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The Defiant Ones by Anna Keraleigh defiantones

Link to buy The Defiant Ones [Love Conquers All 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 0 out of 5


I was really disappointed that I couldn’t give this book for any points for the sting factor because there were just so many opportunities for some awesome kink to take place. Even though there wasn’t any kink taking place, there were some really nice sex scenes going on.

The book opens up in modern times with Sorcha, who is a witch and also the outcast of her family for not being able to do anything quite right. The reader finds her in a museum on an old ship practicing her magic like always, but today, something didn’t exactly go as planned. She finds herself in the middle of an ocean and not only there, but back in time as well.

Next, we find ourselves in a Roman coliseum where Queen Larina of the Amazons has been spending the day fighting for her life, getting  ready to face the champion of Rome. During her battle with the champion of Rome, Brennus, decides he doesn’t want to kill her, but help her escape. Both of them are able to escape the guards of the coliseum, but not before Brennus can save his sister from the slaver that holds her. They both swim out to a ship hoping for safety and this is when they meet Sorcha. Out of panic to avoid being captured once again by the Romans, Sorcha uses her magic to get them out of harm’s way. Instead of moving them to another location, she’s moved them forward a few years.

Brennus is still hellbent on freeing his sister so he and Larina make their way back to land to find out about his sister. They find out from an old friend of Brennus that his sister has passed during the years and had a son, who is now the champion of Rome. Even though his sister can no longer be saved, Brennus will not rest until he is able to save his nephew. During their time on land, the passion and attraction between Brennus and Larina that started on the ship starts to grow and flourish, even against Larina’s will. With that passion come some very steamy scenes between the two, leaving the reader wanting for more to happen between these two characters.

The Defiant Ones was a very quick read, which did leave me a bit disappointed because I was really left wanting to hear more of the story of Brennus and Larina and even more about Sorcha. I am looking forward to hearing more about the couple in future works.

Reviewed by Tequila Rose

defiantonesThe Defiant Ones by Anna Keraleigh

Link to buy The Defiant Ones [Love Conquers All 1] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Story Rating: 1 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): .5 out of 5


The Defiant Ones is the first novella in the Love Conquers All series. It is a story of time travel, brutality and revenge. The main characters in this novella are Sorcha (a witch from an unspecified futuristic date where cities float above the earth), Queen Larina of the Amazons and Brennus the Champion of Rome (a Roman gladiator). Larina and her tribe of Amazons were enslaved by the Romans and brought to Rome to do battle against gladiators for the amusement of the populace. Larina was pitted against Brennus in a battle to the death, but they instead worked together to escape the arena and find freedom. The freedom they found was in the form of a strange looking ship, anchored in the nearby harbor, captained by Sorcha. Sorcha tried to perform a simple spell that ended up going awry and landed her and her antique ship in ancient Rome with no knowledge of how to get back to her own time. While she was trying to figure that out, Larina and Brennus swam out to her ship and asked for her help them evade the Romans. She agreed and not only sheltered them overnight, but even performed another time traveling spell so the ship and all those contained in it traveled forward in time together (to the same location in the harbor) in order to escape their pursuers. In this not too distant future, Brennus and Larina verntured out into the city to kill Romans, and save and avenge loved ones and friends. While they helped one another in their efforts, feelings developed between the two warriors. But would they ever be able to develop a relationship based on their differing views of gender roles? Would they be successful in their efforts to free and avenge their loved ones? And when in time will they go next?

The Defiant Ones had an interesting premise. The author had a lot of good ideas, but the final product did not live up to it’s potential. The characters were likable. However, the author clumsily mixed modern and ancient verbiage in such a way that detracted from the story. In addition, the author’s continual use of profanity was off-putting. While this reviewer is able to understand that a good deal of the profanity was used as a way to illustrate the distain the two warriors held for the Romans, it did not fit with the time period or the general speech of the characters. In addition, based on common knowledge of Amazons, Larina’s actions, motivations and interactions with Brennus do not make sense and rang false; most especially for a character touted as being the Queen of the Amazons and thus the protector of a society of women who looked upon men as tools, not as valued companions worthy of love or affection.

The Sting Factor is very low in this book. There are a couple of scenes of sex in secluded public places and mild domination. The domination could best be described as the two warriors acting as switches (where they each alternately took turns dominating the other). In addition, the scenes of domination were relatively brief and unimaginative.

Overall, this book was a valiant effort at a unique story idea, but it’s execution was its downfall.

Reviewed by: Christine

breakingBreaking Bethany by Anna Keraleigh

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


If you are a sci/fi nerd into BDSM, you will love this short, quick read story. Shoot, if you just like a BDSM story, you’ll like it. But, as it is an actual sci/fi story, the nerd in you will be very pleased when you read ‘Breaking Bethany’.

The story revolves around Clarin Whorsmith, a mercenary with a space ship and a sense of morality and her newest client, Bethany. Bethany’s sister has been kidnapped by slavers and she has hired Clarin to help get her back. Seems simple and straight forward. Happily for those of us who enjoy a good BDSM scene, it’s not that simple. To rescue Bethany’s sister, Clarin and Bethany will need to blend in with the slaver crowd on the ‘Central Hub’, a sinister and illegal roving space station run by the sadistic Gorn.

