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Savannah Secrets 1 by Cheryl Dragon savannah

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


A nice story of a genteel southern society woman and man who find each other years after being high school sweethearts. Interesting that they see each other at a Savannah BDSM club instead of the country club, this sets the tone for their new relationship.

Dawn Trumbell is a strong woman who is in touch with her sexual needs. Choosing the wrong Dom has her skittish of the lifestyle. She goes on with her life, post Dom. Throwing herself into her charity work and taking in one of her fellow submissives, who were treated badly by the same Dom, Dawn begins to feel desires again.

She is an interesting character. Written with the steel backbone many southern women possess, Ms. Dragon is dead on where gentility and fierceness oozes from her character.

Her old sweet heart from high school has been playing at the club and Dawn sees thru jealous eyes that he can have any sub he wants and does. His sister pushes them back together at a charity event. The sparks are still there after all the years.

This makes Brent Lockwood fascinating as a character. Manners have been breed into him. How to treat a lady is one of the most important of well-mannered society. However, he knows how to treat a submissive.

One thing threatening the reunion is Dawn’s former Dom. He is a control freak who does not like to lose. He pushes everything to the limits, including his submissives. His last sub committed suicide.

The BDSM club owners decide to close their doors, thinking they would some how be liable for the abusive, cheating Dom. This leaves the kinky southern folks with nowhere to gather and play.

Brent, wanting to take care of his like-minded community, pulls Dawn into helping him create a new safer place to play.

As a couple these two had some hot scenes and definitely were in love although some scenes felt forced. The hotness was definitely there. If this were longer, perhaps the sex scenes would have been better developed.

Many scenes were cut short. Again, this falls to the length of the work. Accurate descriptions of the new club ‘house’ were some of the best detailed, if that much detail would have been throughout the book it would be more interesting.

Still it is a good read and definitely the beginning of a series. It will be interesting to see what secrets Cheryl Dragon reveals next about Savannah’s elite.

Reviewed by Wendy Dawn

Love & Chemistry

Masters Wanted Book 3 L&C med

by Cheryl Dragon

MF BDSM Erotic Romance

Released 7/3/13 by Resplendence Publishing

Link: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/589-978-1-60735-680-6–love-and-chemistry-masters-wanted-series-book-three-by-cheryl-dragon.html

Blurb: Minny Burgess enjoys being the admin for a bunch of smart and mostly male scientists. She never went to college and without the right dom she’ll never be happy or in control. Wild and adventurous, she’s shocked to find out the straight-laced and serious chemistry professor Colin Zimbel is an experienced dom. He sees Minny needs serious discipline, but he’s not looking for a little fun or occasional kink. Colin wants one sub forever, and Minny might be the challenge to keep him interested. First, he needs to tame the eager sub and see if she can commit.

Excerpt Link:  http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/765.html


In her dingy studio apartment, Minny Burgess twirled naked in front of the full-length mirror. Not bad for thirty! She never went to college, so it was time to have some of the wilder fun she’d missed out on. Sure, she’d gone to football games and attended a graduation last year, but she’d behaved herself.

Slipping on a black skirt, she contemplated her shoe choices. Black high heels it was! She hooked on her white lace bra and covered it with a white T-shirt.

Young guys today didn’t necessarily go for a size fourteen, but she’d get some attention. Of course, she wasn’t going to actually get any tonight! She wasn’t going to screw a student and lose her job. Administrative assistant to the science department wasn’t thrilling, but it paid her bills and gave her benefits. The rules, however, didn’t prevent her from having a little fun on campus. She’d always wanted to be in a sorority. There was a chance she could get into trouble, but she wasn’t going to do anything illegal. She just wanted to experience a little college fun.

Recapturing her youth seemed silly in the light of day with all the serious professors she juggled. Still, being around all these students cutting loose and enjoying life made her realize what she’d given up in high school and afterward. As she sat at her tiny kitchen table and opened her laptop, she felt guilty obsessing over what she’d lost out on. She didn’t regret passing on college. Taking care of her mom while she was sick had been the right thing.

It was having a job on a college campus triggering all this wildness envy. Before, she’d had admin jobs at boring businesses and behaved herself. Then again, she’d had a dom before to keep her in line and satisfy her. None of the doms or the jobs had worked out in the long term. Her last dom went for less complicated subs, ones who did anything they were told in the end. She’d never found the man she trusted enough to truly let herself go.

Studying the “Masters Wanted” blog, she felt a tingle that said do it! It was the same feeling that sparked her to move from South Carolina to the chilly Northeast and take this job in a tiny college town. The job felt right, but she needed a personal outlet. After a year here, she was still searching for something.

