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delayedDelayed Penalty by Bianca Sommerland

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


If you’re looking for a hot & steamy read look no further. Delayed Penalty is part of Ms. Sommerland’s, Darthmouth Cobra Series. The book contains a recommendation that the series be read in order, and this is book five in the six book series.I had previously read books one & two in the series. While there are subplots that deal with information in previous books, Ms. Sommerland does a wonderful job of explaining them so that readers who are new to the series, will still enjoy the book. I will say that when I was reading the story, it made me want to go back & read the books that I missed.

First off, it doesn’t get much hotter than a Canadian hockey team that has its own private BDSM club. One might assume that all the members of the team are super dominant, but they would be very wrong. Not only does Ms. Sommerland find a way to tell story about BDSM, she’s able to break away from the stereotypical images of D/s relationships that have been traditionally portrayed.

The main story is about best friends who discover that they’re in love with the same woman. The girl’s name is Akira, and she meets Cortland when he discovers her lying next to her car in parking lot. She’s just been mugged & is having a flashback to when she was raped. Cort makes sure that Akira makes it home safely, then stays to enjoy a drink with Akira.

When Cort hears Akira discussing relationships with her roommate, he overhears them discussing a BDSM relationship. After hanging out for a while, Akira & Cort make plans to go on a date later in the week. Then Cort leaves to find his best friend Ford, so he can find out what kind of problem he needs his help with.

After Cort is unable to get a hold of Ford by phone, he decides to go to his house. Unfortunately, Ford isn’t there and the apartment is trashed with blood everywhere. Cort rushes to the bar that Ford owns, and discovers that it’s closed and Ford is in the hospital after being brutally attacked.

Eventually Cort & Ford that the girl they’re both head over heels for, is the same girl. After initially trying to convince Akira that he’s bad for her, Cort realizes that he’s in love with her.

Will Cort & Ford be able to find a way to maintain their friendship, once they discover  that they love the same girl? Will Cort continue to make sacrifices in order to ensure that Ford’s hands will remain clean of crime, or will the man Ford had believed to be his father be successful in ending Ford’s life? I highly recommend that you read Delayed Penalty to find out. Also, be prepared to become just as enthralled by the sub-plots. You can’t go wrong when Hockey players, team owners & BDSM are involved.

Reviewed by BlackHippieChick

I flove you, babe

Should I assume everyone knows what the word ‘flove’ means? It’s always been one of my favourite words—so full of pure, raw emotion. A word used when ‘love’ just isn’t enough.

So how do you know when the characters in a book flove each other? Well, it’s not when they’re sitting in a field of wildflowers, gazing tenderly into each other’s eyes. Those big long monologues consisting of 101-reasons-why-you’re-the-one-for-me don’t cut it either. What about when the man kneels and pulls out a ring? OffsideTour


Flove, in my opinion, is that moment where you’re not sure whether you want to kiss someone or kill them. The moment when you realize you just might hate this person, but you’d be willing to sacrifice your heart and soul for them. It’s an extreme that’s almost more than you can bear. Flove leaves you feeling such violent emotions you feel like you’ve been beaten to a pulp on the inside.

True love is rare, but flove is almost nonexistent in real life. Which is a good thing, as far as I’m concerned. Letting anyone in that deep scares the hell out of me, but it’s fun to fantasize about. Kinda like being an assassin or having super powers. The repercussions in reality would make both much less appealing than they seem in fiction. Because while true love isn’t always rational, flove can be insane.

To name two movies where I would consider the romance flove, I would have to pick Pride and Prejudice (works for the book too ;-) ) and Ten Things I Hate About You. There’s nothing quite so thrilling to watch as two people falling in love and then telling each other to go to hell. That’s real flove!

From my own books, I would have to say, while Rosemary loves all her men, what her and Kurt share is flove. Here’s a pretty good example that won’t spoil too much of the story:

“Unless someone dies,” Rosemary said, taking her hand from Alaire and ducking away from Shiloh. “I’ll be happier knowing your lives will go on after me, that you’ll have more than I can give you.”

