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The Keyholder by Claire Thompson keyholder

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


The main characters are Nora and Charles who are a couple, alomg with Phillip, Eva and Jack. The first few chapters set up the rest of the story. We first meet Nora,Charles, Phillip and Jack at Hawthorne’s, a private club. It is Phillip, who is the master keyholder, that Nora has a bad feeling about from the start.

On one occasion Jack, who is friends with Nora and Charles, accompanies Nora to Hawthorne’s when Charles could not make it. This is where they witness first hand Phillip’s handling of subs. Jack is an artist, recently moved to NYC. A single Dom but hoping to find and share what Nora and Charles have, yet skeptical he will actually find it. He sticks to being a dedicated workaholic, almost to a fault. Nora is a sub and she is married to Charles. She is a masochist. Besides being sensitive to physical pain that sends her spiralling erotically into subspace. She is sensitive to the emotional energy others. She doesn’t like Phillip from the start. Phillip is devilishly handsome and is hiding a dark side. He seems a bit too controlling, as master keyholder and also over his treatment of the subs. During a special showing of new house subs, he treats them especially strict. It is in part of the story we as the reader find out the REAL reason for Nora’s supposed feelings about Phillip.

Eva, is found and rescued. She had been held captive by Phillip and since Jack rescued her, she decides, with his permission, to stay with him. Their relationship grows slowly. His attraction towards her is there but he never acts on it, knowing she is healing from her ordeal. As time passes Eva wants more than kindness from Jack. She makes plans to make him hers, but it backfires. Eva leaves but it doesn’t take Jack long to pursue her.

There are elements of this story I love. The D/s play from the physical to the emotional were very precise. I am glad Mrs. Thompson took time to flesh out these scenes. The idea of Blake Stanton aka Phillip was a little far fetched but for the sake of the plot it worked out.

Although I am not a fan of the M/F theme (there was mention of a hetero Dom taking on a male sub for a swap scene but no other details were given). I am a fan of great writing. I love BDSM when it is closely related to the D/s dynamic. A lot of the scenes were about spanking but the underlying tone of two people shedding their outer layer and stepping into their Dominant or submissive persona is always fascinating for me to witness.

Reviewed by Black Hippie Chick

brokeredBrokered Submission by Claire Thompson

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


D/s kinky romance lovers will enjoy Brokered Submission. Zoë is a smart business analyst who wants to broker a deal to show her business savviness to her boss. When a deal is jeopardized due to lack of funds, her reputation is on the line. Her knight in shining armor is not as she expected. He’s a slick business man with unconventional methods of making deals. In addition, the strings he attaches to the funding money may be too steep for her to pay. Dylan is a jaded dominant. Rich and bored, he decides to break his own rule, taking a vanilla girl and tying her up for his pleasure.

This BDSM story is pure romance delight. For female readers who fantasize about a more powerful man to sweep them off their feet and out of boring missionary sex, this story will meet those kinky desires. Ms. Thompson pens a sweet romance with the right amount of rich male dominance and stubborn submissive. The D/s in this story is sweet. The SM part is erotic and arousing. It’s just the right ratio of a “seen it all” dominant and a “wide-eyed newbie” submissive.  At one point, even Dylan’s friend Louis points out the fascination for Zoë and how their group is experiencing kinky ennui.

“New sub infatuation,” Louis said knowingly. “Based on past experience, I predict you’ll be over her by the end of the week.” (pg. 81)

This is a Ms. Thompson story so a reader can expect a smexy romance with a tasty side of kink.  The characters are easily relatable. The world building is set in a contemporary to make it easier for kinky readers to vicarious live through Zoë’s whirlwind affair. The story will be quickly consumed with a reader wanting more. This Gateway to BDSM story is recommended to romance lovers who enjoy kinky erotica.

Reviewed by Book Addict

beyondBeyond the Compound by Claire Thompson

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


BDSM sexual slavery fantasy lovers, this is the book for you. The Compound is a training ground fantasy come true for those who want to be trained full time in sexual submission.  Hailey Davenport knew she was missing something in her life. She wanted that connection with a dominant through her submission. Tired of playing around, her acceptance to The Compound is the first step to finding a Master. The Compound not only trains a submissive, but finds a matching master. For Hailey, she’s auctioned off to Ronan Wolfe and it is a dream come true.

