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edytaDo you use a pen name? If yes (or no), why?

Edyta Zaborowska is a pen name. The social acceptance of a way of life like mine is in my opinion not accepted enough to publish the books under my real name.

In my principal profession as a classical musician I often perform in front an audience. Considering that it is better when these two different worlds remain strictly separated.

Are you actively involved in BDSM? If so how do you identify yourself? Dom(me)/sub? Top/bottom? Switch?

I am 100% – and without compromises – Domme. I have developed in the past four years a set of tools of various instruments to enforce my goals and desires with my sexual environment. I make use of the following measures which I also often combine with each other:

 - dominant latex outfits of almost all kinds,

- masks and toys like mouth gags, strap-on, dildos,

- physical (and sometimes very painful) punishment with whip, ring crop, cat o´nine tails, switch and bamboo stick,

- verbal dominance,

- bondage with steel, ropes, chains, cuffs,

- deprivation of oxygen,

- mental punishments such rejections, exclusion or orgasm prohibition,

- little rewards like apply the attention.

At what point did you decide you wanted to write BDSM/kinky-themed erotica?

About four years ago I wanted to log on to a BDSM community here in Germany. For this I had to say a few words about me and my development for the profile. When writing the short profile text about me, I noticed that I had been through an exciting development from a rather nondescript office clerk to become finally a Dominatrix. So I wrote more: I wrote about my beginnings, the first experiments with the different varieties of BDSM, my first experience with fetish/latex lingerie.

I wrote more and more, and suddenly I realized that I had already written almost 100 pages. At this point I decided to use it for a novel. Then I added a few imaginary fictions (tension, mystery and crime) into my own autobiographical story. The idea for my first novel with autobiographical traits was born: “Fly with me, my Black Swan!”

Is there an area that is BDSM/kink-related that you haven’t written about yet that you’re interested in?

I am a dominant woman. Therefore I write my stories from my own dominant perspective. It could be a challenge to collaborate with male sub to write a “double story” with the same plot – one story from my perspective and one from the sub. 

Do you do any “hands-on” research when you’re writing BDSM/kinky themed erotica?

Lots of the erotic passages I´ve written in my stories were done in real life. Meanwhile I possess a lot of experiences on which I can relate for writing the sex scenes in the stories. My inspiration is my real life. And I am open to new experiences I can use for my next books.

What is your favorite fetish? Why?

Soon after my encounter with BDSM in 2007, I understood the fascinating and provoking attraction of tight and shiny latex on the female form above all. Latex has the unique feature of accentuating and emphasizing my female figure in an eye-catching way like a second skin. Also there is that extraordinary arousing feeling caused by this material against my naked skin. So while I gain immense pleasure from dressing in latex, it also emphasizes my sexual image to my maid and my slave. Combined with high-heels, latex gives a very feminine appearance: legs appear longer, the butt is accentuated and the whole figure becomes more alluring to the eye.

Latex has become an indispensable part of my sex life to underline my dominance and aloofness. In addition, I have developed in the past four years a set of tools of various instruments to enforce my goals and desires with my sexual environment.


What might be something of interest to your fans that you don’t think they know about you?

I have a weakness for elegant and well-dressed men (like Don Draeper in “Mad Men” or Frank Underwood in “House of Cards”. And I am frightened of spiders and have a loathing of slugs!

At this point in your career, do you think you’ll write more BDSM/kinky erotica?

Here in Germany I´ve already published three BDSM-novels with Ewa and Hanna as main characters. Meanwhile the whole “Black Swan” theme has been developed to a kind of serial with each accomplished stories. In all books the reader will meet Hanna and Ewa and the Black Swan as an erotic-mystic being and symbol of the woman’s development to a kinky Femme Fatale. 

At the moment I have written the manuscripts for two further kinky novels, one of them will be published in Germany in fall/winter 2014.

I hope that the sales of my first novel “Fly with me, my Black Swan!” will develop so well that I can come up with the money for the translation of my second German novel “Der Tanz des Schwarzen Schwans!” (The dance of the Black Swan) into the English language.

What’s the most surprising piece of feedback you’ve ever received from a fan of your writing?

It was not actually a feed-back. Two years ago I read a lonely hearts contact ad in the newspaper. In this ad a man wrote: “Who has read Edyta Zaborowskas novel – Fly with me, my Black Swan! – and wants to life out with me the life and development of Ewa and her lover in the book? Chiffree: xxx”

When you’re writing BDSM/kinky-related erotica, is there a particular movie or music that you might watch or listen to that helps you get in that frame of mind?

While writing a story or while living out my passions in a session I love to hear classical music. My favorite Artists are Johannes Brahms and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Website, links info:

Edyta Zaborowska was born in 1970 in a small village in south-eastern Poland. Her childhood, youth and education were marked by the decline of socialism and a continuing strict Catholic moral background. Following high school, she studied music and art in Wroclaw. At the age of twenty-two, she moved alone to Germany with no knowledge of the German language and against the wishes of her family. “Armed only with a backpack, a musical instrument and a few dollars I had to learn what it means to stand on one’s own feet!” This was followed by various positions in commercial management and musical engagements in Germany and overseas. “Fly with me, my Black Swan!” is her first novel.

