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Spyder’s Trouble by Korin Dushayl spyders

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Spyder has obligations, deadlines, and debts to pay. But when his cargo ship is needed by his Lady, he detours to retrieve her and sets up a series of problems that seems to multiply every minute. His Lady is worth everything, even if he hasn’t been in her service for years. He can only hope that he keeps his crew, his ship and his life intact before she owns them all.

This Science Fiction Erotica is one of those books that seems to launch a reader into space, new worlds and new cultures instantly. Spyder is a good and loyal person who has pledged himself to his Lady, Cassandra, at his own risk. The story is from his point of view and the point of view of his mechanic and crewmate, Tamara. One after another, each of Spyder’s crew falls under the Lady’s spell, her Dominance and care meeting the needs of even the roughest member of the ship.

There were several things that made this book a bit difficult to read. Right from the beginning, the crewmember “Bunk” uses the word “bunk” as a swear word. Several foreign sentences were placed in the story with no translation and I was left to infer what was meant. The action was constant with very little breaks. The sex scenes were, in my opinion, too short. That said, there were many things I did like about the story. The writing is very good, not clunky or unreadable. The characters were interesting and captured my attention. I found the book rushed and believe me, I know how that is. There is A LOT of story here. This book packs a punch and delivers one suspenseful moment after another.

The title is apt, as Spyder does his best to do the right thing and winds up wanted by bounty hunters, unable to meet his obligations to a rich, asshole of a passenger, and broken down on a regular basis. His Lady is trying to escape the Pietists, a fanatical religious group, that is taking over the galaxy. She is a sexual Dominatrix who charms everyone around her. There is almost no backstory to any of these characters. All I know is that Spyder was once in Cassandra’s service but she let him go since he traveled and she didn’t.

There are no romantic relationships here. Love? Yes. Cassandra is the central figure who doles out comfort, punishment and control to all around her. She is a loving creature and treats all her slaves according to their needs. And her own. But this is definitely erotica, not erotic romance. Cassandra is the central character and, in the end, she’s completely in charge of everyone and everything.

I enjoyed the world that the author created, though I don’t know that I would return when it’s presented in such a fast-paced manner. I never fully grasped the characters or the world they lived in.

I would be cautious about reading another book by this author.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

Leather Spirit Stallion by Raven Kaldera leather

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


Just wow.  I was intrigued by the description of this story but I had no idea what to expect. What a fabulous surprise. Erlick Solongo is an unexpected Dominant. He is in communication with the Spirits who guide him into becoming a Mongolian Shaman or buu. But in case you’re thinking this is a paranormal that spends its time in the ethereal spirit realm rather than the earthly plain, you would be mistaken. Erlick is a grounded, brave person who knows himself and what he wants in life. The Spirits who guide him lead him to save the life of Paj Vang, a Hmong student from a hostage situation.Their journey is one of discovery and understanding that brings them both to a deeper relationship together.

It’s funny because I wouldn’t have called this story “romantic” and yet, there is a beauty in the way Erlick claims Paj as his own. The sex in this story is dirty, gritty and smoking hot. The kink is extremely well done and fits with these two characters. This isn’t the sterile club environment for BDSM.  Erlick takes Paj everywhere he can have him. Surprisingly, the story is all about the relationship between Erlick and Paj told not only through Erlick’s point of view, but online journal entries by Paj. There are several other couplings, but the emotional connection between Erlick and Paj are the core of the story.

The story has a perfect happy ending and made me cheer for both of them. The author doesn’t back away from the difficulties faced by gay men in many traditional cultures. I was highly impressed by this book and enjoyed reading it. When I had to go to my Evil Day Job in the middle of reading the story and found myself anticipating finishing it when I got home, I knew this one was a keeper.

Reviewed by Jennifer Leeland

familiarFamiliar Places by Cameron Quintain

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 1 out of 5


Familiar Places is a basic, but nicely done vampire story. The author, Cameron Quintain, calls it a novella but at just 32 pages it is in that no man’s land between long short story and short novella. This distinction will not change your enjoyment, but it’s good to keep in mind as things will wrap up faster than you might be expecting. Which is perfect for this story as it gives you a very satisfying conclusion to a missing person mystery as well as a little back story on our two main characters. As far as the kink involved……Well, a vampire is inherently kinky if one were to think about it. The biting, the control, the turning people in to slaves to the vampire, all this you will find, but as far as kinky, hot, smoldering sex, not so much.

