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Girl: The Training House by Eden Bradley girlcover

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


This is a novella-length segment of a series focused on a somewhat fantastical “training house” for hardcore submissives of both genders. It is told from the point of view of Aimée, a new arrival who has signed a contract for a year in order to fully experience total submission. Despite the premise being somewhat overworked in BDSM erotica, Eden Bradley’s writing skills and superlative use of language make it a fresh and enjoyable read.

In no way could this book be accused of being BDSM-lite. Harsh punishments and rough sex are the norm throughout. Even when Aimée and Master Damon’s relationship evolves into something resembling love, it doesn’t diminish the intensity of their pleasure-pain play.

Readers who crave backstory should be pleased with the ample glimpses into the main characters’ pasts that are scattered throughout the story. The first person point of view provides both an intimacy and authenticity to the story as Aimée’s inner dialogue touches on her reactions to her experiences at the training house as well as her absolute need to serve. Since this is part of a series, it has a short story feel to it—the storylines introduced are left unresolved. Overall, The Training House, Book One: Girl is a well-written book with enough D/s action to satisfy all manner of BDSM readers.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

girlcoverGirl: The Training House by Eden Bradley

Link to buy Girl (The Training House Book 1)

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


This is a novella-length segment of a series focused on a somewhat fantastical “training house” for hardcore submissives of both genders. It is told from the point of view of Aimée, a new arrival who has signed a contract for a year in order to fully experience total submission. Despite the premise being somewhat overworked in BDSM erotica, Eden Bradley’s writing skills and superlative use of language make it a fresh and enjoyable read.

In no way could this book be accused of being BDSM-lite. Harsh punishments and rough sex are the norm throughout. Even when Aimée and Master Damon’s relationship evolves into something resembling love, it doesn’t diminish the intensity of their pleasure-pain play.

Readers who crave backstory should be pleased with the ample glimpses into the main characters’ pasts that are scattered throughout the story. The first person point of view provides both an intimacy and authenticity to the story as Aimée’s inner dialogue touches on her reactions to her experiences at the training house as well as her absolute need to serve. Since this is part of a series, it has a short story feel to it—the storylines introduced are left unresolved. Overall, The Training House, Book One: Girl is a well-written book with enough D/s action to satisfy all manner of BDSM readers.

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

Ink and Iron: Obsession by Eden Bradley inkandiron
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Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


This was a lovely little love story with some hot sex scenes and two likeable main characters. It is the first of a series about the band Ink and Iron.

Janie has rebuilt her life without her ex, Cole Kennrick.  In spite of the love they shared, his addictions to booze and drugs made their time together miserable for her. So for the past seven years, she has focused on her career and opening her own business as a yoga instructor.

When Cole appears back in her life, she can’t resist his sexuality or his pull as a Dom, but she’s afraid to trust him, even though he’s been clean and sober for the entire seven years. Can these two very different people find a way to move past the trauma of their shared history amid the crazy lifestyle of a rock band ?

I really like Janie. She was strong enough to walk away from Cole when she wasn’t able to deal with his addictions but willing to try again when he proves he has changed. Cole is also admirable-he broke away from his addiction and worked very hard to stay sober. His efforts to prove himself to Janie are admirable.

Although there is some bondage and spanking in this story, the book is really BDSM light. It falls somewhere between a short story and a novella.

Reviewed by Karen H

dangerously bound -400x600Eden Bradley’s DANGEROUSLY BOUND!

I always love a reunion story—they carry all the weight of the couple’s history together, the years of angst while being apart. It adds an element of emotion that takes time to develop with people who are just meeting each other. But since Allie and Mick have been apart for twelve years, there’s been plenty of time for them both to grow and change, so there is still that thrilling journey of discovery. The best of both worlds!