First, let’s be clear, this is straight up romantic fantasy for female submissives. For those who wish a training center exists and can match a submissive to the right dominant, this is the book for you. Second, even though this is romantic and quite the fantasy, the BDSM is so good. This is expected because Ms. Thompson pens erotically hawt BDSM scenes. Third, this plot is one which is pretty popular with a famous actor finding a match with a regular female. If this makes your roll your eyes, then pass on this book. Those who are still interested, the BDSM scenes will encourage a reader to require a little “alone-time” with a sex toy.

The plot in this book is simple and easy to follow. Is it predictable? Yes. This is good for those who want to sit down and enjoy a kinky book without angst or drama. The characters are likeable and relatable. Hailey is a down to earth female with submissive needs. Ronan may be a movie star, but he’s level headed and considerate. Plus, he’s serious about dominating. He’s not in it just for a bit of slap, tickle and sex on demand. He enjoys the heady sensation when a woman wants to yield her control over to him.

This is a lovely piece of D/s with sensual erotic power exchange. These two are on the same page and their exploration together into the kinkier side of sex is a delicious fantasy. Whilst there are plenty of BDSM equipment described in Ronan’s dungeon, the BDSM scenes stick to the standard tools. The focus is more on the D/s than it is on the SM. There is a decent amount of BD as Hailey is not a perfect submissive. This is nice to see how even trained submissives do struggle at times. It also is nice to see a dominant following through on punishment when a forbidden act is committed.

The conflict in this story is believable and the resolution works out smoothly. The ending of this story is as expected, a happily ever after with a bonus hawt piercing scene. Ms. Thompson leaves the story open ended so that if she wanted to write a story about a couple of the secondary characters, it is possible. If she does, slave Sam would be a lovely M/m story. This maledom fantasy is recommended for kinky readers who love romantic sexual slavery.

Reviewed by Book Addict

theinnerroomThe Inner Room by Claire Thompson

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Doctors and nurses exemplify sexy power exchange in erotic novels. Usually it’s the doctor giving the orders and the nurse agreeably obeying. In a switch up, Inner Room features a dominant nurse and a submissive doctor. Staying along the lines of a male dominant and a female submissive, it still changes up the traditional roles of who is the doctor and who is the nurse. Dr. Marissa Roberts works a stressful job. She is literally responsible for saving lives. Her decisions can possibly end a life. With this kind of responsibility, she fantasizes about giving away her control. With a kinky interest, she finally accepts a friend’s introduction to the wild side. Marissa becomes a submissive in training at a local BDSM club. Apprehensive of the stigma associated with being both a submissive and in an alternative lifestyle, Marissa is relieved when she doesn’t see anyone she knows at the club. When she is assessed, her fears materialize; the experienced dominant is none other than Cam Wilder, a nurse at her hospital.

Ms. Thompson does a lovely job with the BDSM. The scenes are erotic. The training is believable. The power exchange between Cam and Marissa is delightful to witness. The ups and downs of a newbie to the lifestyle is accurately captured in this story. The tentativeness of a new submissive wondering if perhaps she’s not normal are all good to see. There is one particular passage which is of concern. Some may agree with this philosophy, this reviewer does not. Specifically, using BDSM as a cure for a past trauma can be possible, just usually not advisable.  In the way it’s presented in the book, it makes sense.

If a client came in to see you, and told you she was new to the scene, but had found her soul mate, and D/s had become a central focus of her life, but a recent traumatic event had made her unsure about continuing, what would you say to that client?”

Cam didn’t even have to think about the reply. “I’d say BDSM would be the very best cure for whatever ails her. I’d explain to her that what happened has less than zero to do with BDSM, with the intensity, the exchange of power, the passion.”

“And you’d be right,” Jack replied. (pg. 135)

Ms. Thompson’s conflict is seemingly mild at the beginning of the story. Marissa’s wariness in exploring her sexuality is understandable. When the main conflict occurs, it is biting and a bit shocking. It’s not a huge surprise because Ms. Thompson does a good job of setting it up. How quickly the situation escalated is the shocking part. The traumatic event in this story is all too real. The misconceptions of BDSM are laid out in black in white. The way a kinky person can be persecuted and violated is all too chillingly plausible.The resolution while a bit unrealistic is definitely satisfying. When the men come to the rescue of a damsel in distress, it is heartwarming. Because sometimes, it is nice not to have to solve big problems by oneself. Support through friends, particularly intimidating male friends generates a warm fuzzy feeling.  It’s the kind where a submissive feels loved, cared for and protected. It is a heady sensation which Marissa definitely appreciates. Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a protective dominant.