“What if we don’t want more?” They all backed away from the door when Kurt stepped inside. His eyes flashed and he grabbed Shiloh by the collar, pulling him close. “You ever use magic against me again—”

“I told him to!” Rosemary pushed between them and faced Kurt. “If you want to blame anyone, blame me!”

“You need to understand something, Rosemary,” Kurt said, teeth gnashing together between each sharp word. “I can deal with you being scared. I can even deal with you trying to find a way to save us all from your oh so evil little self.” He took hold of her shoulders and bent low. “But you have no right to make decisions for us. I won’t be played like a goddamn puppet.”

“I’m sorry.” Rosemary stared at him, her mouth dry, the rage she saw making her afraid of him for the first time in her life. “That’s not what I was trying to do.”

Suddenly she was in Kurt’s arms, held tight, a sense of security seeping into her pores as though he’d willed it, which he probably had. “Me and Largo chose each and every one of your men with care. Each one is stronger than your brother was. You do not have to keep fighting to keep us safe.”

“Shiloh and Chetan…”

“Almost died because of me. Not you.” Kurt gestured at Shiloh. “Look at how much stronger he is now. We are a complete unit.”

“What if one of them wants a life? Wants children?” Rosemary wished she could do as he said, stop carrying the burden alone, stop letting guilt rule her life. But deep within was a warning that they were all overlooking an important fact.

“If that happens, we’ll deal with it. Together.” He pressed his lips to her forehead and led her out of the door. “You guys might want to clear out. Largo will shake the spell soon if he hasn’t already and he’ll be just as pissed as I am.”

They didn’t have to be told twice. Within seconds she was alone with Kurt, almost wishing she could have abandoned her pride and asked one of the boys to stay.

“Come on, I’ll drive you home.” Kurt led the way, walking more like an armed escort than a lover and a friend. Rosemary knew her plan had more than pissed him off. It had hurt him by undermining all he’d done for her.

She caught his wrist before he got in his car and waited for him to look at her. She had to settle on him glaring at the top of her head. “I really am sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” The muscle along Kurt’s jaw went hard. “I didn’t realise your brother’s death would mess you up and I should have. I’m a little disappointed that we’re back at square one, but I’ll deal.”

Rosemary grabbed his chin and forced him to look at her. “We’re not. Your plan worked perfectly. One date with each of the boys and we’re already closer. I can’t imagine letting go of a single one of them, but I know I’ll have to.”

“We’ll make this work. I need you to trust me.” He reached out and took a firm hold of her hair, using it to hold her still while he bent down to give her a kiss so gentle it didn’t seem to fit his fierce demeanour. “Let me take some of the burden.”

“Why?” Rosemary clenched her fingers in his shirt, beating down a rash urge to strike out at him.

As flove does, things get more intense. But Rosemary and Kurt are sweet, star-crossed lovers compared to Lydia and Joe from Deadly Captive:

“Do you know I’ve drained this bottle three times?” I lifted the bottle of tequila, the liquor that hit me the hardest and thus the one I was most determined to master. “Every time I put it away and go to sleep—”

Joe sighed, looking over from where he’d been sitting in the corner in a lotus position, trying to drop into a soothing trance. “You mean pass out.”

I frowned at him and took a nice deep gulp of tequila. “Sleep,” I said stubbornly. “I get up, and it’s full again. Like magic.”

Giving up on his meditation, Joe stood and walked over. He snatched the bottle and helped himself to a mouthful before he spoke. “It’s not magic. They come in and replace it. There’s no great mystery involved.”

I giggled and slapped my hand over my mouth. Fighting back more giggles, I tried to look serious as I met his so-not-amused gaze. “So, they come in here and don’t try to eat us?” I blushed, the words making me think of what Joe had done to me just the other night. “Not that I don’t like it. I do . . . well, when you . . . .”