The journey of discovery is even deeper for them because of the BDSM theme—something I write about a lot. There’s an intensity of connection when people experience kink together—partly because of the brain chemicals that are released during BDSM play (dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, adrenalin—the feel-good, connection and thrill sensation chemicals) and also because in responsible kink play you go through very thorough negotiations that are incredibly revealing—it’s all about transparency, discussing limits, desires, emotional triggers to be aware of. You must trust your partner. And if there’s some history together that’s absolutely going to come into play in the emotional response to what’s happening.

There’s a LOT happening in this book when it comes to the kink! One of the most interesting aspects for me was writing the rope bondage (Mick is a rigger). I’m very open about the fact that I’ve been involved in kink for much of my life, but the sensual pleasure of rope is new to me—I discovered my love for rope at Bondage Expo Dallas just last year (I’m going again this year—I’ll be doing a book signing with about twenty other authors, and I’ll be at the play parties at night. An amazing event! Find more information here: http://www.bondageexpodallas.com/ ). I always said I just didn’t get rope—I’m usually more a whips and chains kinda girl—but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about kink, it’s never say never! Something simply clicked, and now just the thought of the rope sliding over my skin makes me shiver. It can be soft hemp or bamboo, or the rougher jute—although I have a sort of love/hate relationship with jute, but being a masochist, it all works-lol!

It works for Allie, too. Of course, it helps that it’s Mick tying her up and doing lovely and unspeakable things to her. Now if only I can find my own Mick…


Meanwhile, we can read about him, and dream… : )



She wasn’t as innocent as he remembered. He’s twice as wicked as she ever imagined.

“For those who are born to New Orleans, it’s in your blood. It lingers there no matter where you go. BDSM is the same sort of thing. If you’re born to it—the way you were, the way I was, whether or not you want to accept that—you can never shake it. It shapes the way you think, the way you respond to…everything. And those who were a part of unleashing those desires…you never forget them, either. That’s what you did for me, Mick. For me, not to me.”

~Alessandra ‘Allie’ LeClair


She can whip up something sweet…

Allie LeClair has finally returned to the sultry city of New Orleans. After ten years of studying and working as a pastry chef in San Francisco and all over Europe—and feeding her submissive side at BDSM clubs—Allie is home, and she has something to prove to the man who once fueled her desires. She’s not a child anymore.

But with two in the kitchen…

When security specialist Mick Reid hears that Allie is back in town, he knows he won’t be able to stay away for long. Ever since he discovered his darker side, Mick has tried to protect Allie from the aggressive beast within him—but that power and wildness is exactly what she wants.

Can they take the heat?

Allie has made the first move, but now it’s up to Mick. The game has begun, and playing has never been so rough.




She sank to her knees on the Persian carpet in front of the sofa, her gaze on his as he watched her, trying to assess his response. Was he pleased with her? Or was he still so pissed that she’d forced his hand in the situation that she’d have to really stretch herself to satisfy him? To make him see she could be the perfect submissive for him. That she could be perfect for him.

She sank back on her heels and clasped her hands behind her back. Waited.

“Eyes on the floor,” he said gruffly before turning back to his big black bag as if nothing had happened, as if their little exchange hadn’t left her heart slamming into her ribs.

She tried to breathe as she’d been taught—in, exhaling slowly through her mouth, concentrating on telling her limbs to relax. Soon it was working and she was able to spread her focus to the sounds around her: the dungeon music, the moans and cries of the others being played, a little laughter from somewhere, the lovely sound of a leather flogger hitting flesh.

She’d always loved that sound, the simple knowledge of what it meant. It made her want to feel it herself. To smell the leather. She inhaled, letting the scents of leather and anticipation sit in her lungs—and gasped when his fingers sank into her hair and pulled. Pulled her hair back unto she was forced to meet his gaze.

He bent low over her, brought his mouth almost to hers and whispered, “I thought you could do it, Allie. After we talked I had a pretty good idea that you really could submit. But seeing you down on your knees tells me everything I need to know. For the moment, anyway. We’ll have to see what else you know, what else you can do. But this trick . . . oh, yeah, you have this one down.”

