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Beyond Addiction by Desiree Holt beyond

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


Beyond addiction is aptly named. Fallon is just recovering from her time in captivity with her last dominant, Brian. Brian is an abusive man who should never be titled dominant. He isn’t in the lifestyle. He bases his BDSM on extreme BDSM porn and fantasies which end up with ER visits if not the funeral home.

This is a provocative book. Ms. Holt displays the bad and ugly of BDSM when it is in the hands of a poser. She counters this despicable view with a healthy dominant, Cord. This contrast is what helps Fallon get over Brian.

For some readers, they will think poorly of Fallon. She is so messed up in the head that she goes back to her abuser when she is finally in a good state. It makes absolutely no sense. The desire to smack some sense into her is high. In addition, the feeling that she deserves all the shit that happens to her because she goes back for more may also be prevalent. What Ms. Holt cleverly does, is show us how Fallon thinks. She knows this is bad. She feels sick to her stomach and believes she deserves the cruel punishment. Her body craves the pain Brian doles out. But does she really crave it or is it a result of mind washing and drugs? This is when the story becomes interesting.

The helplessness Fallon’s friends and her love feels is acute. Ms. Holt does a great job showing how they want to step in and fix everything for Fallon. It’s been done before and didn’t stick. This is where Ms. Holt’s research into addiction shows through. For an addict, rehab only works if the addict wants to make the change. Without the addict’s choice to make the change, there will always be the allure and question in the addict’s mind. While this is a different kind of addiction, it’s ramifications are not too dissimilar from a drug or alcohol addiction.

For the first half of this story, I loathed Fallon. I couldn’t understand her desire. I felt she was weak. I nearly wished Brian would kill her in a fit of rage so that Cord could move on. Then I remembered a time in my youth when I adored a guy. He was my everything. We never dated, but we were the closest of friends. This was back before friends with benefits term was coined. We never shared sex together, but we did indulge in kinky intimacy. He was my addiction. He brought out the worse in me and at times my behaviour was erratic to the point of crazy obsession. It didn’t end well. Even twenty years later, I still hunger for the feeling I experienced with him. If I met him again, I would be hard pressed to resist the temptation to submit to his orders. This is when I connected with Fallon and felt badly for her. While I did get away, for Fallon, Brian didn’t want to let her go. This is worse than an addiction, when the object of your addiction is actively pursuing and trapping you.

The writing is well done. Ms. Holt does an excellent job of showing how people can pervert something beautiful. She does a great job of giving the reader a perspective from the addict as well as loved ones who want to perform an intervention. The story flowed in a smooth manner and ended with a tidy quick resolution. Perhaps it is my vindictiveness which yearned for a more robust ending. I’d like to find out what happened to Brian.

This is kinky novel recommended for those who want to see how BDSM can go so wrong.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Northanger Abbey by Desiree Holt



ISBN-13: 978-1781845219

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


I enjoyed this version of Jane Austen’s book Northanger Abbey. Catherine’s character was very interesting and showed an interest in reading and experimenting with erotica. When she was in Bath, one of her new friends also describe a very interesting BDSM scene she had dreamed of.  Because of a misunderstanding, Catherine gets invited to Northanger Abbey, and while there, she is introduced to BDSM by Henry. Catherine is a very willing student and the scenes between the two are hot.

I had not read Ms. Austen’s version of this story even though I have read most of her works. I really enjoyed this version as I think the way Ms. Holt revised this story was great. Knowing how most of Ms. Austen’s books are, I thought Ms. Holt did a great job weaving the BDSM and sex scenes into the story seamlessly.

I wanted to slap some the secondary characters because of their behavior. I could visualize most of the characters in the story and would have loved to meet some of them. I will be reading this one again.

Reviewed by Karen

Nailed by Desiree Holt



Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5

This is the third in the Erector Set series, and now I have to go read the other entries.  The novella was Hot with a capital H, emotional and well written.

By day, Jen is an uptight account executive, with as little contact with other people as possible.  At night, she turns into Flame, the biggest draw at Club Finesse; a switch who is in demand as both a top and bottom.