The story revolves around Kenneth, a private detective looking for a missing girl in an unnamed city and Dinaria, a vampire from Kenneth’s past whom he goes to for help in finding his missing girl. Kenneth believes the Russians are involved, and from personal experience believes that vampires are involved as well. He goes to his former lover, and almost Vampire Mistress, Dinaria, to help him traverse the landscape of the Russian vampire mob in her city.

Since this is a mystery no spoilers will be included in this review as it is no fun to spoil the story. Suffice it to say, however, we have a scene in a strip club that is a cover for the vampires, we meet Dinaria’s familiar, Mari, we meet a were-bear along the way and a final confrontation in a fortified warehouse. Oh, and a happy(?) ending for Dinaria and Kenneth.

This book is worth buying for an enjoyable, quick read. If you like the vampire genre you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for that hot, kinky vampire sex though, this is not the story for you.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven

House of Sable Locks by Elizabeth Schechter houseofsable

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5

Dark, compelling, and sexy male-sub erotica.

House of Sable Locks is a powerful, sexy exploration of slavery, submission, and humanity from an author who wields both plot and prose with accuracy and total confidence.

I cannot discuss the plot in any detail without committing spoilers, and I truly believe the reader needs to discover those elements for themselves, but I will say that the book lives up to its early promise, with a satisfying backstory and a plot that continues to twist and develop right up to the magnificently tense ending.

The sex is delightfully varied, with themes of bondage and submission throughout. Scenes of willing and coerced submission contrast with one another, giving the reader a deeper understanding of William’s desires, and the open-heartedness that is at the core of his submission and his strength. There’s quite a bit of male/male action here, which I thoroughly appreciate.

The most electrically erotic (apologies) scenes are undeniably those between William and the mechanical — Succubus, which are sometimes intense, sometimes playful, and sometimes heart-wrenching. She can call upon any number of attachments, restraints, and instruments of pain or pleasure, so these scenes are delightfully varied and never repetitive. She’s not just a frighteningly versatile pleasure partner, though; she is a thinking, feeling being, and I liked her more and more as the story progressed and her mystery deepened.

Schechter writes with grace and sometimes with levity, but the plot is dark; it’s absolutely not a depressing book, it ends well, but parts of it are sad, and in a couple of places just heartbreaking. The flashbacks exploring William’s past with his abusive lover in India are erotic but brutal. The unhealthy relationships here are never romanticized or depicted as desirable or positive. The blend of reality and fantasy was just right; I could appreciate the sexiness, but the scenes did not glorify the unforgivable.

The plot sows its seeds wide at first, but carefully, and just about everything ties together at the end. The tension really ratchets up in the final quarter, and I found myself riveted, unable to stop reading, even when I wished I could look away.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes steampunk erotica and male-sub erotica.

I urgently hope for a sequel.

Reviewed by Naamah

Extraordinary Deviations : Transgender Erotica by Raven Kaldera extraordinary

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Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


The common conception of gender is turned on its head in these eight sensual stories by longtime Circlet author Raven Kaldera. From the ancient Roman Empire to the virtual-reality-filled future to fantasy worlds filled with fae creatures, these stories follow people (and other beings) who are transgender, intersex, androgynous, or otherwise beyond the gender binary in their exciting and often kinky erotic adventures.

In these stories, a woman becomes the lover of a deity who comes to her through the bodies of people who are more than simply men or women; a would-be superhero with a less-than-useful mutation seduces an androgynous shapeshifter with ambiguous loyalties; a woman inherits some strange artifacts from a witchy great-aunt and, with them, a startling and transformational family legacy; and more. Combining love, worship, power, and gratification, these encounters are surprising and challenging–and, of course, always sexy.


I struggled with this story from the beginning. I read and re-read the opening because it starts as though the reader has been dropped into the middle of a story with no back ground, setting or character set up. I wondered if this is a sequel of one or more previous stories with the same central character that I was supposed to already be familiar with. I found it confusing.

The author spends no time establishing the setting so you have to figure it out as you  go along with the story.

Sex is a big part of this book, but even that was difficult to follow throughout the book. There appeared to be no particular reasons for some of the characters or their actions. There is a plot, but being dropped into the middle a longer sequence of stories with no explanation of history of the plot, characters or even the setting leaves the reader disoriented. I don’t know if this is part of a series, but as a stand alone I found it very confusing.

