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Get Him to the Geek by DC Juris gethimtothe

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 0 out of 5


Two years is a long time to swear off love, but John Daily is doing just fine. Sure, he’s lonely, but he’s not risking his heart again. Not after what he went through, watching the man of his dreams wither away and die. His best friend, Sylvia, has other plans. She’s set him up with someone who will be perfect for him. Now, if she can just get him to the geek…


It’s been more than two years since John’s lover passed away, after only a short time together, but he still can’t bring himself to get back out there and meet new people. So his best friend Sylvia takes things in hand and sets John up on a date with Bernie, who she assures him is perfect for John. Despite his misgivings, John agrees.

Arriving at the restaurant, John finds Bernie to be a shy, awkward man, who tries not to come off as nerdy as Sylvia says he is. John is nonetheless taken with the geek and effectively invites himself back to Bernie’s place, and that’s when the real fun begins.

“Get Him to the Geek” is a very short story – a ‘sip’ as the publisher calls it. It is a decidedly contemporary tale, full of allusions to recent and current television shows; so much so that 10% of the ebook is taken up with trade name acknowledgements. It’s a story about two less-than-perfect people who happen to connect, told with humor.

As for kink, well, there isn’t any. The one sex scene at the end is short and vanilla, unless you consider the setting kinky, but I don’t want to spoil the ending by giving away where the men end up doing the nasty. This is a simple, sweet, and slightly quirky story that you will almost certainly finish in a single sitting. The writing is good for a short story, giving us enough to empathize with the characters without getting to know them too well.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

A Brown Eyed Handsome Man by DC Juris



Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 out of 5


(may contain spoilers…read with caution)

Drake aka Angela is a transgender man. From my understanding transgender means a person that’s one gender but feels and wants to live as another gender. In this story Angela is married and her husband is quite rude to her about discussing her transgender issue. She meets Rocky at a bar, when she is dressed as Drake.

This is a novella so there is little background but the book does not suffer. You get a glimpse into the mental and emotional suffering about Angela’s Indecision but in the end she ultimately decides what’s best for her and Drake. Quite a lovely piece and I will look for more stories by this author.

Reviewd by Sizzling Miss Kim

Betrayed by DC Juris  



Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 2 out of 5

Meldrick is one of King Rychal’s strongest and most loyal knights, but he has been captured by the enemy in a war between humans and ogres. The ogres want to know Meldrick’s secrets, and when he won’t break under normal torture, they twist things around to force Meldrick to torture and sexually abuse the other prisoners. Even this doesn’t break the knight, although it twists his mind into a horrible mess as he begins to realize that he sometimes enjoys inflicting pain and torment on his fellow captives.

The breaking point finally comes when the ogres bring word that Meldrick’s lover Faldor is dead. The healer was killed on the battlefield as he tended the wounded, but not before he is told of the animal that Meldrick has become. Meldrick is told that his lover died cursing him, and as proof they offer Faldor’s ring. Plunged into deep despair over the loss of the one thing that helped him keep a tenuous grip on his humanity, Meldrick tells the ogres everything.

Once they have the information they want, rather than kill Meldrick, the ogres abandon him in the forest, where the knowledge of what he has done eats away more and more at him. Believing he cannot return home, Meldrick lives a feral existence in the forest for nearly two years until by chance one day he spots his lover Faldor. He is not dead. The ogres tricked Meldrick into betraying his secrets.

Longing drives Meldrick to return to his old home, and Faldor, who still pines for the lover he too thought was dead. Meldrick wants things to go back to the way they were before he went off to war, but the knowledge of what he has done and what he has become eats away at him. He is unable to make love to Faldor, for fear of what he might do. What’s more, as Meldrick is welcomed back by the king and community that thought he was dead, the intrigues that led to his betrayal begin to unravel.