Tyler has begun to feel a vague dissatisfaction with his playboy life style, especially after both his brothers have found happiness in marriage.  He is a responsible Dom, one very popular at Finesse, but he only goes on weekends, which is why he has never before run into Flame.  Once they meet, the sparks fly and they both gradually realize they want something more.  But can Jen shed her fears from an abusive relationship in her past to open up to Tyler?

I liked both the protagonists-Jen is a strong woman, who has overcome a scary situation to develop into the person she is now.  She is definitely a pain slut, and loves the feeling of being spanked, paddled, flogged and caned.  The book also contains bondage and wax play.  Tyler is a nice guy, who realizes when he finds Flame she is the one for him.

Reviewed by Karen H.


Training Amber by Desiree Holt



Story Review: 2.5 out of 5 paddles

 Sting Factor (kink): 3.5 of 5


Sequel to Teaching Molly

Amber McCloud is taking a two-week timeout with her friend Molly to heal the wounds from a bitter divorce. The last thing she expects is to meet a sexy man like Cesario “Rio” Negron. But the attraction is instant and hot. Not only does he teach her how good sex can really be, he also introduces her to the world of BDSM, a world she takes to like a kid with candy. It helps when she learns Molly and her husband are also advocates of the lifestyle. But when the two weeks are up Amber has to decide if what’s developed between her and Rio is real or if she will turn her back on it, afraid to risk her heart again.


I had fairly-good to high expectations for this book based on the preliminary write-ups, but I have to say I was disappointed. There may have been a few points that I missed as I did not have a chance to read “Teaching Molly” first but, my real issue isn’t actually with the story or the characters, but really boils down to editing. I saw so many missed opportunities here where things could have been expended, retracted, or sharpened up.

It started well enough with us getting to know Amber and where she was coming from, but the meeting with Rio was rushed and the introduction of BDSM was not very smooth, and Amber’s interest in it was just kind of thrown in as an afterthought in order to get us to the next scene. The club scene was good (and hot), but there wasn’t a lot of “training” that I saw. It should have been called “Introducing Amber”, as we really didn’t get beyond that initial look and test a few things stage.

I found the ending a little hard to believe too. I know this is supposed to be a HEA story, but I have a hard time picturing Amber coming out of the type of relationship/marriage she was in and fully embracing a new all-encompassing one like this that fast. I also had a few issues with Rio. As someone who is into the lifestyle, I found odd for him to say he had relationships with women who weren’t into it at all. I don’t know many people that are as involved in the lifestyle, as we are led to believe Rio is, that would give it up completely, but maybe that’s just me.

There were glimmers of a great story here, but for me it was not realized. I would love to see Ms. Holt with a serious editor who really pushed her. There was a lot of potential left on the drawing board. (If you have read The Siren by Tiffany Reisz I can only think she would benefit greatly from a Zack type editor, LOL – if you haven’t read this book yet you must do so NOW!)

Reviewed by Book Huntress

Switch (anthology) by Desiree Holt



ISBN-13: 978-1781845394

Switch is a book devoted to short stories about switches. Since there aren’t many books with switches highlighted, this collection is of great interest. It starts out with a sweet story by Ms. Holt. In Top or Bottom? the twist is easily guessed at the beginning. Still the smexy femdom scenes were a treat. It’s a believable story of a couple who thrive on communication and love.

Mastering Maya by Ms. Sarai is okay. The story is well written as far as editing and continuity. What is a little distracting or off putting are the characters. Maya’s past issues which leads her to become a Domme is plausible, but her reactions to the new person, Master Shark is discomforting. It’s hard to say exactly what makes this story causes the reader to be ill at ease. It could be the dialogue between the two dominants as well as their introspection which makes the characters come across as less likeable. It’s is an accurate reflection of how people are in real life. It’s just a negative representation which makes these two characters disengaging.

Wagers of Sin by Ms. Coldwell is a lovely piece. The concept is great as well as the writing. This is a tightly written story which provided a couple of tasty D/s scenes. It would be nice to see more discipline scenes between Selina and Marcus. The ending is definitely a highlight which would have been great if it were a tad longer and more descriptive. Marcus is definitely a Dom to lust after.