The blog had some good points. Private was better. She could try the local BDSM social get-togethers or even the kink nights to meet someone, but the lifestyle wasn’t going out dancing and having a few drinks. If the wrong person saw her, she could lose her job for nothing more than trying to meet the right man. The kink was best kept private if possible, and maybe she could meet someone online.

Better to start with the blog and see if she got any good replies before she showed her face on the scene. Doms took one look at her and wanted to play, but they lost interest when she wasn’t a stereotypical dumb blonde or looking for a Daddy Dom.

She closed her eyes and let her fingers fly on the keys.

Bedroom sub looking for a dom who can go all night and handle spirit! I can be a very bratty sub, and I want a firm hand to punish me when I get out of line. Nothing public, no blood, no real whips. No extreme or edge play. Role playing is a favorite of mine. Must love curves! I’m a size fourteen and won’t diet. Playmates okay. Love would be great, but I’m realistic. Forty or under, well hung, and good with a paddle please!

Her requirements were specific but would hopefully weed out the doms who wouldn’t work out. That was a game she had played when she discovered the lifestyle and a dungeon. The frustration of a small college town and being single was starting to wear on her. She reread the post to make sure she didn’t sound as needy and desperate as she felt. The longer she went without some kink, the more likely she was to give in to college campus temptations.

Posting the message, she closed her eyes and asked her mom to send her the right man this time! With a deep breath, she opened her eyes and glanced at the clock. Time to hit that sorority party.

Two hours later she was three massive drinks in and dancing with college kids. Maybe she should have felt embarrassed or foolish, but it was easy to connect with that part of her yearning for the freedom of young adulthood. Shaking her ass, she looked back and saw a frat boy kneeling behind her.

She moved away because she didn’t need him to see she had nothing on underneath that skirt. College guys were wild. A few had asked her to come back to their rooms and have sex. Things hadn’t been quite that blunt when she was a senior in high school.

She found the sorority president and sat down next to the tiny brunette on an old sofa. A small group of hunky men stared at her, and for a split second, Minny wanted to leave. She crossed her legs tightly. The idea was to have fun, not sleep with nineteen-year-olds.

“Time for the contest?” Minny asked.

“Oh, right. Better do it now before we get too drunk.” The coed set her drink down and picked up a mallet.

The echo of the gong made Minny cover her ears. That’d give her a headache, but she’d shake it off. She was going to win that wet T-shirt contest just as she should’ve when she was eighteen. Her breasts were still good! Hopefully the frat boys judging picked her. Then she could head back to her apartment which was, thankfully, within walking distance from the school. She wanted to see if anyone replied to her blog post, even though it was probably too soon.

“Line up, ladies! Wet T-shirt time!” The president of the sorority held up a trophy which was really a Marilyn Monroe doll on a platform.

Minny stood last in line on the back deck and sized up the competition. A few girls were betting on perk, not size. Some of them clearly had implants. A couple girls had the genuine goods. Minny reached up and unhooked her bra and slid it off. A few men whistled. She arched her back and stood with confidence. In her sub play, she’d strutted totally naked for doms; this was nothing.

The men suddenly appeared behind the women. Each guy had a pitcher of water in either hand. The president counted down from three and Minny closed her eyes. The rush of cold water made her gasp and stick her tits out even more. Her pussy grew wet on its own, and her nipples puckered.

Everyone cheered, and the men came around to inspect the women. Some were drunk and flirty. Others stared and stopped just short of touching. Minny looked each of them in the eyes and smiled. She half-expected to see erections popping up from all of them, but the men huddled up quickly to tally their votes.

One man whispered to the sorority president. Then she said, “We have a winner. Minny!”

The applause gave Minny that attention and ego fix for a moment, and she waved at them. The jiggle in her chest made the men hoot and holler.

“Take it off!” One of the drunken guys yelled.

Instead, she quickly slid on the bra. The lace and her nipples showed through the drenched, white cotton shirt that was deliberately thin. “My prize, please.” Minny took the trophy.

“Minny! Minny! Minny!” They chanted as she walked through the house and out the front door, wagging her ass, so they saw both sides of her great curves.

The night air gave her a chill, but luckily she didn’t have to pass any of the education buildings on the way to her apartment. She crossed her arms over her chest to draw less attention and prayed none of the faculty happened by. The danger of being caught thrilled her, but she liked her job. The students liked her and had no reason to turn her in so as long as she could avoid the faculty finding out, she felt more or less safe.

A group of guys sat around a bench with a few laptops between them. Stealing campus Wi-Fi? Hacking their grades? She kept on walking, pretending she hadn’t even seen them. They hadn’t noticed her. Every time she did something akin to this, she loved it until she didn’t. Private kink was definitely the way to go until all her options for the right dom locally were exhausted online. Then she might have to go to an event in person.

