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Freaky Flashes by various authors freaky

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1.5 out of 5


Many of these snippets read as works in progress or ideas the writers are bouncing off each other. Some of the mini-tales are quite good and left this reader wanting more. A couple of the stories could become full novels with more details and work.

Lee Brazil offers “Death Day Anniversary”, “Make Me a Sandwich” and “The Fog”. “Sandwich” has some humor that is very Scary Movie style, which will make you laugh. It is a story you can share around a campfire. “The Fog” was Brazil’s best contribution. Hot sex and intrigue are supplied within this morsel.

Hank Edwards sews together “The Sum of His Parts”. This enjoyable Franken boyfriend short story is tender and loving, and quite hot in a strange way. You will find yourself wishing this were a longer version of the Mary Shelly tale with kinky twists; your mind will spin with the possibility of what could have been if Edwards had written more.

Havan Fellows shows readers what goes on inside a writers head with “Writing is a socially acceptable form of Schizophrenia”. It will have you laughing as you read of the characters of a writers works in progress crossing into each other’s stories looking for their writer demanding sex, their description to be written, their next book to be written and more. Finally, when all is said and done the writer is heard from and sounds crazy. Not very sexy, but a funny story nonetheless.

Raven McAllen submits, “That Special Feeling” and “Spin the Bottle”. While “Spin” may need more work and some understanding of the beings McAllen was writing about, “That Special Feeling” is a sweet romance. It has pagan under tones and magic. In addition, you will want to see if things steam up over the pumpkin soup for the two potential lovers.

Dianne Hartsock dishes out “Andrew Calls the Dead”, “The Birthday” and “In the Shadows”. Voodoo to bring back a dead lover in “Andrew” is a very intriguing scene. This plot will have you salivating, wishing Hartsock had written what happened prior to and after the attic Voodoo Magic. “Birthday” is a cautionary tale, one you could tell on a BDSM retreat around the campfire. “Shadows” is a little confusing to read. You may have to give it a couple of tries, to figure out who is on top of whom. With some development, this would be a great paranormal novel.

Doris O’Connor  introduces us to “Destiny”. It is a nice place to start a vampire story. It just needs some bite. You will start to follow the character and it ends.

S.J. Thomas contributes “Strength’s Curse”. This is also another nice beginning piece. Just as it begins to get interesting, it is over. The only thing sexy was the description Thomas provided of the ’Monster’.

Jamison Wolf presents “Reaping Darkness”, a tale of a grim reaper. He dreams of death. Not just any death, The Death…leather jacket, tight pants, muscle bound and sexy. He has not just any dreams, sexy and hot dreams. Since they are only dreams, he decides to play along.

This is the hottest story of the book! You will definitely wish Wolf would write more about Death and his Reaper! These are well-developed characters and a storyline that is complete.

Reviewed by Wendy Dawn

To Catch a Spirit by Carrie Pulkinen tocatch

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


A wonderful paranormal romance! Very well written and wonderful characters. However, not as hot of sex scenes I would expect BDSM readers would enjoy. It is a nice escape where you have to believe in trapped spirits and people who have the ability to not only see them but also assist them in crossing over.

Logan is a wealthy entrepreneur that is a ‘sensitive’, giving him an insight into what others want from him. He is unable to shut his ability off; this causes complete meltdowns and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

He purchases a house that is inhabited by a female spirit that thinks of him as her cheating husband. As if his situation is not messed up enough, he calls in paranormal investigators to get rid of the spirit. (To have made this truly kinky ghost/spirit sex would have been cool to read about!)

For people suffering for even mild cases of OCD you will be able to relate to Logan’s issues and struggles. It is a real problem/illness and without proper management can be debilitating for its sufferers. Many people sweep it under the rug, but as this fictional character shows, it is real and so are its side effects. One of the most important things is seeing his comfort behaviors, this helps to understand why some OCD sufferers do certain things.

Logan’s love interest is Allison. She is a psychic and energy worker. She clears bad energy out of antiques for an antique dealer and she does Reiki work on clients. (Reiki is energy-healing work.) After having a bad experience dealing with ghosts she no longer deals with spirits, until she sees a crying woman on the steps at a party…it ends up being a spirit.

Allison and Logan are a sweet couple. A bit odd considering she ends up trying to help him control his ‘sensitivity’. Nevertheless, this is what makes a good storyline for this novel.