Still the One by Ms. Zwaduk is decent. It’s a smexy flip of a macho man in the racing world. Eric is stressed out and things are coming apart since his promotion to management. So often those who are really good doers are terrible managers. Eric definitely falls into this category. Janine, his friend with benefits, knows just how to relax him and it’s with some kinky femdom. Since it’s an introduction into the lifestyle for Eric, the femdom is very very light. Ms. Zwaduk sadistically teases the reader with a glimpse of pegging. When the reading is eagerly anticipating the scene, the story ends.

Switching off by Ms. Valenti is another decent read. It’s a stereotypical stressed out female manager who needs to give up control in her personal life to give her some balance. Nina is overworked, understaffed and undermined. She is ready to snap. Fortunately, her friend, Jon forces her to take a time out. This story hits just a little too close to home. If only there was a Jon in my life. The sex scenes are written quite well. It’s the character Nina who makes this story a bit less enjoyable. Her self-righteous martyr attitude comes across irritating. It makes the reader really want to give her a good tanning and time out in the corner.

Who Compels My Strength by Ms. Gallagher is a fitting end. When a couple is called into question regarding their kinky desires, it makes them take a good look at it. Bridget and Ian swing with another couple. They have been swinging for a while and thought introduce a bit of kink to spice up their foursome. It went south very quickly when the other couple was horrified at the “abuse”. It never ceases to amaze this reader when people living an alternative lifestyle are so judgmental about other alternative lifestyles. It’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. For Bridget and Ian, it unfortunately throws them into an anxiety stricken loop questioning their desires. Through some hands on couples “therapy” it’s clear that there is nothing wrong with them. Different strokes for different folks! Still this story is a good lesson in how not everyone is accepting of all things kinky.

This anthology is recommended for BDSM readers who enjoy a bit of switching.

Reviewed by Book Addict

Erected by Desiree Holt



Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 0 out of 5

I loved this book, but fair warning it is not kinky. Erotic? Yes. Hot? HELL ya, but alas not a spank to be seen.  Ms. Holt wove together just the right mix of humor, sexiness, and serous moments that kept me totally engaged and I was reading in between work calls. Josh and Ness both have their own issues to work through and at one point I wasn’t sure this would be a happily ever after!

While there was some cliché moments, Josh seems to have to save Nell a lot from the first moment that they meet, over all this is a great novella that will keep you engaged. This is not War and Peace, nor is it meant to be, but if you are looking for a fun quick read do not hesitate to pick this one up!

So just to recap, hot alpha male, curvy bomb shell that steals his heart, car wrecks and some booty kissing over a misunderstanding. Overall what a yummy way to spend a couple of hours!

 Reviewed by Maree

Lust Becomes You by Desiree Holt



Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


Kylie Monroe fell in love and in lust with Sam Cooper, reaching new highs of ecstasy as they explored the world of BDSM. She foresaw a rich life together filled with love and erotic sex. When Sam dumped her to pursue success in the legal field, telling her there was “always tomorrow,” she never quite recovered from the hurt.Ten years later, Kylie’s still gun-shy in the love department and frustrated in the sex department. Nobody could replace Sam. Then on a snowy Valentine’s Day she has an unexpected opportunity to reconnect with him. But can Sam persuade her their love is real this time? Can he woo her back with the kind of sex she’d been missing?

Kylie Monroe is in complete lust with Sam Cooper. Not only is the sex AMAZING but he seems to understand her in a way that no one else ever could. This one weekend that they have together before life outside of college begins is the time to really connect and make a go of something permanent. Fast forward ten years and life may have just gotten the better of these two lovers.

Not to give too much away, but picking up this short story when you are looking for a quick read that is hot enough to burn your ereader up would be a great idea. Desiree Holt has captured me again, I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with in the future.

Reviewed by Mz Hyde

Head Games
Desiree Holt
Total E Bound [link to buy]
ISBN: 978-0-85715-851-2

Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles


International businessman Diego Valdez had a reputation as a Dom for never keeping his subs more than two years. Then came the big gift and the kiss-off. But sculptor Kaci Ballard has been with him for three years and is wondering when her time will be up. Because Kaci has done the unforgivable—fallen in love with him—and she’s not sure how she’ll handle the end when it comes.