She didn’t dare say anything. He was all Dom right then, and she didn’t want him to be anything else. His hand gripping her hair, his imposing presence, his whispered threats and words of encouragement, were making her shivery all over. Wet between her thighs.

“Arms up while I get you undressed,” he ordered.

She raised her arms high, let him pull the dress over her head, leaving her in her scant black mesh lingerie and her heels.

“Very nice,” he murmured, moving behind her and reaching out to sweep her hair aside. “I’m going to start with your hair.”

“What? My hair?”

“Is this an argument?”

She swallowed. “I . . . no.”

“Then quiet now.”

He swept her hair back from her face with both hands, and began to work some slender rope into it. She’d had this done before—had her hair bound into a sort ponytail of corset lacing. She didn’t know what had surprised her into speaking out a moment before. In a few minutes he was done. He swung her bound hair over her shoulder, then drew one finger slowly down the back of her neck, sending a trembling warmth down her spine. She tried to curve into his touch, but he stilled her with a palm flat between her shoulder blades, pressing just enough to make her feel it. Strength. Command.

“Oh no you don’t, my girl. You move when I tell you to. Right now you are to be my toy to play with. Mine to move and shift around as I please. And I will please. Know that. Know it’s coming. That you are. Eventually.” He moved around her, tracing the line of her jaw, the side of her neck, over her collarbone, down the side of her breast, making her ache. “But now . . . now I’m going to sit down here on this couch and relax for a few minutes and just watch you. I want you to hold very, very still. Can you do that for me? Don’t speak—nod yes if you think you can without me binding you yet.”

Oh, Jesus! He was going to make her lose her mind. But she found herself nodding her chin.

“Good girl.”

Heat shot through her system.

From the corner of her downturned eye she saw his booted foot as he settled onto the furniture. She swore she could feel him watching her, as if his hand were still on her bare skin.

“I think I’d like it better with your hands clasped behind your neck.”

“Mick . . .” she whispered, her throat going tight, her body resisting being that vulnerable with him.

“Allie, the correct answer is an immediate agreement to do as I ask you by simply doing it. Or the answer is no. I’m not going to play these games, which I believe I’ve already told you.”

She drew in a deep breath. She wanted to comply. And she wanted to fight it. But the part that wanted—needed to be taken over by him—was winning as her muscles went loose at the tone of utterly inarguable dominance in his voice.

“I’m sorry, Mick. I can do it. I will.”

His voice softened, and she understood why he was such a good Dominant—he knew exactly when to be tough, and when to show tenderness. “Take a breath, then. And try it again. Yeah, that’s much better.”

She knew being in that position arched her back, made her breasts stand higher. It made her feel as if she were on display. It made her feel more submissive.

She waited. And waited. Until the waiting itself seemed almost unbearable, even more so because it was him. Hadn’t she already waited for Mick long enough? Tears burned at the back of her eyes, but she swallowed them down. She would please him, damn it. Do as he said. Show him she knew what his game was all about, that she could play it, too.

She had to calm down, to still herself for the ropes, his favorite form of play.

She closed her eyes, pulled in a long breath.

The rope slipped around her wrist so fast she wasn’t even aware of it until he’d already pulled it tight and started to tie what felt like a quick half-hitch knot. Then another and another, until he’d made a brace of rope that covered her entire forearm. He dropped the end of the rope, and without breaking contact through one hand on her shoulder, he grabbed another piece and started on her other arm, then finished it off by tying her wrists together.

She had a small moment of panic when she realized this was it—he’d effectively rendered her helpless in mere moments.

“Flex your fingers for me,” he told her, and she did, knowing he was checking for circulation. “They feel okay? Good blood flow, still? You can answer me.”


“Yes what?”

She swallowed. “Yes, Mick.”

“That’ll do for now. But it might be ‘Sir’ later. Be ready for it.”

He slid a length of rope over her shoulders and let the ends fall down her back.

“You particularly attached to this lingerie?” he asked her. “Shake your head yes or no.”