Reviewed by ronni

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No Safewords: A Marketplace Fans Anthology edited by Laura Antoniou nosafewords

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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5



Formal manners in regard to slave and Master stories are something I have always had a fascination with. I fell in love with The Marketplace by Laura Antoniou the first time I picked up the book. I am still immersed within its pages and find myself treasuring each moment like a fine piece of chocolate. Mine. Mine. Mine. So, when I was given the chance to review No Safewords, a collection of fan stories about the world I had fallen so hard for, I snapped up the book like the greedy little book  junky I am.

No Safewords is a collection of fan based stories based in The Marketplace. Each one has a forward and introduction by Laura Antoniou, with reasons why she selected each piece. They are all different and I found that I didn’t want this book to ever end. The first piece in the collection is “A Thousand Things Before Breakfast” by Marie Casey Stevens. If you ever wondered what happens at a leather conference, here is your chance. This speech is what you would hear if you attended a meeting for those in the Marketplace world. Evocative, informative and educational, this little story takes you there in every way.

“If You Try Sometime” by D.L. King brings us an endearing character from the Marketplace series by the name of Robert. He is brought across the pond to be of service in London. His new Mistress is a stickler for formal manners and her reprimands are truly inspiring. The scene that is set evokes the grand manor style setting with maids, cooks and the like. This story looks at humiliation as a tool for training and was one of my favorites in the anthology.

“Coals for the New Castle” by Marie Casey Stevens is about a trainer that has left the Marketplace for a life on the outside. It gives a unique perspective, filled with kink, some pretty hot ink, a Sybian (oh I really want one now) and a story that will curl your toes. What happens when two lovers with a past decide to get married? How do you put Marketplace values into the home of a married couple, when you aren’t sure you are doing the right thing? Where does the soft world end and kinky real life begin? These are all things Magda and Julian face when they consider tying the knot. Thankfully they have a wonderful friend in Charlotte who will help them with their uncertainty. Hot, thigh clenching fun!

The last story in this anthology is the longest. “O, Promise Me” by Elizabeth Schechter is a trip through a historical Marketplace scenario that had something for everyone. When Thomas is requested to marry Eugenia and take her collar, all sorts of fun things happen. Kidnapping, rescue and an unlikely friendship emerge in the wicked wild land of Cairo. Here you will meet a Mistress with a sweet face and a sharp hand for discipline, a very eager lord who just happens to be a slave and a tale that will keep you up until the last page is read. (Or at least it did me. No sleep. More Marketplace!)

This collection of fan based devotion to the Marketplace series was truly inspirational. I absolutely loved each and every story. From nightmarish slave scenes in “Getting Real” by S.M. Li where a new slave wonders what the heck he has done to himself to “Delirious Moonlight” by Anna Watson, I can’t say enough good things. Every author did a superb job with crafting stories of slavery and masterful ownership that bring further life to an already wonderfully crafted universe. Ms. Antoniou should be very proud of this anthology. Kinky fun for everyone!

Reviewed by Erzabet


The Viscountess Investigates: A Dominion Erotic Mystery (Dominion Erotic Mysteries) by Cameron Quintain



Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5 paddles

From the book: “THE VISCOUNTESS INVESTIGATES follows the path of a long-established, loving couple, the dominant Viscountess and her submissive male companion Severin, who solve mysteries. Think “Hart to Hart” in thigh-high leather boots and a collar. The world this detective pair investigates, though, isn’t just the real one, but also the parallel fantasy universes created by the magic inherent in BDSM. These “dominions” range from a Victorian England that never was to a harsh environment reminiscent of the world of Conan the Barbarian.”
A prominent member of The Algophilia Society was found dead in his home; the Viscountess and her submissive, Severin, are contracted to investigate his unusual death. In the course of this investigation, the Viscountess gambles with the fates of both herself and Severin, travels across  the Dominions, and learns quite a few surprising things.


The story is very richly painted. There is a type of magic in Quintain’s world known as “The Blindfold,” which prevents those not involved in the world of BDSM from seeing unusual sights, usually described as “Scenes.” For instance, the Viscountess drives a cart pulled by a pony-girl named Snuzzle in New York – the people see a real horse. The exchange of power in this land is a real, tangible exchange. There is humor, love and respect displayed in the dynamic between Viscountess and Severin. And Quintain demonstrates the equal-except-when-not aspect of a 24/7 relationship as accurately as I have ever seen in written form.

The kink is everywhere in this book – homes run by slaves/subs, women as furniture, Dominions dedicated to such things as prison work farms, Victorian England, and Anime, where there is no need for The Blindfold, and more. The act of intercourse is present, but not the focus, which is refreshing.

When it comes down to it, I find I don’t really have the words to explain how incredible this book is. It’s definitely a must-read!

Reviewed by darkest.ire