Reviewed by Book Addict

FemDom – Not Just for Sissy Boys

I have written a few femdom short stories and a novel (Princess, Tough Guy and The Story of Owen, respectively). These were a departure for me, an admitted sub girl who gets all tingly at the thought of a strong, dominating alpha male who knows what I need without me having to spell it out. thestoryofowen-200

Like most of my readers, I’m a romantic at heart. Even my dark ‘n dirties contain an element of, if not romance, the possibility of, or at least the longing for, love, however misplaced. I want the guy to be strong and virile, the kind of man who will ride in on his horse, metaphorical or otherwise, and sweep me up into the saddle, his muscular arms secure on either side of me as we dash off into the sunset.

So why, you might ask, would I write about a submissive male’s journey? What intrigues me as an author and as a romantic, about the psyche of a man who craves a woman’s control, a woman’s direction, in matters of the body and heart? I think the answer lies in the same place where my m/m stories derive, as well as my non-cons and dub-cons. I like to put myself into the mind of someone who is different from myself, sometimes radically different (as in the evil, crazy guy who abducts the girl and thinks his brand of torture and control can somehow masquerade as love), and sometimes just a different approach to the same subject (a gay man in love, or a submissive man seeking connection).

When I write a story from a male submissive’s perspective, I try never to lose sight of the fact he is a man, first and foremost. I don’t write about feminized boys, though I appreciate this is a serious genre in its own right. But, probably because of my romance roots, I like to keep my men strong, brave and appealing to women. Hence, my sub guys are not pussy boys or sissy boys. They are strong and sexy. They are courageous, because when you think about it, it takes a certain kind of bravery for a man to admit his desire, his need, to be dominated by a woman. He risks being labeled as weak, as feminine, as somehow less than a man, by those who have no understanding of submissive longings. Subs don’t ask to be this way, any more than gay people ask to be gay. It’s how we’re hardwired, that’s my belief. Finding the courage to accept and embrace one’s orientation is the first step to happiness.

The first paragraph of chapter one of The Story of Owen (and yes, it’s a play on the timeless BDSM tale: The Story of O) opens with a sense of Owen’s longing to connect, to admit his needs, to find the woman who can fulfill them:

Owen wiped the sweat from his upper lip and shifted in his chair, willing his erection to subside. As he stared at the scene before him, his yearning was suddenly almost too big to contain. The sudden, fierce need to feel the sting of a whip and the grip of strong rope and chain moved through Owen with such raw intensity he had to clench his hands into fists and press them hard against his thighs. How he longed to kneel naked with head bowed, ready, willing, desperate to do the bidding of the woman who would dominate not only his body, but his heart.

The story follows his submissive journey, as he finally finds the courage to explore the secret essence of himself that he has denied for so long. When he meets Mistress Sylvie, a woman he pays to teach him about BDSM, the reader realizes from the beginning he’s going to fall in love, even if he does not yet know it:


Mistress Sylvie wrapped her fingers around his right biceps and squeezed lightly. “Nice,” she commented with obvious approval. “You work out, I see.”

“I swim, Mistress Sylvie. And do some weights.”

“I did not ask you a question.”

Owen pressed his lips together, feeling his face heat. Mistress Sylvie began to walk in a slow circle around him, moving her hands over his shoulders, chest and back, squeezing and prodding him as if he were a horse. She drew her fingertips lightly along the inner part of his arms. Whether or not she intended it, her feather-light touch tickled when she reached his armpits and though he hadn’t meant to, Owen pulled slightly away.

“Stay still,” she commanded. “Have you no discipline?”

It was a question, but was it rhetorical, or did she want an answer? And what was the answer, when it came to that? He’d had this fantasy of submitting to a strong sexy woman a thousand times in one form or another, and now it was actually happening. But was discipline part of the equation?

“I will answer for you,” Mistress Sylvie said, standing directly in front of him. In her heels, she was nearly as tall as he was, and she leaned in close, so close he could have kissed her if he’d dared. She spoke softly, but her voice was hard. “You have no discipline. You are untrained and I’m not sure I should bother to take you on.”

“Please, Mistress Sylvie,” Owen interrupted, startled at the intensity of his need. “I’ll do better. I promise.”

Mistress Sylvie stepped back, her look skeptical. “Will you? Are you sure?”

“Yes, Mistress Sylvie.”

Her lips lifted in a small triumphant smile. “All right, then. Show me. Put your hands behind your head, locking your fingers at your neck. You will look straight ahead, no matter what I do to you. You will not move or resist me in any way. Can you do that, Owen?”