As you can guess, Betrayed is set in a Middle Earth world of humans, elves, ogres and other mythical beasts. I’m not much for that kind of thing, but it doesn’t really intrude much on the story. Ogres are just a way of creating politically correct bad guys that nobody can be offended about because they’re not human. The structure of the story is rather good, with a rich dramatic plot. The writing is okay, although the character development is rather weak. I never really felt Meldrick’s pain, or Faldor’s for that matter.

Coming to the kink, this is where things get tricky. In the early part of the book, which describes Meldrick’s life in the prison camp, it’s clear that he is forced to torture and rape other prisoners, as he is in turn also raped by the guards, but there’s not much detail given, which is perfectly understandable. Once Meldrick is free and returns home, there’s not much sex at all until the end. There are a few attempts, and we’re treated to some of the dark thoughts Meldrick has about sex and pain, but here again there’s very little detail. On the whole, there just isn’t much real sex or kink in this book. It’s not a bad read, but it didn’t really grab me, in any sense of the word.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

BDSM on a Budget – Budget Spanking Bench

By DC Juris

The best things about this little project are it’s cheap, easy to hide, and multi-purpose. Nothing you’ll do to the bench is permanent, so it can still serve double duty as a workbench. Plus, when the in laws come over, just strip it down, throw the accessories in the closet, and throw the bench in the garage. Presto! Nothing kinky in your house!

What You’ll Need:

1 workbench – you’ll need the clamping kind, like this:   

 4 36″ bungee cords

4ft trailer safety chain

2 carabineers

2 15″x17″x2″ pieces of foam

What You’ll Do:

1. Assemble the workbench per the included instructions. Or, if you already have one made, skip to #2.

2. Place 1 foam pad on the bench step and secure with bungee cord.


3. Open the workbench and place 1 foam pad over the front half. Drape part of the foam pad into the opening and then close the bench as tightly as you can. Secure the pad with bungee cords.


Your bench should now look like this:










Now let’s add some restraints!

 4. Attach the safety chain to each back side of the workbench. You’ll use the carabineers to secure your sub’s writs, so you can leave these off until you’re ready for play.  PLEASE NOTE: Safety chain is heavy. It’s used to secure trailers to vehicles in case the trailer bounces off the hitch. This is heavy-duty chain. You may want to substitute for something lighter.













Viola! You have a spanking bench. You can kneel or stand and lay across. Or get really kinky and use those clamps! When standing, the opening is in the right position for a little breast bondage if your sub is female. Also, standing makes all those fun holes accessible – your sub’s, not the bench’s!

You can get fancy and dress it up with some rabbit furs or sheepskins.










Also, all those holes in the bench are perfect for keeping toys close at hand, and, if your bench comes with a tool holder that’s just big enough to hold a vibrator or dildo.










And here’s the end result:















Tune in next month and I’ll show you how to hide your toys right out in the open!



Orion’s Way by DC Juris



As the owner of a private dungeon for vampires, Malagan, an ancient himself, does not tolerate those that break the rules.  When he is alerted by his dungeon monitors that a sub has safeworded and his Master continues the scene, Malagan steps in. When he was told who the sub was Malagan knew he would have a problem on his hands. This male submissive used to belong to one of his dungeon monitors, Orion, who happens to be on duty.

Orion lost Xavier to Clay when he couldn’t dominate him like he needed.  Finding him beaten and bloody, Orion’s blood bond is awakened and he is willing to fight to get him back.  Malagan helps Orion recover Xavier, but soon history repeats itself.  As Orion wallows in his doubt, Malagan explains it very cleary….either you are a Master or a feeder.  Allowing Orion to dominate him, Malagan awakens the Master.

Orion’s Way is a deliciously quick read. I could keep reading about Malagan and Orion.  Their scene together is one of submission and the need to regain control. Malagan’s willingness to kneel before Orion to show him that he can Master Xavier is emotional. For a Master to kneel, to submit and teach is a powerful act to witness.  I loved the dynamics of these two together. The give and take of between teacher and student. DC is an amazing author of the M/M bond.