Joe rolled his eyes. “Were you getting to a point?”

With another attempt at seriousness, I nodded. “Yes. I was just wondering. Why

don’t they bite us?” I grinned and stood, wobbling as I grabbed the bottle from him and toasted my sheer brilliance. “It’s all the alcohol! They must not like it.”

Letting out an irritated groan, Joe took the bottle and slammed it down on the table. He swooped me up into his arms, carried me over to the bed, and dropped me on it. “They like it just fine. If they didn’t like it, the alcohol wouldn’t be here. They probably approve of your attempts at mastering drunkenness.”

I looked at the bottle morosely, decided it was too far away, and lay back. “Them happy. We live. Works for me.”

Joe grabbed my shoulders and shook me. “Well, it doesn’t work for me. What if we have an opportunity to escape? You understand the need to stay in good shape, at least when you get past your hangovers. What do you not understand about the fact that dragging you along with me, piss-drunk, when the chance comes, will get us both killed?”

I wrenched out of his grasp, suddenly stone sober. Damn him for killing my buzz. “It’s not going to happen, Joe. They’re gonna use us up until they get bored. And then they’ll kill us.”

Bracing his fist against the bed, Joe dropped his head. “Are you giving up?”

I shrugged. Abruptly depressed, I began to push off the bed. “Why not? Feeling sorry for myself will be fun. Maybe if I give up, they’ll get it over with.”

Joe latched onto my wrist, swung me around, and jerked me back against his chest. Placing one hand on my chin and the other on my forehead, he tensed his muscles. “Tell me now, Lydia.”

I tried to struggle, tried to use my usually infallible technique. Joe’s solid grip held me still, and, though my head had cleared, my body was suffering from the effects of the alcohol. “Let me go.”

Pressing his face against my hair, I could feel Joe shake his head. “No. I’m not going to watch them tear you apart. If you don’t want to live, then at least give me the mercy of seeing it done quickly. Please don’t make me watch that, Lydia. I can’t—” His voice broke off in what sounded like a sob. But it couldn’t be. Not from Joe. Joe was

strong; he was emotional steel. He was what I wanted to be when I was lying in bed, weeping over the past I didn’t have. He always held me, told me it was okay, that I had every right to cry. I thought I was pathetic. I didn’t want to be a weak, broken thing soaked in tears. But Joe was my rock. I was sure he’d never break.

I’d just found a crack.

“Joe, let me go.” I made the words as soft and gentle as I could.

Joe eased his grip, but didn’t release me. “Not unless you promise. Promise me you’ll hold on. Just a little longer, Lydia. I swore I’d find a way.”

Relaxing back against him, I nodded. “I promise.”

Joe dropped his hands. I examined his face, shocked. There were no tears, but his eyes were wet. I collapsed against his chest, relieved when he enfolded me in his arms.

He whispered into my hair. “Don’t ever do that again.”

Now that’s real flove. ;)

The reason I bring all this up is because my current WIP, Delayed Penalty (The Dartmouth Cobras #5) brings Akira and Ford—who’ve butted heads a few times during the last couple of books—together in some interesting situations. One of their scenes from Offside gives us some interesting foreshadowing:

As the American anthem trailed off, Akira approached Ford, a lot less anxious than she’d thought she’d be. Mr. Richter was there with his assistant, his gaze like a steady, supportive hand on her back. She wasn’t alone.

Ford was. And she almost felt sorry for him.

But just a little.

“You’ve decided to stop giving me the silent treatment?” Ford folded his arms over his chest, not looking at her.

“I spoke to you earlier.”

He snorted. “Right. You appreciate my presence.”

“Amy certainly did.” She bit out the words, then shook her head, inhaling slowly. That made her sound jealous and she wasn’t that. At all. She licked her bottom lip. “Look, we will never be friends, but we can be civil.”

“Civil?” Ford unfolded his arms, glancing over at her as he tucked his thumbs into the pockets of his navy blue pants. “You sure you can manage?”