“Yes, Mistress Sylvie.” Owen moved his arms, relieved at the change in position. She drew her fingertips lightly over his biceps and underarms. Owen realized he was clenching his jaw in his effort to stay still. He hated being tickled, but at the same time found himself deeply aroused and excited by her actions and his position. Somehow he managed not to move, save for the rise and fall of his chest and the twitching of his throbbing cock.

“Much better,” Mistress Sylvie said softly, and Owen found himself smiling, pleased by her praise.

She moved behind him and he felt her cupping his ass cheeks through the cotton of his shorts. “Have you ever been spanked, Owen?”

“No, Mistress Sylvie.” Owen’s skin tingled in anticipation of the hard slap of her palm, but instead she moved again to stand in front of him. She pressed her hands against his chest, the palms flat against his nipples.

“Have you ever been tied down?”

“No, Mistress Sylvie.” There had been some bondage play with a girlfriend in college, but he’d been the one using the rope, not daring to admit his fantasies back then.

Mistress Sylvie slipped the tip of one finger beneath the elastic at the waist of his boxers. “Have you ever been whipped, Owen? Have you ever felt the sharp, sweet sting of the lash?”

Mistress Sylvie stared deep into Owen’s eyes, her lips lifting in a slow smile that made him forget how to breathe. “No, Mistress Sylvie,” he finally managed, though it only came out as a whisper. He wanted to look away but found himself unable to wrench his gaze from hers. He could feel her power, and his own powerlessness to resist it.

“Do you like pain, Owen? Erotic pain?”

“I don’t really know, Mistress Sylvie,” he answered honestly, though his cock was hard as steel. “I want to find out. I know that for sure. I—think about it. I fantasize about it.”

“Tell me more,” she whispered, her lips close to his ear. “Tell me your darkest fantasy. Hold nothing back.”

Owen’s heart lurched into overdrive. “I’ve never told anyone—”

“But you will tell me,” she interrupted. It wasn’t a question, but a statement, and he nodded slowly in agreement.

“Yes, Mistress Sylvie. I will tell you.”


If you were drawn in by this, even though you didn’t think you would want to read about a submissive man, I suggest it’s the same reason so many women like to read m/m erotica – even though we might not directly relate to a gay man and what he’s going through, ultimately it’s the human experience we crave and connect to. If an author can weave a story where you care about the person, no matter if they are gay or straight, male or female, sub of Dom, then she’s done her work. She’s held out her hand and said, “Come with me. I have a story to tell you…”

To read Story of Owen, or any of my other work, please visit my indie publishing site: Romance Unbound. There you can also find my latest release (June 13, 2014), The Inner Room. theinnerroom200

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Claiming Kelsey by Claire Thompson claiming

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ISBN-10: 1492952362

ISBN-13: 978-1492952367

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5

Book Description

Embark on a journey along a dark path of erotic control and forced submission.

James Bennett is captivated by his lovely but unattainable coworker, Kelsey Rowan. When she spurns his advances, he unleashes his long-hidden dark passions and takes her by force. Through a regime of erotic training, punishment and domination, James intends to mold Kelsey into the submissive and obedient wife of his dreams.

Kelsey had no idea her mild-mannered boss was secretly and dangerously obsessed with her. Held against her will in a secluded cabin, she is subjected to a relentless barrage of sexual training and mind control, counterbalanced by James’ terrifying declarations of love. As Kelsey succumbs to his rigid control, she must summon the will to survive, while edging precariously close to the brink of madness.

Not for the faint of heart, Claiming Kelsey is a stark, probing look into the inner workings of a twisted mind, and the courage of one woman who never gives up in the fight to keep her spirit alive.


Oh fellow readers…. where to start! First with a bit of a warning. =) If you are new to the worlds that Claire Thompson creates, be warned that the books she creates could be a potential trigger for some. Dealing with non-con is not something many authors struggle to pull off, but the author of this book shows just how capable she is!

The story starts out compelling and wastes no time grabbing you and wrenching you into the world of Kelsey and James. James’ obsession with Kelsey and the madness of his mind is so well developed, so disturbing; his evil is so realistic, it’s quite frightening. Kelsey’s fear and ordeal leaps from the page and draws the reader into that fear. Her ability to find strength in herself makes her an almost perfect heroine.

Like all of Claire’s books, the story structure and editing of this book is rock solid. The development of characters and the flow of the story is natural and powerful. This story doesn’t just tell a tale; it brings you into the world, giving you a front row seat into the mind of a true psychopath and his victim. There are no moments in this book that lag. Every word written has purpose and a place in the world that has been created.