5 out of 5 paddles

Reviewed by Michele

BDSM on a Budget Part 2 – Under $20 Flogger

Supplies You’ll Need:

Bicycle handle grip (look for one that’s squishy, not hard – you’ll need to cut it)

Strips of leather &/or suede

Ribbon or strips of satin

Plastic chain – optional

Beads – optional

Sharp knife








You can find a bike handle grip at stores like Wal-Mart or ToysRUs, or wherever bikes are sold. The rest can be found at a crafting store like JoAnn’s or Michaels.

The grip I bought cost $6. Leather, suede, beads, chain, and ribbon came in at just under $13 total. If you shop around, you can probably find these things for even less.

First, look at the grip. It should have a large hole in one end and a much smaller hole in the other end. Using the knife, widen the smaller hold large enough to push strips of leather/suede through.








Since the grip is around 4.5” long, I cut suede and leather strips at about 20” long. I was able to find a ribbon necklace which already had the ribbon clumped together on one end by a bauble, but if you can’t find that, cut ribbon lengths at 20” long as well. I ended up with 4 strips of suede, 1 of leather, and 10 of ribbon.

If you opted for chain and beads, here’s what to do with those: I bought plastic chain in 10” lengths. Since they weren’t long enough, I tied them to suede strips to make up the difference.  Then I slid the beads onto the ribbons at different lengths and knotted them to keep them secure.














A word of advice – beads on a flogger f*cking sting! A. Lot. Only use them if you really want some pain. The higher up you place them, the more you can probably stand, but experiment. I can take them easily on my back, shoulders, and thighs, but less so on my ass.














Next, take all the strips and wrap a piece of tape around one end (the ends without the beads), then push them  up through the smaller hole in the grip until they poke out the other end.

Now knot the pieces together. I used 2 strips at a time for suede, one for leather, and my ribbons were already attached to each other. If your ribbons aren’t attached, then tie several together at once. Your goal is big, secure knots. Now pull everything back down.















The knots should prevent the strips from pulling out the smaller hole. Trim off any excess from the other end, and stuff larger knots down in if need be.

TA-DA! One custom-made flogger for under $20!







We tested the flogger out right after we made it. It worked really well, was comfortable to wield, and didn’t come apart. It should be noted, though, that my sub doesn’t hit me nearly as hard as he could with a flogger. So if you’re going for no-holds-barred, balls-to-the-wall, drawing blood, this might not work. But if you’re going for quick, cheap, and pleasingly painful, this should fit the bill!

Total project time = ~20 minutes

Total fun time = Endless!

Tune in next month and I’ll show you how to make a Budget Spanking Bench!


Let’s face it, BDSM can get expensive. If you’ve ever visited a BDSM gear site, you’ve probably left shaking your head. Things like whips, paddles and ::gasp:: benches will put a hurting on your wallet faster than you can give your safe word.

So what’s a kink to do in these tough economic times? Get kinky!

You don’t have to spend a fortune for good BDSM gear.

First of all, look around your house. Chances are, you have a kitchen. Chances are, you have utensils in that kitchen. C’mon now, even the culinary clueless like yours truly have spatulas and wooden spoons. And if you have those, you have paddles.

Got swimming goggles? Grab a permanent marker and black out the eyes. Voila! You have a blindfold. Want more sensory deprivation? Add some earplugs – found for cheap in the swimming aisle of any Mega Store.

Next, take a stroll through your favorite stores and think kink. One of my most favorite toys is a tickler we purchased at a pet store. It’s a cat toy – a long pole with feathers and fur hanging off. It cost about $5 for an evening of sensual fun.

While you’re at the pet store, check out a pet grooming glove. These have nifty little rubber nubs on them for sensation play.

Silk scarves and the sashes from robes work well for restraint. Cloth scarves also work well as gags  – tie a couple knots in the middle and the knot goes in the mouth. The nifty thing about these is they soak up saliva that a regular ball gag can’t. Depending on the size of the mouth, you may want to use several knots.

