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beyondBeyond His Control by Elizabeth Coldwell

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Story Rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


James Monroe is a known dominant, one who needs a house cleaner three days a week. Lacey Kendrick, who just happens to be a submissive and a house cleaner, gets the job. The reader never does find out why James decides to leave a huge dildo by his nightstand when giving Lacey her introductory tour of the house. Also, what are the details of the lovely, collared woman in the photograph that mysteriously disappears from the bookcase? You’ll never know, that’s who! And the reader must suspend disbelief as to how Lacey thinks getting herself off in James’ unmade bed the first day on the job is by any stretch of the imagination a good idea.

Lacey’s main goal in life becomes earning a spanking from James:

“But now’s my chance. I can see so many opportunities to push his buttons. I know I only have to press the right one and he’ll give me the spanking I crave.

It’s a challenge this brat can’t resist, and I’m not going to stop until I’m the one who’s in control—whatever it may take.”

In the turn of a page, she goes out on a date with him, moves into his house as his sub, and is still trying to finagle a spanking out of the guy. But James now has a full-time sub and a very clean house, so he’s probably a pretty happy-go-skippy guy, with no motivation to change the status quo. He warns her to cut out the intentional bratting, issuing admonishments such as, “Woe betide you if I come back and find you’ve moved [out of position].” Being woe-betided ought to put the fear of god in any sub, right? But then Lacey earns her most severe punishment when she makes an entirely unintentional mistake, not a bratty and contrived one. Go figure…

James reveals his belief that a Dom who resorts to physical punishment is a Dom who has lost control of the situation. Little does he know, he lost control around page twenty. A can’t-sit-down-for-a-week spanking just might do the trick in reining in Lacey’s bratty attitude, as it never seems to occur to him that his other punishment methods haven’t worked. He reveals his fear that a spanking might hurt her, leaving both Lacey and the reader to cry out in frustration, “Isn’t that the point?”

This is a very short read, one you could finish in about an hour. And therein lies a problem, because the sex scenes are over in the blink of an eye. There’s no erotic build-up, or the feeling that you’re part of the encounter. There’s no time to anticipate, no time to get worked up by descriptions. But there’s plenty of bratting, cursory punishments, and of course some finger-wagging warnings from a woe-betiding Dom.

The ending called for a “Huh?”

Reviewed by Summer Sterling

Sex in London edited by Elizabeth Coldwell sexinlondon

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Story Rating: 4.5 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


This is a solid eleven-story anthology with good writing, engaging stories, and a nice variety of themes. I recommend it for fans of contemporary erotica and modern Anglophiles.

Each of the stories has something to offer, and they are surprisingly varied. Each makes convincing and imaginative use of London’s unique topography, and shows a slightly different side of the legendary city.

“Double Exposure” by Jay Lawrence opens the anthology with a solid shot, a really enjoyable little voyeuristic tale that sets the stage nicely for things to come. Notable offerings include “Falling Down” by James “Grim” Desborough, where a game of chase that begins on the tube becomes some severely hot rough-and-ready sex in London’s seedy alleys. Also, “The Woman From Aldgate West” by Neil James Hudson was a wonderful, odd sort of supernatural little story in the weird tale vein with an interesting premise and lovely tone. Frances Jones’ “Artefacts” would have been at home in a supernatural-themed anthology, though there’s nothing explicitly supernatural about it, the implications are beautifully done. “Lost Property”, by Elizabeth Coldwell, answers the question of what happens to things left on the subway, and who returns them to their owners; in this case, a suitcase full of some very, very naughty things.

It’s really hard to spotlight the standouts, when they are almost all, to a one, superb. Yes, there are a couple of duds, but there’s no need to pick on them when the anthology is so solid, with eleven stories to choose from. And, well, what didn’t work for me might really work for someone else.

As far as kink goes, it’s not super-heavy. We have rough sex, spanking, risky sex, voyeurism, little bit of genderfuck, and even more rough sex. Largely, it’s lightweight, but I just can’t dock it for having kinky content that wasn’t kinky enough when each story took what it had and ran with it so well.

Highly professional work on every level, and thoroughly enjoyable.