The kink factors in this book are so well developed and described that the scenes come to life in the readers mind. The author of this book pulls no punches in bringing to light some of the darker aspects of BDSM, yet it is done without imparting judgment  nor without glossing over anything. She takes things little understood by the outside world and drags it into the light of day. The research behind the BDSM aspects of this book must have been extensive. Once again I am left at the end of reading one of Claire’s books wishing I could pick her brain!

For fans of Non-Con, this book has everything you could want.  Gritty and compelling, frightening and intensely sexual. The ending  makes the journey worth every moment spent with Claiming Kelsey.

Happy Reading!

Reviewed by Darlene

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Consensual BDSM versus Dark ‘n Dirty Abduction Tales – Is There Crossover Readership? claimingkelsey-750

Dominance, submission, bondage, discipline, sadomasochism – just the words send a shiver of edgy delight through those who are wired to crave this particular erotic kink. When I write a consensual BDSM story, even if it sometimes walks the line between consensual and non-consensual, the reader can put herself into the story, imagining she is the one caught in the grips of a powerful and all-encompassing BDSM love story. For anyone into the scene, these stories offer an escape into a possible reality where dreams actually come true.

Yet always underlying the delights and intensity of my BDSM erotica there is the basic tenant of consent.  Both parties engaged in the delicious game of dominance and submission want what is happening. While the Dom calls the shots, it is the sub who maintains and exerts the ultimate control. They are the one with the safeword, with the ability to end any scene with but a whisper or a gesture.

Not so with the dark and dirty abduction tales that slither through the dark labyrinths of my twisted mind. In these stories, there is no consent and the submission is forced. The fabric of trust and love that surrounds and cushions a BDSM relationship is ripped away, leaving the characters exposed—the abductor’s evil intent unmasked, the captive left naked and trembling.

Why would anyone, save for a twisted sadist with no redeeming qualities, want to read (or write) these dark tales of brutal abduction? How could a person who understands and embraces the power and deep sensuality of consensual BDSM want to dive into the murky recesses of a forced abduction fantasy?

Therein lies the key—fantasy. Readers don’t actually want to be the heroine in these dark and dangerous tales, but, if I’m doing my job, they become invested in the story—anxious to see how the heroine escapes, recovers (because all heroines in my novels are redeemed in the end, however tortuous the road to redemption) and exacts her revenge. Readers may be disturbed by the content, but are unable to look away. They become involved with the characters, fascinated with the relationship that develops between captor and captive, caught in the grips of a tale they must see to conclusion.

I have to admit, while I love and have written dozens of consensual BDSM love stories, there is a special place in my heart for abduction fantasies. I thrill to the process of delving deep into the psyche of the dark, twisted and often tortured and confused minds of the men who perpetrate the erotic horrors on the women they often profess to love, or at least to obsessively desire. When I’m really into the story, my fingers and subconscious seem to take over, and the words pour from me, leaving me shaking and sweating when I am done. It’s an exhausting and exhilarating process, and one of which I never tire.

My latest effort, Claiming Kelsey, is about a man you might never notice—a boring backroom loan analyst at a huge commercial bank who keeps his head down and his dreams to himself. James becomes quietly, secretly obsessed with a coworker, concocting elaborate fantasies in his head about the day when she realizes he is alive, and they fall headlong into eternal love. It doesn’t quite work out that way, and when he finally gets up the nerve to ask her out, and she refuses, something snaps in his brain. If he can’t have her by her consent, he will take her without her leave. In a sudden and unplanned crime of passion and rage, he abducts the girl of his dreams. Both shaken and thrilled by what he has done, he realizes there is no going back. He becomes determined to convince Kelsey of the power and possibility of their love, if only she can learn to submit to his will. Kelsey doesn’t go along meekly, but a gun, rope, chain, denial of basic needs, and brute force, along with a steady diet of mind control and obedience training, break the girl to his will. Somehow she must find and reclaim the fire inside her soul to give her the courage to escape. This being a Claire Thompson novel, you know she will! I invite those of you who have never delved into the darker, non-consensual side of BDSM to give it a chance. Take the leap, and see what you’ve been missing!

