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pleasurepainsPleasure Pains by Master Growls

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ISBN-10: 1603815325

ISBN-13: 978-1603815321

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


Let’s start with a quick disclaimer on some of the content of ‘Pleasure Pains’ for the reader. There are several scenes in this book that clearly qualify as edge play, in particular needle play and primal play. That being said, these scenes are not the dominant theme of the book, and for the squeamish, or offendable reader they are easily skipped. Although, the primal scene towards the end of the book does continue to show the development of Growls in to his true self.

So, with that out of the way, let’s talk about ‘Pleasure Pains’. Master Growls writes incredibly erotic scene after scene, and still keeps the story line moving forward throughout the length of the book. It is obvious the author is well versed in the BDSM/Leather/kink community, even to the point of a description to Growls/Daniel by Kayne of the history of the Leather community starting after World War II. I would like to add, as someone who is also part of the Leather community, the author, Master Growls, explains the history accurately and presents it wonderfully and respectfully.

Point in fact, the accuracy of the scenes, reactions, results of play, conventions, etc. are what make this book a joy to read. The scenes are that much hotter because they are very accurate. The only part that may not be as accurate as one may experience is the “community” aspect expressed in ‘Pleasure Pains’. This however, may be a regional thing, or perhaps a time period aspect. The book takes place during the ‘80’s and it is entirely possible that at that time, in the New York area, there was a policing of the community by the established, well respected members of the community. Even if it is not completely accurate, I for one wish the Leather community did act that way all the time.

The actual story is follows Daniel (scene name Growls) and Nancy (scene name Heaven) and their extended family. Nancy is in her mid-thirties as the book begins, and Daniel is her 18 year old baby sitter. Quite by accident (or actually by a carefully placed magazine) Daniel discovers Nancy’s secret: she is into kinky sex and is a Mistress. At first, she sees Daniel as a potential sub, but quickly realizes that Daniel is a natural Dominant, and instead of taking him on as a sub in training, she takes him on as her protégé. This slowly, over time, leads to romance between Daniel and Nancy, and eventually to a relationship albeit a power exchange relationship. And finally, they have a collaring ceremony where they exchange vows in lieu of a marriage ceremony.

The sex scenes come fast and furious in ‘Pleasure Pains’ and the kink level is amazing. If this book doesn’t get your sex drive started, or more accurately, kicked in to overdrive, you may need to go see a doctor for treatment. The plot driving the incredible sexual action is basic, but well-paced and lends itself to further upping the sexual nature of the story. The only complaint about the story is the ending of an antagonist. It seems too convenient. The only other question about the book has to do with Daniel’s scene name, Growls, and the author’s name; which is Master Growls. It begs the question if some, or all, of the book is factual or fictional. Knowing the answer would be nice, but it isn’t necessary. Sit back, pick up ‘Pleasure Pains’ and………Wait. Scratch that. Grab your significant other, strip down, grab the lube, curl up on a blanket and start reading. Just make sure you have plenty of time and fluids available. You’ll need both.

Reviewed by: Master Peter Raven

The Education of a Cuckold: A Story of Love, Lust, and Fate  by Alex Hathaway education_cuckold

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5


One truism of human sexuality is that often you don’t truly know if something will arouse you until you actually experience it, directly or indirectly, regardless of how you view it intellectually. When a virginal recent high school graduate witnesses his girlfriend enjoying a vigorous sexual romp with an exceptionally well-hung former classmate, he learns that lesson for the first time as he acknowledges his unexpected intense arousal. The Education of a Cuckold does an excellent job of presenting the cuckold fetish in an accurate and erotic manner as it chronicles significant events in the life of Jason, a young man who is sexually insecure due to his diminutive genitalia, from his late teens through his early thirties.

The story’s narrative is told from Jason’s perspective as he shares his experiences in an autobiographical format that serves as his personal catharsis. The entire book is not only about cuckolding, but mostly it does recount key situations and people that influence Jason’s sexuality and his ability to accept his limitations and his secret turn-ons. As the story unfolds it balances deftly between organic erotica and self-discovery.

Perhaps the most enlightening part of this book involves Jason being taken under the wing of an older woman who completely understands his dilemma and offers to help him face the reality of his physical shortcoming and develop a strategy to work around it. At times her methods are a bit harsh as she sets about breaking him down before building him back up, but ultimately they are effective. Eventually he becomes such a complete lover that women he becomes intimate with are able to overlook his limited ability to please them sexually by conventional methods.