She shook her head no, wondering what he was going to tie her up with that would damage the delicate material. But before she had time to really consider it she felt the cool touch of metal against her skin and glanced down to see him slipping a pair of safety scissors under the front band of her bra. She gasped as in one snip it fell open, and in two more the straps were cut and the remains of the filmy garment fell to the floor.

She knew what was coming, but all the same it made her breath catch when he cut her underwear off her and pulled the fabric away, leaving her in nothing but a few feet of rope and her heels. But she was proud of her body—she only arched her back, raising her bare breasts higher.

She heard a small chuckle from him. “Very good, princess. That’s exactly what I want to see. I can tell you like it, being naked, on your knees.” He leaned over her and fisted her bound hair in his hand once more, yanking hard, and she pulled in a sharp breath. His face was right next to hers, his cheek pressed against hers. He said quietly, “Now we’ll find out just how much you like this.”



If you want more of my Dangerous Romance Series, my spin-off novella DANGEROUSLY INKED is out now and on sale for just .99! You can find it here: http://edenbradley.com/books/anthologies/midnight-ink-collection/


You can find out more about my books—or about me!—on my website and the other spots where I hang out online. Feel free to chat with me online—I love talking to my readers! Here’s where you can find me: Rogue_150x225-new

Website:  www.EdenBradley.com

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B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/dangerously-bound-eden-bradley/1115811929?ean=9780425269626


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New York Times &  USA Today Bestselling author Eden Bradley writes dark, edgy erotica and erotic romance for Bantam/Delta, Harlequin Spice and HQN, Berkley Heat (as both Eden Bradley and Eve Berlin), and Samhain Publishing. Two of her books have been Romantic Times Top Picks, and her novel FORBIDDEN FRUIT was profiled in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Red Hot Reads column in 2008. More recently her BDSM book THE DARK GARDEN hit the top paperback fiction charts in the UK, and she became a USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author. Her books have been translated into German, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Polish and Japanese.

As someone who has been involved in BDSM practice for much of her adult life, she relates in particular to her BDSM and kink stories, infusing them with her own truth about kink practice from her life experiences.

Eden has appeared regularly on Playboy Radio’s ‘Night Calls’ and the Hollywood In the Flesh readings. She loves art, shoes, tattoos, reading smutty books, chocolate and sex, of course, not necessarily in that order. 

The Smutketeers & MIDNIGHT INK!

RG Alexander’s TO THE BONE


Robin L Rotham’s NOT SO OVER ELI


Eden Bradley talks about the new Midnight Ink Box Set! MidnightInk_box-300x357


The MIDNIGHT INK collection started as an idea R.G. Alexander and I were tossing around, a Smutketeers project. We’re both madly in love with New Orleans (I’m currently working on my upcoming DANGEROUS ROMANCE series for Berkley Heat set in the city). We’ve both written about New Orleans over and over, and we’re getting Robin Rotham on the ‘in love with New Orleans’ train when we all go to the RT Booklover’s Convention there in the spring! (You’ll be able to meet most of the Midnight Ink authors there, or at the Wild, Wicked Weekend in San Antonio in February).


What’s not to love about this magical city? There’s a sultriness to the steamy heat there…you can feel and smell the ocean in the air, along with the scent of the flowers that bloom everywhere, the spices from a myriad of ethnic foods, and the strangely unique scent of old, damp concrete and plaster. And yes-it’s a very sexy combination!


A big part of the city’s magic is pure sex. And when we think about sex, kink often plays a part. While RG is mostly a spanking girl, things can get a little crazier (see her book BURN WITH ME for its interrogation chamber scene!). For Robin, kink can get pretty damn rough-she explores taboo topics for breakfast! (Have you read FRANKENDOM??). And for me…well…it’s no secret that kink is a big part of my life, which is perhaps why I write so much of it. I’ve been involved in one way or another for most of my adult life. My experiences at the BDSM clubs often show up on the page, and the New Year’s Eve scene that opens DANGEROUSLY INKED—like most of the story in both of my San Francisco Dom books BREAKING SKYE and SANCTUARY— is no exception. I’ll leave you to guess which parts came from real life, and which were imagined…


