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Slave to the Beast by H.C. Brown slavetothe

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5


All Lucas knows is life as a slave. He has only stolen moments with Bolton to live for. He is a slave and Bolton is a free man in this world it would be certain death if they are found out but that does not stop Lucas from craving Bolton and his love. When Lucas is sold to another master Bolton must go in search of the man he loves. Will it be too late for them when Bolton finally finds Lucas and sets him free? Can their love heal the wounds that Lucas has? Will Lucas be able to forgive Bolton ans find a way to a happy ever after? So many questions to be answered.

This is a nice introduction to this new shifter world. Emotions are strong and love is on the line in this book. Evil has taken hold and the good shifters must fight to save the innocents. I enjoyed seeing Lucas grow and change in this story. He quickly learns and matures. He has a good heart and loves Bolton. No matter what he is determined to find a way back to love. Bolton is more than just an Alpha and he must make a hard choice between his mate and his kind. The two men are strong and support each other nicely, making a good couple.

The author weaves a wonderful story full of danger and action alongside the romance. With great world building and character development this is a book that should not be missed.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

Shades of Pain by H. C. Brown shades

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Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5


Chanze has been living in despair for what seems like forever. When a freak accident brings firefighter Delano into his life Chanze finds hope. He seizes his one opportunity to find freedom and just maybe love but Chanze does not forget his friends and longs to help them. Can Delano really help Chanze or will it all be in vain?

This is an intense read. Emotions run high in this story. Chanze enjoys and needs more than just a bite of pain with his sex and he endures more than he should as a Rent-A-Boy. I really enjoyed meeting Delano and the other men from his unit. They are a bunch of take no crap alpha men who are comfortable in who they are. I loved seeing the big bad men find their matches with the men that they intend to rescue. Chanze and Delano are a wonderful couple and I enjoyed seeing the two form their bond.

As hot of a read as this story is we also get to see the emotions of the men as they realize that there may be more to life than fighting. Love comes to them when they least expect it. I hope that this is not the last time that we get to visit this world.

Reviewed by Gabrielle

What’s your pleasure? brown1

BDSM has many flavors but before I discuss the reasons, why I write this genre, I feel I should mention that sadistic, brutal sadists are not true Dominants. Rape is never an option and scenes should always be consensual.

In my books, I portray a compassionate Dom. That isn’t to say he can’t be an arrogant alpha male with a wicked streak. All my Doms have some emotional flaw that only a perfect submissive can fix.

I prefer my submissive characters to have a strong personality with an attitude. I like to give my Doms a challenge. I want to see a budding relationship before my subs place their body and emotions in the hands of a Dom they can trust. In all scenes, there is a transfer of power from submissive to Dom. The Dom may be in charge but I want to show that respect guides his hand for the amount of discipline his sub needs for fulfillment.

I like to build a relationship between sub and Dom, one that grows into an enhancement of their love. After all, the delight of any D/s relationship is the enrichment of sex. I enjoy taking my characters though an assortment of sexual pleasures from simple bondage to more aggressive stimulation. My stories take my readers through a rollercoaster of emotions but they always have a happy ending.

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Lord and Master by H.C. Brown



Story Rating: 2 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5

When Reynold returns three years later, his lust for David is undiminished. But Lord David has gotten himself into a very nasty
situation. He ran up some gambling debts, which were bought up by a brute named Hale. To keep his father from finding out about his foolishness, David has had to agree to be Hale’s sex slave for ten years. Hale is the kind of master who delights in inflicting pain and humiliation without regard as to whether or not the submissive gets any pleasure from it.

David is in many ways a broken man. He desperately wants to get out from under Hale’s thumb, but he doesn’t think he can ever again find pleasure in the kind of scenes he once played out with Reynold. David still seems to love Lord Reynold, but he also fears him, and most importantly, he doesn’t trust the man any longer.

Reynold is nonetheless determined to get David away from Hale and try to win back his trust. With Lord John’s help, he hatches plans to eliminate Hale and marry David’s sister. The marriage will not only give him the cover of respectability, it will also give him a reason nobody would question to have David close to him. That was one of the reasons he left in the first place; there was no connection between them that would justify the amount of time David spent with Reynold.

Everything goes more or less according to plan, which is one of the issues I had with the story. Nothing really stands in the way of our heroes’ plans. The idea of marrying David’s sister Lady Sarah is suggested almost flippantly by Lord John, but Reynold takes it up immediately. Not only does the girl’s father readily agree to let the rakish lord marry his daughter, he insists that Reynold take David under his wing as mentor.

As for the kink, there’s a fair bit of it, although it’s concentrated in the first few chapters. One of the hottest scenes is the prologue, which takes place before Reynold and David first break. In it, we have Reynold disciplining David for one of his public outbursts. The young lord is tied and caned for his indiscretion. The story then picks up three years later with Reynold’s return to England. He hasn’t had many opportunities to enjoy the company of another man, so the rather slutty Lord John relieves his tension.

We get a few glimpses of what David endures from Hale and his friends, but it isn’t very titillating. After the first few chapters, there’s not much except kissing and groping until the end. We do get a lot of descriptions of what everyone is wearing, including their scents, and the author seems to be one of those with a real hair fetish. No scene is complete without a description of how the hair is done, whether it’s tied or powdered, what color silk is used for the tie, and so on. Like the plot where nothing really gets in the way of our lovers, it all gets a little tiresome after a while. Yes, we understand Lord David has long blond hair, we got that from
the first dozen times you spent a whole paragraph on it.

This is one of those books where some rather good sex is let down by rather weak story-telling. The writing isn’t bad, although there are patches with some rather odd comma placements, it just lacks much drama and focuses too much on irrelevant little details.

Reviewed by Michael Joseph