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caseofthecoverThe Case of the Cheeky Co Ed by A. H. Scott

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Story Rating: 1 out of 5 padles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Delilah Archer is hired by a concerned mother to investigate the nefarious doings of her daughter. This leads the detective to teach at a prestigious private school, Baynebridge. What she finds at the school is shocking and dangerous.

There were so many things wrong with this book that I’m not sure where to start. The author in me cringed at lines like “buffet of heavenly halibut” when referring to women’s pussy. There were others that were equally as horrible. I also had issues with the point of view which seemed to switch all over the place. I never had a chance to really get to know the characters or their motivations. Delilah was a complete blank canvas that was never painted for me. Her actions throughout the story were difficult to comprehend.

Also, there wasn’t much plot in this story. I had prepared for a sexy mystery. Instead, I was presented with a rather tawdry display of improbability that seemed to have no explanation.  Delilah investigates Baynbridge and discovers that the daughter is really involved in an orgy of sex and female domination complete with humiliation of the persons in authority and a doctor whose fetish is enema play. The reader is told that Delilah is aroused by this, but nothing else.

The central player in this orgy is a nineteen year old female Dominant who orders everyone around, humiliates a married couple and generally orchestrates various orgasms. The presentation of the sex in this story is a bit clinical and more like humiliation porn to me than erotica.

The “mystery” is no real mystery at all. As a “case”, it’s not even interesting. In the end, I’m left wondering at everyone’s integrity and I have no connection to any of the characters I’ve just spent sixty-nine pages with.

All in all, I was disappointed with every aspect of this book. There was very little characterization, a weak plot and emotionless sex. I couldn’t connect to this one at all. Your mileage may vary.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

missedflightA Missed Flight by A.H. Scott

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Story Rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


Strap in for a tempestuous trip from the mind of A.H. Scott.

You can take off without even leaving the ground.

Now Boarding!! Now Boarding!!

This is “A Missed Flight”.

As Nancy saw her flight take off the ground, she thought it was missed. Yet, timing which seemed wrong, actually was perfect all along.

For a certain class of business traveler, pleasure is an unexpected coincidence.

Power trips.

Power shifts.

Ready for take-off?


This is a very short story that someone might send to a magazine more than a piece of work one would find on Amazon. The writing is choppy and the grammar and punctuation questionable. There were many sentence fragments and the flow seemed off way too much. The beginning made me think this was going to be some sort of Dr. Seus story with rhyming all along. Thank goodness that was not the case.

The vibe of this story was pure fantasy and completely unrealistic. This seemed like something one lover might write for another to share a fantasy between them. There was some kink there, but it was such an outlandish premise that it resulted in a lower rating. The story score would have been higher if there was better editing. On the Amazon page it looks like the author was also the editor for this story. Sometimes (oftentimes) it is better to have another set of eyes edit your work to catch the grammar errors you might have missed and to give feedback for the story itself. This is also why authors often have critique partners, join critique groups and have beta readers before their work is released.

Reviewed by Elizabeth

The Sentence of Anna by A.H. Scott 


ASIN B006LQ65W4 

Story Rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5 


Anna loves to flirt with Valery, her lover’s best friend.  Philippe is a wealthy Duke who plucked peasant Anna from obscurity.  Anna is the current mistress for the past three years.  She is with Philippe because he shows her the good life.  He’s neither a good lover nor particularly handsome, but he does shower Anna with luxuries.

This historical romance is written in an unwieldy style.  The writer’s voice is drowned out with purple prose and too many adjectives.  Flowery wording does not equate to a flowing smooth writing voice.  It is one thing for the characters’ dialog to contain flamboyant speech; it’s another thing when the entire story and narration is crammed with flashy words which jar the reader out of the story. 

The concept of this story is okay.  We find Anna cheating on Philippe, getting caught and then punished.  The punishment and the illicit sex could be steamier.  The excessive usage of purple prose changes what could be smexy into something silly.  It would be better if the A.H. Scott focus on a cleaner dialog with more showing rather than telling.  The changing point of views between the three characters also distracts from the storyline. 

It appears A.H. Scott writes more poetry than stories.  To write a story in poetry form is not easy.  In this, my recommendation would be to avoid it.  It almost comes across as if the writer’s native tongue is not English.  If this is the case, it would explain the odd sentence structures.  For example: Colors of the oncoming night were absorbed by her blue eyes. Being at this villa, Anna felt a sense of peace. These two sentences are constructed in an awkward manner.  The entire story is written this way.  The reason why it doesn’t flow is more than just the passive voice.  It’s because there is a flip in standard positioning of the subject and predicate.  This is what leads me to believe English is not A.H. Scott’s native tongue.  Specifically in Mandarin Chinese, we find the predicate preceding the subject.  I know this from my translations between Chinese to English and vice versa. 

A. H. Scott shows potential in the erotic themes.  The execution of it needs a bit of work for reader enjoyment.

Reviewed by Book Addict


The Sentence of Anna by A.H. Scott


ASIN B006LQ65W4 

Story rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 1 out of 5


In 1747 France, the Duke of Givenchy, Philippe Paramour was a man of power and position. Philippe’s noble title gave him liberation of his most secret yearnings of debauchery. The Duke’s favorite past-time was taking female peasants under his wing as lovers and traveling companions across the French countryside.This is “The Sentence Of Anna”.

Anna’s sentence at times, would have been intolerable to a lesser woman of her immature age. But, what she gained under the strict tutelage of Philippe was the skills of maturity and demure sophistication.

Author A.H. Scott doles out a punishment of power, pride and passion in this tale of explosive encounters and ribald release.

Firm hand awaits…

The Sentence of Anna tries to be a medieval piece about a young girl and the two men she sleeps with both separately and together. It tries, but it fails in a big way. Grammatically, this story is nothing short of a hot mess. There is bad grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. Quotation marks and commas are used incorrectly all the time except when they are forgotten and not used at all. Towards the end of the story there are random capitol letters in a few sentences for some unknown reason. The author almost never uses paragraphs and so you have single line after single line after single line of text.
The purple prose overflows to the point of no return.
Gentle vessel= mouth
Cliff of comfort= orgasm
Blossom of lust= a character being “turned on”
Slippery cave of comfort= vagina
Feasted on her flower= oral sex
Naughty nectar= sperm
Holes of harmony= vagina and ass during a three way
The chapter headings are  any place on the page and not at the top as you’d typically see in a book.
Because of all the issues with this story it’s hard to feel any connection or interest in the characters or story at all. There are so many distractions it’s overwhelming to the reader. The work is in serious need of an editing job and even then it wouldn’t help the actual story which is weak in it’s concept and light in BDSM and kink.
The recommendation for this one is to pass.
Reviewed by Elizabeth