Allison deals with depression after dealing with spirits, actually multiple spirits from a mental institution. In addition, this is another mental disorder the author has chosen to tackle. Applause to the author for the dedication to bringing these illnesses to light in this format. Showing real facts, not sugar coating or fictionalizing real mental issues that everyday people live with and suffer from.

Again, this was a very well written Paranormal Romance, just not a kinky one. So bear that in mind there is sex, hot sex, just not the kink BDSM readers are used to reading. In addition, there are some great Ghost Buster jokes!

Reviewed by Wendy Dawn

Make Mine to Go by Dilo Keith



Story rating: 4 out of 5 paddles
Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5

Toby and Justin are married and have been together for four years. Justin is everything that submissive Toby could want in a Dom, although the two are not in a full time D/s relationship. They do have a very rich sex life, which includes the occasional group scene, although the two don’t have a typical open relationship. They usually play together or with the other person nearby. Justin is very tuned to his sub’s needs, and senses that something is missing for Toby even before Toby realizes it. He tries to give his lover even more variety in the hopes that it will add the spice that Toby craves. It helps, but isn’t the answer. When Toby does finally figure out what’s missing from his sex life, it could threaten their relationship.

What actually happens comes as a bit of a surprise, which I won’t spoil by saying any more. Let’s just say there’s a clever little twist at the end.

“Make Mine to Go”  is a very good little erotic novelette. It is mostly a sequence of sex scenes between Toby and Justin, tied together with just enough text to form a coherent story line that is engaging. What was particularly remarkable about this story was the variety of the scenes. Although there was nothing too extreme, you do get a nice spectrum of BDSM, from full-on bondage and caning, to spanking and  even one scene that was more about dominance and submission,  without any S&M. In some ways, this scene, which involves only old silk scarves and flavored massage oil, is the hottest, since  our narrator Toby has no idea what is going to happen. It’s unlike anything Justin has ever done with him before.

As you would expect from such a short work, there’s nothing too deep here, although there is a nice, subtle, message about the importance of communication in any relationship, especially one that’s non-traditional. Enjoy it for what it is: a hot sexy read that you’ll probably finish in one siting.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

Insatiable by Sable Grey



Story rating 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 3 out of 5


The wolf inside of Ben has an insatiable appetite for Sarah, and she’s just as hungry as he is…

Sarah likes what Ben Guthrie does to her on the nights he stops his stagecoach at her inn. She looks forward to his dominance, to the way he controls and manipulates her body. They’ve limited time to indulge, but in that time she submits to whatever he desires…and his desires are insatiable.

Insatiable is a BDSM themed short story where the Dominant is a werewolf type of creature. Since it is a short story it’s difficult to really get to know the characters as well as you’d like. What you do get to see is pretty interesting and they do seem to be into punishment since they have furniture made specially for their playtimes. There is a lot of oral sex in this story, especially with Sarah sucking Ben’s cock a lot. Ben aslso bites Sarah more than once which leaves you wondering why she doesn’t change like he does. Overall it’s a well written story and one of those that would be good for someone getting their feet wet in the BDSM genre.
Reviewed by Elizabeth

Betrayed by DC Juris  



Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 2 out of 5

Meldrick is one of King Rychal’s strongest and most loyal knights, but he has been captured by the enemy in a war between humans and ogres. The ogres want to know Meldrick’s secrets, and when he won’t break under normal torture, they twist things around to force Meldrick to torture and sexually abuse the other prisoners. Even this doesn’t break the knight, although it twists his mind into a horrible mess as he begins to realize that he sometimes enjoys inflicting pain and torment on his fellow captives.

The breaking point finally comes when the ogres bring word that Meldrick’s lover Faldor is dead. The healer was killed on the battlefield as he tended the wounded, but not before he is told of the animal that Meldrick has become. Meldrick is told that his lover died cursing him, and as proof they offer Faldor’s ring. Plunged into deep despair over the loss of the one thing that helped him keep a tenuous grip on his humanity, Meldrick tells the ogres everything.

Once they have the information they want, rather than kill Meldrick, the ogres abandon him in the forest, where the knowledge of what he has done eats away more and more at him. Believing he cannot return home, Meldrick lives a feral existence in the forest for nearly two years until by chance one day he spots his lover Faldor. He is not dead. The ogres tricked Meldrick into betraying his secrets.