Review on BDSM Book Reviews: http://www.bdsmbookreviews.com/2014/01/28/review-fly-with-me-my-black-swan-by-edyta-zaborowska/

Publication references:

Edyta Zaborowska, Fly with me, my Black Swan!, Books on Demand, ISBN 978-3732246182, Paperback, 188 pages

Website/Contact: http://edytaswelt.jimdo.com/ 

DSCN2919Please welcome our guest Edyta Zaborowska back to BDSM Book Reviews!

24/7 – Somewhere between dream and reality?

It’s amazing how varied the messages are, that I receive daily in my inbox. The enquiries range from being my toilet slave to being my personal TV whore. Some want to play the role of an animal, others the role of a kidnaped victim. Some would like to address compliments to me, others want to insult me, and some others wish a stimulating exchange of letters.

However, I have noticed an accumulation of requests for a relationship that is expressed in modern speaking with two numbers: 24/7. I especially remember the first request, which I received a few years ago. In a German chat room an unknown man wrote short and crisp to me: “you educate 24/7″ The request had neither a title nor a signature and lacked the minimum rules of spelling. I wondered what he could mean by this, I had no idea what that could be in the BDSM context.

Today, I have a good understanding of the many terms and play of words in fetish and BDSM, I ‘m already smarter. The applicant sought a committing, uncompromising relationship of female dominance and male submission around the clock and seven days a week.

Normally such rudimentary sentence fragments migrate unanswered in the wastebasket. But somehow the stranger had aroused my curiosity and I decided to answer: “Tell me more accurately your desires!” His answer: “I´m dreaming of a woman 24/7 dominates me. I want to be the rubber doll a dominant mistress to fulfil her every wish. I want to be at her command 24 hours a day and all my life”

I then no longer responded. Instead, I began to think how such a thing might be in reality. At that time my children were still adolescents. I imagined how it would look like when I´m sitting in the evening with children and rubber doll in front of the TV and I give a command to my doll: “Hurry! Put Ice Age 3 for us in the DVD player”. It would be so ludicrous that it could rather be a part of a sitcom on TV.  Or imagine the rubber doll is cutting the lawn in the summer, running like a robot on high heels behind the mowing machine, the high heels sinking in the grass after every step.

How could such a thing look like in reality? Were that actually just dreams, which occur in the brains of male contemporaries and which can never be real? Long time ago, I have seen a sex report on German TV with an interview with Peter Czerny, the famous German fetish photographer, (I appreciate his work), and publisher of fetish magazines. He said in substance, that there are only dreams he captures on film. There are no slim and full-breasted women who lasciviously lounging in latex lingerie on the kitchen table. These women are only reality for the camera, not more.


So far, so good! But how it is actually in my own everyday life? After a while of self-reflection I actually have to admit that parts of 24/7 unnoticed left the bedroom and had caught up with me in everyday life. Well, I don´t stand with 12cm high heels every day in the kitchen before the stove. But at the office the heels were actually higher and higher. At shopping I stand more before the shelf with the high heels and boots than the shelf with the sneakers. In everyday wardrobe leather skirts and satin blouses replaced linen trousers and cotton shirts. The wardrobe my partner also strictly serves my wishes. A riding crop is standing discreetly next to a cabinet in a corner of the room, immediately available for a quick punishment of the slave’s little mistakes. A small notebook is always at hand to write down the grave sins and misbehaviours. This small notebook is a good help to find appropriate reasons for corporal punishments and floggings at sessions.

Maybe, have I been living this ominous life 24/7 without knowing it all these years? No idea, but the true answer is probably somewhere in the grey area between the dreams of mentioned man from the chat and the reality of life. Desire and fact are two competing opposites that must be brought in balance in a 24/7 relationship. It is something you´d better understand: If you are a dreamer, you will stay as a dreamer for the rest of your life. I personally call my own true “compromise” … and I get kick out of living out this kinky compromise.

Ah, 24/7 is in Germany a common term for the date 24th July, the birthday of Jennifer Lopez and French author Alexandre Dumas (The Lady of the Camellias). Belated Happy Birthday wishes:


EDYTA Zaborowska

Edyta Zaborowska is the author of erotic novels in the subgenre Fetish /BDSM. Her stories often have autobiographical overtones and deals with “normal” women who discover the world of fetish and sexual dominance. She published three books in Germany. As the sales of the first novel developed positively she decided to publish her first book in English: “Fly with me, my Black Swan!” is available since November 2013.

