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noboundsNo Bounds by Ann Jacobs

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Cole is caught trying to help his sister and the woman he loves at an illegal BDSM club on Earth.  He is banished to Obsidion where he builds a club that practices a safe, sane BDSM.

No Bounds contrasted both good and bad BDSM practices, and showed clearly an abusive man that tried to pass himself off as a Dom. The author also showed what can happen when someone with an unstable attempts to live the lifestyle without any understanding.  I think she did a good job of that in this story.

The relation Cole has with Amber is very complex, but ends up well for the two of them. Amber is the ultimate submissive, who has to learn it is okay to use her safeword, and Cole is teaching her.

This is the first book in the Obsidion series and I am looking forward to see where the author takes it. There is a clear difference between Cole’s club and the others on Obsidion, and the doctor clearly has a story to be told.

Publisher’s Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the title Branded. It has been revised for Ellora’s Cave.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

Wild One by Ann Jacobs wildone

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


The black sheep of an aristocratic Creole family meets the Bar C’s princess.

Disgraced doctor Les Fourchet has come to the wide-open spaces of northwest Texas looking to stay away from the BDSM lifestyle that may have cost him his heritage. That idea goes out the window when he discovers kink club the Neon Lasso—and hot Texan Deidre Caden.

Deidre is the submissive of Les’ wildest fantasies. Their play at the club is scorching, but before he can offer her the life she deserves, Les must confess his humiliating past—and convince her powerful family of his worth.


This story held my attention from the get go. While I am not usually a fan of prologues, the one in this book was needed to introduce Les into a series full of well developed characters. It was upsetting to read the painful past that brought Les to Caden County, but brought to life a man that is complex and believable. The flow of the story is natural and relaxed, you don’t feel forced into a time line of events that take more time to develop in real life, which is something that I love and made this story just a bit more special to me. Deidre is a woman that struggles with her life, wanting more and unable to find the courage to voice those wants, you get a female lead that is easy to identify with and route for.

When Les and Deidre meet, the flirtation is a great mixture of sweet and sexy and the chemistry between them jumps off the page at you. It was great to read a book that took a step back from some of the more typical formulas of quick meet to sex timing, this story allows you to experience a more “traditional” development. There is no rush to the steamy sex scenes, there is no drop from story to smut. The author instead blends them together into a flow that, as a reader, comes across more realistic.

However, that does not mean that the story is lacking in the steamy-sex department. From self-sounding scenes that are short, accurate and hot; to anal play that will threaten to melt your Kindle right out of your fingers, this book has a little bit of everything. The first time these characters come together is exactly the word that the author uses for it. Its not sex… it’s a Claiming. The discussions of BDSM play, when it finally came, came out natural. The conversation felt like a conversation that two people would have, not one that was thought up in another persons mind. The confessions were hard to read, but for all the right reasons. The way the Les reveals his past to Deidre makes your heart hurt for him and leaves you feeling proud of him for not letting it get the best of him. Deidre shows with her sharing that she is a strong and capable woman with a solid head on her shoulders that transfers to her being a strong sub that is a perfect compliment to a sensual Dom.

The meetings of the family went better than I was thinking it would from the beginning of the story. I was happy to see a lack of conflict from both sides. Over all this story was a sweet and sensual story. The HEA is well deserved for both characters and is easily a story I would recommend to others

Reviewed by Darlene

Lover’s Feud by Ann Jacobs



ISBN-13: 978-1419967528

Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Hatfields & McCoys meet Dallas… What should have been simple BDSM club play becomes complicated when lifelong neighbors Bye Caden and Karen Oakley discover there’s more between them than one steamy night. But acting on their feelings is unthinkable, for if discovered, they could reignite a century-old feud between their families. Sneaking around to be together ups the heat factor, but it’s only a matter of time before the couple must come clean. Forever is hard to come by when one’s father shoots first and asks questions later. Against a larger-than-life ranch setting, the lovers must overcome not only their own misgivings, but the opposition of their respective families. A task that could prove to be as big as Texas.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I have enjoyed others by this author.  There is even some BDSM in the book, although it is very light, and one ménage scene.

Karen Oakley and Bye Caden are a modern Romeo and Juliet.  Both come from money, but Karen’s family is looked upon as white trash.  Bye is the son of the largest rancher in the area, and at first seems like a spoiled brat.  Their families have been feuding for over 100 years, although no one seems to know the real cause.

I liked the way they worked out a way to get past the feud, and I liked both the hero and heroine, although Bye comes across as almost too good to be true.

The book contains suspense, family secrets, lots of hot sex, and a satisfying HEA.

Reviewed by Karen

Shotgun Relations by Ann Jacobs



Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


This was a captivating Novella and one I thoroughly enjoyed.  It is the first in the author’s Club Rio Brava series and is an excellent start.