Of course Robin, as the third Smutketeer, was in instantly. And we knew we wanted to invite some of the best authors we knew (some of whom are fairly heavily inked, including myself)—everyone we asked said yes, and we ended up with an amazing group! They’ve been incredible to work with, and this has been some of the most fun—and filthiest—brainstorming of our lives! R.G. and I (we live in the same house) had to keep remembering *not* to have those conversations in the back yard, where we would shock the neighbors! We’ll be sorry to leave Midnight Ink behind when it’s time to move on to the next project. But meanwhile, this is about Midnight Ink, so here are some exclusive peeks at the Smutketeers’ MIDNIGHT INK stories-enjoy!


Eden : )


TO THE BONE ~R.G. Alexander

Etta came home to forget her past, Christie came home for good. Can Midnight Ink’s irresistible owner convince her to start their new lives together? ToTheBone200x300

“Fuck.” Christie dropped his fork. “This is what you dreamt about?”

Her hands caressed his thighs, plucking at the cotton hem of his shorts. “Not exactly. In my dream you weren’t wearing these. We were at dinner and I was under the table at Gautreau’s. Did I ever thank you for taking me there? They made the best blackberry shortcake I’ve ever had.”

She was rambling, but the image she’d drawn in his mind was graphically carnal. He remembered looking over at her in the soft light and wishing they were alone so he could touch her. Now that memory was replaced with an accidentally on-purpose spoon drop. In his mind, she bent down as if to pick it up and disappeared beneath the linen tablecloth before anyone noticed what she was up to.

Jesus, how impossible would it be to keep the lust out of his expression so none of their fellow diners would know she was on her knees with her greedy, luscious mouth full of his cock? “Fuck.”

Etta tugged on his shorts again so he helped her by pushing them down until they fell around his ankles and she took them off completely.

“That’s better,” she whispered against his bare skin, making him inhale sharply at the sensation.

“Etta, we should go back to the bedroo—oh God, baby.” He dropped one hand to his lap, his fingers clenching in the tight silky curls on her head. There were no teasing licks, no hesitant open-mouthed kisses. She lowered her mouth as far as it would go, until the head of his cock was touching the back of her throat. Then she swallowed. “Ah. That must have been one hell of a dream.”

She moaned in agreement against his flesh and the vibration sent jolts up his spine.

“I’m jealous,” he growled. “Mine wasn’t this good. Damn, it’s so good. Have I told you how much I love your mouth, Etta baby? How hot it makes me to see you like this? On your knees for me?”

She shuddered against his legs and he smiled. In the last few days he’d made it his job to learn what turned her on. Near the top of the list was what she called “dirty talk”. She loved to hear him tell her what he wanted to do to her, what he wanted her to do. He had to admit he liked doing it. Watching her react so intensely to his words was a hell of an aphrodisiac.

She was every fantasy he’d ever had come to life.

His food forgotten, Christie pushed the table away enough that he could see her head in his lap. He slid his other hand into her hair, holding her head as she worked her magic.

“You are hungry, aren’t you, baby?” His jaw clenched when she nodded, her teeth lightly scoring his shaft. His hands tightened on her and his hips rocked upward, his body on fire for her. “What else did you do in your dream? Did you touch yourself? Or did you let me lift you up onto the table and spread your legs for dessert while everyone watched?”

She whimpered and his response was rough with need. “Because that would be my dream. I can’t get enough of you either, Etta. The way you taste on my tongue. How hard you come for me when my head is buried between your thighs.”



When the submissive he played on New Year’s Eve turns out to be his tempting tattoo artist…Finn knows Rosie may soon have him on his knees. Dangerously Inked-200x300

He pulled one of his lighter leather floggers from his kit—it had narrow, square-cut tails and would sting nicely. He stood behind her, trying not to get distracted by her perfectly delectable ass, which was decorated with a pair of swallows, one at the top of each rounded cheek.