Review of BDSM Book Reviews: http://www.bdsmbookreviews.com/2014/01/28/review-fly-with-me-my-black-swan-by-edyta-zaborowska/

Author Website – partly in English and German: http://edytaswelt.jimdo.com/

Link to buy: http://www.amazon.com/Fly-Me-My-Black-Swan/dp/3732246183/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1390930625&sr=1-1&keywords=fly+with+me+my+black+swan


Final_CoverI am happy that BDSM Book Reviews has been set up this day on this blog for me. Here I will write from time to time articles, columns and stories that revolve primarily around the world of erotica, bizarre sexual fetish, BDSM and latex. In this first article in English language I would firstly like to introduce myself and my autobiographical novel released last year: “Fly with me, my Black Swan! – Fascination latex and BDSM” by Edyta Zaborowska.

Summary of the book: The German-Polish author Edyta Zaborowska describes in this autobiographical novel a balanced mix of tangible eroticism, humour, irony and tension from her first contacts with the previously unknown world of sexual fetishism, BDSM, dominance and submission in which she completely immerses and finally becomes a dominatrix. The impact of this new experience goes far beyond her sex life, because she quickly finds out that erotic latex lingerie and a riding crop are damn good means to enforce her own goals in men’s world. As a result the newly gained energies advance her professional career and self- esteem makes it possible to dispel some tormentors from the past.

In this novel, I describe twelve months of my life in 2007 and 2008, where I discovered the world of BDSM and sexual fetishism in which I completely immersed and finally became a dominatrix. However, I had made this step in 2007 unintentionally and rather after gentle, but also constant influence of my boyfriend. Finally, one day I bowed his wishes and advertising for this incomparable wear and let him buy a nice latex outfit for me. And after a few glasses of good red wine I finally found the courage try it out.

My boyfriend is a fetishist about twenty years and he already had lived out his passions for latex and BDSM in previous relationships with girlfriends excessively. In our relationship I closed my mind to latex myself for six years, no kidding. However, now I am grateful for his endless patience with me, which I highly recognize today as a proof of his love. As an ethnic German immigrant from Poland I have been strongly influenced by socialism, the former Polish economy of scarcity and the rural church during my childhood and youth. And all those things were completely unthinkable for me until then.

Well, and who of you knows how latex feels on the skin and has seen oneself in this shiny outfit in the mirror is familiar with this extraordinary feeling which makes it nearly impossible to get rid of latex. A first step was done and a number of other steps followed. I immersed deeper and deeper into this fascinating world, I discovered the power of sexual dominance and BDSM and was also able to seduce my girlfriend into this bewitching attitude, and finally we discovered together even our bisexuality.

This new step was the complete beginning of a new period of life, my time as a former conservative bourgeois and often ridiculed grey mouse at work were over, and suddenly I realized that my new self-esteem also advanced my professional career and my personal development. More and more I began to change my wardrobe and my appearance and I finally found the confidence and strength to cope with some barnacles who had troubled me sorely in the past.

In 2011 I had the idea to write down my extraordinary development and all the many bizarre and exciting encounters I had. For that I have chosen a mixture of autobiography and novel. So I could alter the real experiences so far that no personal rights of other real persons were injured and I could fit a good amount of tension and a little bit mysticism into the story. So the whole thing has become a genre spanning novel with a lot of erotic and BDSM, as well as elements of crime, thriller, business and humour.

My Author Website – partly in English and German: http://edytaswelt.jimdo.com/

The book can be ordered from Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Fly-Me-My-Black-Swan/dp/3732246183/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1394507313&sr=8-1&keywords=fly+with+me+my+black+swan

There you also can read an extract from the book.

I wrote the book without support of the publisher and editor and I have to market it by myself. But no matter, as an idealist in BDSM I try to reach as many people as possible in this way. Even to save the money for an expensive fetish model, I stood model for the cover illustration.

Fly With Me, My Black Swan by Edyta Zaborowska myblackswan

Link to buy

ISBN-10: 3732246183

ISBN-13: 978-3732246182

Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 5 out of 5


A treat for latex fetishists! This novel is a dream for anyone who wants to explore the world of latex and female domination. Written as a loosely based autobiographical novel, you get both perspectives from the dominatrix and the dominated.

At times, you may feel lost due to the author not being an American writer. However, stay with it not everything is ‘lost in translation’. It is well done as far as not slipping into vulgarity, it is sensual and on point with what a dominatrix experiences mentally and visually.

The writing also draws you into how her dominant personality transfers into her professional life as well as her sex life. Her new strength and energy allow her to succeed in the office and dealing with previous male tormentors. Finding her voice and self-confidence is inspiring to read.

Humor is an unexpected delight within the novel. It makes the storyline feel more personal and real.

Underneath the latex trappings and transformation is a story of love. A husband, who has a latex fetish and is afraid to let his wife know those desires, takes the initiative. Slowly showing her his needs and having her not only embrace them but enjoy them as well is a dream come true for him. It adds a new dimension to their marriage.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Filled with metaphors and latex, it is a good read with wonderful sex scenes. It is great BDSM read, especially if you are looking for an honest point of view from both sides of the spectrum.

‘Fly with me, my Black Swan’ is a safe way to explore the latex world. It is also a window into the mind of a dominatrix and her submissive. Glide along the pond with them as they explore their sexuality, sensuality and devotion to one another.

Reviewed by Wendy Dawn