Reviewed by Naamah

Fire and Ice edited by Elizabeth Coldwell



Story rating: 3.5 out of 5 paddles

Fire and Ice is comprised of several very short stories that all have their own kinky aspect. In the first, the book’s name sake, introduces us to Mike, a rather rugged and large ski instructor, and Lucy , guest at the resort where Mike works. Mike is used to being flirted with and sometimes even takes the guests up on their offers; but they can rarely let Mike dish out what he really wants … a good hard spanking!!

Over all Fire and Ice was a great read. It let me see just enough into Mike and Lucy to keep me engaged, without becoming overly fluffy.  At just over 14 pages this was a great short story that had everything I need to make me happy!

Dim Sum is the second story in this anthology. Nina and Magnus meet to go out to dinner to celebrate a new job and Nina’s birthday. Magnus quickly turns a nice evening out into a hot voyeuristic fantasy night that many of us would get arrested for trying to duplicate! This story was incredibly hot and left me suddenly wanting Chinese food and a side of what Magnus had dished out!

Too Close to Call was one of my favorites of this entire series.  Jake and Jess are very good friends, such good friends they have a great benefits package that no one but the two of them know about the benefits they share.  One of the main rules of their relationship is that none of their other friends can find out that they have been sleeping together, and they have this act down to a fine art.

Everything is going alone just as it always has and then Jess decides she wants to play a game…. How far can they go right in front of their friends, without getting caught? It turns out pretty far!! I really enjoyed these two characters, they engaged me and kept me turning to the next page to see just how far Jake and Jess would take each other!

Swap Meet is MM fiction that may not be for everyone, but it does not take away from the anthology. The story was actually rather humorous, two gay couples, one rather well off and the second con artists, swap partners for a night and the affluent couple learns the hard way to be more careful about who they invite home with them.  This was not one on my reread list, but it was a cute little tidbit.

The Captain’s Lady is the final story that rounds out this book.  Clara and Patrick make a bet for a drink, based on the outcome of a race. Sounds straight forward enough, but as stories often do this one will take you on a rollercoaster of who did what why, and will it even matter in the end? The Captain’s Lady is written in the first person view of Patrick, and I have to admit that did make it a bit odd for me to read. But over all this was a spicy read that you will want to race through!

This anthology has many different types of stories, all yummy, but all very different.  The book over all rated a 3.5 out of 5 for me, some stories seem to flow better than other, but over all this would make a great book to have on your e-reader to pass the time. Please note that all the stores are rather short,  under 15 pages, so while we do get to know the characters, these are not full blown happily ever after type stories. Happy Reading!!

Reviewed by Maree

Damsel in Distress edited by Elizabeth Coldwell



Story rating: 3 out of 5 paddles

Sting factor (kink): 3 out of 5

Ever have fantasies about cops stripping you down and having their wicked way about you?  What if it really happened?  And it was done with your spouse watching?  In “Damsel in Distress”, the first short story, husband and wife Sam and Sara are taken in for a ride by sex fiend Sheriff Layton.  I’m going to rate this book based on this first and third story since both received the highest rating.

This was a fast and smexy little scene as one would expect.  A woman is jailed for speeding.  The remote location allows both sheriff and his deputy to manhandle Sara for a few days before her husband rides in to the rescue.  I think it would have been a bit edgier if Sam was also taken for a ride by the deviant duo.

The third story, “Who Pays?” by JR Roberts is the second one I enjoyed most.  Of course, there is another cop in this story who takes advantage of a couple speeding down the highway.  The girlfriend has to pay the fine since they are short on cash.  The dubious consent in this one made me grin while I played the voyeur to the girlfriend’s seduction in the woods.  This short hot scene with the sweet sticky note on the paid in full speeding ticket left me in an amorous mood.

The other short stories were a bit odd.  I understand this collection’s focal point is a woman in distress who needs to be saved.  I think this was a very loosely interpreted guideline. The second story, Belly Dance by Landon Dixon I have no words to accurately describe.  The style is purposely tongue in cheek with cliché purple prose.  I believe the story is supposed to be a comedy about Detective “Dick Polk” determining the father of Vi Voom’s illegitimate child.  Her husband, Colonel Tislon T. Pickett is pissed his trophy wife was knocked up by someone other than himself.  Through a series of sexually sleuthing, Dick solves the mystery to Pickett’s satisfaction.  I believe the sentence “He wanted a passel of young ’uns, sure, but he damn well wanted his own brand on ’em.” sums it up.