He began a slowly building rhythm on her upper back and shoulders to warm her up, moving from soft blows to harder ones, picking up the pace as he went.

She was quiet at first, even as the harder hits made her body bow a bit under the pressure. He let it build, eventually reaching a fast cadence, the leather making a hard slapping sound on her flesh and making a cross-hatch of pink welts on her pretty, pale flesh. He paused to smooth a hand over her heated skin. So soft. He listened for her breathing. It was a little faster now, but she remained silent. Still. Well, he’d take care of that. He pulled his arm back, held the tips of the tails in his other hand, then let it go like a slingshot.

She gasped.

He smiled. Did it again. And again. Soon she was dancing in her bonds—bonds he’d left enough room in so he could see her move. He loved this dance some bottoms did under the pain. When he felt she needed a moment to breathe, to deal with the pain and let the reactive flood of endorphins do their job, he stopped and hung the flogger over his shoulder, ran his hands over her body once more. Absolutely beautiful skin, so fair and fragile-looking. He heard a very soft moan from her as he stroked her back.

His cock jumped.

All it took was one quiet moan and he was already going a little crazy with the need to fuck her.

Soon enough.

Keeping a hand on her back, he bent and exchanged the flogger for a small slapper made of two pieces of wide, flat leather joined together at one end with a D-ring. A small toy with a lot of impact, if used correctly.

He reached into her hair again and pulled hard at the scalp, making her whimper.

“Does it hurt?” he asked her.


“Too much?”

“Not enough.”

He chuckled. “Oh, I do like you, Roisin.”

He moved around to the front of her, keeping his fingers buried tightly in her hair. He wanted to watch her, to see her face. And he needed to work those pretty breasts.

He pulled her hair hard, forcing her head back. Harder, forcing her back to arch.


“Does it hurt, sweetheart?”

“Yes, it fucking hurts.”

“But you like it.”

“Yes,” she gasped as he gave hard tug.

He bent and kissed her neck once more, tasting her with the tip of his tongue, vanilla simmering on his lips. She moaned low in her throat. He knew if he reached down between her thighs she’d be wet. But he’d let that wait—make her wait for that.


NOT SO OVER ELI~ Robin L. Rotham

With Rhonda, Bart finally has the life he wants…but tattoo artist and old flame Eli can give them both what they need. NotSoOverEli200x300


Eli almost laughed at the spaced-out look on her face and the sigh that lifted her chest. Not me, my ass. She was as subby as Bart in her own bratty way, which required only a firm hand, a certain amount of patience and a keen sense of humor. Fortunately he was in possession of all three.


He glanced at Bart, who was apparently as enchanted with her face as he was, and nodded. Bart unhooked Rhonda’s bra and skimmed the straps down off her shoulders, making it fall away from her plump, heavy breasts. As he reached around to cup them, Eli got serious about learning the sweet flavor of her kiss, tightening his grip on her hair and angling her head the way he wanted it while he plumbed her mouth with his tongue. She whimpered and dug into his chest with her long nails, making him wince.


“Damn, you’ve got some claws on you, chère,” he said as he released her to examine her French manicure. “We might have to negotiate these in the future. I’m not into scarification.”


“They’re acrylic,” she explained. “I got them just for this trip. Usually I keep them pretty short so I don’t puncture a glove while I’m treating someone.”


Picking up his bag o’ tricks, he set it on the bed and unzipped it. “Ah, I forgot, chère—we brought you a piece of Kiley’s pecan pie.” He dangled the sack in the air. “If you’re a very good girl, I’ll let you have it later.”


“Oh you’ll let me have it, will you?” she asked with an arch look.


Eli grinned. “I surely will, chère.” Setting the pie sack on the desk, he dug through his bag until he found what he was looking for. He’d been hoping to use these on her tonight, maybe introduce her to a few of his kinks, but he hadn’t planned on Bart when he packed for the evening. He was going to have to get a bigger bag. “This ought to take care of the problem for tonight…”


She didn’t say anything as she watched him fasten the leather cuffs on her wrists, but she kept peeking at him, her breathing deep, her eyes dark, and the corners of her lips curled in a little smile he didn’t quite trust. Bending forward, he began sampling her neck and shoulder with his open mouth as he carried her cuffed wrists behind her.