She pursed her lips. “As long as you’re not being an asshole? Sure.”

“Akira . . .” He lifted one hand toward her, then dropped it to his side. His brow furrowed as she stared at him. He finally met her eyes. “Tell me what I have to do. I want to—”

“I’m with someone, Ford.”

“Dominik?” Surprisingly, he didn’t laugh. Concern filled his eyes. “Shorty, he just broke up with my sister.”

“I know that.” She crossed her arms over her chest, not wanting to care what he thought. Wishing she didn’t feel like she needed to explain. But she did. Her gaze shifted to the ice. “He’s a good man. A good Master. He’s giving me what I need, and that’s all you need—no, more than you need to know.”

Ford’s throat worked as he swallowed. His head tilted slightly. “Is that what you need, Akira? You’re into all that . . . stuff?”

“Yes, but that’s not the point.”

“I think it is. I think it would be different if I was a Dom.” Ford shook his head, his tone softening. “I would do that for you. I could be what you need.”

She rolled her eyes, cocking her head as she turned completely to face him. “Could you?”


“That’s funny, because one thing that’s most appealing about a Dom is his control.” She lifted her head, the cold from below finding the bare flesh under her sweater and making her shiver. She had the strangest urge to move forward, but she forced herself back instead, rubbing her own arms through the thick cotton. “I need a man who’s in control of himself, his life. You’re not. I’m not sure you ever will be.”

He shrugged, something in his eyes seeming resolved. Like he’d accepted defeat. For now. “I think I’ll surprise you.”

I really hope he does!

* * * *

Bianca tells about herself…

Tell you about me? Hmm, well there’s not much to say. I love hockey and cars and my kids…not in that order of course! Lol! When I’m not writing—which isn’t often—I’m usually watching a game or a car show while working on promo. Going out with my kids is my only down time. I get to clear my head and forget everything.

As for when and why I first started writing, I guess I thought I’d get extra cookies if I was quiet for awhile—that’s how young I was. I used to bring my grandmother barely legible pages filled with tales of evil unicorns. She told me then that I would be a famous author.

I hope one day to prove her right.

To find out more about me, swing by my website: www.Im-No-Angel.com

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Breakaway by Bianca Sommerland



This is the third of Bianca Sommerland’s Dartmouth Cobra series, and falls just a hair short of the first two books in the series, but is still a captivating read.

While it is a standalone book, reading the other books gives the reader a better sense of all the players that are mentioned. It would help to have a score card to keep track of all the hockey players, management, owners and family members.

This book revolves around three main characters: Jami Richter, daughter of the Cobra’s General Manager; Sebastian Ramos, a Spanish hockey player and bisexual Dom; and Luke Carter, a younger player for the Cobras who tries to be a Dom but doesn’t quite make it.  The three of them find themselves involved in a relationship, with Sebastian as the Dom for both, with Luke dominating Jami as well.  But these are three people with dark secrets and damaged souls and as the secrets come to light, they threaten to tear apart the relationship, especially since Luke has a hard time admitting he loves and wants a man.

The book also features a couple of real villains, and a former villain, who shows he is not as black as previously painted.  The author sets the scene for further books in the series with some of the characters.

Most of the issues I had with the book were MY issues, not the book’s fault, but there were a number of typos and some language errors that grated. The story line is strong enough to overcome the flaws, but they are distracting.

The book contains a number of BDSM scenes, including bondage, impact play, wax, and more, but neither the BDSM aspect nor the sex overpower the story.  There is a good balance of sex scenes to suspense and the connection between the three main characters is intense.  This is definitely a M/M/F book, with the relationship between Luke and Sebastian the prime focus.

Reviewed by Karen H.

This month we did things a little differently here at BDSM Book Reviews. We had one author who had two books up for book of the month! Since we thought this was a pretty impressive feat, we decided she should have the coveted book of the month title. So, congrats to Bianca Sommerland!! You rock, girl! At least you rocked the socks off of our reviewers, that is for damn sure! The two titles that were reviewed are Game Misconduct and Defensive Zone. Congrats again!

