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Convenient Strangers by Cara McKenna



2 out of 5 paddles

As Convenient Strangers opens, Stephen is breaking up with his boyfriend of more than two years. They had met in London, and Stephan had emigrated to a small Tennessee town to be with him. But Ethan is deeply closeted. He won’t acknowledge Stephen in public or even make love with the lights on. For the out and proud Stephen, it’s all very insulting and he’s had enough. He tries to get Ethan to understand his feelings but the man refuses to budge. Frustrated, Stephen stalks out, vowing to spend the night out and return the next day for his things.

Adam broke up with his boyfriend three weeks ago, but tonight is the first night he has screwed up the courage to go out and try to meet some new people. He visits the town’s only gay bar, where he spots Stephen playing pool by himself. Unlike his former boyfriend, the construction foreman Stephen is exactly Adam’s type. At first he’s rebuffed by the gruff Stephen, but soon they’re kissing in the corner.

This is essentially the story of a one night stand, two men on the rebound who need a night of just sex to wipe away the unhappy memories of their failed relationships. The author manages to draw things out amazing well, with a very extended session of foreplay, occasionally interrupted by periods of commiseration over their pasts. The two agree that they don’t do anal on the first date, but as things progress, their old rules seem less and less important, and eventually they do have hot sex.

The two men seem to have incredible chemistry, but the author doesn’t tie things up in a happily ever after bow. She doesn’t leave you hanging either, but leaves it open as to whether the two will get back together after their one night of passion. For such a short story, the characters are extremely well drawn and engaging.

While the sex in Convenient Strangers is hot, there’s really zero BDSM content. Stephen could be described as a power top, but he’s no dom. In fact, after the repressed and passive Ethan, Stephen revels in having a lover like Adam who will tell him what he likes, and even demand satisfaction. While the sex is rough at times, it’s mutual and never strays into kink territory.

The lack of kink is why I’ve only given the story two paddles. If I were rating it purely on the story and the writing, I would give it four stars out of five.

Roped Emotions
Elise Hepner
[link to buy]

Rating: 3 out of 5 Paddles

Roped Emotions could be titled the Erotic Adventures of Rapunzel. The beginning is very confusing-and as you start to ask questions like why doesn’t Prince Samuel get her out of there, you realize it’s not just a remake of the fairy tale, but an allegory.

Rapunzel’s tower is representative of how she is a captive of her own making. Yes, her mother, the witch, kept her hidden from the world because she is a “freak” (due to her constantly growing long hair), but she keeps herself from the world as well. She stays captive even after Prince Samuel starts creeping into her room and they have hot sex. Then she realizes she wants it rough and that frees her enough to explore her sexuality and she realizes the witch can’t get to her without her help.

In the end, Rapunzel and Samuel change the tower to suit themselves and their needs.

Calling this a BDSM book is a real stretch. If there is such a thing as ultra light BDSM this falls into that category. Samuel ties Rapunzel up with her own hair briefly, and then she takes charge and ties him up, thus “saving” him from his duties as a decadent prince.

While a good portion of the book is dedicated to sex, there was no sense of tension between the characters, and no real connection. The book is written in the first person, and because of that, the focus is totally on Rapunzel, with very little information about what Samuel is feeling. Even though it’s a long-term relationship, it could have been a one-night stand for all the give and take.

Roped emotions was a short story (roughly 45 pages), but in this case the brevity was merciful.

Reviewed by: Karen H.

Turn Down Service
Lolita Lopez
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Ms. Lopez sure knows how to fulfill a girls naughty fantasy. If your in need of an escape, this short story is sure to whisk you away to a hotel room full of bondage, wax play, spanking and more all to be delivered by a sexy Brit. Rosie, maid at a luxury hotel, receives a special request for a turn-down service with a gift attached. Stuck in a rut and looking for an adventure, Rosie accepts Jack’s request unsure of what the night will hold. He doesn’t want much, just her complete submission, no questions asked.

Jack breaks down her defenses and frees the submissive inside. Surprised by her own response to the acts that are inflicted on her body, Rosie is left wanting more and gives herself freely. Who knew it could be so liberating when one surrenders?

This short story left me wanting more. The story ended with the possibility to become a novel. I would love to see the characters developed more as well as their D/s relationship.

Reviewed by Michelle

All Other Things
Charlotte Stein
Ellora’s Cave [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

All Other Things is a short story of newlyweds Bea and Tommy. The couple is attracted to each other, but the intimacy in their marriage is sparse and unsatisfying. Bea talks to her close friend/co-worker, Kieran about her failed attempts of seducing her husband. Secretly she crushes on him, as he offers her advice and soothe her fears. Bea can’t seem to shake the gut feeling that Tommy is having an affair. Why else would he not be interested in having sex with his wife?

Bea hears all the gossip the floats around the office about Kieran and his sexcapades. She can’t help but secretly crush on the sexy man, especially when he makes sexual innuendos about the two of them. One question from Kieran nags at Bea and puts her into action…..Have you ever caught your husband masterbating?

Tommy tries to sooth his wife’s fear about his late hours at work, explaining that he is finishing a project that requires his attention. Still questioning her husband and Kierans’ question in the back of her mind, Bea enjoys the sight of her sexy and attractive husband in the shower. The sight of her naked husband reminds her of how long it has been since they had been intimate. As the water trickles down his sculpted body, Bea tries to coax Tommy into bed. The chemistry turns ice cold as quickly as it had heated up. Bea awakens that night to find her husband missing and tracks him to his office chatting online and from what she can see it is a sexual conversation. Mixed emotions running high, she is glued peering through the cracked door watching as he strokes his cock. Bea can’t tear her eyes away from the screen as she discovers that they are talking about her and all the naught things Tommy wants to do to her but can’t.

Bea begins putting clues together from their conversation and discovers who Tommy is talking to…

This story left me sitting with my mouth hanging open as a hot threesome evolved. I felt sorry for Bea as she struggled with the fear and anger towards Tommy, but was equally impressed with her ability to embrace her husband once she knew his deepest secrets.

Reviewed by Michele