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forbiddencoverForbidden Escapades by Anya Howard

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


In Forbidden Escapades, author Anya Howard gives us three wonderfully crafted and nice erotic OTK (Over The Knee) stories. What sets them apart from other OTK stories is what is woven through each story. These are not your basic meet-up, have a good time in the local dungeon type stories. Each one involves that indefinable something called love. Yes, love in a D/s or M/s relationship. Oh, the scandal. ON it comes across as a very equal love that goes both ways between the parties involved. The scenes in each story are hot in their own right, but when the added spice of love is included, it raises it a little higher.

In the first story, “Forbidden”, we meet Ethan and Vicki who share a “mutually consensual” Dom/sub relationship. The “L” factor comes in to play straight away as Vicki thinks a more correct title for her would be love slave. The story gets going right away with Vicki waking up horny and deciding to play with Ethan, while Ethan is still sleeping. Love a story that starts its first sex scene on page two, and yet took time enough to actually introduce the characters. Kudos to the author, it is appreciated by the reader.

In rather short order this idea backfires on Vicki and Ethan flexes a little (a lot?) of climax control on her, including instructing her to be a good girl and not pleasure herself while he is away at work. There would not be much of a story if Vicki is able to obey this command, and happily for the reader, she cannot. As the title of the book states, these are erotic spanking tales, so it is obvious to all Vicki will be caught and have to pay the price. Does knowing this in advance take anything away from the enjoyment of reading the scenes? Not in the least. One keeps waiting for her to get caught then tries to anticipate how the punishment will be played out. A great first story to get one’s motor revving with multiple sex scenes and a fun punishment. Well, fun for some.

Our second story, “The Chamberlain’s Discipline”, is a period piece taking place at the turn of the last century (1904) in Ireland. The Ireland part does not play in to the story so much as it feels like this story could just have easily taken place in England, France or the New England states of the U.S. The time frame though does inspire the story as our heroine, Fenna Carter, is a creature of her time, as is the “hero” of the story, Daniel Barrows. The steam your glasses scenes take longer to develop than in the first story, but the buildup makes one savor the torment of waiting, and the build to the payoff. And the reader is not disappointed. The scene between Miss Carter and Mr. Barrows in his private office is well worth the wait. Here to the author weaves in the tendrils of love between the two involved as both had been fighting back and forth at each other, not it is discovered out of loathing, but out of unrequited love. This gets nicely “requited” as well as having Miss Barrows bottom a nice shade of red when they are done.

Finally, we end with “Hot Whipping Cream”. This story, much more than the other two, crosses the line in to fantasy. Branch Junction is not a town one will find anywhere in the world, even in a state like Nevada where brothels are legal in some counties. Doesn’t mean we can’t wish it was possible, or enjoy reading about a place like Branch Junction. And it certainly doesn’t take away from the absolute enjoyment of the ‘Oh so hot’ sex in this story. A great story to end with as it definitely feels like the climax after the quick start of the first story, then the slow build that takes place in the middle story. “Hot Whipping Cream” gives us Sheriff Tom Campbell, his wife Haley, a female “friend” with a can of whipped cream, and a fun and raunchy place called The Swing; which just happens to be on a street called Leather. As stated previously, fantasy, but who wouldn’t want to live in this town? As in the two previous stories, the OTK is used as punishment, and yet keeps the eroticism.

If you are a fan of OTK, or of the erotic, or the D/s ideal played out between two people, this troika of shorts is for you. If however, love has no place in your fantasies then you are out of luck. The flame of love runs through all three stories and not only does not ruin them, but instead enhances the emotion and feel of the characters involved. Anya Howard did a marvelous job on each individual story and a wonderful job of choosing which story goes where. The only complaint one could have is wishing there were more than just three stories in “Forbidden Escapades”. The book leaves the reader with a desire for three or four more stories from Anya Howard right then and there.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven

The Story of Odette: The Swanmaiden’s Unveiling by Anya Howard



Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5

When the Saxons are overtaken by the forces of Boniface due to the treachery of one of their own, Odette is forced to give up her Pagan ways. For reasons unknown to her, her sister’s husband spirits her away to the near-mythical land of Athla, where only those whose hearts and minds are compatible are allowed access. She lives the life of a princess, never paying much attention to the doings of the adults…until she begins to cross that threshold herself. Transferred from the Queen’s custody to that of Mistress Helga, Odette struggles with her Christian upbringing while at the same time desiring to learn how best submit and train as a Priestess of Freyja. Her sister, however, had taken great exception to Odette being stolen away from her. She plots to steal her out of Athla and return her to her home – now under her rule – to help usher in a new age where no woman submits to anyone and all remain chaste.
This is a rather imaginative retelling of the swan-maiden story and can be compared, in a way, to Anne Rice’s Beauty trilogy. The realms where the story takes place, Midgard (earth) and Athla, are quite detailed. Having explored that space between desiring both freedom and submission myself, I feel the author captures Odette’s struggles with great accuracy. You definitely get your money’s worth in kink as the focus of the story is a society that prizes a properly submissive woman, one where they are protected and cherished as often as they are punished. There’s definitely some religious overtones, but they’re not really what you think at first. Though, I must admit, as a practicing member of the Asatru faith, it rankled just a bit to see that Freyja was described as a submissive Goddess, this did not diminish my enjoyment of the book overall.
Reviewed by darkest.ire