“Return of Black Lily” featured some girl on girl action which I enjoyed.  Lily is a retired cat burglar who sexually molests the women she steals from.  This type of romantic thief is popular from a m/f perspective.  For a f/f twist, I enjoyed it.  I only wish there was more revenge thrown in when Lily was confronted by her friend.

Lastly, The Fire Triangle by Mia Lovejoy is aptly the last one in its putting out of fires.  Vern is a forty year old married man who can’t get his dick up.  I believe he’s the damsel in distress.  He trains fire prevention technicians.  One of his technicians is a fiery red headed wiccan who woos his “willy”.  Yes, he calls his dick, “willy”.  This story didn’t do much for me as I could neither relate nor care about Vern.  He’s kind of pathetic at 40 years old going on 80.  What would have made it more amusing for me is if the wife turned the tables on Vern and decided to peg him.

Overall this collection is short and amusing at times.  I recommend the first and third stories for the kinkier pleasures.  All stories were fine grammatically.  Each was a fast read.  Since this is a short collection, none of the characters were complex nor were the storylines complicated.  I recommend this book to kinky readers who want a bit of fun fantasy with humour liberally added.

 Reviewed by Book Addict

The Feel of Wings
Elizabeth Coldwell
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ISBN 978-0-85715-842-0

Writing/overall: 3 out of 5

Kink/BDSM: 4 out of 5

After a motorcycle accident claims her husband’s life, Faith tries to escape her grief by signing up to catalog books at the eerie Belknapp Manor, where acolytes of black magician Aleister Crowley once held a sex ritual to summon a demon. Faith’s no believer in the supernatural, but when she accidentally completes the ritual and summons the demon Andras, she can no longer deny the stories about the place, or her attraction to the dark powers there. Andras gives her terrible pleasure and sweet pain, seeking to bend her to his will and coerce her into surrendering her soul to him. Faith is a heartbeat away from losing herself when her guardian angel Nathaniel intervenes, but it may be too late to call her back from the edge of darkness.

Wow. Is that an awesome premise or what?

This is actually a sweet and romantic novella with lots of hot, hot sex that will appeal to fans of sex-heavy supernatural romance. It’s deceptively lighthearted and, despite being a little maudlin and a whole lot concerned with a sexy, sexy demon, it’s not really dark at all.

The BDSM element here is less SM than DS. There’s some lashing and some moderately rough sex, but mostly it’s Andras bending Faith to his will, urging her to submit to his pleasure, his pain. I find this incredibly sexy, so that was fine with me. There’s also some breath play, which was intense and smoking hot, so if you are into that, it’s a nice – and surprising – thing to find. My only complaint – minor – is that I didn’t feel that the lashing was really given its due, and I would have liked more time to really savor that.

The absolute hottest thing about it is the way that Andras gets her to place herself more and more in his hands by asking permission to go further and further. It’s a well-sketched dynamic that looks as though she’s the one in control when that really isn’t the case at all. She’s not giving consent, he’s taking it from her. It also underscores her willingness to yield to him, which I always find very hot.

The sex is plentiful and extremely hot. The scene where the Andras first appeares transcends the overall average quality of the writing and becomes something genuinely lust-soaked and delicious. Andras is, in fact, the best thing about the book. Coldwell knows it, we know it, and Andras knows it, too. Thankfully, we see lots of him.

The writing is neither exceptionally bad or exceptionally good, with occasional passages of really evocative description and,unfortunately, occasional bad word choices – bowels and hole? Really? Yeesh. Then she’ll get back to the hotness, and it’s possible to move on.

The main problem it faces is the problem many similar stories face: to make it believable that someone might give up their soul to an evil being, that evil being has to be seductive. Andras is extremely hot. Coldwell sold the hell out of that – pun intended. But for someone to turn their back on sexy, sexy evil, the good has to be really good. Not just Sunday School morally good – I mean, you’re having demon sex, who cares about heaven? – but holy god that is yummy good.

Coldwell tries, she really does, but Nathaniel just doesn’t have the charm or gravity of Andras, and the writing was not quite good enough to convince me of the emotional connection between them. The sex there isn’t as fraught with fear and tension – which is the point, I get that – but that makes it less compelling. I readily admit that I am a bad-guy kind of woman, and less romantic than the audience this was pitched at, so perhaps that was doomed to fail on me.