If you’re into caning, here’s a cheap alternative: fly fishing rods. You can find these for dirt cheap – just make sure they’re fly fishing rods – these come without pesky reels. Snip off the rings, and you’re left with three different sized canes.

If you’re into pain on a more intimate, localized level, grab one of these little gems from a craft store:

It’s called a tracing wheel, and it’s got a bunch of serrated teeth just begging to roll up and down your pretty little flesh!

Tune in next month and I’ll show you how to make your very own, one of a kind flogger for less than $20.

Recently I had an instant message conversation with a Dom. Let’s call him D. D had messaged me to see what I thought of a punishment he’d invented for his sub. Now, D’s fairly new to BDSM, so, even though he has a natural instinct for it, he often second-guesses himself. Never in front of his sub, of course—only online to a select few of us who realize that even a Dom has doubts every now and then. He’ll ask several of us what he should do, if he’s doing the right thing, and so on. Truth be told, I suspect he’s more of a switch in denial than a full Dom, but he’ll figure it all out in time.

Now, I don’t have a problem with him seeking advice. I just have a problem with him seeking advice from me. You see, just like in the “real world,” those in the BDSM lifestyle don’t fit a cookie cutter. We’re all different. We all handle our situations differently.

Case in point—I don’t punish my sub. I know that when people think of D/s relationships, they envision obedient subs bowing and kissing their Dom’s feet, and Dom’s serving out punishments if their subs don’t do as they’re told. For most, but not all, this includes spankings, bondage, or withholding of some privilege, including sex.

That’s not how I roll, for several reasons. For one thing, I don’t like to punish. I’m still not sure it teaches anything; it certainly never taught me anything. All it did was make me more belligerent. I prefer positive reinforcement in all my dealings—even when I raised my children. That’s how I approach my relationship with my sub as well. I find that he responds much better to being shown what he’s done right, what he’s done wrong, and how he can do something better the next time.

The other reason is physical safety. My sub has several medical issues and physical limitations. He can’t be tied and bound. He can’t be spanked very hard. I have a Dom friend who sends his sub to bed without dinner. I can’t do that with my sub, either. He has Diabetes—he has to eat and have his medication. He has sleep apnea, so there’s no such thing as making him sleep in a certain position, or denying him the chance to go to bed at a certain time.

And I’d never withhold sex because frankly I like sex too much. That would be akin to punishing myself, which is just silly.

So, how do I keep him in line, then? Well, to be honest, a lot of the time, I don’t. My sub has a fairly long leash, metaphorically speaking, and he controls himself well. He quickly learned his role in our relationship, learned what he could do and what he couldn’t, and he has learned how to read me remarkably well. In social situations, my sub is amazing. He pays a lot of attention to my body language and he can read my reactions probably better than I can.

That’s the thing about having a sub—they pay attention to everything. Every. Thing. Their life, as they see it, is about pleasing their Dom. If they notice that their Dom sighs a little happier when something happens a certain way, they’ll try their damndest to make that situation occur again and again. My sub is no different.

The other thing I do differently than the Doms I know (and again, I don’t know every Dom on the planet), is make my sub wear a collar. To me, a collar is a public symbol, and unless we’re in public together (which isn’t often as he’s rather antisocial, and I respect that) he has no need to wear one. The other reason is that he’s extremely claustrophobic. Sure, I could spend months and months working with him to overcome that so he could wear a collar, but frankly, I don’t see the purpose. He knows where he belongs, and to whom.