If only it were that easy to live happily ever after for our boy Jason. After he reconnects with Beth – his promiscuous high school sweetheart – and marries her, he realizes that whereas he has managed to cope with his lack of sexual prowess, he misses the thrill associated with being sexually humiliated while the object of his desire openly engages in penetrative sex with a well-endowed partner. As the curtain falls, Jason discovers that Beth has been snooping around his computer and has read the manuscript of his confessional story. The evidence of her surreptitious activity is a minor edit she made: “Be very careful what you wish for.”

Reviewed by Jim Lyon

The Parlor
N.T. Morley
Fanny Press [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 160381406X
ISBN-13: 978-1603814065

Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles

Kathryn enters into a contract as a slave for a year. She starts her journey in the parlor of her new Mistress.

Sarah, Kathryn’s Mistress is a sadist that loves to humiliate and torture her slaves. She does take it to the edge because the contract spells out no permanent damage, though Kathryn agrees to be branded. Kathryn slowly succumbs to Sarah’s spell, not realizing until the last week exactly what Sarah is.

I know there are those that enjoy the type of humiliation and torture that Sarah met out to Kathryn. However, some of the scenes did disturb me; in part I’m sure, is that I am not into humiliation or major pain. Of course there are no safe words, and the contract seemed to be very thorough in what would be acceptable in these circumstances. I do have to say that the author painted some very vivid pictures with her words and at times you could picture yourself in the parlor. A lot of the training takes place in the parlor and the reader finds out that this is where most of Sarah’s slaves are trained. There are a parade of scenes with various people that Sarah chooses to help train Kathryn, some that did leave me wincing, and one ‘punishment’ that was extremely imaginative.

Toward the end of the book, you do start to get hints that Sarah isn’t human, but you don’t know for sure until later. The ending did surprise me a little, so be prepared for a slight twist. I also suggest that a reader get very comfortable while reading this, as you may not want to surface for a while.

Reviewed by Iron Mistress

I.G. Frederick
Xcite Books [link to buy]
ISBN-10: 1603814183
ISBN-13: 978-1603814188

Rating: 5 out of 5 Paddles

Dommemoir is a chronological diary told from the point of view of Lady Genevieve and slave nicholas. Each character reliving the anguish of searching for a life they craved, yet unable to bring to reality. The characters were thoroughly developed to the point that as a reader, I was able to sympathize and feel the pain and suffering. The author was able to realistically re-create the basic explanation of the lifestyle and how one could possibly find themselves in either characters shoes.

Lady Genevieve, a strong and successful woman in her mid-forties, finds herself divorced and downsizing all aspects of her life to fit into a condo. For the first time in her life, Genevieve is responsible for maintaining her life and home. After sometime she discovers that she prefers the company of a submissive man to maintain her home and feed a side she has yet to fully understand. Lady G struggles through many failed attempts to find a slave that is offering the level of service and devotion that she seeks. Her frustration is palpable as she screens through the large volume of men seeking to serve through an online BDSM site. However, she misses the true characteristics of someone right under her nose. Jared, a young co-worker, who propositions Genevieve with the thoughts of a young lover.

slave nicholas, a man who can trace his desire to serve and nurture back to the age of innocence, is married to a woman who refuses to accept certain characteristics of her husband. In an attempt to fulfill his inner most desires, nicolas seeks out other woman who appreciate a docile man in an online BDSM forum. His wife discovers how truly deep his need goes, but does not want to understand and files for divorce. Now alone in the world, nicholas’ depression spirals out of control plummeting him into utter despair. While contemplating his life, nicolas receives a response to a previous online request of consideration that in more ways than one save his life.

As Genevieve and nicholas begin their path together, both fear the possibility of once again being rejected. The strength she draws from his competence and desire to fulfill her every command is verbally relayed to the reader. However, she has a second soul to consider in her quest and wants to include both in her life. Soon the two become three and find a rhythm to life, only to be interrupted by nosy neighbors bent on objecting to something they know nothing about. Geneveive decides that it is time to move forward in her life with her slaves and put down roots in a safe environment.

Dommemoir was a true eye opener. It caused me to stop and consider the other side of the coin through the eyes of the opposite sex. Men allowing women to be the dominant force in the relationship harbors such taboo’s in today’s world. The author touched on how society views men who enjoy allowing their significant others to be in control and be subservient to another. I stopped and pondered many views that I previously thought to be un-savorable, and reconsidered them with a more open, educated mind. A life devoted to servitude and devotion is a life fulfilled.