Longing drives Meldrick to return to his old home, and Faldor, who still pines for the lover he too thought was dead. Meldrick wants things to go back to the way they were before he went off to war, but the knowledge of what he has done and what he has become eats away at him. He is unable to make love to Faldor, for fear of what he might do. What’s more, as Meldrick is welcomed back by the king and community that thought he was dead, the intrigues that led to his betrayal begin to unravel.

As you can guess, Betrayed is set in a Middle Earth world of humans, elves, ogres and other mythical beasts. I’m not much for that kind of thing, but it doesn’t really intrude much on the story. Ogres are just a way of creating politically correct bad guys that nobody can be offended about because they’re not human. The structure of the story is rather good, with a rich dramatic plot. The writing is okay, although the character development is rather weak. I never really felt Meldrick’s pain, or Faldor’s for that matter.

Coming to the kink, this is where things get tricky. In the early part of the book, which describes Meldrick’s life in the prison camp, it’s clear that he is forced to torture and rape other prisoners, as he is in turn also raped by the guards, but there’s not much detail given, which is perfectly understandable. Once Meldrick is free and returns home, there’s not much sex at all until the end. There are a few attempts, and we’re treated to some of the dark thoughts Meldrick has about sex and pain, but here again there’s very little detail. On the whole, there just isn’t much real sex or kink in this book. It’s not a bad read, but it didn’t really grab me, in any sense of the word.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

Relearning the Ropes
DC Juris
Breathless Press [link to buy]

Rating: 5 out of 5 Paddles

Marcus received a phone call that would change his life forever. The unexpected death of his friend, Julius, left him with an unexpected added responsibility of his submissive, Charlie. He didn’t want a live-in sub with such a complex history. His own life was complicated enough and he was pretty well set in his own ways. Marcus had given Julius the money to purchase Charlie while at a party to save him from any more harm.

Charlie had been sold into the lifestyle at the age of fifteen and had been subjected to extreme mental and physical control. Julius had to continue with a high level of submission in order for him to function. Charlie always knelt in the presence of his Master as he undressed him and sexually liked restraint and pain that came in the form of strategically placed clips. By day though, Charlie worked in an accounting department, integrating his need for order and structure into his vanilla world.

Marcus had played with Charlie on a few occasions under Julius’ watchful eye. He always felt that Julius never really cared for Charlie. Sure he provided for him physically, BDSM and vanilla, but their emotional bond lacked something deeper. Charlie was a loving and giving soul, yet Marcus never fostered that aspect of their relationship.

The author created these multifaceted characters allowing the reader to peel away each layer learning something new and deeper than the previous. Marcus loved Charlie and felt that Marcus never cherished him enough, but he was his now and things would change. I loved how Marcus allowed Charlie to find his own way of servicing him while still remaining in control. Allowing him to do what was comforting to himself and still submissive; Marcus was walking on new territory as well with a life in sub. Who knew that undressing a man with your teeth could be so hot! The sock sniffing was a bit odd, but I realize that it was Charlie’s way to completely submerge himself if all that was Marcus.

The BDSM of Relearning the Ropes was well thought out and applied to this story. Marcus showed great skill in picking up on Charlie’s anxieties and helping him through the emotions. Truly, what a great Dom should do with his sub…knowing those physical tells. Marcus has to be one of my favorite Doms. Seeing to his subs needs first, he applied the best aftercare….snuggle time. They both took their past experiences and allowed those to evolve into a wonderful new relationship.

A short story at only 27 pages, Relearning the Ropes was a great read. The author spent the time packing as much information into those few pages creating characters that are true with a real life situation.

Reviewed by michele

Hi, everyone. *sips coffee* Thanks for having me over here! I’m Lee Brazil, author of m/m romance for Breathless Press and Story Orgy. I write primarily contemporary erotic romance, with an occasional foray into some other genre, like paranormal or historical. Occasionally an element of kink wanders in as well. A character will wind up with a fetish for biting, or a fondness for being tied up. Maybe he’ll enjoy role playing and toys. How can it be helped? Everyone has a little bit of kink, even if they don’t realize it. That doesn’t mean you’re one step away from a full on D/s lifestyle.

How can you not realize it? Well, I’m not sure. Probably because some things we all take for granted, just accept as a normal part of our lives, or as a delightful aspect of sex, are in reality, just the tiniest bit kinky. One man’s vanilla is another man’s kink? You know, I never considered biting kinky, until someone told me they’d never heard of people biting one another during sex. I guess that makes it slightly kinky. (more…)