Problems aside, the evil sex obviously worked for me and I am pretty sure there were a couple of parts that had me making”Nnnngh!” noises in the back of my throat. I’ll have what the lady’s having, thanks. And I love the idea of a demon-mortal-angel three-way as a fight for her soul with sex as a weapon. I mean, come on. That’s hot. And it was a pretty good scene, though I wish it had been longer, and kinkier.

And, a final nit to pick: if you make an issue out of a character having not quite recovered from a nasty leg injury, that needs to show up in the sex. Either heal it with magic or work it in, but don’t just let it disappear. I’ve got a bad leg from an injury far less severe than Faith’s, and I think vigorous sex with an apocalyptically hot demon would probably cause me some pain . . . and not the “More of that, please!” kind. Old wounds are sexy, people. Scars are sexy. Don’t ignore ‘em ’cause they’re on a pretty girl!

I enjoyed the story, found it readable and fun, and there are scenes I will doubtless read again, but it lacked the depth required to really grab me. If you’re the kind of person who likes sexy demons and sexy angels – and hey, look at me, I am a sucker for a guy with wings – then you will probably find this enjoyable, but I don’t know if it’s compelling enough to win over someone who isn’t.

Reviewed by Naamah

Owned by Oliver
edited by Elizabeth Coldwell
xcite Books [link to buy]

Owned by Olivier is an anthology of five short stories edited by Elizabeth Coldwell, who is also the author of the first story and the anthologies namesake, Owned by Oliver. The other four stories are Special Rewards by Emma Lydia Bates, Pegging Stu by Beverly Langland, Diamonds and Gold by Giselle Renarde and Be my Brat by Landon Dixon. Usually when I read an anthology I find there is at least one story that I don’t like, possibly more. With Owned by Oliver they were all lovely, easy reads about people within the BDSM community and the different aspect of the lifestyle they enjoy.

Owned by Oliver is a story of a sub taken by her Master to a BDSM function and required to perform for the participants of the party. The story is a lovely erotic piece told from the subs point of view. I really enjoyed this story and it absolutely set the tone of well written stories in the rest of the book.

Special Rewards is an interesting read of a woman being interviewed for a promotion who fluctuates between answering questions for the position, and remembering the scene she engaged in with her Dom the evening before her interview. It’s a quirky look at submissive women who, in work roles, need to be anything but submissive. The dichotomy of her take charge nature during the interview and her nature during her personal time made this a very interesting read.

Pegging Stu is a Domme story about a wife who treats her submissive husband to a birthday present. The present being, another woman to dominate him and share her husband sexually, it’s a lovely erotic read.

Diamonds and Gold takes the reader into a world of what one woman does when her Dom isn’t meeting all her needs, and her ultimate return to commit to him. The affair forms the basis of the story, it’s the dynamic of the sub and her lover that is explored rather than the relationship she has with her Dom, although that dynamic is addressed slightly at the end of the story.

Be my Brat is a delightful romp into the world of a bratty wife and her teacher husband, as they spruce up their love life. At first I wasn’t sure if he was into the role-plays that were going on, but it turns out he is. Some of his attempt to take his brat in hand amused me, but I also got a few bratty ideas to try out myself.

The acts of BDSM and various scenes depicted in the different stories, run the gamut of many of the acts people living the lifestyle enjoy. Submissive acts of obedience are beautifully portrayed. There is bondage, discipline using paddles, sex in public places, ménage acts of sex, spanking, acts of humiliation, masturbation, oral sex, use of toys, and role playing. There’s something for everyone so to speak. The dynamics in the relationships written about include MF, FFM, and MFM. The acts of submission are written mostly from a female perspective, with the one exception of Pegging Stu where the sub is male.

I’m going to give the book full marks, one paddle for each story. If you like titillating short stories, that are interesting, well written, and mainly centre around scenes of BDSM, then this is the book for you. It’s very enjoyable.

Reviewed by JannyGee

Last Slave Standing
edited by Elizabeth Coldwell
Xcite Books [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Last Slave Standing is the first story in a set of five that make up the book. The title is slightly deceptive as only one of the stories actually relates to the role of a slave. Each short story has its own merits and even though it wasn’t really my ideal read, I found it interesting.