Picking up speed, her heels clicked on the pavement, but the trophy in her hand was worth it. To be the prettiest girl in college, or at least have the best boobs in a sorority, was a bit of the college experience. Her mother had wanted her to get a higher education. Being pretty was easy. Getting into college with barely passing high school grades proved much less so. Minny tried to believe she’d find her place in the world at some point.

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Love & Language by Cheryl Dragon CheryylDragon

Master Wanted Book 2

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Released: April 10th 2013

OW/YM BDSM Erotic Romance

Blurb: Thirty-something English professor Jane Wendell admits her need for a Dom on the Masters Wanted blog. She also needs an in depth language tutor to fully enjoy her first European vacation during the coming summer break.

Finding both in the much younger and very sexy Ben Whitbeck turns her world upside down. Lessons and kink blend as the PhD candidate dominates the cougar. He offers Jane everything she ever wanted if she can let go of the age difference and fully give into the love and submission.

Excerpt Link: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/743.html


With her tax refund in the bank, Jane Wendell sat at her computer and searched for airfare pricing. She had her trip to Europe all planned out. Since her childhood, she’d dreamed of Italy and Greece. The ruins and the mythology would allow her to escape the utter lack of magic in her life.

She’d been imagining the trip for years really, ever since she’d gotten close to paying off her student loans and had begun saving for something fun. At thirty-six-years-old, she finally had the cash for her first real vacation.

Hard work and frugal living were all she knew. Shuffling around with relatives then foster care as a child hadn’t left her with a college fund or anywhere to go. Books had been her escape, and now, she’d actually see part of the world.

Her friends at the university where she taught didn’t understand. They certainly had plenty of time off. Spring break and even summers if, unlike Jane, they didn’t teach that session. She took every opportunity to work because she couldn’t stand debt. Growing up owing everyone for their kindness was hard enough. Racking up frivolous stuff on her credit cards wasn’t an option.

School was still her haven, and while teaching English composition might be dull to some, she could count on it. With tenure and a PhD, her career was secure. There were no excuses anymore for not taking the trip. She held her breath and clicked the button. She’d booked the ticket for her departure flight! No going back now. She grabbed the hotels she wanted then picked the best price for her return flight.

Trembling fingers printed out the information. A week in each country was all she could afford, but she’d pack in everything possible. She could sleep when she got home!

The flush of empowerment and control was contrary to the feelings elicited by the other thing on her To Do list tonight. Post a message on the Masters Wanted blog seemed simple and harmless. She’d worked up the courage to book her trip, so now was the time to do the other. The difference was that she’d tried playing kinky before. The Masters either went too far or not far enough. One had even said she was too picky about her limits and refused to play with her.

This blog seemed to get it. She didn’t want public exposure—in a small college town she’d be risking too much. BDSM clubs might promise anonymity but running into a student, a parent or anyone who knew about her job meant it could backfire. College kids were impressionable and experimented with life. They didn’t need to know their teacher loved to be tied up and spanked.

All she needed was one Dom who wanted her and respected her. The noise of a club and being on display did nothing for her. “Bedroom Dom” was the phrase the blog used for it. No one there called the subs who wanted that “picky”. Several of the Doms on the site were listed locally, but approaching them online scared her. She knew a local BDSM fetish group held separate meetings nearby for social interaction and kink, but she’d never gotten up the courage to go.

Tonight, her goal was to post. Just a friendly share about what she was looking for, but nothing too specific though she’d be clear about her limits. As she read over what she’d written, it felt a bit dull, but she didn’t exactly have a rock-star life.

So glad I found this blog! I’m a sexual sub, and I don’t need a club or the fancy bells and whistles. A strong relationship with a Bedroom Dom is all I’m interested in. I prefer to run my own life except when it comes to sex. Who knows why we’re wired the way we are, but I love being tied up, teased and spanked. Nothing extreme (blood, fire, breath, non-con play are out). Not a pain slut but no wimp either. I’m hoping the right Dom is out there for this female sub.

If she went into too much detail, someone might trace her back to the college. An English Comp professor should have more of a flair with words, but she couldn’t brag about herself like that. Not here. It was a shot in the dark anyway. Still, some couples had found each other through the blog, so there was a chance.

After proofing her post one last time, she clicked send. It was from a throwaway email address, so if she got creepy replies, she could delete the account. The username she’d picked for the online part of the fetish group and this blog gave away nothing of her real identity. Generally, she just lurked and enjoyed other people’s exploits.