When he tells her he wants to teach her how to enter subspace so they can raise the edge of pleasure/pain she agrees, hoping that will show him her total commitment—and give her the same in return. But neither of them is quite prepared for how this particular journey turns out.


Kaci has fallen in love with Diego, even though she is waiting for him to end things. She knows his subs in the past have only been around for two years, but they already celebrated three years together.

I wanted to slap Diego because of his treatment of Kaci. Diego loves her, but doesn’t want to take the chance because of his past. Ms. Holt takes the time to have Diego explain to Kaci what he expects as he takes her to some edge play. What is described is not extreme, but it is very intense. Not only are the scenes between the two very hot, but very emotional, especially for Kaci.

I like the fact that Ms. Holt’s knowledge comes through this story because it is obvious that even though Kaci trusts Diego, she is still a little apprehensive about what she is going to let him do. The fact that Kaci is also a very strong and accomplished woman outside the bedroom is something I really like.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress.

Delight Me
1-800-DOM-help series
Desiree Holt
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

As part of the 1-800-DOM-help series, I was not disappointed. Dani Maguire, an unsatisfied sub, feels she is in need of a change. As the submissive of Alan Powell, she struggles with new feels that will affect their future. Being the observant Dom, Alan senses Dani’s distraction and not completely surprised when she reveals what is on her mind. Dani opens up to Alan about how she has been suppressing Domme traits. She is even more surprised when he offers to help her transition.

Such a benign looking card….white with black writing, the only text was a phone number…1-800-DOM-help. When she called and explained her situation to the operator, Dani was put in touch with Leila. Nothing shocked her as Dani discussed her desires and put the wheel in motion for her first training session. Given the address to Unfettered and a name to ask for at the door, Dani anxiously stood outside, fighting her internal chicken. G? Would they be Mister or Mistress? With a quick knock, her world changed. “I have an appointment with G,” she said with a level of uncertainty. The mountain of a man that answered the door called for an escort to Mistress G. Her breath hitched when she saw the man standing with the Mistress. Ethan Corelli was a trained sub and was without a partner, but that night he was hers.

As the three of them proceeded through the necessary questions and discussions, it was time to proceed to their playroom. Desire coursed through her body as she saw Ethan naked and awaiting her arrival in every sense of the word. Chemistry between them was obvious. Mistress G orientated Dani to the world of Domme and her responsibilities to Ethan. She was able to recall her lessons learned as a sub and apply them to her new role. With a spectacular session beneath her belt, Dani couldn’t help but fight her growing attachment to Ethan.

As many questions swirling around in her head, she faltered and distanced herself. Did he feel the same for her as she did for him? With the help of Mistress G, Dani and Ethan realized that sometimes you have to trust your heart.

Desiree was able to create vivid mental pictures of the scenes that unfolded. Her accuracy makes me tap my chin and wonder about her own experiences. It is hard to not fall in loves with these two. Ethan’s surrender and Dani’s experiences as a sub allow her to transition into Domme effortlessly. The reality of their concerns with BDSM relationships is all too real.

Reviewed by Michele

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Volume 1 – Anthology
Jaid Black, Laurann Dohner, Desiree Holt, Eliza Knight, Kathy Kulig, and Mel Teshco
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

This anthology is made up of six very different stories. Some have a BDSM theme, some dabble in BDSM elements and others are just plain erotic. I should say all of them are erotic in their own right and almost all of them have some type of paranormal trend running through them.

If you enjoy the paranormal (aliens, dragons, time-travel) then you won’t want to miss this anthology. There is a little bit here for everyone and each story is roughly 30 pages so they have a lot more to them than some anthologies. Each story will take you to a new place with new experiences and then wrap up enough to let you move on to the next one.

While not a BDSM themed anthology, this is one I am glad I got the chance to read. There is a lot of variety and sizzle in these stories. I think that everyone will enjoy this mixture of characters and the erotic elements that come along with them. It is a fun book to let your mind wander and enjoy a few new worlds designed by talented writers.

Reviewed by Star