Last Slave Standing by Alex Jordaine takes the reader into the world of three Dommes and their male slaves. The women decide to have a competition in order to see whose slave will be the last to blow his load. The slaves are put through their paces with bondage, whips, spanking, masturbation, blow jobs and a few other little delights. The story is well written and has enough variety within its telling to keep a reader interested, after all most people would want to know who the ultimate winner will be.

Captive Audience by Derek Shannon is a bit of a rehashed story line. A movie fan meets her film maker hero, and they end up sharing something special. In this case the special activity is a lesson in submission. As it’s an introductory lesson the play is quite light, spanking, being instructed on what to do etc. It was my least favorite of the highlighted works but still well written and interesting in the telling of a first time encounter into BDSM.

Dog House by Lynn Lake was an excellent read. Dog House was well written and gave a lovely insight into the world of animal role play within the BDSM lifestyle, in the case of this story puppy/dog play was the theme. I enjoyed the story so much I momentarily considered the possibility of becoming a Mistress to a rowdy group of good looking puppy dog men. If you don’t buy the book for any other reason get it for this quirky read about the life of a Mistress and her three dog men. It also has a bit of a surprise toward the end which I won’t give away.

The Cloak by Alcamia Payne takes the reader into the delightfully unique world of a Dom, a sub and his erotic cloak. It is another insightful story into one of the fetishes that make up our diverse community. Again a well written essay, that I’m sure will keep the readers attention until the end. It was sensually erotic, exploring the world of trained attachments to textural sensations and also attachments to the people who share the intimate touch created by sensation play.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Lesbo? by Penelope Friday is the final story in this book. It is a nicely written exposé into lesbian D/s relationships, with an undertone that question the inaccuracy of stereotyping within society. Kelly is a sub, although to some, her appearance would indicate she is the Domme in the relationship with her girlfriend. The story delves lightly into the satisfaction of submission from Kelly’s perspective and the author leave the reader in no doubt that the love these women share for each other and the pleasure received through the D/s dynamic is mutual.

As I said in the beginning of this review the book isn’t something I would normally read, but it held my attention to the end. The five stories are quick, easy and light reading. I’d describe them as erotically sensual in nature rather than raunchy and sexual, this may be by design or merely due to the length of each story. With five stories by five different authors there is sure to be at least one title that pleases even the fussiest of readers. The book offers well rounded views on some of the lesser written about aspects and fetishes of the Kink community, and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to gain insight into the diversity within the BDSM lifestyle.

Reviewed by JannyGee

Her First Submission
edited by Elizabeth Coldwell
Xcite Books [link to buy]

Rating: 4 out of 5 Paddles

Her First Submission is a collection of five short stories edited by Elizabeth Coldwell. Most are not BDSM.

Her First Submission, authored by Bella Mark, tells of a young woman’s first foray into BDSM with her boyfriend. There is a strong connection here and a very sensual story. The best of the stories in the anthology, this shows the way everyone should be introduced into the lifestyle.

A Hot Dixie Fall by Dylan Harper is the story of a man who loses his wife to another man but gains her mother. This is a story for the next age beyond cougar and cub.

An Exciting Little Game, written by Elizabeth Black, is about a man and a woman who meet for an illicit night out. She runs into a co worker and is afraid her secret might be revealed. There are hints throughout about the fun little twist at the end.

Relight My Boiler is a very short story about an encounter between an older woman and a younger man who comes to her house to fix her furnace-which is located in her attic. This one was written by Les Hanson.

Family, by I G Frederick, is about a Domme who is head of a “leather family” currently consisting of a male sub and a female sub, who both serve the Domme. The male sub asks and receives permission to introduce a sub of his own into the family. The new sub will agree to be part of the “family” as long as he is not required to interact sexually with the females in the group. The story revolves around the young man being incorporated into the family.

As you would expect from any collection of stories, the quality was uneven, with some showing real promise and others falling short. None were long enough to be hard to read. My favorite was the first story-a delightful little romp.

Be aware that all of these authors are very British and I was reminded several times of George Bernard Shaw’s comment on English being the common language that divides us. Some of the stories could use subtitles –or an English-American English dictionary!

Reviewed by Karen