Jane sat up a little straighter. A real vacation, no debt except for a mortgage on her small house not far from the university and she’d dipped her toe into finding a real Dom for life.

It’d been a long time since she’d played. Her fantasies and online surfing had supplied her sub fix, but it wasn’t enough anymore.

Still, Jane refused to get her hopes too high. If the right guy was out there, it could take a lot of time for them to find each other. She had other things to do now. She flipped over to the university’s website to do one more task for her trip. Find a tutor. She didn’t speak Italian or Greek and wanted to get down some of the basics before she left in a few months. The online methods she’d tried had failed to hold her focus. She’d always learned best from an engaging teacher and tried to give that to her students, as well.

On the language department’s page, she posted a simple request for short term Italian and Greek tutors. She knew some of the professors there but didn’t want to put them on the spot to do her a favor. Odds were she’d get some grad students looking for a little extra money.

Her mind stopped on one man in particular, but she half-hoped he didn’t apply for the job. Ben was a PhD candidate who taught intro classes. Though a student in the technical sense, he was also a skilled teacher from what she’d heard. He was on track to get a fulltime post as soon as he completed his degree in a matter of weeks. The man had the skill, no doubt, but he might not be the best tutor for her. The way she thought of him made her ashamed, but her dreams refused to stop. He wasn’t even thirty.

Ben for a tutor would make focusing on language a big problem for her. His body was lean and muscled. Despite his youthful face, he had wise blue eyes that promised he wasn’t innocent.

Sometimes, he forgot to shave, and she’d spotted some stubble on his chin. One chilly day, he’d worn a thin shirt under a sport coat, and she swore she saw a piercing in his nipple. Younger men had always aroused her, but this one made her wet with a little smile in her direction. She squirmed in her seat just thinking of him.

Pushing back from the computer, Jane felt a bit like a stalker. It was a fantasy and nothing more! She closed the university website and went back to the Masters Wanted blog. No one had responded to her post, but the fact that she’d sent it was the triumph. Maybe, she’d meet someone, but even if she didn’t, she’d tried. Controlling a room of college kids, she could handle, but putting herself out there in a small town was harder.

Closing that website, she went back to the vacation. This she could control and plan carefully. It was all for her. Now that it was real, she could plot out the sightseeing to maximize her time. However, she knew when she closed her eyes tonight she’d be thinking of the young tutor she wanted and not the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Love & History Masters Wanted Series

by Cheryl Dragon

Blurb: Where are all the bedroom Doms? Sick of men pushing her limits, Bridget Sanger brings up the issue on her secret blog. Bridget is ready to give up on kinky love and focus on her career. The blog is supposed to be her last rant, but it takes off. A meddling coworker tracks the page to her and knows the perfect Dom for Bridget.

Stuffy-outside-hot-inside History professor, Scott Kasten finds Bridget an intriguing challenge. History has taught him love never lasts, but their kink could be forever. She’s never thought of Scott like that, but it turns her on all the more to see his sexual side. He’s a man of his word, and she trusts him with her body. The sex is amazingly intense, but she wants a real relationship, and she won’t settle!

Excerpt link: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/708.html

Link to buy at Resplendence Publishing: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/538-978-1-60735-618-9–love-and-history-masters-wanted-series-by-cheryl-dragon.html

Link to buy at All Romance eBooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-loveandhistory-1040113-147.html

Love Those Broad Shoulders by Cheryl Dragon  



Story rating: 4 out of 5 paddles                    

Sting factor (kink):  2 out of 5 

Love those Broad Shoulders is a HFN, M/M romance of excellent quality. The storyline is interesting and the book is well written. This novella held my attention from beginning to end, and having never read M/M romance before I was delighted with my first choice of book in this genre.

Pete and Chris are the stories two main characters and the emotional interactions between them throughout the book made them both very likeable and realistic characters. The sexual tension between the two is clear from the beginning and attempts by Pete to avoid Chris’s advances, adds a level of conflict to the storyline that drew me in. I found myself talking to my e-reader, saying things like “Come on Pete. Give Chris a chance, this could be more than just great sex, he’s a keeper.” Yes, I liked the characters a lot. I wanted them to both be happy and for me that adds to my enjoyment of a story.

The sex was totally vanilla male on male action, so the sting rating for the book is therefore low. I did class sex at the tattoo parlor, with the risk of being caught out by colleagues a little kinky so, in my opinion that raised the kink value. The sex scenes are well written and relatively hot, with the author doing an excellent job at describing an act not a lot of female readers would have actually witnessed first hand.

For anyone wanting to venture into read M/M romances this would be an excellent starting point. It’s a lovely read.

Reviewed by Janny G.