic and erotic fiction in the market and a place where the authors would feel at home.

Having seen a decline in the number of quality eBooks being published, Justyn saw an opening in the market for a publisher dedicated to producing books of a high calibre and he had an ambitious plan to release between 2 – 3 new titles each week. Thanks to a stunning launch line-up of authors which included Sable Grey and Sheila Stewart along with around 20 additional contracted titles, Breathless Press was well on their way to a strong start. In a market full of eBook publishers, Breathless Press was already standing out thanks to their reputation for excellence.

Breathless Press has continued to go from strength to strength and in October 2011, they made the move into the world of print. Further expansion took place in June 2012 when Justyn launched Lycaon Press, a Young Adult imprint.








Sample of Breathless Press’ books:

Break and Enter
by Christina J. Loren
ISBN: 978-1-926771-32-8

James didn’t think the nights could get any hotter in Phoenix, but he was wrong. When a lone burglar breaks into his home demanding everything, temperatures soar.

Mark’s a thief who believes he knows exactly what he’s after, until one smoking hot homeowner makes him an offer he can’t refuse: perfect submission. This is one break and enter neither man will ever forget.



Toy Training
by Vee Michaels
ISBN: 978-1-926930-22-0

Minerva Richards, a local politician, is a woman who has never had an orgasm. Her friends tease her about her prudish nature but cannot get her to lighten up. One night, after a few margaritas, she loses a bet and has to take a sex toys training class at a local adult store.

Though very uncomfortable surrounded by sexy gadgets, Minerva vows to get through the class, if only to shut her friends up.

There she sees Danny, her dogs’ veterinarian, and she’s sure she’ll die from embarrassment. But as the class moves along, her barriers break down and Minerva finds herself doing things she’d never imagined. Can one two-hour class change her views about sex forever?



Captivated: Fetish Club Book
by Ava Delany
ISBN: 978-1-926771-41-0

Tonya is hot, wet, and ready to get kinky. She convinces a shy friend to go to a fetish club for her birthday, and it seems like the perfect place to let her wild side run free.

Liam likes to watch, but when he sees the raven-haired beauty, he follows her through the club, ready to oblige her lustful needs. She is sure that a man like him is not the foreplay type. Boy, is she wrong.



Bordello Secrets
by Heather Whittington
ISBN: 978-1-926930-88-6

When Marie is tossed out of her home, she takes a position at the “Votre Bonheur,” an upscale bordello in Nice. There she meets Edward Leroye, the handsome, mysterious master of the house, and sparks fly. He awakens a desire and a dislike the naive young woman has never before experienced. When Sarah tells her that the Master holds a secret, Marie decides to discover the truth. Even if it means stripping away her innocence.



by Vee Michaels
ISBN: 978-1-926930-79-4

What happens when you gather one UPS man, one struggling writer, and the Sex-O-Matic? A delightful, sexy day of adventure!

Holly is a struggling writer who does random product testing and reviews to make ends meet. When she faints in front of her sexy UPS guy, Marv, he comes to her rescue. He’s curious about her product testing, and together they open the nondescript brown box containing her latest assignment: the Sex-O-Matic, a machine that guarantees its user multiple orgasms. Being the gentleman he is, Marv naturally offers to help Holly test it. How can she resist?



Sundae Surprise
by DC Juris
ISBN: 978-1-926771-59-5

Dean learns the true meaning of the words “playing with your food” when his hot and hunky roommate, Rick, interrupts his plans for some solo Sunday afternoon fun. Human sundae aside, Dean discovers a kinship with Rick that he never knew existed, and a basis for what promises to be a delicious relationship. But when Rick overreacts to Dean’s nonchalance after their first time, can Dean convince Rick that what they have is real?



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