He’d barely fastened them together when she reached back and grabbed two handfuls of the nearest thing.


“Sure, throw my nuts under the bus,” Bart groaned.


Damn if the little minx didn’t make him laugh again without saying a word. She was a handful, no doubt about it.


“Are you complainin’, cher?” he asked, hooking a hand around Bart’s neck and pulling him forward into a hard kiss over Rhonda’s shoulder.


When Eli released him, all he heard for a few seconds was heavy breathing, and then Bart murmured, “Mmm, no, I’m good.”



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Eden and the Smutketeers~RG & Robin


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First of all, a very happy anniversary to BDSM Book Reviews—and a big thank you for including me in your celebration! Those of us who live and write kink appreciate what you do so much! eden1

But let’s talk about some kink!

Kink comes in a million varieties—from the mild to the savagely wild! And that’s one reason why it’s always such a wonderful theme for erotic romance. Each character is unique, and their desires and needs so individual, there’s always something fresh and exciting for me to explore. Whether it’s the basic dynamic of a D/s relationship, or extreme pain play at the clubs—or a myriad of experiences and relationships in between—BDSM offers an endless variation of journeys (in real life, as well as for my characters).

Just because one person’s idea of kink is simply being tied to the bed with silk scarves doesn’t make it any less ‘kink’ than someone who likes a good, hard whipping with a single tail. Kink is more about intent than it is about the actual activity—although I *do* like the actual activities! But back to books and kink…

I don’t always know where my characters are going to take me. Sometimes their journey of self-discovery is one in which I discover them, too. I suppose it’s just as it is in real life—most people who begin to explore kink have some ideas about what they will and won’t (ever!) do, but I’ve been in the life long enough to know that other than a few hard limits, most of us can never say ‘never’. The same goes for my characters. DANGEROUSLY BOUND (out in April 2014 from Berkley Heat) started out as a rope book—and it is. But there was a lot more pain play between Mick and Allie than I’d originally intended. That was their choice. My characters tend to boss me around…especially the Doms. Hmm…imagine that!

But I suppose the point I want to make is that when you set out to write a kink book, or you begin to read one, I think we all get the most enjoyment out of it if we go in with no expectations, and simply let it happen. Let the characters negotiate the terms. We are—both reader and writer—just the voyeur. And some of the most amazing experiences are the ones that hold a few surprises, don’t you agree?

My most recent surprise was the level of raw , primal sexuality in my most recent release, ROGUE…but ROGUE is a vampire story, one of my Midnight Playground books, which gave me a lot more freedom to go places I never could have had my victims…er..characters…been human. What fun it was to write! Such hard play—harder in some ways than I’ve ever written before because Rogue and Ramsey are vampires—and I always feel that males just need harder play. Or, that’s my theory, anyway…probably encouraged by this puppy boy I used to play with, as well as the hulking blond submissive whose nickname was ‘Bam-Bam’ I met at a club in Canada that my hero James was modeled after in my bondage book THE BEAUTY OF SURRENDER… and at this point I suppose it’s obvious that I’m a switch, which only helps me to write from different perspectives. But I digress again. Funny how easily that happens when I’m talking about kink! eden2

I hope kink is a fun and enticing topic for you, too. Don’t be afraid to explore. Reading about it is the safest way to find out where your boundaries truly lie—on paper, anyway. So don’t be afraid. Just say ‘yes’. You can whisper it to me softly…because kink doesn’t have to be loud and hard and brash. Sometimes it’s all about subtlety. Like when that man who’s air of command makes your limbs go weak asks something—demands something—of you. All he really needs is a look. And of course, we’ll say ‘yes’. Come on…you know you want to as much as I do…



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As someone involved in BDSM practice for over twenty years, best-selling and award-winning author Eden Bradley aka Eve Berlin loves to write about the sensuality and complexities of kink. She has published dark, edgy erotica and erotic romance for Bantam, Berkley, Harlequin/HQN, Black Lace Books and Samhain Publishing, and more recently she’s ventured into self-publishing. Her books have been translated into German, French, Romanian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Japanese.