The story had interesting characters, good plot, and kept me turning the pages to find out what happens.  The BDSM element is there, but a bit light.

I was especially captivated by the dichotomy of the hero-conservative, three piece suit lawyer by day, tattooed and pierced bad ass Dom by night. I also enjoyed the way he came to fall deeper in love with the heroine, Liz, throughout the story until she comes to be the most important thing in his life.

For her part, I liked Liz, although she could have used a little more backbone, especially since she is portrayed as a tomboy ranch owner with a hidden passionate side.  But being a closet submissive shouldn’t mean she falls apart under adversity.  Still, she is a very likable woman and the story is good enough to overcome a few flaws.  I will be looking for the others in this series.

Reviewed by Karen

Irresistible…Again by Ann Jacobs


ASIN B00757B7O4

Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5

For Sean Connell and Merrie Harris, senior year was everything that they both planned it to be. Not only were they together but they both had the rest of their lives planned out with each other. If only life didn’t get in the way on the first trip away from each other, when Sean decided to mess around ruining everything for the two of them. Fast forwarding 15 years, everything is different. Not only have they both grown into more than either of them could have ever dreamed, but they both feel like something big is missing from their lives. Will running into each other where it all began make any difference or has time hardened them both too much for second chances?

What a touching story. The idea that fate gave them a second chance at happiness is not something that you usually see outside of romance novels and yet Ann Jacobs made they story so life like that it could make a girl believe differently. The story of Sean and Merrie is littered with the bodies of a lifetime filled with heartache and yet coming together in the end was not all I had expected it to be. I think Merrie gave into Sean way too quickly, almost as though they gave up on friends and went right to lovers after meeting. The ending was sweet, and something to aspire to in the real world.

Reviewed by Mz Hyde

When you first started writing, did you have any idea you’d be writing BDSM/kinky books? Do you write in any other genre?

I first started writing sensual, but not erotic romances, having no idea I’d soon be writing BDSM/kinky books. For the past seven-eight years, I’ve written only erotic romances, many of which involve BDSM play and/or lifestyle.

At what point did you decide you wanted to write BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

I was asked to write a BDSM contemporary for an Ellora’s Cave anthology with Jaid Black and Joey W. Hill. The psychology of domination and submission fascinated me, so since then I’ve incorporated themes about it in many of my books, not only contemporaries but also futuristics and urban fantasies.

Do you write BDSM/kink erotica based on what you find interesting or sexy, or do you write more for your audience?

I write mainly for my audience, so far as particular practices are concerned. Personally, I find the dynamics of domination and submission are what keeps me writing BDSM elements into my erotic romances.

What have you written in the past that you think your BDSM/kink fans might find interesting?

My Necessary Roughness series has four books, each of which has BDSM lifestyle characters who are into their own kinks: shaving, rope bondage, male chastity and total female domination. Pleasure Partners, a futuristic BDSM series, incorporates BDSM with kinky lifestyles common in a strange, futuristic world. I have two older contemporary series, also at Ellora’s Cave, that deal with the BDSM lifestyle: Heart of the West and Club Rio Brava, as well as my d’Argent Honor urban fantasy series. “Mastered”, originally in the Enchained anthology I mentioned above, was my first BDSM effort.

At this point in your career, do you think you’ll write more BDSM/kinky erotica?

Caden Kink, one of my two upcoming Ellora’s Cave series, has BDSM practitioners in a contemporary western setting. One of the books in my other upcoming series, Courthouse Connections, has hardcore BDSM practitioners as main characters. I can’t envision writing erotic stories that don’t have some elements of domination and submission, even if the BDSM lifestyle isn’t the primary focus of the story.

If someone new to your work is going to start with a story, which one would you recommend they read first?

It depends. If they’re new to BDSM, I’d suggest MASTERED or My Heart of the West series (Roped, Hitched and Lassoed). If they’re into real kink, the Necessary Roughness series (has two femdom heroines of the four books) might suit them better. The Pleasure Partners would be good for readers who like futuristic with their BDSM.

Do you attend BDSM, kink, or fetish conferences? Or do you attend any other “vanilla” type of conferences? Attending any in the near future you want to mention?

I’ve never attended a BDSM, kink or fetish conference, but I’d enjoy doing so sometime. I always attend Romanticon, and most of the times I go to the Romantic Times conference.

Who is your favorite BDSM/kinky author? Movie?

Joey W. Hill, my critique partner, is my favorite BDSM/kinky author. I love her Knights of the Boardroom series with Ellora’s Cave, and her vampire series with Berkley. I don’t think I’ve ever attended a BDSM movie–I’m not much of a moviegoer.

What is your favorite flavor ice cream? And since this interview is for BDSM Book Reviews, vanilla is not an option! Chocolate soft-served

Website: annjacobs.net