Respectfully submitted,

Claire Thompson

Forced Submission by Claire Thompson forcedsubmission-1400

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ISBN-10: 1490936556

ISBN-13: 978-1490936550

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Mia is thrilled when she’s hired as administrative assistant to handsome millionaire, Ellis Hughes. Her dream job quickly becomes a nightmare when she learns, too late, that Ellis Hughes is a sexual sadist, determined to mold her into his perfect submissive slave girl. Stripped of her freedom and her identity, Mia becomes M, her life focused entirely on the avoidance of pain and the seeking of what pleasure she can find in the dungeon of the man she now knows only as Sir. As M struggles to rekindle the flame of her spirit amidst a constant barrage of erotic torture and sexual subjugation, help is offered from an unexpected source—a tiny spark of hope in the darkness of M’s forced submission.


First, I try to keep my personal views out of reviews, but I feel duty bound to place a Trigger Warning to this book. This is not your typical, run of the mill BDSM love story with lovely people. If you have trigger properties, be careful reading this story. =)

Mia’s story into brainwashed submissive slavery is intense and extreme. The torment that she suffers at the hand of a man that she thought was giving her a job and a chance at a new and exciting life is consuming. Locking her sense of identity deep within herself, the non-consensual submission to “Sir” is difficult to read. The light at the end of her tunnel leaves the reader breathless.

This story is not for the faint of heart. It is raw and visceral and brutal. It is executed with precision and with an expert hand. The characters in this book are strong and so well developed that they grab you and take you along for their ride. The editing is superb and the author has done such a magnificent job in creating a villain that the Brothers Grimm would be proud of. Normally not a fan of HFN, this reader was so incredibly happy with the way the story ended, that I would read it again.

The BDSM elements of the story are well written and obviously built by an author with a solid background of the lifestyle. Either firsthand or through extensive research, the kink elements are almost perfect.

This is a book that is hard to write a review for without giving so much of the story away. I was concerned when I started reading it that I would have a difficult time with the consent aspects of the book. The respect that the author shows in her approach of such a difficult story line and the care with which the scenes are written are inspiring. This story is solidly built, the timing of it flows naturally and develops organically to guide the reader through a complex story line that would be impossible for most authors to navigate.

Reviewed by Darlene

The Master by Claire Thompson master

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ISBN-10: 1484850459

ISBN-13: 978-1484850459

Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5

Is every Domme secretly a submissive too?  In THE MASTER, it comes across in this manner with Donovan Cartwright pushing hard for Domme Jaime Heller to submit. Jaime is a twenty-seven year old loans officer experiencing a mid-life crisis. Realizing she’s miserable, she packs up and leaves New York. She winds up in San Francisco without a job or home. Lucky for her, she easily finds a room to sublet and job as a waitress in a BDSM club within days of her arrival.

Donovan is one of the owners of the BDSM club with the distinguished title of “The Master”.  It sounds more pretentious than it is in the book. Donovan is actually an accomplished Top who titillates and entices submissives and bottoms to tremble under his lashing and flogging.  Honestly, the BDSM in this story is hot. The scenes are well done and very realistic. This is to be expected from the talented Ms. Thompson. She arouses the reader with pet play, wax, ice, whipping, flogging and spankings. She even takes our breath away with sensual asphyxiation. If she threw in a bit of fireplay and figging, I would have melted into a puddle of goo.

The issue I have with this book is how hard Donovan pressed for Jaime to submit in a D/s way.  He kept at it despite her misgivings. Now, in this story, Jaime is a bit of a submissive. This is not the case for all Dommes. Since Jaime is in denial about it, forcing her to confront it made me feel ill at ease. One could argue Ms. Thompson showed how Donovan wanted Jaime’s consent by compelling Jaime to ask for it. This is true. At one point Donovan does demand Jaime to willingly consent by kissing his feet. It still rubbed me wrong. My preference is for Jaime to want to submit and seek Donovan’s expertise. This minor difference is inconsequential since the result is the same – Jaime savours Donovan’s domination of her. For other readers, it may not be a sticking point.

While Donovan keeps saying the right words of “trust” and the three tenants, the actions did not exactly ring crisply for a D/s relationship. This is to be expected since Jaime isn’t interested in D/s and she’s always been more of a Top to bottoming males. It is a nice example of someone just starting to explore the D/s aspect of BDSM.  The apprehension, first time subspace and tentativeness are all too familiar for me.

The romance part of this story is sweet and fast. Jaime is a strong female who can crank up the sultry heat when in Domme mode. She’s a perfect match for the devilish Donovan. Donovan is a fine example of a good Dom. He’s not perfect with his all too believable commitment issues.  The chemistry between the two characters is smoldering hawt. To be co-Dommed by these two would be heavenly. This delicious kinky romance is recommended to BDSM readers who want a bit more intensity to their play.

Reviewed by Book Addict