To be able to infiltrate the ‘Central Hub’ Bethany will need to be able to go in and be convincing as Clarin’s slave. For a virgin school teacher, this is not something that would come naturally to Bethany, and Clarin will have to train, or “break” her so they can accomplish their rescue. This is where the fun BDSM comes in. Clarin obviously has indulged in these games before as she already has a holographic whip. What is a holographic whip you ask? Well, it’s a whip that will leave no marks, no bleeding and no marred skin, but stings the same as an actual whip. A great invention, but leaving at least temporary marks is part of the fun of a single tail, but, hey, one loses some things with advancement.

The training becomes complicated for Clarin as she falls for Bethany during the training sessions onboard the spaceship. The training scenes are the best BDSM scenes in the story. Part of the training involves Bethany having to run laps nude while Clarin uses the holographic whip on her. The idea behind the laps has to do with a contest held at the ‘Central Hub’, as there is a chance Bethany may have to compete. Plus, there is a chance the whip will have to be used in public to add convincing to the undercover role the two are playing and Bethany needs to learn how to react as if she is used to the feel of it as Clarin’s slave. There is also training in how to stand, how to sit, how to kneel, in other words, slave training.

During all this, Clarin’s desire continues to rise. When it becomes time to take the training to Bethany being used to being touched and fondled, or having fingers, etc. inserted in to her pussy, Clarin’s desires overflow. The scenes between Clarin and Bethany at this point become “must read” writing. They are well written, fun and deliciously hot.

When they finally arrive at the hub, things take a dark turn as the majority of slaves present are there against their will, and the majority of what’s going on around Clarin and Bethany goes over the line in to true sadism. However, it is needed for the plot line and there are several short scenes here and there during the rescue to keep one’s libido cooking. This lets the reader stay in a nice state of arousal to get you to the final scene between Clarin and Bethany.

The sci/fi aspect while present, how can it not be as the majority of the story takes place on a space ship or space stations, is not the main focus of the story. It is used only as the vehicle to deliver the story. In other words, you do not need to be a sci/fi nerd to enjoy and be turned on by this story. You will be. But for the sci/fi nerd BDSMers out there, it adds a nice flavor of sci/fi to make it on to your must read list.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven

Fairy Flavor by Anna Keraleigh fairyflavor

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ISBN-10: 1927368243F

Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 2 out of 5


The fairies are going extinct. The trolls are trying to take the land for their own nefarious purposes and King Carrick, ruler of the fairy kingdom, has found a human mate. Now he just has to convince her to stay amidst the chaos. Brook finds herself in love with a fairy, as if that isn’t strange enough, she’s kidnapped by the trolls and asked to be queen of this fantasy kingdom. Her heart screams approval but a man named Valen and some deadly trolls stand between them.


Fairy Flavor by Ana Keraleigh is a sweet love story of a Fairy King finding his new Queen. The story is filled with love and danger at every corner. The Fairy kingdom is slowly dying out and the only way to save it is to have sexual contact with human women in hopes of them actually being able to carry a fairy baby. However, it surprises the King when he actually falls in love with his little human woman. Fairies, trolls, humans, and love oh my!

Ana Keraleigh’s Fairy Flavor is an interesting read but definitely not a BDSM book. A sensual ménage does not make the book a BDSM book. This book has some kink to it and is a delightful read regardless of the fact that it is not BDSM. There is something to be said about a touch of kink in a book. For those that love a good fairytale then this is the book for you.

Reviewed by Unrequited Spirit

Fairy Prey (A Fairy Novel) by Anna Keraleigh annak

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5

Story Description

This is not a fairy tale. This is the story of a dominant fairy and his prey.

Morrigan is a survivor, a fighter, and assertive. She chooses her own path in life and refuses to take orders. That is until he came along—a man with blue hair and wings. A fairy that treats her like prey. She’s forced to fight beside him as the fairy-troll war comes to a peak. They must survive twisted Kelpie creatures, fighting in the troll gladiator games, and still discover which of the fairies is a traitor to their own kind.

Prepare for battle and submission.

Review -

I wish I would have started this series from the beginning. I had to play catch up a bit, but thankfully the Author made it easy to quickly become acquainted with the characters. Morrigan is fierce! Head strong and incredibly competent, the beginning of the story sets the tone for an extremely hot and steamy read. But she is a haunted woman, a woman who is drawn to a fairy that seems to threaten everything she is. The pace of the story is quick, but not too fast. It keeps the action moving and I found that nothing really lags here. And then there is Whisper, the fairy that wants to possess her and claim her as his own. Whisper is the quintessential sensual Dom. His ability to control a submissive is not by his strength of his hands, the way he yields a whip or the collection of his toys. He has the power to control with his voice and his presence. There is not any particular BDSM content within this book. It is subtle and makes it more powerful in its subtlety. I think the author did a great job in showing that BDSM does not need to be about the implements you use or the words that are spoken. She shows that a Dominant and submissive relationship is more about the connection that is created when control is given freely to an individual who can take that control and nurture it.

Simply put, I loved this story. I loved all of the elements of it. The fantastical creatures in this book were amazing and a little freaky, which I think was the author’s goal. The story line was well executed and the traitor was definitely a surprise. The sex was scorching hot and vivid and so naturally placed. There was no feeling of gratuitous sex in this story just to make it hotter. The editing was done very well, not many issues that would pull you out of the story due to grammatical, spelling and other general syntax errors. I was impressed with the flow of this short story as it is usually my experience that shorter stories tend to feel more rushed or jumpy. It was a pleasure to read this story and it is one I will read again for sure!

I am now starting this series from the beginning. =)

Reviewed by Darlene