On the rare occasions that we are out together in public, I’m the one who wears the collar. The Doms I know think this is extremely bizarre, but I have a reason behind my choice. You see, I’m not just a Dom. As I’ve said before, I’m a switch. I’m incredibly uncomfortable in social situations, and prefer to take a backseat to my sub during these. My sub is very personable, witty, and engages in conversation easily. He’s warm and inviting, and has an infectious laugh. People gravitate to him because he looks like he’s in control. In reality, he’s just as uncomfortable as I am, but he’s better able to hide that and mesh with others. Whereas I just come off as a pretentious asshole. LOL

So, when we’re out, I wear a collar. It serves the purpose of sending a message to others to leave me alone—I’m already someone’s. On occasion, I’ll wear it when I attend a public function alone, as well. You’d be amazed at how many people steer clear of me when they see it. I think that reaction is two-fold. Those who understand the symbolism realize I’m off the market, and those who fear the symbolism just think I’m a freak they should stay away from. Which is fine with me.

But there’s a deeper reason for me wearing the collar—to me, it’s a sign of respect for my sub’s place in my life. When I sub, I sub for him and him alone. I don’t sub for anyone else. In that sense, he does own me. And really, if you think about it, a sub has just as much ownership over their Dom as vise versa. Think about it¬—a Dom’s world (at least my Dom world) revolves around their sub. Taking care of their sub, seeing to their sub’s needs. My sub wants for nothing. He gets everything he asks for as long as it’s in my power to provide it.


Because that’s my responsibility. When you take on a sub, it’s like taking on a pet, only in a much more profound way. You’re responsible for your sub. Whatever happens to them is your fault (within reason—no one can control outside forces). At least, that’s how I see it. Like I said, I don’t fit a cookie cutter mold.

Relearning the Ropes
DC Juris
Breathless Press [link to buy]

Rating: 5 out of 5 Paddles

Marcus received a phone call that would change his life forever. The unexpected death of his friend, Julius, left him with an unexpected added responsibility of his submissive, Charlie. He didn’t want a live-in sub with such a complex history. His own life was complicated enough and he was pretty well set in his own ways. Marcus had given Julius the money to purchase Charlie while at a party to save him from any more harm.

Charlie had been sold into the lifestyle at the age of fifteen and had been subjected to extreme mental and physical control. Julius had to continue with a high level of submission in order for him to function. Charlie always knelt in the presence of his Master as he undressed him and sexually liked restraint and pain that came in the form of strategically placed clips. By day though, Charlie worked in an accounting department, integrating his need for order and structure into his vanilla world.

Marcus had played with Charlie on a few occasions under Julius’ watchful eye. He always felt that Julius never really cared for Charlie. Sure he provided for him physically, BDSM and vanilla, but their emotional bond lacked something deeper. Charlie was a loving and giving soul, yet Marcus never fostered that aspect of their relationship.

The author created these multifaceted characters allowing the reader to peel away each layer learning something new and deeper than the previous. Marcus loved Charlie and felt that Marcus never cherished him enough, but he was his now and things would change. I loved how Marcus allowed Charlie to find his own way of servicing him while still remaining in control. Allowing him to do what was comforting to himself and still submissive; Marcus was walking on new territory as well with a life in sub. Who knew that undressing a man with your teeth could be so hot! The sock sniffing was a bit odd, but I realize that it was Charlie’s way to completely submerge himself if all that was Marcus.

The BDSM of Relearning the Ropes was well thought out and applied to this story. Marcus showed great skill in picking up on Charlie’s anxieties and helping him through the emotions. Truly, what a great Dom should do with his sub…knowing those physical tells. Marcus has to be one of my favorite Doms. Seeing to his subs needs first, he applied the best aftercare….snuggle time. They both took their past experiences and allowed those to evolve into a wonderful new relationship.

A short story at only 27 pages, Relearning the Ropes was a great read. The author spent the time packing as much information into those few pages creating characters that are true with a real life situation.

Reviewed by michele

Balancing Who I Am with Who I Need to Be by DC Juris

Though I’m a switch in everyday life, in the business world, I’m strictly a Dom. I know what needs to be achieved, how to do it, and I get it done. Period. Others do not bully me—I’m a salesperson’s nightmare. I can’t be talked into products and services, no matter how many cute, fluffy animals they put in front of me, or how many scare tactics they use, or how many extras they offer me. I don’t cut corners. I’m fast, straight forward, and efficient.