Eden, who is obsessed with art, tattoos, shoes, lip gloss and cupcakes, has appeared regularly on Playboy Radio and conducts workshops on writing craft and writing about sex.

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Rogue by Eden Bradley rogue

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


He will pay with pain and pleasure for his crimes…

Madrid, 2069

He is Rogue.

He has known no other life, no other name. Turned at the tender age of nineteen on the dark streets of London, he wanders Europe, angry and rebellious, haunted by the crime that has followed him for over a century. Always alone.

He is Ramsey.

Member of the Vampire Council, all he has are his memories of dazzling grief and unrelenting pain–his only respite blood and sex. Until a young rogue vampire poaches in his territory…

Irrevocably drawn to each other, the head of Madrid’s Midnight Playground and the rebel from nowhere will find passion in each other’s arms…and discover a dangerous secret that could change both their worlds forever.


He calls himself Rogue because that’s what he is, and he has known no other name. This vampire, young at only 100 years, was turned against his will, and the circumstances surrounding his transition were so traumatic that he’s blocked out all memory of his human existence, even his name. Given the circumstances of how he came to be a vampire, it’s somewhat understandable that he lives outside their society and the structured organization that rules them. However, he can’t help taunting them, and as the story opens he has decided to jump the walls of the vampire “playground” in Madrid to hunt and feed on the deer there.

Unsurprisingly, Rogue is caught and brought before the manager of the Madrid playground, who is also a member of the vampire ruling council. Ramsey, the leader of vampires in Madrid, is a powerful creole more than 300 years old. He is handsome, like all vampires, but there’s more than that. Rogue is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Ramsey brings out all sorts of desires, including the need to submit, that Rogue has tried to deny himself. Ramsey has his own reasons for wanting to stay unattached, but he too is drawn to the beautiful younger vampire.

“Rogue” is well-entrenched in the modern vampire mythology, with omnisexual undead who are invariably beautiful and attract only the most beautiful humans who willingly submit to sating the desires of vampires, both with their blood and their sex. With their beauty, strength and nearly immortal bodies, these vampires are supermen with a dark side. Like the “made for each other“ plot, it’s all very convenient. Despite the heavily cliché plot, the writing is nonetheless competent.

The sex between Rogue and Ramsey is generally extremely rough, although the scenes are often not described in much detail. There’s lots of blood, and one dungeon scene with a human, but it’s almost too ‘out there’ to be realistic or believable. If you’re really into the whole vampire thing, you will almost certainly enjoy this tale, but as kink it’s a little too much fantasy and not enough realism.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph

Breaking Skye by Eden Bradley

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Story Rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


After years of imagining and longing Skye is finally taking the leap into the world that she has always dreamed of. When Adam walks into her life she finds herself at a loss. He is everything that she wants and needs but will she be able to take that last step and join Adam on the adventure that he offers her or will Skye run from the chance to fulfill her wildest dreams?

Breaking Skye is a fast paced quick read. Both Skye and Adam have painful pasts that have them each staying away from relationships. Yet neither one of them can deny what they are feeling. The sparks fly from the very first meeting between the two and only burn stronger as the story goes on. The adventure that Adam promised Skye turns into so much more than either of them expected. As Skye and Adam enjoy their nights together they soon find that life never goes as planned. Although I was intrigued with the storyline of this book and enjoyed the characters I found it hard to immerse myself in their story. The resolution to the pain and turmoil that the couple goes through happened rather quickly. It would have been nice to see some more character and plot development to Skye and Adam’s story. Even though this story is not a favorite I enjoy this authors writing style and will continue to look for more in the future.

Reviewed by Gabrielle