Game Misconduct by Bianca Sommerland



Story rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 5 out of 5

When I read the synopsis for this book, I wasn’t sure I would like it-and I didn’t.  I loved it.

This one is a real scorcher and a real page turner all in one.  I couldn’t put it down waiting to see how the relationships developed and how the story line played out.

Be prepared for lots of hockey as well as lots of hot sex in this intense read.  Max Perron is fascinated by Oriana, the daughter of the man who owns the hockey club he plays on.  But she is the girlfriend of the head coach and won’t give him up, even though she’s not terribly happy with him.

That all changes when she finds him with another woman and her father expects her to go back to him because the coach helps finance the team.

Oriana flees to Max, only to find she is also fleeing into the arms of his teammates, Dominik, Sloan, Tyler and TJ.  They give her a night of incredible pleasure… and then she finds they want more. It turns out she’s submissive and several of them are dominant and able to give her pleasure she hadn’t even imagined.

But the Coach wants her back and is willing to stoop to blackmail to get his way.  Can Oriana find happiness with one-or more- of the hockey team members?

While you have to suspend reality a bit for this one (does hockey really attract that many Doms who are willing to share a submissive?) and there are a couple of typos, overall, this was an astonishingly well written book by an author whose talent shows in every page.  Do have some method of reducing the heat when you read this!

Reviewed by Karen H

Defensive Zone By Bianca Sommerland  



Story rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 5 out of 5

Sometimes you stumble across an author whose work you love immediately.  That’s the case with Bianca Sommerland.  Defensive Zone is a sequel to her book, Game Misconduct, but acts as a stand- alone offering, although the setting remains the same –the Dartmouth Cobra Hockey Team- and some of the characters reappear.

The protagonist this time is Silver Delgado, daughter of the Cobra’s owner, and the spoiled “princess” of the family.  She persistently sought attention and the limelight to keep her father from controlling her life, but when he has a heart attack, he puts her in charge of the team.

When the hockey neophyte goes to make some decisions about the team, she runs smack into Dean Richter, the team General Manager, who lets her know that she doesn’t have controlling interest in the team-he does.

While she is still reeling from her confrontation with Richter, she comes across goalie Landon Bower, who offers to be her friend.  She doesn’t have any friends and welcomes the time with a man without the pressure of sex. 

In the meantime, she becomes more than friends with Richter, a Dom who can help her find her balance both sexually and with the hockey team.  Then Bower has to punish her at the BDSM club, and leaves her aftercare to Richter or he could not maintain their friendship status.

Eventually, with Richter’s help, they make up and the two Doms share Silver, caring for her in a way her own father never had.  But there is trouble waiting in the wings in the form of a previously unknown family member who wants to cause trouble for the team.

This was a splendid book, intriguing with the depth of characterization and story line, and keeping you caught up in both the emotion and action.  It is also very steamy, with lots of hot sex, some BDSM elements, and the ménage relationship.  But, as with the previous book, the BDSM is part of the story, not THE story.

A highly recommended read in every possible way.

Reviewed by Karen

The Trip
Bianca Sommerland
Noble Romance [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

While on a bus trip back from a show of her art, the driver announces that there is a problem and they will be pulling over to the shoulder and everyone would disembark while it is being fixed. As she gathers her things, she is approached by another passenger who is as dark and dangerous as some of the men in her favorite books. When he offers her the things she’s dreamed about, she has to decide if she has the courage to take the chance.

This book is very short but HOT! I don’t know about you, but while reading, I definitely have dreams of a big, sexy Dom coming up and offering to fill my fantasies. This book is all about that. Mark takes charge and pushes Shawna’s boundaries a bit. For $2, I was hoping for a bit more story, but in comparison, it’s not too bad.

Reviewed by Riane