I have the work history to prove it. In every office I’ve worked, I’ve gone from absolute bottom run to management in less than three years. For two of those companies, my success was literally unheard of. I come from a background of no nonsense, rule following business people—focused solely on making money and thriving.

Now, however, I find myself in a much different situation. My current employer is rather passive aggressive and non-confrontational. She’d rather make comments behind your back than deal with something head on. She lacks any real business sense, but cannot understand why the place is not as successful as it could be. As it should be.

You might think someone like her would be easy for someone like me to deal with. After all, I clearly have the more dominant personality, and I’m clearly the more aggressive of the two of us. Should be easy for me to steamroll right over her, eh? But you’d be wrong. I spend a lot of my time having to carefully pick and chose my words, because if things aren’t phrased just right, progress bogs in the face of a temper tantrum. The best way to get things done is to make the boss feel like the idea was hers from the beginning. That can be pretty tricky, and exhausting.

Another issue is trust. My boss has trust issues in her personal life, and she’s allowed them to bleed over into her professional life. Trust is key in any relationship, be it vanilla, BDSM, or business. Throughout my working career, I’ve always easily gained my supervisors’ trust. I’ve proven myself able to handle the reins and they were freely given after that. No so now. Despite having proven my worth over and over, I’m continually questioned and challenged, although rarely to my face. I’m constantly undermined and find myself with my hands tied—and not in a good way. People rarely are allowed to do the jobs they were hired for, and when they do, they almost always do them wrong. At least in her eyes.

There’s a lot of wishy-washy decisions going on at work, too. She’ll ask you to order a blue chair. If you ask her what shade, she’ll say, “blue…just whatever,” and mutter about your inability to handle even the simplest tasks. Then, when the beautiful navy blue chair arrives, she’ll throw a fit because you should’ve known she wanted robin’s egg blue. If you retort that you did ask her for input, she’ll say you should’ve know all along that she didn’t mean dark blue, she thought you could’ve at least comprehended that.

This is all exhausting and wasteful to me. I don’t live in a reality where this sort of behavior works. I frequently find myself thinking that if she were my sub, her behaviors would be vastly different. She’d have some respect for others, for one thing, and she’d learn a little bit of humility. I find myself thinking that, if I could just have her for three months, I could completely turn her around, and turn her into someone others would love to work with. ::chuckle:: If only.

Spending my whole day at work biting my tongue can cause serious chaos. Through I’m definitely the Dom at home, I’m more relaxed in my rules. Very little my sub does gets him in any real sort of trouble. I allow him to freely speak his mind. On some days, though, that bites me in the ass.

Some days, I can’t take any more walking on eggshells. I can’t take being questioned about anything, even small things. Discussions over what to have for dinner can go from pleasant to “get in the f*cking car like you’ve been told” in no time flat. It takes a lot to maintain my mental space—to remember that, at home, I have proven myself. I am trusted. I don’t need to defend my actions. I don’t need to worry about making my sub think the idea is his idea. And that, if my sub asks a question, it’s simply out of curiosity or wanting clarification, and not because he thinks I’m a bloomin’ idiot.

It’s a difficult situation, and at times, I absolutely feel like I’m walking a tightrope. Some Doms thrive on pressure. I don’t. I thrive on things going smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. When it doesn’t work out that way, I get a little off kilter, especially when I know it could’ve gone that way, had I just been left alone to do my job.

That’s one of the main reasons the BDSM lifestyle is so important to me. No matter what happens outside, I know I can come home to order and peace. My house and my relationship are my sanctuaries. They work. They flow seamlessly. I don’t have to tell my sub what to do—he just knows. Being a switch is a delicate balance. Being a switch forced to sub when he doesn’t want to is nearly impossible at times. But I suppose that’s the Dom in me—I’m able to take charge of myself just like I’d take charge of another person.

Visit DC Juris at http://www.dcjuris.com/